Nonprofit Fundraising Videos Inspire More Giving

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Nonprofit fundraising videos bring your organization’s work to life in a way that written stories just can’t. Nonprofit fundraising videos help you raise more money. Promo video: This type of video gets supporters excited about an upcoming event, fundraiser, or activity.

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Social Media Policy Guidelines for Nonprofits

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I was fortunate enough to serve on a committee of AFP International that brought together some social media gurus to hash out guidelines that nonprofit organizations can use to craft their own social media policies. These guidelines focus on social media from a fundraiser’s point of view but they are easy to tweak to your own needs and a great starting point if you are starting from scratch. Tags: Policy social media twitter guidelines


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How to Form and Use an Advisory Board for Your Nonprofit

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Members of nonprofit Advisory Boards can contribute to fundraising in many ways. Serve as chair of a fundraising campaign or of the annual gala. Plan a fundraising event, such as a golf tournament.

Online Fundraising Ideas: Nonprofit Fundraising During COVID-19

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced the nonprofit fundraising world into the digital-only space almost immediately. While some organizations have had the capacity and savviness to hop onto this trend early, others are still trying to figure out where to start with online fundraising.

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Ethical Storytelling + Nonprofit Fundraising

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Below we have outlined a few key strategies for ethical storytelling, along with some specific guidelines on the full video production process that you can consider. Ethical and empowering storytelling is also BETTER and more effective storytelling for fundraising!

4 Virtual Fundraising Ideas Any Nonprofit Can Pull Off


Virtual fundraising has been on the rise for quite a while now, and with the COVID-19 pandemic throwing the world for a loop, nonprofits had no choice but to accelerate their shift to the digital space. Fundraising Guest Blog Virtual EventsThis post was contributed by Donately.

6 Fraternity and Sorority Fundraising Ideas + 8 Top Fundraiser Examples


If you’re part of a sorority or fraternity or an alum of a fraternal organization, you know that an important element of your Greek life is fundraising for your organization. But that doesn’t make you an expert in fundraising. Best Practices For Fraternity and Sorority Fundraising.

Virtual Fundraising Events: Top Tips and Ideas for Success


Social distancing guidelines have transformed everything, including the fundraising landscape The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive shift in the day-to-day operations of nonprofits across the globe.

First Fundraising Event Email of the Season: Courting your Past Participants


If your organization is starting to kick-off your 2021 fundraising events season, it’s important to reach out to past participants to engage them again this year and to let them know how the events will be run. .

25+ Virtual Fundraising Ideas | A Guide for 2021


Now that we’re entering a new post-COVID era, nonprofit leaders need to think about what virtual fundraising will look like in the future. It looks like virtual fundraising is here to stay! Are you ready to take your virtual fundraising to the next level? Fundraising Idea

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The Salvation Army of Austin Advertising and Social Media Guidelines ? The Salvation Army of Austin

AFP Blog

The Salvation Army of Austin Advertising and Social Media Guidelines  The Salvation Army of Austin :The Salvation Army will support your third-party fundraising effort by enabling you to link your social media campaign to specified web page(s), our Facebook fundraiser page and retweeting your Twitter campaign.

100+ Fundraising Event Ideas to Try in 2021 and Beyond


If you lead a nonprofit, you know how important your fundraising events are. A fundraising event is the best way to engage with donors, garner support for your mission, and meet your revenue targets. The Future Of Fundraising Events. 100+ Fundraising Event Ideas to Try Out.

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Multi-Channel Fundraising: Tips for Your Nonprofit Website

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Additionally, fundraising leaders like yourself need to come up with ways to not only continue engaging with existing donors but also recruit brand new supporters and raise more awareness for their mission. Fundraising Tech

5 Text Message Marketing Best Practices Every Fundraiser Needs to Know


Keep your supporters engaged by following these guidelines! According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines for nonprofits, any texts that are sent via autodialer require recipients to opt into receiving those texts. Features Mobile Fundraising

Are In-Person Events Making A Comeback? 5 Tips to Start Considering a Safe and Fun In-Person Fundraising Event Again


As the world starts to open back up after the COVID-19 pandemic, now is an excellent time to re-imagine the various components of your organization and whether or not an in-person fundraising event makes sense. Host an outdoor in-person fundraising event. Fundraising Events

Event Fundraising Contests That Will Blow Your Mind!!


Register for our Event Fundraising eNewsletter to receive more practical fundraising tips like these in your inbox. We’ve touched on task-based event fundraising contest here before, but because this way of motivating your supporters is so effective we thought it was time to0 revisit the topic in more details. They work because we know that very successful peer to peer participants exhibit behavior that correlates to higher fundraising.

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4 Tips for Using Facebook Fundraising for Year-End Giving


Virtual fundraising, virtual donor stewardship. virtual events— these are the terms dominating this year’s fundraising season. But, we’re here to present one solution that can tackle all of the above: Facebook fundraising. Thank donors and fundraisers for their participation.

Catering Options for Virtual Fundraising Events-A Q&A with Vibrant Table Catering

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A critical part of a fundraising gala is the catering of a delicious meal served to your guests with the utmost care and attention from a catering partner who understands the importance of guest experience and the timing of the meal in your program.

Planning a Virtual Fundraising Auction: 7 Core Steps


Audiences are eager to continue supporting the causes they love in new ways, and virtual fundraising technology has made it easier than ever to update your strategies. Besides, virtual engagement is now an integral (and necessary) part of keeping up your fundraising momentum.

How Showing Donors the ROI Will Boost Your Fundraising

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The secret to successful fundraising lies in knowing your numbers. It allows you to see which fundraising activities provide the highest ROI and contribute the most to your fundraising goals. Bottom line: Often, nonprofits believe events are their biggest fundraising activities.

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How To Get Started With Mobile Giving To Reach Fundraising Goals

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This principle applies similarly to the event management and fundraising spaces. In this article, we’re going to share: Why nonprofits are investing in mobile giving to reach their fundraising goals. Real use cases for how nonprofits are leveraging mobile fundraising platforms. How to select a mobile fundraising or event ticketing platform. The benefits of combining your event ticketing and fundraising needs under one platform. Online Fundraising

3 Website Tips to Support Your Virtual Fundraising Efforts

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As a nonprofit professional, you know that the fundraising landscape changes each year. However, no one could have predicted the effects that COVID-19 would have , with many nonprofit organizations now solely relying on virtual fundraising efforts to continue operations.

3 Tech-Savvy Tips for Nonprofit Virtual Fundraising Events


Heading into 2020, nonprofit fundraisers had solidified their fundraising calendars and were on track to achieving ambitious revenue goals. virtual fundraising has been trending. To help, we’ve pulled together three tips for creating a digital-first fundraising approach: .

Reflections from #MFOM14: Email Marketing, Fundraising, and Visual Communications


On August 2-3, I attended the 5th biennial Money for Our Movements (MFOM) social justice fundraising conference in Baltimore, Maryland, convened by the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training. At #MFOM14, I participated as a speaker, leading one workshop, Email Marketing to Support Year-Round Online Fundraising , and as a panelist for the session, Visual Communication: Create pictures, videos, and presentations quickly, easily, and affordably.

How to Save the Spring 2021 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Season

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Through all of this, we’ve seen long-standing peer-to-peer fundraising events cancelled, postponed, go virtual, or be completely reimagined. Get Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising House in Order!

Personalizing the Online Fundraising Experience


This helps sets one fundraiser apart from another. Whether you're hosting a walk-a-thon, charity auction, or soliciting online donations for an annual fund drive, the success of your fundraising campaign lies in the success of each of the individual participants. Implementing online fundraising software tools should allow participants to create their own personalized fundraising webpage, a place for them to tell their stories.

3 South Florida Nonprofits Sucessfully Fundraising Amid COVID-19


We have so much going on right now – how can we even find time to fundraise?” . Understandably, many nonprofit professionals are raising the question: “Should we be fundraising right now?” If you stop your fundraising efforts what will that mean for your organization in the long term?

Our EveryAction Hero: Texas Watch


Rather than welding the roof back on to the vehicle which is the manufacturer’s guidelines, the roof was glued on. We can dive into why certain actions are getting more responses or a higher conversion, or we can look at our fundraising statistics year over year. Texas Watch is a nonpartisan citizen advocacy group founded in 1998. They just celebrated over 20 years of advocating for Texas families.

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Essential Grant Writing Tips for Your Nonprofit

The Modern Nonprofit

Make sure that you meet all the qualifications and that the constraints of the grant work with your fundraising plan. The funder’s interests should match well with your organization’s mission, and your proposal should follow the funder’s guidelines.

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10 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising More Social

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Online fundraising is becoming more popular each year. It is offering new opportunities for nonprofits to improve their fundraising success while trying out new channels. As more people are inspired to donate online, social media can make an extremely useful addition to your fundraising strategy. So, how can you make your fundraising more social? Here are ten simple ways to include social media in your fundraising strategy to improve your success.

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Year-End Giving Prep: 21 FAQs Answered by Fundraising Experts

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Recently, Brock Warner (Senior Manager, Fundraising at War Child) and I hosted a webinar regarding end of year fundraising for nonprofits —the things we need to stop doing and things we should be doing instead. We covered everything from what a successful fundraising appeal should look like to ensuring that your Giving Tuesday efforts are part of your overall end of year strategy. Should you include Giving Tuesday donors on other End of Year fundraising emails?

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3 Tips to Help Your Nonprofit Steward Corporate Partners

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With a heightened focus on building new partnerships, the importance of stewardship is often overlooked in corporate fundraising. Fundraising Sponsored Post

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11 Flavors of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Peer-to-peer fundraising isn’t just for cause and cure organizations anymore. The rise of crowd funding coupled with a changing donor demographic has led to a surge in nonprofits of all types building do it yourself (DIY) fundraising programs. It can be overwhelming to think about creating a large peer-to-peer event, but DIY fundraising can help explore the potential. Having the funds flow directly to your organization helps increase the credibility of the fundraisers.

5 Ways to Make Your Email Fundraising Appeals Sound More Human

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If you’re a nonprofit, chances are you are sending an email fundraising appeal this month. Email, for most nonprofits, is the single largest source of online fundraising revenue. And technology advances have allowed marketers and fundraisers to send emails to hundreds of people at once for extremely low cost, which is a fantastic efficiency. And we’ve forgotten that fundraising is not about programs, it’s about relationships.

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10 Types of Fundraising Event Software for Virtual Events


To bring your virtual event to life and provide an experience that’s just as enriching as an in-person one, you need the right fundraising event software. You likely already have some of the basic tools you use for regular fundraising events. Need virtual fundraising ideas?

Get Fundraising Tips at a NetSquared Community Event

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Fall has arrived, and with it comes fundraising season! Not a fundraiser? IMAGE ATTRIBUTION GUIDELINES Image Name: Author / License. More than one-third of charitable giving happens in the last three months of the year , and the emergence of #GivingTuesday makes the year's end even more critical for charities. Feeling overwhelmed? Your local NetSquared group is here to help with free, in-person events being held across the U.S. and the globe.

Nonprofit Side Hustle Ideas For Clever Cash Flow

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Check out the IRS guidelines before taking on a low-profit venture that may cost your organization with regard to hoops and taxes. Featured Fundraising nonprofit fundraising revenue side hustleAre you looking for some creative ways to earn funds for your organization?

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Paycheck Protection Program for Nonprofits: Requirements & Benefits

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The loan can be forgiven if an organization follows program guidelines. It is key that organizations looking for forgivable loans follow SBA guidelines when using PPP money for expenses. General News fundraising payroll protection program

3 Top Tips for Improving Your Nonprofit’s Digital Presence

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With social distancing guidelines and economic disruptions continuing to throw new challenges our way, engaging donors, and reaching new supporters ( and virtual volunteers ) online is critical. Focus on digital fundraising efforts. Focus on digital fundraising efforts.

How To Get Corporate Support Without “Selling Out”


You should also develop your own sponsorship agreement that details promotional guidelines. Fundraising Corporate PartnershipsA lot of nonprofit professionals think businesses have deep pockets. Some do. But many are struggling with the same set of problems that nonprofits have.

Strategies to communicate with your nonprofit board remotely


But even in the midst of social distancing guidelines and economic uncertainty, nonprofits have found creative ways to fundraise , engage supporters, and continue their work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has brought unique challenges and obstacles that nobody could have expected.

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs a Brand Guide

The Modern Nonprofit

A brand guide is a document with branding guidelines that act to maintain a company’s identity. If it’s done well, your brand guide will have a lifespan of many years and will provide the necessary framework for your marketing and fundraising strategies.

The 2021 Guide To Text-to-Donate For Small Nonprofits


Text fundraising! In this guide, you’ll learn: How Text Fundraising Can Be Used For Small Nonprofits? Learn everything you need to know about text fundraising with our awesome crash course. How Text Fundraising Can Be Used For Small Nonprofits? Basic Fundraising

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