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Confessions of a Nonprofit Database Administrator

Connection Cafe

Database Administrator, Manager of Development Operations, Manager of Development Systems, Information Systems Manager — every career move I thought, “With this new title, at this new organization, I will definitely have a voice.

6 Data Security Practices For Nonprofits in The Digital Age

Wild Apricot

In this post, we cover the kinds of nonprofit data security breaches that are most likely to happen, and which data security practices your nonprofit can use to prevent them

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Top 12 Features Membership Organizations & Associations Should Look for in a CRM

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Written by Findjoo , this is the first post in a series of three about best practices in digital marketing and fundraising for membership organizations and associations. Running an organization can be a big challenge.

Association Websites: 3 Ways to Engage Your Base

NonProfit Hub

Your association’s team works hard to attract, engage, and retain its members. With a number of other responsibilities, it can be easy to overlook a simple, yet powerful tool for connecting with members: your website.

Tips for a Successful Moves Management System

Connection Cafe

Do you know if a fundraising shortfall or windfall is coming?

System 205

The Donation List Template Your Organization Needs to Stay on Track

Wild Apricot

Download this donation list template so that your organization never loses track of which donations you’ve gotten, as well as who sent them and whether or not they’ve received a thank-you letter

How to choose the right Web Host for your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

How to choose the right Web Host for your Nonprofit. Choosing the right Web Host can be difficult for small and large companies, but even more so for Nonprofits. Who will be in charge? Are there discounts for nonprofits? Check out our list below and choose the right solution for you.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 162: Why You Need a Planned Giving Strategy

Connection Cafe

Too many nonprofits overlook the opportunities for planned giving. While planned giving may not be the most typical type of gift, it can be a powerful driver of growth for nonprofit organizations and can be a way of deepening donor relationships.

Why Your Masjid Needs Mosque Management Software

Wild Apricot

Want to save time managing the administrative side of your masjid? Here's how mosque management software can give you more chances to engage with your community

7 SEO Tips and Best Practices for Nonprofit Organisations

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

7 SEO Tips and Best Practices for Nonprofit Organisations. Do you want to learn how to Start a Paperless Eco Finance Office as a Startup Company? Check out these tips by Lauren and empower your employees to be eco-friendly.

LMS to LXP – How Personalized Learning Experience leads to better Employee Engagement


A feature rich LMS like GyrusAim can make the learning exercise more engaging and enhance employee engagement with learning programs

How Financial Aid Professionals Can Get the Most Out of bbcon 2020

Connection Cafe

bbcon 2020 Virtual is right around the corner! Whether this is your first virtual conference, or one of many you’ve virtually attended this year, below is guidance to help higher education financial aid and scholarship professionals make this their best bbcon yet! Tips for Success at bbcon 2020.

Finding The Truth In The Middle

Eric Jacobsen Blog

If you're a parent of two children you already know that when the two are fighting and child #1 tells you what happened, you then ask child #2 what happened, and most often the truth is somewhere in the middle of what the two children have told you.

10 Ways To Project A Professional Image

Eric Jacobsen Blog

From Jay Miletsky 's book, 101 Ways to Successfully Market Yourself , here 10 tips for projecting an effective professional image : Discipline yourself to be positive and enthusiastic. In tense situations choose positive responses by maintaining perspective and getting along well with others.

Valuable Decision-Making Lessons

Eric Jacobsen Blog

As seen on Public Television, the book, Decisions , by Robert L. Dilenschneider , features vignettes on 23 individuals who made decisions that shaped the world. Each chapter offers practical thinking on how these women and men made decisions.

How To Continually Improve

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Now is a good time to set some remaining goals for the rest of 2020. As you create those, add reading The School of Greatness to your "to do" list. It's a highly uplifting and motivational book on how to strive for greatness in your everyday life.

Best Reasons For Doing Employee Exit Interviews

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Don't be the guy in the picture when an employee leaves your company. Instead, conduct exit interviews and surveys. Leigh Branham explains in his book, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave , what the most favorable conditions are for conducting the interviews and surveys.

Be The Leader You Want To Be

Eric Jacobsen Blog

“By focusing in specific ways on five key leadership elements— Purpose, Process, People, Presence, and Peace —you can increase your time, capacity, energy, and ultimately your leadership impact,” explains Amy Jen Su , author of the book The Leader You Want To Be: Five Essential Principles for Bringing Out Your Best Self—Every Day.

My Best Boss Did This

Eric Jacobsen Blog

In their book, Rapid Realignment , authors George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky , reveal the most common responses from thousands of managers and workers when they were asked to think of the best boss they ever had, and then answer the question: " What did that person do to qualify as your best boss