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Pipes (1) Nonprofit 2.0 , Second Life , nptech More proof Second Life is a boondoggle (well, sort of) 12.12.06 | 154 14 Comments [link] More+proof+Second+Life+is+a+boondoggle+%28well%2C+sort+of%29 2006-12-13+04%3A21%3A50 Allan+Benamer Hilarious yet fascinating blog post about the energy consumption of an avatar in Second Life… courtesy of the

Second Life: Issue Awareness Raising Campaigns

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Rik visited the homeless avatar: I decided to pop into SL to check it out. I found a bedraggled looking avatar sleeping in a cardboard box with a crude sign asking for donations. It's been crazy busy last week and this week too. I'm so behind!

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Reflections on Mixed Reality Events in Second Life

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Jeska Linden , Community Manager for Linden Labs, has the mike in her hand, while her avatar is behind the podium in Second Life. The first was lecture and discussion at the Berkman Center's virtual island on Avatar Marketing based on the article written by a HBS professor.

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Rebooting Charity

dan Says: December 31st, 2006 at 10:12 pm I think the virtual Camp Darfur showed more of the qualities for SL success that you & Rik are advocating.

NpTechTag Summary: NpTech Blog Buzz, NGOS at Demo 07, and Moulin

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Personal Fundraising and Open Source Deductions Article in the Seattle Times about personal fundraising, Hoping To Help Darfur $1 at a Time that focuses on that has successfully raiased $30,000 in very small donations - $1 per person. Lotusmedia posts about the RootsCampSL's Smashing Success -- Avatars Against War in Second Life. Perhaps a better title, a "Crashing Success," given that so many avatars showed up that it exceeded the server's and crashed!

(Not a) Game Friday: Virtual Worlds 101

Museum 2.0

Virtual worlds are a communication medium in which people use avatars (animated characters) to interact and have shared experiences in a 3D environment. The Exploratorium did the solar eclipse, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is doing all kinds of programs around Darfur.

Nedra Weinreich: Social Marketing Guru

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

ve been exploring Second Life and avatar marketing ??? You can create or simulate an experience that can evoke an emotional response from a visitor, as they have done with Camp Darfur. Nedra Weinreich, Spare Change Blog Nedra Weinreich was one of the first nonprofit tagged blogs that I discovered while browsing the blogher blogroll a few months back. She works with nonprofits and government agencies to bring about health and social change using social marketing.