The #1 Reason You Need a Recurring Giving Program and 3 Expert Examples


If not, here are ten more benefits of a recurring giving program along with a few great examples. Donors appreciate your need to have a reliable source of income that helps your organization make long-term commitments to projects, producing sustainable change over time.

Two Examples of Nonprofit Social Media That Will Make You Smile (and learn a best practice or two)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today I’m seeking out examples of how nonprofits use cute dogs, cats, or babies in their social media to feel good, but also extract a social media best practice or two so it doesn’t feel like a “waste of time.”

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Nonprofits and Instagram: The Ultimate Curated Collection of Best Practices, Examples, and Tips

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nonprofit Examples and Getting Started or Rebooting A Strategic Approach. If your nonprofit wants to get started or set up a presence it is “meh,” the first step is to check out what other nonprofits in your space are doing on Instagram and other inspiring examples. Nonprofits That Get Instagram (2014) by Kerri Karvesti – an excellent Pinterest board of great examples.

8 Tools to Help Manage Your Nonprofit Website

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And we’re always on the lookout for new tools to help us keep websites in tip-top shape—whether it’s for a scheduled tune-up or major maintenance. Here’s a roundup of a few of the best resources to help manage your nonprofit website: Down for Everyone, or Just Me? .

6 Examples of Nonprofits Working with For-Profits for a Greater Good

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She is a writer and blogger with a passion for self-improvement and helping others. It turns out, many of these companies are eager to help. Here are some different ways that nonprofits are receiving help through valuable relationships with for-profit companies.

5 Examples of Non-Profits Using Cats…and a Dog in Content Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

So, I asked by Madeleine Hammond, who wrote a guest post about 7 Nonprofit Videos on Vine and Instagram , to take a look at a few stellar nonprofit examples. 5 Examples of Non-Profits Using Cats… And a Dog guest post by Madeleine Hammond.

9 Ways Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

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For example, create a group of supporters with Klout over 40 or people with more than 500 followers. So, consider the ways social media can help you get the attention of elected officials.

Ways We Can All Help Advance Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment

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for example, is highlighted by Andrei Cimpian and Sarah-Jane Leslie in “ Why Young Girls Don’t Think They Are Smart Enough.” What actions can we, as individuals, take to help advance the empowerment of women & girls? . We can offer our help.

5 Examples of Great Mobile Calls to Action

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Learn how you can follow their example and start building your mobile list! The prominent mobile call to action paired with a strong image and a clear statement definitely caught people’s attention and helped the campaign go viral.

Facebook Live For Nonprofits: How Live Streaming Helped One Org Raise Almost $100K

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How Facebook live helped keep their audience engaged (and raise $100K). 9 tips to help your nonprofit be successful with Facebook Live video streaming.

Four Tips to Help Nonprofit Marketing Departments Create a Culture of Philanthropy

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Below are a few techniques and processes that your team can use to help your organization practice cross departmental collaboration and learn how to begin to work towards building a culture of philanthropy throughout your organization. The ideas above will help you get started on your way.

[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: WITNESS

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The blog has been the key standardized staple that helps to regularly generate content for readers, which then is further shared via Twitter and Facebook. This helps to amplify discussions and messaging. Currently WITNESS’ e-newsletter helps raise the most online dollars.

Is social media helping you meet your mission? It can!

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I was presenting on the way we can identify metrics in social media that help us reach our mission and how to use those metrics strategically. Most strategic plans include program area or service area specifics and you can use those to help frame why you use social media.

Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The workshop used design-thinking based on Luma methodology to help participants develop a communications strategy for measuring impact. The process took participants through an assessment of the problems facing them, collective brainstorming, and prototyping. Help!

How to Make a Donor Profile in 5 Easy Steps

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A donor profile will help find new donors with proven data, which will save money, time, and make sure you are approaching the right people with that beautiful/expensive mailing you spent so much time on. For example: use of quotes, dates, etc. A Donor Profile Example.

The Story of Stuff: An Inspiring Example of A Network in Action

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

As I listened to her speak about their experience, I knew this would be a terrific case study to share in Beirut as an example of working in a networked way. Annie was kind enough to give me her notes so I could write this case study and hopefully, I’ve captured it correctly.

What is Slacktivism and is it Even Helping?

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The prime example of slacktivism gone right is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign. If your friend Sue shares an article on Twitter about helping kids in your community who are on reduced lunches, your inclination might be to ask Sue how she got connected and what you can do to help.

Nonprofit Communications: Are They Helping You Build Relationships?

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Donors need to know they are helping the organization make a difference,” Green said. Prospective donors, for example, will want to know your nonprofit’s financial strategy and its impact on the community. The post Nonprofit Communications: Are They Helping You Build Relationships?

Tools to Help Grow Your Social Media Audience

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If you have a nonprofit that helps animals, for example, this will help put you in front of people that follow other animal nonprofits. Buffer helps you schedule your Twitter content in advance. Also, use small test jobs at first to help you hire smart.

#1MilliForJadudi: A Crowdfunding Campaign in Kenya to help Cancer Patient

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Zawadi shared her most recent crowdfunding campaign, probably one of the most successful in Kenya, raising over $71,000 in a couple of days, to help a 24 year old brain cancer patient Emmanuel Otieno (pictured above and known as Jadudi) to get surgery in India.

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4 Strategies To Help Assess Your Nonprofit’s Technology


For example, some nonprofits require more raw computing power while others will require less. The post 4 Strategies To Help Assess Your Nonprofit’s Technology appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Image courtesy of University of Texas.

Get Help in Telling the Story of Your Nonprofit's Impact

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If you don't have a local group (I can help fix that problem! ), there are also free online guides and a global Twitter chat October 5 using the hashtag #storymakers2017. TechSoup and the NetSquared meetups are here to help. See How Tech Can Help You Do More Good.

Two Social Media Toolkit Examples and Other Goodies


Our goal was to help you understand the conversation, to learn who was leading the conversation, and most importantly: to find your voice in what can often be a noisy field. TD Bank Invests in Google+ To Boost Search Results - example of a great Google+ campaign.

Using Design Thinking To Help Solve the Refugee Crisis at SXSW

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

For example, creativity expert Roger Von Oech has the “ Creative Whack Pack ” and “ Innovation Whack Pack.” I’m just back from SXSW where I did a session on Tech Wellness with Aliza Sherman.

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Conscious Computing: 7 Apps and Tips That Help You Focus, Reduce Stress, and Get Work Done

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

” But what if there was a way to use online tools, mobile apps, and software that helped lengthen our attention spans and replace information overload with a sense of mindfulness? Here are some of the tools that can help make better habits or break bad ones.

How #GivingTuesday Can Help Your Nonprofit Reach PhilanthroKids or Generation Z Donors

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Giving Days organized by local communities are being adopted by many more communities than ever before and a stronger understanding how these efforts can help build the capacity of nonprofits to embrace social media and online giving, engage more donors, and raise awareness of charity giving.

Using Insights on Charitable Giving to Help Further Your Mission

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Have you thought about how data can help glean insights that support your mission? For example, retailers can easily see the inflection points in consumer spending patterns to find new opportunities and understand how and when spending is occurring.

7 Tips To Help You Focus In Age of Distraction: Are You Content Fried!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What are your tips to help you focus in an age of distraction? Are there tips not on the mind map? Have you read a helpful article or blog recently that helped get more focused? Mindmap by Jane Genovese.

How Two Nonprofits Use Social Media To Help Save Fish – #keepemwet #SaveMarinsCoho

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What a passionate, amazing group of people who are running these small and mid-sized nonprofits, many in remote and rural wilderness locations in the US. I learned of two terrific examples of small nonprofit leveraging social media and user created content for their campaigns.

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SafeNight: App That Helps Domestic Violence Nonprofits Crowdsource Funding for Shelter

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It’s an app that helps fund a hotel room for people leaving violent situations. I’ve asked for your help sharing the word before. Now, I’m asking for your help in paying for the phone cards we need to make this pilot go.

Fund 45

A Dog Named Red Helps Best Friends Animal Society Get Results on Facebook

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

About a year ago, Facebook began rolling out a series of important changes, most notably the launch of Facebook Open Graph , designed to empower app developers (like us here at ActionSprout ) to create tools to help brands and organizations get more out of Facebook.

Microsoft's MileIQ Helps a Nonprofit Show People How to Save Lots of Energy

Tech Soup Blog

Aside from schools, EWA also helps nonprofits become more sustainable. He wants to show staff members that he values their time and effort spent traveling, which MileIQ really helps him achieve.

Your Local Tech4Good Club Is Ready to Help

Tech Soup Blog

Every month I bring you a roundup of free technology training events that will help nonprofit staffers like you build their skills. Event formats — for example, a lecture, a panel, a world cafe, or speed dating, and how keep them effective and manageable.

Helping Members and their Communities Succeed: the Future of What We Now Know as Membership


You don’t just click on a product and make a purchase at, for example. We found 3 shared characteristics: They see their role and sole measure of their success in terms of their relationship with their customers and the solutions they help them develop.

NetSquared Volunteers Help Nonprofits Like You Master Technology

Tech Soup Blog

Seattle, Washington: Help Nonprofits Upgrade to Windows 10. Baltimore, Maryland: Google AdWords and Free Tech Help. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media.

4 Tools to Help Any Nonprofit Tell Stories Online


As we all continue exploring the vast horizons of the internet and the social tools it offers, be sure to check out the applications that help you continue telling stories with the power of video, maps and more.

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5 Examples of Organizations Who Were Tactful or Tacky on 9/11


I would like to know how senior leadership at some of the biggest companies like AT&T and Marriott could think that these examples below were a great way to honor the victims, fire fighters, police officers, and volunteers who helped saves lives on 9/11.

How Blood Banks Use SMS to Raise Support and Help Save Lives

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One such example of this is Sweden’s blood banks, which use text messaging to inform donors when their donation helps save a life. A great example of this is Blood Systems , one of the oldest and largest blood service providers in the US.

Trick or Tweet? Seven Twitter Tools To Help You Measure, Learn, and Improve

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

For example, here’s the spreadsheet from the workshop I facilitated that was hosted by Compasspoint. Reciprocity is the secret to building a strong network – and understanding who is paying attention can help you give back some love. Here’s an example of my storify for the recent Network Funders conference.

3 Ways Purpose Helps You Build a Better, Strategic Brand

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If you find it hard to answer this question, clarifying your purpose can help. From climate change to inequality, the problems that changemakers aim to help solve are complex. Building a strong brand is about more than a logo.