The Importance of Collaborative Benchmarking in the Nonprofit Sector

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The Opportunity of Collaborative Benchmarking whitepaper from the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact explores just that concept: How do we as a sector improve by collaboratively sharing our data? By introducing collaborative benchmarking, organizations can not only generate new ideas for improving processes, approaches, and technologies, but also guide the creation of key metrics and drive measurable change.

Think Email’s Dead? Metrics from the Online Benchmark Report Disagree

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Blackbaud’s annual Online Benchmark report was released earlier this month at #bbcon and the results speak largely to a positive outlook for nonprofit fundraising. . But the question those metrics beg is how the increase in volume is impacting email performance. For more info on the Benchmark’s email findings tune in today for our webinar “ Why You Shouldn’t Stop Sending Email ”. .


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What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


Every year, nonprofit consultants M+R release their annual Benchmarks report , which provides an overview of digital trends in the sector. The big sound bite from this year’s Benchmarks Report is that total online revenue grew by only 1% in 2018. Most individual email metrics have continued to decline. This year's report addressed issues such as email list growth and churn, the rise of monthly giving, and the impact of social media's peer-to-peer fundraising for nonprofits.

How Benchmarking and Analytics Can Inform Fundraising Strategies

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bbcon 2020 is just around the corner, and I’m excited to be presenting on the critical role of benchmarking and analytics in shaping your fundraising strategy. One way to help organize results is through benchmarking your performance against other organizations and fundraising programs.

KPIs, Metrics, and Benchmarks – Oh My!…How to Measure Your Year-end Campaigns

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Tis the time of year when end-of-year campaigns are in full swing and metrics, measurement, and benchmarks are top of mind. Campaigns Metrics & Measurement Planning end of year fundraisingThere are A LOT of ways to measure a campaign's success, let's look at a few.

Using Event Metrics to Create an Action Plan

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Event metrics can be great guides as we plan. In earlier posts, npENGAGE has discussed how to focus on our event fundraising analytics and how to use these metrics for success. Below are some ways to use your event metrics to identify and engage specific participant types during your fundraising event. Metric: Participants who have raised $0; or Participants who have raised less than $25. Want more on using metrics to create an action plan?

2012 Convio Benchmark Study

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The sixth annual Convio Online Marketing Benchmark Index Study is now officially released. I’m particularly encouraged by a new metric we added this year: growth in monthly giving. For a summary of trends seen in the benchmark, watch my video here. For all the trends, including information by vertical, download the full Online Marketing Benchmark. Author: Vinay Bhagat. At a macro-level, we continue to see online engagement growing at a healthy rate.

Convio 193

The Secret Metric Killing Nonprofit Fundraising (And What To Do About It)


When sending a fundraising email, nonprofit Digital staff are keenly aware of the metrics that they need to achieve; a high open rate means the most people are actually seeing the content of the email, and a high click rate indicates that the email's messaging was persuasive enough to move people to donate. Neither of these commonly cited metrics matter, however, if an email doesn't ever reach a supporter's inbox to begin with.

12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


The annual M+R Benchmarks Report has arrived again, shining a light on trends that are shaping nonprofits’ digital programs. Having shared and discussed this year’s Benchmarks Report with many of our partners, here’s twelve key trends that have resonated strongly within the EveryAction community. Even though online revenue grew last year and the year before, every individual email metric declined. These are just a few of the takeaways from this year's benchmark report.

Social Media with M+R: How to Measure the Metrics that Matter


Last week, I sat down with Amy Peyrot, Senior Consultant, Social Media Specialist, and resident mathlete at M+R , to discuss all things social media metrics. Once you know what qualifies as success, Amy suggests setting your goals based on benchmarks you've established for your organization, although this is a good place to start. Here are some of Amy's thoughts on these common social media metrics and how to achieve them. Goal: Engagement Metric: Overall Engagement Rate.

Get Ready! The Luminate Online Benchmark Report is Coming and It’s BIG.

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All of this is why I am so excited for next week’s release of Blackbaud’s 2015 Luminate Online Benchmark report. Yeah, I know, there are lots of benchmarks out there. billion dollars raised, it’s the biggest, baddest benchmark out there. For the actual numbers to the metrics above, along with all the rest of the sexy data, download the report next week. Nonprofit Fundraising #bbcon Luminate Online Benchmark Report Online Fundraising Online marketing

Housefile Size and Growth in the Luminate Online Benchmark Report

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The release of the 9th Luminate Online Benchmark Report is an opportunity for nonprofits to take stock of how the nonprofit sector is performing online, and what recent trends tell us about donor and giving behavior. Lastly, while housefile size and percentage of constituents who donate are important metrics, the quality of constituent data, namely the email address they provide, cannot be ignored.

TeamRaiser Benchmarks are Here!

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In case you missed it, we also unveiled our brand new 2011 Peer-to-Peer Event Benchmarking paper, and talked through how to use data to inform your event strategy. If you host a fundraising event, this guide will help you understand who your peers are, how to measure the success of your event(s), and how to improve performance for each metric. Author: Noel Beebe. Howdy folks! It feels good to be back in Texas after an action-packed Convio Summit in Baltimore last week!

5 More-Important-Than-Ever Digital Marketing Metrics for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

While there are many things vying for your attention, when it comes to digital growth there are only five critical metrics you should look at to help you get the most out of your budget and drive long-term sustainable growth. Traffic has been called a vanity metric by some, because it is relatively easy to generate new traffic if you are not concerned about the quality. It needs to be combined with the other metrics to provide value.

How are you using metrics, benchmarks, and experiments to improve your Facebook presence?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

To refine a content strategy, I used the Fan Page insights metrics tool, particularly the stats on interactions and Fan Page growth. Here are some metrics that I use to harvest insights on those questions. The M&R social media benchmarks study is a good start, although the benchmarks are based on a small sample size. Sysomos did a benchmarking study of all Fan Pages on Facebook that looked Fan Page "popularity" (number of fans) against content posting frequency.

eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Reveals Latest Metrics for Advocacy, Fundraising and Social Media


Check out the 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services and NTEN which surveyed 40 nonprofit organizations and analyzed all of this data and more. Key Benchmarks: How Did Your Nonprofit Measure Up ? E-newsletters Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Advocacy Online Fundraising Social Networking Trends Web 2.0Do you know the average click-through and open rates on action alerts and fundraising appeals across the nonprofit sector?

2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Highlights Online Advocacy, Fundraising, and Social Media Metrics


The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study was just released and is packed with insightful data on advocacy and fundraising response rates across the nonprofit sector. Marketing Research Mobile Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Advocacy Online Fundraising Online Marketing Technology TrendsIn particular we were excited to see advocacy response rates increased 28% between 2010 and 2011. The study also has some great data on how nonprofits are expanding their use of social media and mobile.

Convio Nonprofit Benchmarks Are Ready

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Well it is officially spring in Austin and with spring brings a return to warmer weather, longer days, Easter egg hunts, and metrics for the nonprofit professional. For those of you who have not seen this before, the study looked at nearly 500 nonprofit organizations’ online marketing results and compiled a series of benchmarks for evaluating fundraising, email, advocacy, and marketing success online. Author: Quinn Donovan.

Convio 156

Networked Learning Loops Through Benchmarking

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I remember thinking to myself at the time, well if one networked nonprofit can do this, couldn’t a network of networked nonprofits use real-time collaborative benchmarking data sharing for learning? My colleague, Devon Smith, a self-described data nerd who loves benchmarking pointed out this glorious example from the museum world from Sean Redmond , a Web developer at the Guggenheim. Do you collect metrics to impress your boss or ones that truly help you improve?

Annual M&R Benchmarks Study Released

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One important part of effective digital measurement is being able to benchmark your performance relative to your organization’s past performance or compared to peer organizations. One excellent resource to use for benchmarking nonprofit digital results (in the US) is the annual M&R Benchmarks study of nonprofit digital advocacy. It not only includes the data, but walks you through a process of benchmarking your nonprofit.

Counting on Success? Focus on Event Fundraising Analytics

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Over time, we’ve isolated certain benchmarks that provide clues to the health of an event. Efforts that improve these metrics often lead to growth in revenue and vitality of an event or event series. Common peer-to-peer benchmarks include the following: Repeat attendance. Refer to Analyze This: A Nonprofit’s Guide to Event Fundraising Analytics by Convio and Event 360 for an excellent discussion of these key peer-to-peer fundraising metrics and more.

On Social Media Metrics


Kristi had a good question on my recent Quote of the Month post about metrics: "I get that, about page views, I really do. As it happens, I've just heard of this Social Media Ad Metrics Definitions document written by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Tags: metrics But when you need a starting point, something to show people who don't get soft stuff like engagement, something to show people who want hard data, exactly where do you start?

Top Metrics For Success In Your Website

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

It will be able to benchmark how your website is performing. How will you make a site great? The challenge is that a website is for business, you need the business to grow and therefore do whatever you need to make it great. It’s essential to ensure that your site is ranking higher. Having great content and with a proper design will not be enough. In the past, it could work, but today, there are other factors that will bring success to a website.

The Online Benchmark Report is Here| How Does Your Org Measure Against Its Peers?

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The 2014 Luminate Online Benchmark Report is now available, just in time for #bbcon! Check out the infographic or download the report to measure your performance against your peers: It can be said that the most important metric is an organization’s own historical performance; these benchmarks shouldn’t be thought of as a strategy in and of themselves. Alone, these benchmarks are just numbers—where we use them is what’s most important.

5 Questions: Online Fundraising Benchmarks and Metrics


Session: Online Fundraising Benchmarks and Metrics. Industry benchmarks are meaningless unless you know how your organization compares to them. Note: As we prepare for the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference , we wanted share a wee bit of the wisdom our speakers will be serving up, so as not to overwhelm you when you get to Atlanta. We're asking them all to share their answers to five very important questions. Speaker: Steve Maclaughlin, Blackbaud.

Popularity Metrics!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This slide came from a presentation by Rashimi Sinha that I stumbled upon and is focused on a different topic, but I pulled out this slide for "Popularity Metrics." " It connected with some thinking about metrics for measuring blog success and some comments from Stephen Downes : Measuring "your blog's outcome" is ridiculous. Metrics help us -- if we let them -- to keep a balance on what else we might look at to be curious about.

The Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study Will Soon Make Its Way to Your Inbox!

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Nonprofit Fundraising 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report p2p p2p metrics P2P Study peer Peer to Peer FundraisingIf you’re into peer-to-peer fundraising numbers like me, then you’re probably anxious to know how your participants compare to the industry. Join us next week for a preview of the annual study. This webinar will be filled with a few of our favorite things… we’re not talking rain drops on roses or whiskers on kittens.

2009 Nonprofit Benchmarks: How Does your Organization Measure Up?


If your nonprofit is not developing yearly benchmarks for its fundraising program, website visits, email and e-newsletter open and click-through rates, start now. Establishing benchmarks helps organizations better leverage supporters, engage activists and keep websites dynamic with compelling content that drives people to take action. Convio just released their latest benchmark report that examined over 500 nonprofit metrics in 15 sectors.

What Email Spam Rates Mean for Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign


Email deliverability is an important metric for nonprofit fundraisers and digital staff to track, especially in the time leading up to major digital fundraising days, such as Giving Tuesday. research and benchmark figures , we found that a nonprofit with a list of 100,000 lost the potential to raise $3,116.41

Rate 117

Facebook Metrics Nonprofits Need to Know


If you are a social media data junky, then you are in luck because M&R and NTEN recently analyzed Facebook statistics for the 40 organizations surveyed in their 2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study. They categorized organizations as small, medium, or large, based on the number of fans their pages have, and also looked at groups by sector.

Convio debuts online marketing benchmark report for nonprofits

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Convio debuts online marketing benchmark report for nonprofits: "Convio, a provider of online constituent relationship management solutions for nonprofits, has created an online marketing benchmark report to assist nonprofit organizations in creating online marketing programs that aim to maximize results.The online report includes a discussion of key metrics that have been shown to influence

Convio 100

Online Fundraising is Growing, but other Key Web Metrics Suffer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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According to the Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits [ Download Now !] Paying attention to sustainer giving, website traffic, email response rates and other key metrics is an important part of creating a successful online fundraising program. 2013 Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits by Blackbaud. Check out the full INFOGRAPHIC based on the Blackbaud Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits [ Download Now !].

Online outreach metrics & budgeting


For those wondering about metrics, eMarketer just put out an article with some informative benchmarks. Email open rates look like they're steady between 19-20%, and clickthrough rates close to 6%. The article stated that "e-mail drove an average of $0.14 in revenues per delivered message" and that segmentation and personalization significantly improved these numbers. I'm not sure what that entirely means outside of the context of type of email, but good food for thought.

The Importance of Benchmarking


The way you know is called "benchmarking". Benchmarking is the process of looking at current metrics, so that you have a way of knowing truly whether or not what you've done has made a difference. Some of the benchmarking (like measuring how long people spend on your site, and how many pages they visit) is easy with good web metrics software like Google Analytics. And keep benchmarking and tweaking as time goes on.

How Are Your Participants Fundraising Online?

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While it is advised to review event metrics after an event, it may be beneficial to review some fundraiser participation while the fundraising is actually happening. Learn what makes a peer-to-peer participant an effective fundraiser in the 2012 donorCentrics Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmarking Insights whitepaper. Once the dollars are in the bank, learn how to measure your overall metrics in How to Get Started Using Event Metrics for Fundraising Success.

Benchmarking: Networked Nonprofits Measure Their Social Media Results In A Context

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At Zoetica, we facilitating a social media peer learning project called “ Leveraging Social Media: Becoming A Networked Nonprofit.&# Devon Smith, who writes the 24 Usable Hours blog, and a self-described “data nerd&# did a benchmarking analysis for participants. Sometimes benchmarking studies can be more rigorous and survey an entire field. Take for example, the NTEN Social Network 2011 Benchmarking Study or the Digital IQ Study of Government Sites.

Into Focus: Benchmarks and Best Practices for Nonprofits and Video

Beth Kanter

The report, “I nto Focus: Benchmarks for Video and A Guide for Creators ,” is based on a survey of 500 nonprofits and interviews with experts (including me). 3. Metrics with video are hard and is probably one thing holding back investment. How Nonprofits Measure Success of Video. See3, YouTube and Edelman have released a new report and guide for nonprofits about using video.

Is the New Facebook “People Talking About” Metric As Meaningless as Number of Likes?

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Mari Smith pointed to this blog post from All Facebook explaining the metric and how it has been implemented in apps. The people talking about this metric tallies: Liking a page; Posting to a page’s wall; Liking, commenting, or sharing a page’s status update, photo, video, or other content; Answering a question posted by a page; RSVPing to an event hosted by the page; Mentioning the page (users must formally tag the page); Tagging a page in a photo; Liking or sharing a check-in deal, and.

Put a Fitbit on Your Event Fundraiser

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So I broke down and purchased a FitBit and as a metrics geek, I have to say I love it! So why not think of your event metrics as your own personal P2P FitBit? Whether you are monitoring your event progress week to week until you reach the big day or you are reviewing your results, your fundraising event success depends on monitoring your metrics such as participant solicitation activity, average gift, as well as your middle to outlying fundraisers.

Nonprofits: Be part of the 2015 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study!


Which is why we’re excited to invite organizations to participate in M+R and NTEN’s 2015 Benchmarks Study to help determine this year’s industry standards for online fundraising, advocacy, and list building. organizations to capture the metrics and trends that nonprofits can use to gauge their current work, and help inform how to move forward with their digital strategies. Still not clear on what Benchmarks is or why you will love being a part of it?

Get Ready For A Sea Change In Nonprofit Assessment Metrics


Last week, GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and three other nonprofit assessment and reporting organizations made a huge announcement : the metrics that they track are about to change. scale, they will scrap the traditional metrics and replace them with ones that measure an organization's effectiveness. The new metrics will assess: Financial health and sustainability; Accountability, governance and transparency; and Outcomes.

Report release: The 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study


Published today, M+R and NTEN’s 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study returns for the eighth year. Key email metrics, including open rates and response rates, declined in 2013. > Download the 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study (and share it with your peers!) If you''re interested in learning more about this report, and how to establish benchmarks in your own organization, register for our free webinar next Wednesday, April 16 at 12:00pm-1:00pm PT.

Your Burning Questions (& Our Answers) on Facebook Metrics and Strategy!


Over 450 people joined us for the 2012 Benchmarks Extra: Facebook webinar we co-hosted with NTEN and the Ad Council last week. Combine all this knowledge with your free copy of the Benchmarks Extra: Facebook study , and you’ll be rocking your organization’s Facebook page in no time! Many of the metrics in our report require no calculations. Facebook reports negative feedback on a post level, and also as daily, weekly, and 28-day page metrics.