Key Trends in Nonprofit Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking Key Trends in Nonprofit Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on March 7th, 2011 Blackbaud has released two new groundbreaking research studies that reveal insights about peer-to-peer event fundraising. The research was unveiled at at the Run Walk Ride 2011 Fundraising Conference.

Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

No doubt Google is a great company that provides an astounding amount of free, exceptionally useful tools to nonprofits, but a Google-only Social Web? Currently Google+ is only available to invited individuals. Brand pages are expected to be launched some time this fall.

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Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

Amy Sample Ward

My contribution to the panel is to provide context about the use of social media in emergency and disaster response as well as an overview of some of the tools we saw deployed last year and we may see in the future.

Social Media: What To Do If Your Boss Doesn’t Get It

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Originally published in the November 2011 issue of Fundraising Success Magazine where I have written a quarterly column throughout 2011. Though Facebook had gone public nine months previous, Facebook Groups were only just beginning to be used as community-building tools by nonprofits and Facebook Pages didn’t exist yet. Executives were terrified by the legal implications of using social networking tools. VIDEO] Social Media Revolution 2011.

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2011 NTC Preview: Can Social Networks Create Social Capital?


Ted Fickes, Electronic Communications Manager, The Wilderness Society (Central Rockies Regional Office) In September, 2008, Green for All , 1Sky and the We Campaign organized a national day of action -- Green Jobs Now -- to demand progress on green jobs and a green economy. Online networks have transferred the tools of organizing and programmatic leadership from organizations and placed them into the hands of the citizen/member.

What’s the future of nonprofits?


A true 360 degree business analysts tool is what social media is for nonprofits. billion in 2008, the council’s fourth annual “Run Walk Ride Thirty” study reports. Read this book to find out !

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Technology Trends for Nonprofits in 2011


To answer these questions and more, we at Smart Online™ used this last quarter of 2010 to try and unravel the ‘Technology Trends for Nonprofits’ in 2011. Social media is a great tool for increasing supporter engagement; a majority of nonprofits have realized this.


Case Study: Tools for Community Engagement


Every campaign, every organization, and really, even every individual engaging with others online has a set of tools and techniques they've learned from and rely on every day. The ToMamaWithLove campaign saw them try some new tools as well as some trusted favorites, even with a budget of $0 and a lot of volunteer time. When it came to blogger outreach, a Google Doc was the preferred and successful tool. Stacey felt it was a great tool, but they didn't use it effectively.

Announcing… Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits!

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149 Tools and Resources Covered. She presented a social media training to our affiliates at our annual conference in 2008 and as one of the most popular sessions, our affiliates are still talking about it – 60% of which now actively use social media.

Answers to the Ten Questions I am Most Often Asked

Museum 2.0

In 2008, the conversation started shifting to "how" and "what." In 2008 and 2009, there were many conference sessions and and documents presenting participatory case studies, most notably Wendy Pollock and Kathy McLean's book Visitor Voices in Museum Exhibitions.

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Shifting our Role in the Hub

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In May of 2008 when I joined The Lumpkin Family Foundation I was given the challenge to figure out how to develop a network to support the nonprofit capacity building work of The Foundation in downstate Illinois. Guest post from Annie Hernandez.

Three Ways Nonprofits Can Pioneer m-Advocacy

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When you compare that to only one trillion text messages sent in 2008, it’s clear that text messaging is growing faster than any other Web-based communication method out there today, and yet it is a tool almost entirely untapped by the nonprofit sector.

Mobile Storytelling: An Evolving Story


As of Febuary 2011 however, they have added a feature that goes a step beyond: streetview history. As one example, you can view the building where Daum is located now, under construction in 2008. By Nam-ho Park, Director, Mobile Service, Forum One.

Research Friday: Leadership Development & Performance Management - Reflections from Daring to Lead 2011

ASU Lodestar Center

This week we welcome Marla Cornelius, co-author of Daring to Lead 2011: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership. Next Generation Leaders Speak Out (2008) and Daring to Lead 2011: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership. posted by.

Free Live Interactive Event: Future of Fundraising

Tech Soup Blog

2008 was a benchmark year in online fundraising history as Obama won the presidential election with 87% of funds coming through social networking. Only having launched in March 2011, they just broke $25,000 in funds raised in ventures on their site, with donations ranging from $3 to $2,000.

Pulitzer and the Pedestal – Or Why Crowdfunding Needs Influencer Marketing

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

We see examples in the ongoing success of Kickstarter , in the record number of small donations President Barack Obama collected during his 2008 campaign and, humorously, in the manner Stephen Colbert has solicited funds for his satiric Super Pac. Flickr Photo by PeterJBellis.

An Online Communications Rule of Thirds?


Way back in 2008, I blogged about b alancing your time and money between websites, email, and social media. Plus the actual cost of our broadcast email tool -- about $150/month for our volume of emails. I hypothesized a rule of thirds: that you should spend about a third of your energy and money on your website, a third on email communications, and a third on "online outreach".

Quick Hit: What Should I Ask about Google Art?

Museum 2.0

Needless to say, I'm one of the people who believes the 2008 IMLS research that shows that online encounters with museums increase visitation. Technology Tools Worth Checking Out Quick Hits professional development

YES! Magazine's soaring online presence


This tremendous growth is the result of smart strategy, a creative and talented staff, and powerful online tools provided by Groundwire and Web Collective. In 2008, Executive Director Fran Korten and the team at YES! In addition, each article is tagged with one of three “hedgehog” types – an article can be about “reframing big ideas”, “tools to use and share” or “the power of one”. s No Impact Week challenge in January of 2011. 42 Ways to Not Make Trash.

A Revolution in Documentary Film

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This year’s Academy Award winning film – Inside Job – is one of the most powerful descriptions of what went wrong leading up to the financial collapse of 2008. And the Producers Institute is a 10-day workshop that brings together a select group of documentary filmmakers and technologists to create outreach and activism strategies using online and mobile tools for activism. Image from Gasland The Movie.

Open Source vs. Proprietary: Web Server Software

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

The current version of MS Server in use is Server 2008. Open Source Web Tools apache iis Linux microsoft UNIX webBy Web Server Software, I mean the software used to serve websites/pages. This includes databases, operating systems and other software that is involved in that process. On the proprietary side, there are two options. Proprietary Unix, and Microsoft Windows, and associated Microsoft Software.

Now Available for Pre-Order! Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits

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149 Tools and Resources Covered. She presented a social media training to our affiliates at our annual conference in 2008 and as one of the most popular sessions, our affiliates are still talking about it – 60% of which now actively use social media.

Now Available on TechSoup: Small Business Server 2011

Tech Soup Blog

We recently added the updated Windows Small Business Server 2011 products from Microsoft to our donation catalog. The following servers and licenses are in the Windows Small Business Server 2011 family. Small Business Server 2011 Standard Edition: English , Spanish. Small Business Server 2011 Premium Add-on: English , Spanish.

Technology for the Location Agnostic

Connection Cafe

In 2008, I had stumbled across their book Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It in an airport bookstore. We had to have access to those tools to truly make the transition to a location agnostic work environment. Author: Cheryl Black. A couple years ago I learned about some crazy happenings at the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio : they didn't go to work. WHAT!? Awesome.

Social Actions API, Semantic Web, and Linked Open Data: An Interview with Peter Deitz

Amy Sample Ward

Around the time of the Nonprofit Technology Network ’s 2008 NTC conference, an even brighter light bulb went on. The Social Actions API now uses a tool called Zemanta to apply these processes when searching the actions contained in the dataset.

Intuition vs. Data: How VolunteerMatch Uses Data to Change the Way It Makes Strategic Decisions


The Bandwagon Effect In 2008, we launched a "single-sign on" method using Facebook Connect that allows our visitors to use their Facebook credentials to log in. Three years and much market research later, we now know that providing better integration for sharing tools (e.g., For years, VolunteerMatch grew by providing users with Google-like tools to search, segment, slice, and dice our volunteer opportunities.


Who Sits at Your Leadership Table? A Case for Senior Technologists


They identify the right tools for the job are and balance the cost with potential benefits. years at, he oversaw the complete overhaul of the site (cms, architecture, skin, etc) in 2008, landing a People's Choice Webby Award in the Youth in 2009 and nomination in 2010. By George Weiner, CTO, If you were building an office building for your nonprofit, when would you bring in an architect?

HOW TO: Claim Your Nonprofit’s Spot Page on Gowalla

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Similar to Myspace and Facebook in 2007 and 2008, there’s seemingly a geographic difference between Foursquare and Gowalla users. Related Links: Webinar: How Nonprofits Can Successfully Utilize Mobile Social Networking Tools and Location-Based Communities.

A Few Good Accounting Packages


PublishDate: July 2011. Maybe we can’t prepare your taxes for you, but we can suggest a few tools to help. Over the last several years, we’ve talked to a number of nonprofit consultants and accounting specialists about the accounting packages they recommend, and published summaries of their advice in 2006 and again in 2008. Beyond that, 2011 looks much like 2008 in the world of accounting software. Tim Johnston, Blue Cross Blue Shield (2008 and 2011).

Social Actions API, Semantic Web, and Linked Open Data: An Interview with Peter Deitz

Tech Soup Blog

Peter Deitz is a long-time member and contributor in the NetSquared (and TechSoup) community; he started the NetSquared Montreal group and his Social Actions project was a winner in the 2008 N2Y3 Mashup Challenge. ToolsThis post originally appeared on the NetSquared Blog and was authored by Amy Sample Ward.

Upcoming Webinar: Jump Start Your Grantseeking

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The tour will also include a sneak peek of Grants2020, a newly developed tool to help you build an effective grants strategy for years to come. ” He was initiated into the world of GrantStation through that endeavor and joined the team in July of 2008. Join us for a free webinar presented by GrantStation! The webinar, GrantStation: Jump Start Your Grantseeking , is happening on September 7 at 11 a.m. Pacific time.

Lessons From Haiti: Uses of New Media in Disaster Recovery Efforts

Tech Soup Blog

ToolsEven if you pay only glancing attention to news about technology and social media, you've probably heard something about their uses during disaster response and relief efforts.

Research Friday: Is traditional civic engagement dead?

ASU Lodestar Center

Knight Foundation , was released in July 2011 and reported in CIRCLE , a publication of Tufts University. HOWEVER, also included in the July 2011 edition of CIRCLE is a report on "The Language of Youth Civic Organizations." posted by Pat Lewis , Senior Professional. in Residence.

Great reads from around the web on September 19th

Amy Sample Ward

"This post draws from over 30 in-depth, semi structured interviews conducted with coordinators of and participants in the Egyptian revolution between March and August 2011." " A Roundup of Valuable Twitter Tools – Noupe – A great round up of Twitter tools – some great long-time favorites and some newer tools. Since 2008, non-profits have cracked the $1 billion mark for online fundraising.

Research Friday: ASU is an Important Central Hub for Nonprofit Organizations

ASU Lodestar Center

SNA is a visual, quantitative measurement tool that has been used across disciplines since the 1950's. The type of tie depicted in a social network map depends on a study's content and purpose (Knoke and Yang, 2008) [3]. 2008). posted by. Mary McGillicuddy , Nonprofit Leadership.

Are your customers becoming digital junkies? - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing

AFP Blog

Nearly 50 percent of US online consumers are now advanced users of smartphones, social networks, and other emerging tools—up from 32 percent in 2008 Are your customers becoming digital junkies? McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing : "New McKinsey research highlights a dramatic increase in the intensity with which people use digital devices and platforms.

Collaborative Technologies for Social Impact: How Survivors Connect leverages the web and you can, too!

Amy Sample Ward

Most all of these groups are excited and enthusiastic but are coming from the wrong direction: focusing on the tools first. Recognizing which tools are available to your community can make the biggest impact on your project’s success. “It Top Tools for Collaboration.

5 Myths about Online Giving | Nonprofit Trends with Steve.

NonProfit Trends

For more trends and insights into how nonprofits are using the Internet, check out the new book Internet Management for Nonprofits: Strategies, Tools & Trade Secrets Share 0 saves Save If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.

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Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Must Prioritize the Mobile Web in 2014

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Texting is a tool still not mastered. One trillion text messages sent globally in 2008. 10 trillion sent by the end of 2011.

Fight Colorectal Cancer: A Rebranding Tale

Judi Sohn

The organization I helped found as Colorectal Cancer Coalition in 2005 officially became Fight Colorectal Cancer on Monday, March 6, 2011. But I want to be clear: Is this something you can do with free tools in your spare time? At the 2008 conference, I attended a session presented by Farra Trompeter of Big Duck. This is a post I’ve been waiting over a year to write, so apologies for its length.