Donor Spotlight: Lavelle Fund for the Blind

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

And what are some of the social benefits and impact that may result from such a relationship? At Benetech, we’re fortunate to have had long-time support from funders who have been willing to bet on us. The Lavelle Fund also supports programs benefiting the developing world.

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Community Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, and Cloud-based Technology – An Insider’s Look At This Winning Trifecta

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Just a few months ago, in November 2019, I sat on my front porch and made my donor-advised fund (DAF) grant recommendations via a donor portal within an app on my iPhone while simultaneously sipping a nice glass of wine.

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Buy Me! Support the 11NTC Scholarship Fund

Amy Sample Ward

You can bid on nearly 100 items in the first silent auction , getting something great for yourself, and supporting the campaign at the same time. And you don’t have to be an NTEN member or attend the NTC to make a bid and support our campaign!

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5 Community Needs That Companies Can Impact Now

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As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on and continues to cause distress, corporations are being entrusted – and expected – to lead the way to support and help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

4 bbcon 2019 Takeaways to Help You Maximize Your Foundation’s Impact in 2020

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In this post, I’ll highlight four of the key takeaways identified by our attendees as being the most critical to positioning their foundations for greater impact in 2020. bbcon Takeaway #3: Impact measurement must be baked into the culture of your foundation .

Why Nonprofits Need to Broaden Their Funding Horizons

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This piece originally appeared in The Right Mix: How Diverse Income Models Influence Giving by the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact. Download the full report to learn how to develop a stable, sustainable, and supported organization. .

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Telling Your Impact Story with Donor Statements

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In the social good world, storytelling is vital for success, and arguably one of the most important stories to tell is the journey of your donor’s funds. Something to be included to help personalize the impact of your donors, but not the focus of the story itself.

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Capacity Commons: A New Tool for Pro Bono Support

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Common Impact research indicates that 90% of nonprofits report needing more volunteer support and more than 72% believe that they could increase their impact through skills-based volunteers. Those of us who work in the nonprofit sector know that the capacity gap is real.

5 Bits Of Advice For A Crowd-Funding Campaign


Crowd-funding websites allow individuals and organizations to create a page on their website and promote donations for a cause, product, or service. Crowd-funding websites are not for your seasonal fundraisers or annual appeals.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 135: Accountable Impact: A Model for Sustainable Mission Growth

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This is accountable impact. Listen in get an inside look at the 2019 Blackbaud Accountable Impact Study and to hear these experts discuss challenges and best practices around adopting a culture of accountable impact to drive support for your mission. Funding transparency.

Fostering Innovation and Enterprise: Thoughts on supporting the sector from #giveandtech

Amy Sample Ward

Lessons and Opportunities for Supporting Technology Innovation. As the speed at which new ideas can step out on the stage continues to increase, it is less about finding a great idea and pitching it for support. Look to fund projects, not products.

Measuring What Matters: How Funders and Nonprofits Can Leverage Data and Technology for Impact

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To enhance impact, foundations and nonprofits should leverage their data through platforms like Guidestar, Algorhythm, and Blackbaud Outcomes. This visibility will encourage more partnerships for funding, specifically, partnering to agree on intended results.

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The Impact of Tech Capacity Support


“Too many foundations dismiss technology as peripheral to the important work they fund. But even a small investment in your grantees’ technology can have a large impact on their missions.”. The above quote comes directly from our report, A Funders Guide to Supporting Nonprofit Technology: 10 Ways to Build Your Grantees'' Technical Savvy. The shape of the support can take many forms, so ask your grantees what makes sense for them.

Donor Stewardship: Guiding Donors to The Next Level of Support

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A supporter’s first few gifts might be occasional, or the donor might align directly in the major gifts category. However, by paying attention to trends in your donor database, you can begin finding supporter trends that will signal when a supporter is primed to take the next step.

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What I Learned From Grantmakers About Funding Technology


Over the years, I’ve talked to a lot of foundations about funding grantee technology. But our recent three-part course How to Get Your Technology Project Funded: Tips from Grantmakers revealed more than a few interesting takeaways. Most funders don’t fund technology, per se.

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Small nonprofits, big impact

ASU Lodestar Center

Nonprofit Finance Fund. What these organizations lack in size, however, they make up for in impact. Signup for the Nonprofit Finance Fund Financial Management Webinar Series , presented by the ASU Lodestar Center's Nonprofit Management Institute. posted by.

Performing Arts Fundraising: How to Target Life-Long Supporters

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And they are willing to do this with the hope that these new ticket buyers will become life-long supporters. With the high cost of acquiring a new supporter, it becomes even more important to retain them so you can realize the benefits of this initial investment.

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Leading the Resistance: 28 Organizations You Can (and Should) Support Today


There's a long fight ahead, but for issues that stir you, one simple, positive thing you can do today is give - your time, money, voice, or attention - because so many organizations need your urgent support. No matter how much you give or to whom, the important thing is to support those organizations whose tireless work is striving for a world you want to live in. Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

7 Tips For Building Nonprofit Supporter Profiles


Therefore each individual relationship, interaction, and correspondence with these supporters is vital to a nonprofit’s overall sustainability. Celia Astheimer, a CRM Consultant at Tech Impact, helps nonprofits find sustainable solutions for managing their growing supporter database.

Lean Impact Series: 10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods For Greater Social Impact

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

” After spending five years living and breathing networks and measurement and designing and delivering many, many nonprofit capacity building programs, my focus is going to be on how nonprofits can apply measurement and their networks to learn for impact.

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How social media is supporting small charities

AFP Blog

How social media is supporting small charities : he true value of the impact social media has on fundraising projects was demonstrated to me during a recent visit to The Gambia, where I worked with the Glove Project, an organisation which works to improve local villages through a mixture of aid and enterprise. The project is part-funded via a tour company called Tilly’s Tours, which employs local people to manage, plan and organise trips for visitors to the Gambian villages.

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Last-Minute Gift Guide for Social Impact

Amy Sample Ward

This year, I thought about my options, and decided to try something a bit different: giving gifts that support others. Supporting local businesses. Supporting real crafters. Supporting real impact.

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Grassroots Campaigning: How to Use Online Channels to Build Offline Support

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How to Use Online Channels to Build Offline Support. Make Your Pitch Relevant, Timely and Impactful. Earlier this year, ACS CAN launched a major campaign around increasing federal funding for cancer research. I don’t actually want cancer research funding to be cut.

Guest Post on Care2 Frogloop: Designing Campaigns for Impact

Amy Sample Ward

—– Whether it’s political or personal, global or local, funded or a grassroots effort, organizations and communities are campaigning for change in many ways, all of the time. campaigns issues goals impact metrics strategy

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3 Unique Strategies To Thank Your Supporters On Social Media


Your nonporift’s supporters are potentially the most integral part of your entire nonprofit. Their donations fund your initiatives, thier bodies attend your events, and interact with your social media accounts. Another unique way to give back to supporters is to host a Twitter chat.

STUDY: The Business Impact of Online Communities


How do organizations track the impact of their online communities? To get answers to these critical questions, Leader Networks conducted a survey of nearly 300 marketing and community leaders that resulted in The Business Impact of Online Communities Study.

Community-Driven Social Impact: Presentation, Case Studies, and Workshop

Amy Sample Ward

I had a really wonderful time, and the Community-Driven Social Impact session was terrific! Let’s start at the beginning: what is “community-driven social impact” anyway? It also requires capacity/staff to make connections and support the community.

Leveraging Impact through Technology (LIT)

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This year, for the first time, IDPD is commemorated with supporting sub-themes (see the full list here ), to draw attention to key issues that come into play in the intersection of disability and development processes. Bookshare is dramatically exceeding its five-year collection and member targets at the close of the fourth year of our Bookshare for Education (B4E) project funded by the U.S.

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Big News in Benetech's Human Rights Program: New Funding and Enhanced Tools!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

When widely deployed, these tools have the potential to make lasting impact by empowering people to fight abuse and advance democracy. To further enhance the impact of Mobile Martus, we are partnering with The Guardian Project , leaders in mobile security and verifiable mobile media.

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New and Improved Data Visualization Tool: Maps for Media Funding

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nonprofit data nerds will love this new resource from Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center called “ Foundation Maps for Media Funding ,” a free, interactive mapping and research tool that shows the full scope of philanthropically funded media projects worldwide since 2009.

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Relationships That Raise Funds: 5 Tips for Creating Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers


Whether it’s your first fundraising event, or tenth, helping supporters be great peer-to-peer fundraisers is always on the mind of successful event fundraising organizations. In addition to recognizing great achievements, also recognize opportunities for improvement and support.

Mobilizing Impact at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

“Mobilizing for Impact.” Through this three-year project—made possible with support from the Lavelle Fund for the Blind as well as India’s adoption of a new copyright exception for people with print disabilities —we will pilot Bookshare International at scale in India.

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Crowdsourcing: Measuring the Impact of the Crowd in Funding and Doing

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There are several learning cohort groups, including one on better understanding network impact. Recently, I presented a high level overview of crowdsourcing , including examples from the lens of funding and doing. What domains of impact should be considered (e.g.

STUDY: The Business Impact of Online Communities


How do organizations track the impact of their online communities? To get answers to these critical questions, Leader Networks conducted a survey of nearly 300 marketing and community leaders that resulted in The Business Impact of Online Communities Study. Communities are silo-breakers – the place where marketing, corporate communications, operations, support, and other departments collaborate across organizational boundaries. Strengthen support and engagement.

Nonprofit Crowd Funding Success Formula: Robust Planning, Networks, and Blessings

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

After publishing this post about Save the Children’s Crowd Funding Campaign – where I mentioned the Dalai Lama Foundation’s successful campaign , I noticed this tweet in my stream from Brian Rusch the former deputy director for the DLF : Woohoo!

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How Can Nonprofits Make the Most of Overhead Funds?

ASU Lodestar Center

Many funders, including individual donors, are averse to funding these indirect costs, preferring to support direct program expenses: food for hungry people, medical care for the sick, and childcare for working parents. Grantor agencies also eschew funding these necessary expenses.

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SocialCoding4Good: Mobilizing Technology and Volunteerism for Transformative Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

While working alongside corporate social responsibility and innovation teams was part of our initial long-term vision, the immediate interest and active participation from the likes of Cisco, Google, HP, ThoughtWorks, and VMware has been tremendous, with very real impact. SocialCoding4Good is an important partner supporting VMware's commitment to giving back and active learning through service,” says Nicola Acutt, Director of VMware Foundation.

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Social Impact Investments

ASU Lodestar Center

What criteria should nonprofits consider before accepting a social impact investment? As a result, an emerging method of investment, called social impact investment, has investors monitor the outcomes produced by their donations while simultaneously producing profit from their investment.

Interview: Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink on the Google AI Impact Challenge

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Impact Challenge ” is based on Google’s belief that artificial intelligence can provide new solutions to old problems and improve people’s lives. I recently interviewed Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink, Head of Product Impact, who designed the challenged to learn more.

The Impact Your Accounting System Has On Grant Tracking

Connection Cafe

I work with many grant funded nonprofits and often come across concerns and pitfalls in many of them that could have been avoided with the proper tools and policies in place. Guest Post by Laura Ngan Tian, Senior Consultant for Blackbaud’s Financial Management suite. .

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So Now What? Finding Funding for Your Nonprofit

Tech Soup Blog

Based on years of biannual report analysis, I find that annual budget, mission focus, and service area, in that order, have the most impact on an organization's grantseeking experience. Next, you need to look at the funder types that are most likely to support your organization.

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The Conversation around Funding Technology


And often, that conversation turns to funding. Idealware recently released A Funders Guide to Supporting Nonprofit Technology: 10 Ways to Build Your Grantees'' Technical Savvy , a resource developed with our foundation partners to help foundations understand how to maximize their investments and help ensure the success of their grantees. We’ll help you think about planning to support nonprofit technology in way that meets both your funding ability and level of readiness.

Designing Campaigns for Impact


Whether it's political or personal, global or local, funded or a grassroots effort, organizations and communities are campaigning for change in many ways, all of the time.

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