6 Technology Tips for Community Foundations to Engage Millennial Donors

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Advancements in technology are accelerating the rate at which our world is changing, transforming the way people connect , learn, and engage with each other. Engage donors in their own environment and heighten their connectivity with technology that is optimized for mobile devices and tablets.

Technology & Community: Strategic Options for Building Movements

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Technology and Community: Strategic Options for Movement Building. How many people hear that word and think it is just as generic as the word community? To that end, siloed brands are replaced by unifying goals that rally more than select individuals but entire communities.

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Wearable Technology for Your Nonprofit? | Community Techknowledge

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Wearable Technology for Your Nonprofit? Community Techknowledge : It’s 2014 and wearable technology now has the capacity to make smart phones seem “so yesterday”, but probably NOT for the typical nonprofit exec. Frankly, nonprofits are generally absent in most early-adopters of breakthrough technology groups, but once they feel comfortable enough, nonprofits do find highly effective ways to apply technology to th

2-1-1 Connecting Communities


2-1-1, the phone number used by millions to access information about community services, is celebrated nation-wide today, February 11th. Community Information Management: 2-1-1s are transforming from list-keepers to community and state-wide hubs of professionally managed information.

DIY Community Engagement Metrics

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I had a lot of fun yesterday giving a webinar for the Nonprofit Webinar series ; it was a whole hour discussing community engagement! DIY Community Engagement Metrics. Community Mapping. >> Step 1: Identify all the groups within your community.

Nonprofit Technology Rockstars: Jason Shim - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup

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Nonprofit Technology Rockstars: Jason Shim - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup : Restless Knowledge Sharing One thing I’ve noticed about the NTEN award winners is their restless knowledge sharing in an array of subjects all over the place – not just in their own organizations.

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IBM Grants Nonprofits Technology Consulting to Help Better Serve the Community - Xtra xtra

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IBM Grants Nonprofits Technology Consulting to Help Better Serve the Community - Xtra xtra

Use Case: The Community-Driven Social Impact game for Community Media Centers

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Last month, at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference , I had the opportunity to run the Community-Driven Social Impact game in a session workshop. One of the participants was Ericha Hager, the Regional Collaborative Coordinator for Community Media Access Partnership.

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Open Community and Nonprofit Techies


They’re doing a virtual book tour exploring concepts from Open Community : a little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. In this post, Maddie and Lindy answer a few questions for the NetWits Think Tank community (Oh, and please ask more in the comments.

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Online Community Organizing: Start small, think big!

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NetSquared’s February series exploring “Online Community Organizing” includes three different interviews; I’m really excited to participate! Q: What does “online” add to the community organizing? Q: What makes a community?

What Gets Your Online Community Buzzing?


For nonprofits, the best thing about the Internet, and social media in particular, is the ability to be involved in a community or conversation at all times. Got a few tips and tricks you think your community could benefit from? Now get out there and get that community buzzing!

2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference – Community-Driven Social Impact

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Topic : Community-Driven Social Impact. Description : This session will focus on strategies and tactics to amplify the impact of mission-based programs through community-driven efforts. We’ll address emerging best practices and discuss the associated opportunities and challenges of community-driven strategies. presentation Presentations from 2011 11ntc community driven social impact ntc nten social by socialDate : March 18, 2011. Location : Washington DC.

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Getting Meta: Inviting the Community to Drive the Community Builder Chats

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For about a year, I moderated a monthly online chat focused on community building, community management, on and offline engagement, and the technologies that support those connections. community Monthly Chats chats commbuild

Infographic Friday: 2015 Nonprofit & Association Technology Trends


Cloud computing continues to intrigue the nonprofit community. The post Infographic Friday: 2015 Nonprofit & Association Technology Trends appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. General cloud cloud computing cloud technology data database fundraising nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech

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Context Is Everything: Online Communities

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Mitch Arnowitz and I recently participated in an online discussion at Venture Philanthropy Partners/Leap of Reason about creating a community of practice for continuous improvement and high performance in the nonprofit sector. Communities, trust and The Tipping Point.

Having Greater Impact Through Community and Collaboration

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Nonprofit Technology foundations grantmakers impact measurement OutcomesWouldn’t it be nice if we could all speak the same giving, measurement and outcomes language? And wouldn’t it be even better if we could work together to grow that common language?

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Designing Programs to Build Community: Case Study with Charity Technology Trust

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This afternoon I had the pleasure and honor of spending a few hours with members of the Charity Technology Trust/Charity Technology Exchange team, part of the TechSoup Global network , exploring their options for creating programs or services to build and foster community throughout their network. Who is the community? Here’s a brief recap: Who is the community? The sweet spot is the place where what your community wants and what you want overlap.

4 Important Considerations Before Investing in Today’s Technology for Tomorrow

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What technology is best? As an account executive for foundation management technology solutions at MicroEdge + Blackbaud , I get asked these questions a lot. And because of this, customizable solutions are updated less frequently, making it difficult to keep up with the latest in technological advancements. This type of solution is much easier to use and support, implement, and requires little IT support, allowing for organization’s to keep technology cutting-edge.

Community Technology Alliance: Helping Address Homelessness with Mobile Technology

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At TechSoup, we believe in digital inclusion and using technology for social good. When we hear about nonprofits like Community Technology Alliance (CTA), we get really excited. " Misconceptions About Homelessness and Technology. Images: Community Technology Allianc

3 Ways Community Foundations Can Become the Donor’s Choice

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So, how does your community foundation become the donor’s choice? Second, they may not know what organizations and nonprofits exist in the local community or the impactful effects they’re having. Donors need to know that you genuinely care about your community and its needs.

Technology and the Environment

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

OK, well, not so unrepentant or unabashed since I’m writing this post on the varied factors around technology and the environment, and have been thinking about this issue for myself for a long time. Production and Disposal of Technology Equipment. It all makes sense, but what results is nonprofit technology’s contribution to e-waste. And all because this technology, all of it, is “ designed for the dump. &# ( Follow that link, please.).

Six Best Practices from the NGO Technology Report

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The 2018 Global NGO Technology Report provides insight on the online and mobile communication tools NGOs around the world use to promote general awareness, communicate with core audiences and raise funds from donors, as well as an analysis of those online tools and comparisons of regional usage.

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June 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

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The June Community Builder chat focused a lot on listening, engaging, and supporting communities with organic and emerging conversations and goals. I find that its critical to step back and help the community let itself emerge. I think that every community needs goals.

Nonprofit Technology Meetings In Your Community

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Every month NetSquared volunteers hold free or low cost educational events for people and organizations who want to use technology for social good. How about learn ways to use technology to make better events? Washington, DC: Top Five Tips - Leveraging Technology for Social Good.

Some Little Known Faith-Based Technology Resources - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup

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Some Little Known Faith-Based Technology Resources - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup : We’ve been talking to folks from some of the 350,000 congregations around the country and have been hearing that they’d like more coverage of IT resources for religious oriented charities on TechSoup.

6 Nonprofit Technology Takeaways and One Killer Find from #12NTC


It’s been a few days since I returned from the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#12NTC) hosted by NTEN in San Francisco, CA. Highlights from the Nonprofit Technology Conference by JD Lesica. Nonprofit Technology Conference Withdrawal by Beth Kanter.

3 Ways to Enhance Donor Stewardship with Technology

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Those at the leading-edge of transforming donor stewardship leverage technology to help them show donors their direct impact and generate enthusiasm that allows them to build stronger connections.

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How to Prepare Your Pitch for New Technology Investments

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How we get and share information, and our fundamental behaviors as human beings, are all being disrupted by the influence that technology and the internet are having on our lives and the world around us. And while the need to change is there, it can often be challenging to illustrate and justify the investment in technology that can make that change and growth possible. Below are the four key areas to focus on while preparing your pitch for technology investment: Know the trends.

Technology Challenges Nonprofits Face


“Nonprofits tend to invest more in their missions and programs, and not necessarily in technology resources,” Anthony Pisapia, Director of Development and Programs for Tech Impact, explained. Image courtesy of Rensec IT Consulting.

Engaging in the Moment: Leveraging Technology for Good

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However, I am proposing that we find a better balance, and a way to use our technology to enhance our experiences rather than detract from the moment! So where do our myriad of devices and technologies come into play? Nonprofit Technology #GoodTakeOver #nptech Mobile Social Media

A Worthy Read: National Education Technology Plan

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I just finished reading the National Education Technology Plan , and I can recommend it to anyone interested in the future of technology in American education. I found the explanations good, and the first part of the plan is well worth reading to understand some of the trends in educational applications of technology. So, there's a lot to like in there for me and our campaign for greater accessibility built into future educational technology and content!

What Is Nonprofit Technology?


A refresher course on what nonprofit technology is and isn't. I''ve also become active in what we call the "nptech" community—"nptech" being shorthand for "nonprofit technology.” So what is nonprofit technology? Peter Campbell. Legal Services Corporation.

2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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Topic : Designing Online Engagement to Collaborate with Your Community. In this session, we will discuss how co-creation unleashes online evangelists and strengthens cause centric communities, and help you to do that as well. Towards the end of this workshop, we’ll work together to design a co-creation strategy to engage and motivate your online community and evangelists. presentation Presentations from 2012 12ntc collaboration design nptech nten online communities

Technology for All: From Gandhi to TED - Part 1

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Technology has the potential to improve the lives of millions across the world. Gandhi, Technology and Economic Justice I often travel to Washington, D.C. Senator, helped launch the Peace Corps and led the Corporation for National and Community Service.

March 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

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We just wrapped up another rousing Community Builder chat – I’m always so energized and inspired by these chats and thankful for all those that participate and share. Some of the topics from the chat include: Engaging specific ethnic groups/communities.

EveryAction Acquires ActionKit

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Insight is a leading venture capital and private equity firm focused on high-growth technology and software companies, with a 20+ year track record in partnering to scale businesses. Innovative Talent and Digital Product Add to EveryAction’s Rapid Growth. Washington, D.C.,

Community Engagement and Social Media for Public Media

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I recently had the opportunity to present a webinar for the National Center for Media Engagement , focused on community-driven engagement, and present a session at the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference , talking about building a social media strategy. Defining Community.

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Technology Toolbox: Learn from Occupy Wall Street to Occupy YOUR Street

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The “leaderless” organizing of the Occupy Wall Street movement has helped avoid strategic arrests or censorship but has also prompted a powerful use of social technologies. community events community building community management occupywallstreet organizing toolkit

The Nonprofit Technology Community Remembers Dan Scharfman


All of us here at NTEN and in the greater nonprofit technology community were deeply saddened to hear of the sudden and tragic loss of Dan Scharfman, a long-time prominent member of the nonprofit technology community.

September 2010 Community Builder Chat: How to Participate

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The monthly Community Builder chat series is part of the #4Change community of regularly scheduled chats, bringing together people from around the world to talk about examples, practices, tips and more as we all explore the way technology can be used for social change. This is the second in what will be a monthly series of chats specifically focused on Community Building. This time we will be addressing: Migrating a community from one platform to another.

Technology Trends in Associations


Lots of good stuff in here about marketing automation, online communities, user experience and more to sink your teeth into. Key findings from the 2014 Association Technology Study from Lehman Reports and what they mean for associations.

October Community Builder Chat – Connecting On and Offline Communities #commbuild

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Today’s Community Builder chat focused on examples and best practices for connecting on and offline community activities, events, and organizing. The Community Organizers Handbook available as a public resource, you can certainly refer there for information/feedback/best practices on offline organizing: [link]. I personally love how it presents the opportunity to be involved in a community, sometimes in a real-time format, from a distance.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Nonprofit Technology, and more! The premise is that governing well is essential for strong nonprofits working efficiently and effectively to address critical needs in our communities. Northern California Grantmakers and Silicon Valley Community Foundation / Redwood City, CA / $350.