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The Woman Behind the Blue Fox Logo: An Interview with Juhli Greene

Blue Fox

The f amous art director Paul Rand said, “ Design is the silent am bassador of your b rand. ​ As Director of Marketing for Blue Fox , I think our founder and graph ic des igner struck blue gold when they brought alive, Penny the Blue Fox. Meet Juhli (pronounced July) Greene, owner of Greene Image.

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Make Space—Lighten the Load for Your Heavy Lifters


podcast , Sharon Rice ,orgSource Managing Director of Business Strategy and Jennifer Proctor ,orgSource consultant, explored the challenges involved with giving ourselves and our teams room to grow. Middle managers and directors are vital to bridging strategy and execution,” Sharon noted. On a recent Association 4.0

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Classy Welcomes Ford Foundation COO Depelsha McGruder to Its Board of Directors


As Classy steps into our next chapter with our recent Series D funding and new CEO Christopher Himes , we are also thrilled to announce the appointment of Depelsha McGruder to Classy’s Board of Directors. We cannot be more humbled and thrilled to have McGruder join our board of directors and help push Classy to the next stage of its growth.

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Are Associations Losing Their Members’ Trust?—The Leadership ColLAB Explores This Critical Question


The event, which was exclusive to.orgCommunity VIP members , took place on March 2 at the Rolling Green Country Club in Arlington Heights. Tear down walls (literally and figuratively)​ Embrace a continuous process​ The Erosion of Confidence Sharon Rice,orgSource Managing Director of Business Strategy, is our resident trend watcher.

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Which Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is Best for Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Dr. Allison Quintanilla Plattsmier , CFRE, CNP, CNC, Executive Director of the Jordan Thomas Foundation and Owner of AQP Consulting. 3) Little Green Light :: Little Green Light has incredible functionality for such a small investment. Fundraising comes down to one thing: relationships.

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The door is opening on Conference Season!


Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) March 13 to 15, Portland, OR We’re sending a van-load of M+R folks to Portland, including Partner Madeline Stanionis ; Senior VPs Dustin Kight , Cameron Lefevre , and Nzinga Koné-Miller ; Art Director Stacie Buell ; and Managing Account Supervisor Diego Ruiz. Here’s the fli fli flier ⬇️.

article thumbnail Is Greening the Planet with Lean, Green IT

Tech Soup

In a time when climate change and developing the green economy are somewhat passé, nonprofits have not given up on the mission. Find out how they're greening the planet and using the leanest greenest IT possible. They have no infrastructure beyond that, which is why cloud computing is regarded as green IT.

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