Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions

3rd Sector Labs

If you’ve migrated donor data from one CRM to another, no doubt you have dealt with a lot of difficult decisions. In fact, our donor data migration clients often express surprise at the number of decisions they have to make. D3: What do I do about data that won’t import?

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Social Media Data Mapping


Assisting the American Red Cross, VisionLink''s Community Operating System is being used to deploy a real-time national map for this Winter Storm. The view includes FEMA boundaries, open disaster shelters, social media hash tags specific to the Winter Storm, and other relevant information.

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Stop the Daisy Chain of Bad Data Management

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The root cause of bad data management for any organization – for-profit, nonprofit or government – can usually be found in the data management paradigm itself. But they always check our data for leads. building a central data repository.

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Donor Data Management Dictionary

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Every nonprofit needs a data management plan, especially for their donor data. The plan needs to address a variety of topics, such as data hygiene and enrichment , data usage in various communications activities , input/output management, and more.

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New and Improved Data Visualization Tool: Maps for Media Funding

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nonprofit data nerds will love this new resource from Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center called “ Foundation Maps for Media Funding ,” a free, interactive mapping and research tool that shows the full scope of philanthropically funded media projects worldwide since 2009.

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What’s in your data management plan?

3rd Sector Labs

If your data isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse. – TSL data expert. And no, we aren’t simply advocating some chaos theory about data. Organizations in every industry today dependent on good data to be successful. You need a map and a plan.

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Hurricane Sandy Situational Map


Because of the severity of Super Storm Sandy, the VisionLink team has launched a real-time situational map at [link] : Open Red Cross Shelters NOAA projection of the storm path Geo-located Twitter data about the storm Power Outage KML East Coast Traffic Routes As the hurricane continues to move along the East coast and as conditions improve or worsen depending on your location, please be sure to stay safe until the storm has passed.

Using Geospatial Maps in Time of Disaster


Geospatial mapping is an increasingly hot topic in large-scale natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma Tornadoes. As technology continues to advance, data mapping is moving from being a powerful tool for specific cases to being a new norm in all disaster relief.

10 Donor Data Migration Decisions: Q&A with Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

Third Sector Labs recently presented a data migration webinar with host Bloomerang. As always, if you have questions about a donor data migration project, or any of your nonprofit data needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Processes: Who manages manual data entry?

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Data Digest: Maps, Trends, and a Social Progress Index

AFP Blog

Data Digest: Maps, Trends, and a Social Progress Index : Data Digest is a weekly round-up of the latest news on data-related projects in the nonprofit sector, compiled and authored by Keisha Taylor of GuideStar International and TechSoup Global. This week, the call for data measurement in the social sector heightens with the proposition of a Social Progress Index and ways that NGOs can use data maps to increase effectiveness.

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Exploring Data for Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The world is undergoing a data revolution, and the social sector is no exception. Yet, social enterprises arent typically made up of data geeks. They desperately need to use data better and multiply its impact, but they rarely have the skills or infrastructure to do so effectively.

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Workplace Giving Data Problems Just Got Worse

3rd Sector Labs

Nonprofits everywhere are struggling to get their hands on reliable, useful workplace giving data from corporate giving programs. Who remembers the days of charities arguing with local United Ways over the donor data? Too many sources of donor data to keep track of.

World Water Day: The key to sustainability is data

Amy Sample Ward

Through data, of course! FLOW is an on-site technology that broadcasts data instantaneously to the Water for People website/FLOW map providing important information about the operating status of WFP projects. Check out the FLOW map: [link]. Today is World Water Day!

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Feel the Heat: Great Tools for Mapping Website Interactions

Byte Technology

Well, if you have, then it’s time to check out heat-mapping, programs that help you gain insights into user interactions such as where on your site they click, what specific areas they explore more than others and generally how they use your site for their purposes.

Mapping Facebook for marketers


Platlas is a clickable map (“atlas”) of Facebook, created by Carrot Creative , which allows you to visualize – as a marketer – all of the different ways that people interact with Facebook. Useful Data

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The Importance of Heat Mapping for Truly Effective Website Design

Byte Technology

And with this data in hand, said developers and administrators can easily take the strategic opportunities heat mapping provides to transform their designs, flows and layout for optimal usage. The process of creating a heat map is relatively simple.

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Do You Have the Data to Map a Successful Donor Journey?

Connection Cafe

To do this, you’ll need data. With this data you can build donor profiles and target communications based on real information. By Danielle Johnson : Fundraising geek. Interactive Consultant. Speaker. All around bad ass! I love working with organizations that are changing the world. Find Danielle On Twitter.

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Replacing Mobile Advertising with Real-Time Data

Amy Sample Ward

and provided the two possible responses of “friends&# or “data&# – I used the question style where respondents had to pick one answer or the other exclusively. And once all 100 responses were gathered, I took a look at all the data.

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Data Digest — Maps, Trends, and a Social Progress Index

Tech Soup Blog

Data Digest is a weekly round-up of the latest news on data-related. This week, the call for data measurement in the social sector heightens with the proposition of a Social Progress Index and ways that NGOs can use data maps to increase effectiveness. Data Maps.

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Mapping Boundaries Upgrade


Ever wished you could draw a diagram on a map with a few clicks? Well, part of the much larger upgrade being released this week allows authorized users to create their own mapping boundaries--for nearly any purpose. Integrated with the Resource Directory in CommunityOS, these mapping tools become even more valuable as clients and community resources can be visually presented. And for those who asked us to include basic US Census Bureau data, now you can, with a click.

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Data and Maps: Making Place Legible


Data and storytelling are, to quote the great American sage, Forrest Gump, “like peas in a pod”. Data is vital for powerful analysis, but at the end of the day, we're swimming in it. For us to be moved by it, we need to have data turned into narrative sense. An earlier article posted to the NTEN blog did a great job covering data visualization generally , but what about data and places? More specifically, what about mapped data?

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Data Visualization: Making Beautiful Interactive Maps Online


One of the most effective ways of telling your organization's story is through images – and maps are one of the most powerful visuals you can employ. Online maps provide context, engage viewers with interactive features, and reveal stories by visualizing your data. In short, maps are awesome! There's something inherently cool about maps – so being able to tap them so easily these days, to help us further our missions, is pretty fantastic.

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Mapping the Crisis

AFP Blog

Mapping the Crisis: "Ushahidi is just one of many nonprofits, governmental agencies, and human rights lobbying agencies using maps for humanitarian work. Unfortunately, these organizations are notoriously bad at sharing data, according to Patrick Meier. To solve this problem, Meier recently started the International Network of Crisis Mappers (INCM), which aims to connect people and organizations.

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The Right Direction: Free Plugins to Put your Website on the Map

Byte Technology

Indeed, so much of what we do online these days depends on our physical location, with a host of apps that can make recommendations and programs that sync seamlessly with map services. The aforementioned Google Maps is certainly a leader in the online map market—you can embed a code that you paste into your WordPress posts. You can also embed the map before or after a post, or use a shortcode to stick it within the post itself.

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6 Ways to Tell Your Story With Interactive Maps


If you're into interactive maps, it's a good time to be alive! Seems we've entered a golden era of interactive mapping, with no shortage of exciting ways to display geographically-specific data. In the last few years, we've seen exponential growth in interactive mapping software that presents data from all sorts of angles. Data interactive maps Leadership mapping MS-DS nptech nten Open Source Paul Chamberlain Strategy Communications

Beyond the Pie Chart: Maps

Tech Soup Blog

Charts and graphs are useful, but when you have any kind of location data — whether it's postal codes, state abbreviations, country names, or your own custom geocoding — you've got to see your data on a map. So demand the same informative view from your data.

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CRM data migration: it’s all about the future

3rd Sector Labs

CRM data migrations are about the future, not the past. So we are going to talk about several important tips to help you stay focused on your donor data future. Why am I being so emphatic as I talk about CRM data and your organization’s future? Because the number one challenge that we deal with at Third Sector Labs in a CRM or donor data migration project is customers who won’t let go of the past. Not to minimize the effort, but data is data.

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Mapping Blues: Where is the Data?


Online maps are great. After working on this mapping report , it became clear that half the battle with mapping is finding the right data. Recently I was asked where nonprofits can find data about their community. While you can buy data, there is so much public data out there to check out first. Resources for data can be broadly applicable, or very specific for narrow uses. Freebase : Another resource for data contributed by users.

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Haiti Earthquake: Orphans, Crisis Mapping, and Tech Volunteers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Crisis Mapping My colleagues at Ushahidi have been working around the clock and around the globe mapping crisis information from Haiti. Tags: maps Earthquake Aftermath in Jacmel Photos by Andrew Bigosinski, Director of Ciné Lekol.

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Crisis Mapping in Haiti from Ushahidi, Donate by Texting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My colleagues at Ushahidi have already swung into action and are mapping crisis information from Haiti. For those you who arenot familiar with Ushahidi, they have a platform that allows anyone to gather distributed data via SMS, email or web and visualize it on a map or timeline.

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Fundraising without donor data: What’s that proverb about giving a man a fish?

3rd Sector Labs

How often do the funds come in without usable donor data – or any donor data – behind it? If your organization is fundraising without donor data to support it, then you have a problem that needs your attention. Receiving a gift with no donor data behind it is like being given a fish. For tomorrow, you need data … donor data. Fundraising without donor data occurs often. It starts by analyzing the data you get vs the data you need.

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New on SSIR: Data for Promotion, Engagement, and Reporting

Amy Sample Ward

I’m focused on data. This year will, I hope, be the year of data. I see more organizations looking for ways to be data-driven in decision making, communications, campaigning, and marketing, and I see a growing interest in and understanding of the value in sharing data.

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Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional

AFP Blog

Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional : Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response During a crisis the large amounts of data produced can be overwhelming to analyse.

NYC leverages social media to map evacuation info for Hurricane Sandy | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs

AFP Blog

NYC leverages social media to map evacuation info for Hurricane Sandy | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs : The City of New York utilized its Open Data platform to help residents deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The effort, which is part of the Digital Road Map the City launched last year, integrates geographic information systems (GIS), social media and other private and public assets to inform New Yorkers about the dangers posed by the storm.

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Election Maps

Beaconfire Wire

Online these days, it seems the major news outlets have really gotten down how to create, quickly update and publish excellent maps that convey a lot of great information. I really like the “balance of power&# bar at the top above the map.

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Guarantee Success for Your Year-End Campaign with Donor Data as Your Guide

Connection Cafe

Start mapping out the key steps for making the most of your database several months in advance to ensure that you can enter the holiday giving season with a strong foundation. With 17.4% of overall giving happening in December , there’s no higher-stakes season for fundraising than end-of-year.

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Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response?( - Internet-based applications and services )

AFP Blog

Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response( - Internet-based applications and services ) : Innhold a- Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response o Michael Malakata 19.01.2012 kl 18:33 | Computerworld Zambia By providing access to a Web-based community mapping tool and data, World Bank and Google are aiming to improve the ability of African and other developing countries to monitor public services and respond to disasters

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Putting Your Twitter Followers on the Map, Literally

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

TweepsMap is an interesting Twitter app that will put your followers on a map of the world, literally. Despite a few glitches, you use this tool to see if your audience is local or global. What did you discover by putting your Twitter followers on the map?

Map 108

6 Tips For Creating Better Charts With Your Nonprofit’s Data


Beth’s blog shares Ann Emry’s tips for creating charts with your nonprofit’s data. Experiment with more dynamic charts, like social network maps, tree map, floating charts, and even infographics, which are great for a whole mess of charts. Showcase data.

Chart 234

Webinar Recap: Mapping Philanthropy - Use Data Visualization to Do Good

Tech Soup Blog

The first webinar in this series, Mapping Philanthropy: How You Can Use Data Visualization to Do Good , was held on March 29. Data Visualization Goals. One theme that I took away from this webinar was the need to identify a goal for data visualizations.

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Creating Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Social Media Strategy Map and Worksheet 1. The Social Media Strategy Map offers some overview questions, but in the workshop most of the second day will take a deep dive into these tactics and tools so that participants will have a detailed action plan for the specific strategy.

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Innovative Geocoding Project Maps Aid Data

Tech Soup Blog

The people at AidData (a program of Development Gateway ) have teamed up with the World Bank Institute to complete the first stage of a groundbreaking geocoding project (Mapping for Results Initiative). According to Wikipedia , Geocoding is "…The process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude) from other geographic data, such as street addresses, or zip codes (postal codes).

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Northeast Denver Housing Center Uses Esri ArcGIS Maps to Demonstrate Housing Needs

Tech Soup Blog

The organization utilizes mapping technology to advocate for its vision of redeveloped neighborhoods that have ample healthy food, recreation, transportation, and child care for residents. We also use mapping to educate lawmakers on how to incentivize developers.