How to Create a Nonprofit Fundraising Events Strategy for 2022

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By Kevin Santiago , Marketing Director at Paybee – an all-in-one charity fundraising platform that specializes in virtual, hybrid, and in-person fundraising events. Beyond that, in-person fundraisers are appealing social events. Fundraising Virtual Events

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Top 10 Tips for Matchmaking and Networking at Your Event

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Matchmaking is a hot topic right now in the events industry, and it can help your exhibitors make even better connections with attendees. What are the best practices for matchmaking for you as an event organizer, though? Open up matchmaking for exhibitors 7-10 days out from your event.


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Beyond Tech: Event Photography Guide

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For event planners and meeting organizers, event photography is a must — but how do you get the most out of your budget? There is no such thing as too soon when it comes to planning ahead for your next event.   What might entice them to attend your event?

Top 10 Tips for Matchmaking and Networking at Your Event

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Matchmaking is a hot topic right now in the events industry, and it can help your exhibitors make even better connections with attendees. What are the best practices for matchmaking for you as an event organizer, though? Have you used matchmaking during one of your events?

Event Talk Live- The Future of Hybrid Events


Event Talk Live continues to grow and it’s no wonder! The Future of Hybrid Events – Fireside Chat with Melinda Burdette. In June and July, we asked over 200 event professionals their thoughts on the future of hybrid events.

5-Minute Social Icebreakers for Digital Events

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Kim , conference wellness warrior and attendee engager, recently shared a roundup of the best icebreakers for digital events. They’re perfect for digital events and in-person meetups. The post 5-Minute Social Icebreakers for Digital Events appeared first on CadmiumCD.

How To Create Value Before, During and After Your Event

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Chances are, your annual conference, trade show, summit or other live event looked a little different last year. Insider Case Studies Virtual Events Digital Transformation Content Strategy

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How to Boost Your Event Registration Revenue with Data

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The post How to Boost Your Event Registration Revenue with Data appeared first on Association Analytics. Resources Events Marketing

9 Lessons Learned from Hosting Virtual Fundraising Events

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By Matthew Burnell , F ounder of ClickBid , a mobile bidding provider for online auctions, virtual galas, and in-person events. An in-person event can seem like a challenge to take online. Ticket sales are a large part of your event’s income.

Top 21 Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event


If you are running an online event, then you know that you can draw in crowds from all over the world. Here are 21 virtual event ideas to get you started. . Just like games, contests are virtual event ideas that can get people talking. Here is another virtual event idea.

Gaining An Edge In The World Of Virtual Events

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Enter - virtual events… or in its most foundational form, a single or series of livestreams with interactive digital tools integrated for audience participation. Insider Case Studies Virtual Events

5-Minute Social Icebreakers for Digital Events

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Kim , conference wellness warrior and attendee engager, recently shared a roundup of the best icebreakers for digital events. They’re perfect for digital events and in-person meetups. Event Design Event Management

Is Your Association Using Data to Increase Event Revenue?

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The pandemic unexpectedly transformed how organizations hosted their events and meetings, forcing event planners to quickly pivot and move their meetings to virtual platforms. Similarly, analyzing your event data from many angles can lead to a major impact on revenue.

Event Marketing 101 – Guide & Strategies


No matter what this year brings, event marketing is an effective marketing tool for brands to have in their arsenal. Online events, hybrid events, and in-person events are the perfect way to do this. . What is Event Marketing? Why is Event Marketing Important?

How To Collect Feedback After Your Online Event

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Meta description: Online event feedback is imperative in terms of finding out how your event performed and understanding what changes to make for your next event. link] Online events have been growing in popularity for a number of years now.

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4 Best Ideas for Planning Your Next Hybrid Event


Hybrid events are a great way to connect with audiences in different mediums. And now, with more event technologies popping up, including sophisticated features, more event professionals can offer hybrid events for their customers. What are Hybrid Events?

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What is a Hybrid Event?


In the last year or so, you’ve probably heard the term “hybrid event” more than once. Hybrid events have become more popular since 2020, in particular, due to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. So what is a hybrid event, and how do you organize one? What is a Hybrid Event?

8 Event Budgeting Tips Every Event Planner Should Know


Event budgeting can be a hassle. When planning an event budget, there is a lot that event planners must consider. In addition to necessities like venue costs and the event staff, you’ll also want to allow for unexpected expenses, emergency funds, and hidden fees that crop up. .

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[FREE WEBINAR] How to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Event Marketing by Leveraging What Already Works

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Not every organization is going to have success using the same strategies–which is why we don’t preach that we have the be-all, end-all of event marketing advice. Topics include: Specific tactics to add to your event marketing schedule (plus a schedule outline).

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Boost Event Sales: 4 Ways To Sell Out Your Event

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What will be the silver lining of the COVID-19 storm that kept nonprofits from hosting in-person events , that disrupted traditional fundraising efforts and that estranged donors from some of their favorite charities? By the Fall of 2020, they were polished, professional events.

Successful Communication for Virtual & Hybrid Events

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In this article, we’ll expand on Bill’s observation and consider the different types of communication that lead to a successful event. Stakeholders for Virtual & Hybrid Events. They are why your event exists! The 5 Types of Interactions at Events.

Planning an Event? Here are 5 Essential Things to Remember

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Planning an event can be stressful, so it’s important to get your ducks in a row. Here are 5 essential things to put at the top of your event-planning checklist to make sure nothing is left out! The first and most important item for any event is the venue.

9 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Your Virtual Fundraising Event

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By harnessing the convenience of the mobile phones donors use daily, you can transform your virtual fundraising events into engaging, revenue-boosting opportunities. 1) Promote your virtual fundraising event. Get event registrants hyped before the big day!

How to Leverage Event Data to Improve Your Virtual Events


While the 2020 shift to virtual events may have been challenging, event planners quickly discovered loads of useful data that a digital format can provide. More than physical events, virtual events give an event organizer unprecedented insight into attendee demographics and behavior.

Why a Mobile Event App is What Your Event Attendees Want


Attendees at your next event will be no different, and a mobile event app can boost attendee engagement and give attendees an experience in a medium that’s familiar and comfortable for them. . Event speaker bios. Apps provide networking opportunities pre-, during, and post-event.

Designing Your Virtual Event Website for Sponsor Success

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Written by CadmiumCD Contributor Pamela Shigeoka What’s the first thing most of your virtual event attendees will see when event time rolls around? Your event website, of course! This is possible at a virtual event, too, with a Virtual Grab Bag.

The Hybrid Fundraising Event Model

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Event Management Online Fundraising Peer to Peer Fundraising events Hybrid Fundraising Virtual FatigueIt’s been over a year since the pandemic changed all of our lives. 2020 really tested us all in a multitude of ways.

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Virtual Event Venues: The Rise of a New Event Space


In a world that is rapidly adjusting to COVID-19, hosting physical events has become difficult, if not impossible. . And with this shift has come a new type of event venue: the virtual event venue. . What is a Virtual Event Venue? Benefits of Virtual Event Venues.

Leveraging Virtual Event Platforms


The integration uses Gravitate’s Cyclone publishing engine to constantly poll changes to AFP’s NetForum platform related to event registrations, speakers, session setup and customer records, and then sends the changes to the Freeman Application Programming Interface (API) to be updated.

7 Key Lessons Learned from Virtual Fundraising Events in 2020

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By Lindsay Johnson, Marketing Team Member at MobileCause , an industry leader in virtual fundraising events and online giving, plus fundraising solutions such as peer-to-peer, text-to-donate and mobile messaging. 4) Online Registration for Virtual Events Has Many Benefits.

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Why Hybrid Events Are Necessary For The Event Marketer’s Tool Belt


As the event industry moves into the digital age, more and more brands are seeking ways to capture audience engagement and garner revenue through event marketing. Hybrid events are a lot of work but know that they are worth the effort. Hybrid Events Overview.

The Ultimate Event Planning Guide: How to Plan an Event

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Looking for how to plan an event, or advice on event planning? We’ve seen a lot of organizations’ events over the years, and there are ten steps we’ve identified as key to a successful event. events

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Best Hybrid Event Platforms


Hybrid events integrate digital features and virtual elements into an in-person event. However, this type of hybridization only works if you have an event platform that can fully support all of the features your event requires. The Best Hybrid Event Platforms.

One Foot in Two Worlds—Expert Advice on Hybrid Events, Podcasts, and AV Tech


The post One Foot in Two Worlds—Expert Advice on Hybrid Events, Podcasts, and AV Tech appeared first on.orgSource. Laird Crawford has straddled the virtual and in-person worlds for some time now. He edits the mumbles out of podcasts and makes people look better on video than they do in person.

Event Recap: Apps to Amp Up Your Recruitment and Admissions

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Cloud for Good recently hosted an Application Showcase webinar where we invited Blackthorn Events and Mogli to talk about how their third-party applications work with Salesforce to help universities throughout their recruitment and admission processes. Blackthorn Events.

Virtual 2.0: How to Prepare for Your Next Digital Event

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Association of American Colleges and Universities: Seamless Integration of Annual Meeting Goals to Virtual Event Platform. Sponsorship Boost joined the Annual Meeting team with experience from managing nine previous virtual events on the CadmiumCD platform.

How to Drive Virtual Event Engagement with Gamification


Gamification has been a growing trend in events for some time. But with the recent industry shift toward virtual and hybrid events, it has become even more popular. Still, there is no reason why they cannot also be applied to virtual events. Define Your Virtual Event.

How Event Marketing Can Optimize B2B Sales


And in response, event marketing and sales teams use virtual events, hybrid events, and in-person events as optimized sales tools for increasing B2B sales. Whether your goals are to nurture business relationships or generate brand awareness, events can be a powerful tool.

Our mobile event app is here!


We are very proud and excited to announce the release of our Mobile Event App! The free app, available on iOS and Android, allows attendees to seamlessly access virtual, hybrid, and in-person event content on the go. The post Our mobile event app is here!

5 Ways To Maximize ROI For Your Next Hybrid Event


Like regular events, hybrid events offer brands the chance to boost their visibility, increase value for the customer, and generate revenue. With some planners, event organizers can actually set up multiple levels of event management to truly maximize your hybrid event’s ROI. .

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How to Host Drive-in Events


One way to stay connected is with a drive-in event. A drive-in event allows visitors to be near each other and to celebrate something huge in the safety of their own car. . A drive-in event was featured at the celebration of the announcement of United States president-elect Joe Biden.

3 Main Challenges with Virtual Events

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Laurie Buczek, a digital marketing expert , talks about the nature of events in the time of COVID-19. Before the pandemic, events were often conducted in a physical setting — from small-scale gatherings like meetings and casual get-togethers to larger ones like concerts and conferences.

[FREE WEBINAR] How to Host a Virtual Fundraising Event: A Step-by-Step Guide for Nonprofits

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With the right strategies and tools, virtual fundraisers have proven to rival even the best in-person fundraising events in terms of revenue, reach and donor engagement. What you’ll learn: • Communication strategies to launch and effectively promote your virtual fundraising event.