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Fundraising Stats. 92% of donors say it is important that NGOs, nonprofits, and charities make a concerted effort to protect their contact and financial information from data breaches ( Global Trends in Giving Report ). Email messaging drives 13% of all online revenue ( M+R Benchmarks Report ). For every 1,000 fundraising messages delivered via email, nonprofits raise $45 USD ( M+R Benchmarks Report ). Social Media Stats. M+R Benchmarks Report ).

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2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Reveals Surprising Stats


I’ll try to keep it short and just sweet enough to fill you in on everything you need to know about the new 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services and NTEN. But our study revealed some interesting – dare I say surprising – results: Tags: Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Advocacy Online Fundraising Online Marketing Thanks to Allyson for inviting me to guest post.

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2010 Nonprofit Fundraising Data and Benchmarks

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Then, use the benchmarking report to identify some areas where you may be able to improve. One of the greatest benefits of a web site is that you can change it at a moment’s notice, so try making some changes on your site to improve your stats. Author: Lacey Kruger. You may have heard that back in April, Convio released our 2010 report on nonprofit fundraising.

5 Must-Know Recurring Giving Stats for Nonprofit Fundraisers

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While there’s a ton of insightful data I could share, there are 5 must-know recurring giving stats I want you to know. If you want to dig into all of the results, you can check out the full study (including 32 unique and data-driven test ideas) at: recurringgiving.com. But don’t just take my word for it…let’s look at the data. This is a really scary stat to me. You can get the full study (including 32 unique and data-driven test ideas) at: recuringgiving.com.

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Using Event Metrics to Create an Action Plan

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But what do we actually do with our data once we pull that report? How can we use our data during our fundraising event or campaign to identify opportunities that help us achieve our goals? Benchmarks & Stats Event Fundraising Peer-to-Peer Fundraising anlyzing event data engagement strategies event data and action plans Non-profit benchmarking report p2p metrics Peer to Peer Fundraising Event metrics can be great guides as we plan.

Put a Fitbit on Your Event Fundraiser

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A great place to start if you are reviewing your data at the conclusion of your event 2013 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study Blackbaud released this month which (like my little fitness device) will provide you with data to allow you to compare yourself with some of your event fundraising peers. The benchmark study found in terms of participant population and revenue that while team captains bring in 27% of the revenue, the members of their team raise a little more than 57 percent.

Roundup of 2009 Online Giving Stats

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Convio released their 2010 Online Nonprofit Benchmark Study in March, based on results from nearly 500 clients. The Chronicle of Philanthropy's annual assessment of online giving came out in April, based on data from 176 of the largest nonprofits in the U.S. Its findings included: The 151 nonprofits that provided data for both 2008 and 2009 reported that overall donations fell by a median of 9% while online gifts grew by 5%.

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How to Get Started Using Event Metrics for Fundraising Success

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Benchmarks let us know how we perform compared to our event fundraising peers. Metrics and benchmarks can be our guides to whether your efforts at creating a great experience for participants are paying off. The data show that the number of emails sent and social media posts by a participant correlates positively to the number of donations they raise. Percent of participants who are on teams and similar stats, team size, team retention rate, etc.

What do web stats mean, anyway?

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Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology What do web stats mean, anyway? Allan’s argument is that because NTEN is in a leadership position in the field, it should lead in showing transparency by publishing its web stats. And, he thinks that NTEN should be responsive to him, as a member, in asking to publish web stats. You can’t control web site stats.

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Peer to Peer Fundraising: How Do You Measure Up?

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Blackbaud’s 2013 Peer to Peer Fundraising Benchmark report provides information that you can use to not only measure your success but to learn about trends and best practices in event fundraising. Comparing your data to events similar to yours enables you to determine what current strategies are working and define goals to improve upon the ones that are not.

Networked Learning Loops Through Benchmarking

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I remember thinking to myself at the time, well if one networked nonprofit can do this, couldn’t a network of networked nonprofits use real-time collaborative benchmarking data sharing for learning? My colleague, Devon Smith, a self-described data nerd who loves benchmarking pointed out this glorious example from the museum world from Sean Redmond , a Web developer at the Guggenheim. What would be the valid benchmarking list for philanthropy?

Nonprofit Benchmark Study Shows Nonprofits Are Raising More Money


Last month we reported that online fundraising response rates declined 27% between 2011-2012, according to the eNonprofit Benchmark study. The latest Blackbaud Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits that analyzed data from 500 organizations using the Luminate platform also indicated a steep decline in fundraising response rates. Another set of important stats were around website traffic, registrations, and conversion rates. Nonprofit Benchmark Studies

27 Stats About How NGOs Worldwide Use Online Technology and Social Media

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Based on data gleaned from the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report , below are 27 stats about how NGOs worldwide are using online technology. Within the report you can view the same data broken out by continent. The primary goal of the report is to set a baseline of benchmarks for success for NGOs worldwide in their use of web and email communications, online and mobile fundraising tools, and social and mobile media.

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Septober is almost over! It’s time to get ready for Boot Camp!

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On November 5th Boot Camp begins with a session all about data. Benchmarks & Stats Event Fundraising Friends Asking Amy Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Traditional Events Years ago when my best friend and I worked at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society we coined the term Septober. For us, there wasn’t a weekend in September & October that we weren’t working – except for the Jewish Holidays; which provided a much needed break.

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Web Stats That Matter


We're all about to become data analysts, turning those statistics into intelligence. Michael Cervino will talk about using your web stats to make better decisions at next week's Online Nonprofit Technology Conference. Tags: benchmarks dashboards NPTech NTEN ontc statistics tracking

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It’s time for a peer-to-peer fundraising revolution. Who’s with me?

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I’m not comparing myself to the great philosophers of the 17 th & 18 th centuries, but I do think it’s time to reform our industry, challenge our fundraising best practices which are- ideas grounded in tradition and advance knowledge with data. As always, I’m obsessed with data. But, I believe it’s time to rethink how we’re looking at data. I’m only focusing on online data as it’s the most accurate view of fundraising activity.

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Are You Ready for Your Annual P2P Data Fix?

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If your campaign is beating the benchmarks, it gives you the tools you need to show off to your boss! There are pages upon pages (43 to be exact) of data and insights to help you set goals and shape your fundraising strategy. In fundraiser stats, cycling events outperform all other event types. Are you ready for your annual P2P data fix? Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising data p2p Peer to Peer Fundraising trendsRejoice!

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The team, a little faith and fundraising success!

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I know I promised you more data, but first I hope you’ll indulge me in sharing a story with you. I’ll be back next week with more data to help you embark on your fundraising revolution. Benchmarks & Stats Event Fundraising Friends Asking Amy Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Traditional Events Last week I introduced you to my fundraising revolution. Are you fired up and ready to join?

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eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Reveals Latest Metrics for Advocacy, Fundraising and Social Media


Check out the 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services and NTEN which surveyed 40 nonprofit organizations and analyzed all of this data and more. Key Benchmarks: How Did Your Nonprofit Measure Up ? Nonprofits need to pay special attention to this stat. E-newsletters Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Advocacy Online Fundraising Social Networking Trends Web 2.0

Lesson 1: Removing Yourself from the Fundraising Equation

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That’s why I turn to data. Wow, data… you constantly amaze me. Benchmarks & Stats Event Fundraising Friends Asking Amy Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Traditional Events enlightenment Friends Asking Friends fundraising events Peer to peer consumer survey Peer to Peer Fundraising Hopefully you’re caught up on my path to fundraising enlightenment and the Four Noble Truth’s of Fundraising. It’s time to put the ideas into practice. Perception is reality, right?

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Get the 2010 eNonprofit Benchmark Study (It's Free! Also, Important)


The new 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from NTEN and M+R was just released today! The new report might look slim and slick, but this scrappy guide is thick with valuable insights and key industry benchmarks for online messaging, fundraising and advocacy, based on a full year's worth of results from 31 of your nonprofit peers. > So, if we were you, we'd download the full report and then give it a read, asking yourself these important questions: Are we tracking these stats?

11 Must-Know Stats About How NGOs Worldwide Use Internet Technology

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Based upon the survey results of 2,780 NGOs from Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America, the data gleaned from the online survey is unprecedented and provides valuable insight into the global NGO sector and its use of online technology. One of the primary goal of this research was to provide a set of online technology benchmarks for NGOs worldwide.

New Facebook Benchmarks: An Extra eNonprofit Benchmarks Report from NTEN and M+R


Last summer, we pulled together data from some of the country’s leading nonprofits to bring you the 2011 Benchmarks Extra: Facebook report, laying out basic benchmarks for nonprofit pages on Facebook. Judging by attendance at our webinar and the responses we got last year, it seemed like folks appreciated the data! To download the 2012 Benchmarks Extra: Facebook, simply “like” M+R's page on Facebook. Have questions about the Benchmarks Extra: Facebook report?

New Report: 2011 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report


The 2011 NTC saw the release of the latest " Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report ". > Download the 2011 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report More than 11,000 nonprofit professionals filled out this year's survey, sponsored by NTEN, Common Knowledge, and Blackbaud, generating a veritable cornucopia of data. But really, don't take it from us, go read it yourself: > Download the 2011 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report.

What Can Our Past Tell Us About Our Future?

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As the daughter of archaeologists, I find a great deal of similarity in delving into the secrets that can be revealed by studying the details of our events as reflected in our performance data. Statistical data help us understand how our programs are performing and highlight opportunities for improvement. In my chapter of the new Blackbaud ebook, Drab to Fab: Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover , I explore the important “clues” to look for in your “archaeological” data.

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Roundup of 2009 Online Giving Stats

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Convio released their 2010 Online Nonprofit Benchmark Study in March, based on results from nearly 500 clients. The Chronicle of Philanthropy's annual assessment of online giving came out in April, based on data from 176 of the largest nonprofits in the U.S. Its findings included: The 151 nonprofits that provided data for both 2008 and 2009 reported that overall donations fell by a median of 9% while online gifts grew by 5%.

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How does your Fundraising Event Measure Up? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In March, Blackbaud released the latest version of the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmark Report that gives event organizers the data needed to compare their events against other comparable events in the industry. Benchmarks & Stats Event Fundraising Even wonder how your fundraising event is doing compared to other events in the industry?

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2a: Analytics Data as User Research

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This post is about how we incorporate Google Analytics data into our Design Process. To establish benchmarks for measuring success of our design efforts. Once we get access to a client’s Google Analytics data, we first establish a timeframe for reporting. Ideally, we’d evaluate the previous year of data to observe patterns in different giving cycles. see the Traffic Sources pie chart on the right for an example of this data).

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Infographic: 2012 Nonprofit Benchmarks


The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmark study comes out April 5 th and is packed with great data that highlights key online fundraising and advocacy response rates as well as social media metrics. Can’t wait to get your hands on the data? Not to worry, you can get a sneak peak at some of they key benchmarks in this terrific infographic that illustrates: Fundraising. Some maybe surprised by this stat given how prevalent mobile is today.

Pinterest Nonprofit Benchmarking with Pinerly

Beth Kanter

Last week, I wrote a post that summarized some tips, resources, and tools for using Pinterest. I took a look at a couple of the measurement tools available for Pinterest and got on the waiting list for Pinerly after reading this analysis from the Poynter Blog based on stats provided by Pinerly. I was curious about what I could learn if I did an informal benchmark study of a few nonprofit Pinterest users.

How are you using metrics, benchmarks, and experiments to improve your Facebook presence?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

To refine a content strategy, I used the Fan Page insights metrics tool, particularly the stats on interactions and Fan Page growth. The M&R social media benchmarks study is a good start, although the benchmarks are based on a small sample size. Sysomos did a benchmarking study of all Fan Pages on Facebook that looked Fan Page "popularity" (number of fans) against content posting frequency. Is this a meaningless set of data or useful?

Convio Releases Nonprofit Online Marketing Benchmarks Study - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


57) Mobile (15) Nonprofit Benchmark Studies (15) Nonprofit Events (36) nptech (8) Online Advertising (5) Online Advocacy (47) Online Fundraising (97) Online Marketing (59) Online Organizing (32) SEO (3) Social Networking (109) Technology (31) Trends (51) Video (27) Volunteering (2) Web 2.0 (60) Organizations also added 28% more new constituents to their online list, although this stat is 10% lower then in 2007. I hope the data is useful to everyone.

Is Your Data Social? (And Don't You Think It Should Be?)


At the Nonprofit Technology Conference last month, I got the chance to sit in on the session about the 2011 Social Networking Benchmark Report. As we talked through all the stats – how many nonprofits are on Facebook, what they're doing there, and so on – a great questions came from the crowd. Record a member’s social media data in the database.This can be requested on the membership form, entered manually over time, or added using a social discovery service.

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Peer to Peer Fundraising is Changing—Are You Keeping Up?

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In the study, we identify areas for potential growth and share key performance indicators to help you benchmark and refine your existing events. In addition to stats and facts, our authors dug into the data and found new fundraising insights around: Gender roles. Canadian vs. American fundraising stats and more! Last week Blackbaud released the results of our 2016 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising study.

10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications


Google Analytics: Google Analytics , a free and powerful website stats software, lets you dig into your website data so you can find out all sorts of useful info such as who your audience is and what keywords they are searching for to find your website. Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Marketing Social Networking Trends Web 2.0

Newly Released! The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report

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Now in its third edition, the 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report provides 100+ donor benchmarks for NPOs, NGOs, and charities worldwide. The data reveal how donors prefer to give and engage with their favorite causes and charitable organizations. 10 Key Stats from the.

Tools for gathering data for blog and web page metrics

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

" generated a short list of blog and weblog stat programs and some other measures: StatCounter. I just noticed on the NTEN site a great post about a pointer to survey that is collecting information about web site benchmarks (slightly broader than metrics). benchmarks are about web site use, staffing dedicated to web sites, the tools used, budgets, growth projections, and how these areas are affected by the type/size of the nonprofit

Getting Advancement into Gear: A Conversation on Higher Education Charitable Giving Trends

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Here are some key stats that recap the impact to the higher ed sector: Online giving grew 13.2% The quality of data about alumni and other friends and stakeholders continues to be key. James Wiley: We are seeing a lot of institutions use reports like these to benchmark for their institution. Highlights of 2017 Charitable Giving Performance in Higher Education.

Raise More By Avoiding “One Size Fits All” Email Appeals


What if I don’t have the data? Analyze the stats of previous emails. MailerMailer’s 2010 Email Marketing Metrics Report, MarketingSherpa “Email Marketing Benchmark Guide” 2008. Ever buy something that’s “one size fits all?” Maybe a hat or pair of gloves? It usually doesn’t work out so well. The same is true with your holiday email appeals.

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Let’s Get Personal: How to Ask P2P Participants to Make a Donation

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There is LOTS more P2P Benchmark data where this came from! Download the new 2014 Peer-to-Peer Benchmark Study. Read more about participant loyalty stats. For many participants, simply showing up for an event is enough to prove their dedication to a cause. But over the past few years, there’s been a surge in those who go the extra mile and make their own donation.

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Read More » More Nonprofit Benchmarks Kyle Keller in Influence 4 May 2010 A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on how organizations can use Convio’s Online Nonprofit Benchmarks Study to determine how well they are doing online compared to others.

GW Engagement Survey Section Three: Email


Benchmarking Survey tool to help the organizations we work with. Groundwire Engagement Benchmarking Survey Section Three: Email. You’ve got mounds of data to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you want your constituents to respond to an action request (with their donation or their time), the data shows that including multiple action items in an email reduces the overall response rate to the email. Start compiling an ongoing email stats report.

Relationships That Raise Funds: 5 Tips for Creating Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers


This type of data will allow you to determine further or future prioritization and/or resources. Such resources should include sample solicitation letters for mail and email, quick stats and impact statements for social media, sample scripts for phone calls, and thank you letters for follow-up communications. Utilize naming opportunities to recognize above described benchmarks.