How to Add Threaded Commenting to Your Facebook Page (VIDEO)

John Haydon

Facebook just added threaded comments to Page updates , which now lets people reply to specific comments within a Page update. Facebook facebook page page admin replies threaded commentsThis means that you can create a richer discussion experience on your Page which will increase reach and engagement.

Unlock Fans While Engaging Supporters Beyond Like, Share and Comment

Amy Sample Ward

The mystery of creating real impact using Facebook has eluded many organizations for years now. There are other examples of organizations finding some tricks and functionality that really help them make connections with supporters, and then Facebook changes the functionality. For years I have grumbled about the fact that Facebook doesn’t allow organizations to access the email addresses of their own Fans.


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16 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Page

John Haydon

Getting fans to comment on your Facebook Page can take a lot of time and effort. And it can sometimes be painful seeing other Facebook Pages who make engagement look easy. But even the most active Facebook Page walls began from a standing start. And many of them got to where they are today by making it easier for fans to comment on their Page. Facebook fans hate homework. Asking questions are probably the easiest way to get fans commenting.

What’s the Difference Between Likes, Comments and Shares?

John Haydon

Facebook knows this and so do you. Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm (Edgerank) places a different weight on likes, comments and shares – giving shares the most weight, and likes the least. And when you think about your own behavior, likes, comments and shares each have different meaning or intention. ” Because this kind of action has very little depth to it, Facebook assigns very little weight to it in Edgerank.

10 Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

billion monthly active users , Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Without a doubt, your nonprofit’s donors and supporters use Facebook on a regular basis and thus Facebook should be your first priority in your social media strategy. Facebook Messenger has 1.3

When should you delete a comment on your Facebook Page?

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofits, the question of what to do with comments on your Facebook Page that are innappropriate or harmful comes up at one point or another. You want to allow your fans to have free reign on your Facebook Page, but you also want to protect the innocent. Ultimately, you need to discuss these issues with your coworkers, but here are a few points to keep in mind: How to deal with comments on your Facebook Page. When the comment is spam.

More Likes, More Comments, More Shares: Using Psychology to Get the Most from Your Facebook Page

Byte Technology

For many non-profit social media directors, much of their time is spent crafting stellar content, posting engaging photos, distilling compelling video and much more for the organization’s Facebook page. Why aren’t they commenting on our content and mission and becoming a part of the conversation? Facebook is the virtual expression of social cooperation, or acting in a way that is mutually advantageous for the group.

What Makes People Like, Comment, and Share?

John Haydon

The post What Makes People Like, Comment, and Share? Facebook MarketingHow many times have you come up with a seemingly brilliant idea to engage your community, only to it go down in flames? How many times have you asked yourself: How can we get more engagement on our social media updates? Why aren’t they sharing this important information? Why do they share our competitor’s updates and […]. appeared first on John Haydon.

Does your org have a Facebook Page comment escalation flow-chart?

John Haydon

On Monday, we had a great discussion about managing comments on your Facebook Page. In the comments, Steve Heye of the YMCA of Metro Chicago shared a “comment escalation flow-chart&# to help staff decide how to respond to various types of comments – on blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Speed - The quicker foot-soldiers understand protocol, the quicker comments get responded to. Tags: Strategy comments facebook page policy

Facebook Comments - Boon or Bane to Nonprofits?


It’s been two weeks since Facebook launched a refresh to it’s blog Comments Box Plugin and the reviews have been mixed. It seems that Facebook can’t sneeze about a new feature without the people declaring the feature change to be either heroic or catastrophic. The new Facebook Comments are no exception and nonprofits should think carefully before jumping to implement the system on their blog or website. Share your thoughts in the comments. *

Study Reveals How to Rein in Rude Online Commenters: Associations Now

AFP Blog

Study Reveals How to Rein in Rude Online Commenters: Associations Now : It can be tempting to ignore rude comments made in online spaces, but a new study found that interacting with commenters may decrease the chances for incivility. Conducted by the Engaging News Project of the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas at Austin, the study analyzed roughly 2,500 comments made on a Texas TV station’s Facebook page

Facebook makes changes…AGAIN

NCE Social Media

In the past week Facebook anounced two changes that I think you should take note of: 1) they are going to start allowing hashtags to be posted in status updates and 2) they changed the news feed again. You would then be alerting people that the theme is autism and at the same time helping search features of Facebook, Google, etc., Facebook is still in the process of rolling it out to all ! So how do you use hashtags and how do you like the new Facebook news feed?

Change 120

5 Ways to Gain The Upper Hand in Facebook’s Newsfeed

Connection Cafe

If you work in marketing or communications, you know about the Facebook Newsfeed and it’s impact on organic reach. Facebook can’t exist without its users. Facebook recently announced a test in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. Users in these countries can only see Page posts that their friends comment on or share. Facebook says they have no current plans to test this feature in other countries.

How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money

Connection Cafe

You’re probably already aware that Facebook Live lets any nonprofit live-stream fundraising events , breaking news, impact stories, and more, directly from their Facebook Page. But did you know that Facebook now lets some nonprofits add a donate button to their Facebook Live broadcast ? How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money. If your nonprofit is based in the US, and your Facebook Page is verified, you can fundraise within a Facebook Live broadcast.

Money 175

Amplify Your Voice with Facebook Ads

Connection Cafe

Nonprofits have a significant advantage on Facebook. I am not just talking about the fact that Facebook has teamed up with Blackbaud integration partner ActionSprout to give away $2M in Facebook ad credits. The nonprofit advantage comes from the fact that content that people engage with on Facebook (like, share, comment on, etc.) To be more precise, content that Facebook users want to be seen engaging with does far better on the social network.

Voice 210

Changes to Facebook

NCE Social Media

This week Facebook launched new changes. If you’ve begun using the new tools, please share your reaction in the comments section. Facebook facebook groups tagging Tools updateYou can tag people who you’re with, geographic tagging for your posts, and how to separate posts to your groups. Here’s a video explaining these changes.

Facebook Updates News Feed (Again)

NCE Social Media

Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm again. It means that they want more people to know what is going on around them…and by pushing more stories with the most comments, the most shares, and the most likes to the top of your feed, they believe you will want to see that story. Almost one third of people use Facebook to get their news. So, Facebook wants to make sure more people can see the “newsworthy” posts first.

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Facebook’s EdgeRank

NCE Social Media

Ever wonder why some things people post on Facebook show up in your Top News Feed when you first log in while updates others don’t appear unless you click on the most recent status updates? EdgeRank is a formula that Facebook uses to figure out what it thinks you should see first, i.e. what is most news worthy. What Facebook won’t tell people is how to ensure that your own feed will rank high in EdgeRank. And how many images did you leave a comment on?

New Study Highlights What People Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook


” So while social media may not be rocket science, good data, such as the best times to post updates to Facebook, can better inform strategy. Zarella’s study had similar results to the Social Media Today study that showed Photos Get the Most "Likes" on Facebook than any other status updates. However, Zarella found that text generates more comments on Facebook, which I believe is much more valuable then a passive “thumbs up, see ya later.”

Facebook Groups for Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know

John Haydon

Tired of the lackluster response on Facebook because you’re struggling to get your nonprofit’s posts to even show up in your followers’ feeds? Organic reach has been declining, and with so much relevant content to scroll through, the competition to get reactions, comments, and shares is tougher than ever. A Facebook […]. The post Facebook Groups for Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know appeared first on John Haydon. Facebook Marketing

Group 77

How to Target Promoted Posts ONLY to Your Facebook Fans (VIDEO)

John Haydon

Facebook facebook ads Negative Comments Promoted Posts

How I save time commenting, tweeting and promoting others

John Haydon

In this video, I talk about how I save time commenting, tweeting and promoting others. Because I do most of my commenting at night, I developed a practice of scheduling tweets (using Tweetlater ) to go off during peek US hours in order to give more exposure to the author of the blog post (@ ariherzog , in this example). How do you save time commenting and tweeting? @ariherzog.

Newest Changes to Twitter and Facebook

NCE Social Media

Facebook also made news by announcing that it has changed its privacy policy…again… that will allow all users to be discovered using Facebook Graph (it’s search tool). Fortunately there are a couple of tips to protect your information on Facebook as best possible without taking the step of completely deleting your account. What about Facebook? Let us know in the comments section. Tools facebook privacy settings twitter

Facebook’s New Facial Recognition

NCE Social Media

Facebook is rolling out a new tool and everyone is included. By default you and every Facebook user is included in Facebook’s new facial recognition tool. Facebook is the largest repository of photos online. from Facebook. Here’s how to change Facebook’s Facial Recognition’s default setting of including you (from Mashable ): Go to your privacy settings. Share your thoughts and comments about this new tool in our comments section.

39 Questions Your Nonprofit Can Answer with Facebook Insights


This is a guest post by the one and only Nonprofit Facebook Guy – John Haydon (also a good buddy of mine). — Facebook Pages include a reporting module called “Insights&# which enables Page admins to understand how to better use their Page to market their cause and organization. How active are Facebook users with our Page? How many Facebook users (fans and non-fans interacted with my Page this month? How many fans have commented on our Page updates?

Facebook Radically Changed the News Feed – Here’s What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

Connection Cafe

In a Facebook post dated January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg shared a completely new direction for the News Feed to make sure the “time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent.”. Posts will longer comments over posts with short comments. Facebook will continue to use the amount of reactions, comment, and shares to rank posts in News Feed. Why did Facebook make this change? How should I change my Facebook strategy? Invest in Facebook ads.

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How to Broadcast Your Impact with Facebook Live

Connection Cafe

Facebook Live is a feature that lets any Page live-broadcast events, breaking news, interviews, and more. Nonprofits like The Met and Best Friends Animal Society are using Facebook Live to engage donors in powerful and very creative ways. Use Facebook Live to support and enhance your current strategy. Although Facebook Live is simple to use , many nonprofits are understandably hesitant about this new form of unscripted content marketing. Keep calm and Facebook Live.

4 Ways to Use Facebook to Engage Millennials in Your Cause

Connection Cafe

When looking for the best platform with multi-level engagement, I find that Facebook still has the advantage over other social platforms. Here are some observations from one Gen Why-er on how to strengthen Millennial volunteer engagement and funding through Facebook: Have an active presence. While there is a cost associated with boosting posts, Facebook has made boosting scalable so that you can spend as little or as much as you need , depending on the success you’re seeing.

Causes 216

Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


Heading in to 2011 most nonprofits (92%), regardless of organization size are using at least one social network like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and close to nine out of ten nonprofits (89%) have a presence on Facebook – up from 74% in 2009. By comparison only 70% of small businesses use Facebook as part of their online strategy. of non-profits were able to raise over 10k through Facebook in 2010.

In Facebook We Trust. Why?


As baffling and rage/fear/frustration-inducing as the 24/7 political news cycle is, another–admittedly, much lower key– narrative has been snagging my attention lately: Facebook. If you read this blog or know me, I know “lately” is a laughingly inadequate descriptor of the time period during which I’ve been obsessed with the topic of Facebook. Which is, of course, Facebook’s right and obligation to shareholders. On Facebook. .

7 Deceptively Simple Ways to Promote a Fundraiser on Facebook

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofits, Facebook is your #1 social network. So you post updates, reply to fan comments, and analyze what works and what doesn’t. But what should you do to promote a fundraiser on Facebook? The post 7 Deceptively Simple Ways to Promote a Fundraiser on Facebook appeared first on John Haydon. Facebook Marketing Facebook Fundraising fundraising It’s where most of your supporters hangout online.

Facebook Live For Nonprofits: How Live Streaming Helped One Org Raise Almost $100K

Connection Cafe

There’s a lot of talk about the ways nonprofits can use Facebook to raise money — live streaming fundraising events, breaking news, impact stories, and more, directly from their Facebook Page. Facebook’s live streaming platform is empowering nonprofits to quickly engage supporters around the causes that matter most to them. San Diego Humane Society recently used Facebook Live to document the rescue of #92Yorkies and kick-off a major digital fundraising campaign.

Stream 176

A Simple 6 Step Plan for Creating a Facebook Page that Works


In my last session as part of the Schools out for Summer Series I took a deep dive into how Schools can get the most out of Facebook. — We already know that Facebook is crushing it and that schools have an incredible opportunity to use the platform to deepen relationships with families, students and alumni. Are you using Facebook to it’s full potential? Your Facebook cover photo is prime real estate. Set up A few Apps (the Facebook Call-to-Action).

7 Facebook Hacks for Your Nonprofit’s Website

John Haydon

If your Facebook Page reach has dropped ( yet again ) in recent weeks, don’t give up hope. Reach is not limited to your Facebook Page updates. Reaching Facebook users with your website content. In the same way that people share your Facebook Page updates with their friends, they can also share your website content with their friends. Now, if you have a blog AND a Facebook Page, your ability to reach people gets amplified! 7 Facebook hacks for your website.

Rank your Facebook Page with SumoRank

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofit marketers, you’re busier than a beaver managing social media, especially your Facebook Page. You’re tasked with finding content your fans will love, replying to comments on that content, and using Facebook insights to see what works and what doesn’t. But how does your Facebook page stack up? The post Rank your Facebook Page with SumoRank appeared first on John Haydon. Facebook Marketing

How the NWF Created Their Facebook Page Community Policy

John Haydon

We discuss how she created the NWF Facebook Page policy, which covers the following elements: Definition of community goals. Facebook comments policy community managament facebook pageHere’s another snippet from when Danielle Brigida and I hung out on Google Plus. Clear definitions around what is and what is not appropriate. Consequences for bad behavior.

Five Ways To Deal with Losers On Your Facebook Page

John Haydon

A common concern / challenge that many Facebook Page managers have is dealing with disrespectful and hateful commenters. And the fact that any Facebook user can comment on your Page makes this even more difficult. Fortunately, all Facebook Pages have four features to moderate and block hate on your Page. Moderation Blocklist – This option is also found with in the manage permissions area of your Facebook Page.

How to Write Facebook Posts That Feel More Human

John Haydon

Facebook continues to adjust the News Feed to favor updates that engage people, reduce click-bait , and minimize tired memes. In other words, Facebook wants brands to write Facebook posts that feel more human. Facebook’s Newsfeed now favors links posted in the link format. Think about how you post links on Facebook when you’re not at work. Think about how you use Facebook as a person, not a marketer.

How To Get More ROI from Facebook Boosted Posts

John Haydon

Getting Started with Facebook Boosted Posts [step-by-step guide]. 5 Tips for Boosting Facebook Posts [BOOST method]. Boosted Posts is a Facebook product that increases reach for specific Facebook Page updates. You can’t pay Facebook to increase engagement on your Page posts, but you can pay for more reach (the number of people who see your update). Facebook doesn’t sell engagement. First, let Facebook tell you what to target.

ROI 83

18 Ways to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

John Haydon

This article gives you 18 ways to beat the Facebook News Feed algorithm with posting strategies, external channels, and Facebook Insights. How Reach is Created on Facebook. Facebook defines reach as the number of unique Facebook users who see your updates. To see your Page’s reach, go to your Facebook Insights page and look at the Reach report. Facebook calls this organic reach. Facebook calls this viral reach. 6: Reply to Comments.

Feeds 85

Facebook News Feed Now Gives Text Updates Less Reach

John Haydon

Facebook recently noticed an interesting pattern in how people post text updates. So Facebook has now tweaked the News Feed to decrease the distribution of text updates from Pages. But Facebook users care about sharing, not increasing reach. When your friend wants to shares a link on Facebook, they simply post it as a link. Facebook says this news feed tweak will “increases engagement and distribution for other story types” .

Feeds 75

Plus 1 Buttons and How to Subscribe to Facebook Pages

NCE Social Media

Facebook changed things up a bit in the past few weeks. You now don’t have to ‘like’ something to be able to comment on a page. Please feel free to share them in the comments box below. Facebook Google facebook google Googleplus + g+ subscribeGoogle has a great web page on how to add +1 buttons for your website. If you’re already using Google+ you really should consider adding these to your website, too.

17 Extremely Useful Facebook Video Tutorials For Your Nonprofit

John Haydon

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve seen the various different video tutorials I’ve published on using Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics and WordPress. Following are just a few of the most popular videos I’ve created since Facebook re-vamped Pages, Ads and Insights: Managing your Facebook Page. How to Add and Manage Roles for Facebook Page Admins. How to Pin Facebook Page Stories On Your Timeline.