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Win a Trip to Report for the NYT with Nicholas Kristof

Have Fun - Do Good

Past winners traveled to Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Rwanda, and Congo. The winner will go on an international reporting trip with him to focus attention on the problems of global poverty, and its solutions. Possible destinations this year are Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Liberia and/or Ghana.

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Case Study: How Human Rights Watch Leverages Employee Personal Brands on Twitter

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When conflict broke out in the Central African Republic, they started the CARcrisis hashtag on Twitter. Many tweets lead to press calls.”. Twitter is also used as a complementary advocacy strategy when reaching out to policymakers on a human rights issue.


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YouTube Adds Call To Action Tool for Nonprofit Videos


That's enough to build two brand-new wells in the Central African Republic and give over 150 people clean drinking water for 20 years, said, “Ramya Raghavan of YouTube. . “The response from the YouTube community was overwhelming. Charity:water was able to raise over $10,000 in one day from the video.

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An Interview With Paull Young from Charity:Water

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Since then, over 10,000 individual fundraisers have raised more than $11 million – including over $1 million for Central African Republic as part of the 2010 September Campaign to bring clean water to all of the Bayaka people. Tell me about this year’s campaign? What are your SMART objectives?

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