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The Value of Knowing Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Byte Technology

When you are in the process of growing your online business, there are essential metrics you will need to track to ensure that your business is expanding. Our article talks about website conversion – its definition, examples, how to calculate them, and what a reasonable conversion rate looks like. Website Conversions. Your costs.

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Elevate your Donor Stewardship and Retention Rates

NonProfit PRO

In this webinar, the GiveSmart team will touch on GiveSmart Donor CRM’s comprehensive features, including automations, donor tracking, donor scoring, search capabilities, reporting, custom fields, rock-solid security, and more!

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Tracking Social Media Engagements and Conversions for Your Nonprofit


This is especially true on social media because there are so many data points you can track. Across platforms, you should be tracking social media engagement rates and conversion rates. Engagement Rate. Why and How to Measure the Engagement Rate. Benchmarking Your Engagement Rate.

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How to Increase Conversion Rates Using Pardot

Cloud 4 Good

Increasing website conversion rates is a perpetual priority for both higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations. Second, we must then explore Tracking Cookies: files containing anonymous data that identifies website visitors through their activity on your website. in the higher education space and only 1.0%

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How a Targeted Second Ask Surpassed Its Goal With a Nearly 50% Response Rate

NonProfit PRO

As this particular track of land would essentially complete the preservation of the Perryville site – the last piece of the puzzle – they had to figure out a way. The American Battlefield Trust was $27,000 short of projected revenue for its effort to save 128 acres of Civil War Battlefield in Perryville, Kentucky, in the fall of 2019.

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What Apple’s privacy changes mean for email open rates


A quick reminder: email opens are tracked by tiny image pixels embedded in the content. That means we’d actually see open rates go up for those who choose this option (probably most people), because pixels would be loaded for every email—but we won’t know if those people are actually opening emails or not.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Tracking In-Kind Donations for Nonprofits

Neon CRM

However, with the right tools and strategies for tracking in-kind donations for nonprofits, your organization can benefit from them while avoiding potential pitfalls. Hourly rate: The hourly rate approach can make it much easier to assess the value of those intangible in-kind donations like professional services or consulting.