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4 Ways Smart Integrations Can Improve Nonprofit Fundraising Results

Connection Cafe

For many, the term “automation” conjures up images of Rosie from The Jetsons or computers coming to steal our jobs. In reality, automation just means integrating your cloud apps and is an efficient way to simplify complex tasks and business processes that would otherwise require tedious human effort.

How To Focus When You Work in An Open Office Space

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In the Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout , my co-author Aliza Sherman and I share a framework to think more broadly about creating a culture of wellbeing in the workplace.

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As you all know, I am now fully immersed in startup land with WorkXO and our culture analysis and culture change work.

Text-to-Give Fundraising: Making the Most Out of Mobile

NonProfit Hub

Mobile giving is on the rise , and there’s no platform more prevalent than text-to-give. As you can probably infer from its name, text-to-give software enables donors to make contributions by texting your nonprofit.

[Guide for Nonprofits]: How to Engage Social Media Influencers to Extend Your Reach and Drive Action

Connection Cafe

Social media influencers aren’t elusive. They’re everywhere, especially in your email list. There’s a good chance you have hundreds, if not thousands, who would gladly share your campaign message with their social networks if you did one thing—asked them (and not in a wimpy “p.s.

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Advice for Nonprofits on Hiring the Next Great Fundraiser—Don’t Overlook Older Candidates

Connection Cafe

I received an email the other day from a man who was in a fundraising class I taught a few years ago. I remember well his enthusiasm for fundraising as he planned to transition from a career in the aerospace industry to the nonprofit arena. He was already an active volunteer and was passionate about helping nonprofit organizations raise funds. That is what led him to my class. Today he has completed his education and volunteers with a program for which he helped secure funding.

What is the best way to deliver professional development to nonprofit emerging leaders?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Flower Factor. Note: This guest post was published on the Packard Foundation OE Blog reflects what was learned from designing and delivering leadership development for emerging nonprofit leaders.

truth Uses Text Messages to Empower Young Activists to Take a Stand Against Cigarettes in Pharmacies

Mobile Commons

“Hey – It’s Cas! Need your opinion on something. In 2014, CVS stopped selling tobacco in its stores. Do you think that was the right move?” It was a simple text message, but it launched nationwide action.

5 Questions for Paula Van Ness – Founder of 12by12by12

John Haydon

One thing that unites our divided nation is a concern about America’s future. The stakes are high. These are challenging times for thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country protecting our most vulnerable populations.

3 Simple Tricks to Improve Email Marketing

NonProfit Hub

Did you know know that overall online giving grew by 19% last year ? From the same report, it’s likely due to the fact that for every 1000 email subscribers, nonprofits have about 500 social media followers between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Supporters and potential supporters are more intertwined in your nonprofit messaging because digital advertising is more accessible than it used to be. Not more than a handful of years ago, those numbers would have been zero.

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What We Learned at 17NTC: Day 2

Tech Soup Blog

We learned a lot at this year's Nonprofit Technology Conference — so much that one post couldn't contain it all! If you haven't already read our day 1 coverage , be sure to take a look. Visualizations Bring Good Data to Life.

Miami 26

The One Thing Every Sponsor Wants (And Nobody is Doing)

Wild Apricot Blog

There is one thing that your sponsors want more than anything else and nobody is doing it. Sponsorship Expert Chris Baylis tells you what that thing is and how to do it. sponsorship

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7 Questions on Marketing Automation for Nonprofits


This post was originally featured on The Campaign Workshop blog and has been reposted with permission. I recently sat down with the good folks at The Campaign Workshop and chatted about marketing automation for nonprofits.

The Easy Guide to Understanding Charity Auction Software

NonProfit Hub

Charity auctions are classic, incentive-driven fundraisers that can be highly profitable when hosted by the right organizations. If you have the time and resources to pull off an auction, they’re definitely an event worth considering.

Your Local Tech4Good Club Is Ready to Help

Tech Soup Blog

Every month I bring you a roundup of free technology training events that will help nonprofit staffers like you build their skills. But maybe you're skeptical and you're wondering: "How can a free event organized by a volunteer be any good?"

The Best Way to Avoid Choosing The Wrong Nonprofit Software

Wild Apricot Blog

How do you avoid bad software and choose a solution perfect for you organization? Fortunately, tech experts Jason Shim, Mark Hallman, and Shub Sengupta developed an easy test that any nonprofit can use, which reveals just that. tech-tools software

Test 17

Five Apps and Tools for #Resisting Donald Trump


Over the last 18 years, we've watched small organizations like (1998) and Black Lives Matter (2013) grow into massive movements in response to injustice. The historic 2008 U.S. presidential campaign also spurred a massive movement.

How To Write A Foolproof Nonprofit Marketing Plan

John Haydon

One thing that separates successful nonprofit marketing campaigns from the unsuccessful ones isn’t ad budgets or audience size. And it certainly isn’t that viral video. It’s planning.

Save the IMLS, an Integral Supporter of Libraries

Tech Soup Blog

At TechSoup, our work is never solitary. We benefit from the resources, brainpower, and strength of organizations and individuals to help us support NGOs and public libraries worldwide. Our relationships boost our impact far beyond what we might have achieved alone.

Care to Share: Allowing You Users to Submit Content on Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

One of the hallmarks of a great website is creating a dialogue that allows your users and loyal visitors the opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Financial Health, Part Two: Smart Nonprofit Business Models


How do you determine if the nonprofit on whose board you sit is financially healthy? We’ve been discussing this very important topic in a 3 part series of guest blogs posts from the folks at the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF).

How To Connect With Employees Individually

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here, from the book, Be A Network Marketing Leader , are some tips on how, as a leader, you can connect with your individual team members : Send cards on their birthdays and anniversary-of-joining dates. Keep yourself updated with what's happening in their personal lives.

Upland Software Expands Mobile Messaging Capabilities with Facebook Messenger (Press Release)

Mobile Commons

Through partnership with Twilio, Mobile Commons messaging customers can now deliver automated campaigns via Facebook Messenger and SMS AUSTIN, Texas , March 29, 2017 /CNW/ — Upland Software, Inc.

Getting Feedback: How to Add a Reviews Page to Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

When it comes to running an e-tail or e-commerce site via the WordPress platform, there are a host of elements that can help boost the chances for success and, ideally, increased profit. And while many admins fret over picking the right theme, layout, navigation options and the like, there’s one simple add-on that can really help a for-profit concern: a customer review page.

What We Learned at 17NTC: Day 1

Tech Soup Blog

This year's Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Washington, DC, had a lot to offer for the nonprofits in attendance, and TechSoup was no exception. We sent several of our best representatives to meet our fellow nonprofits and take in the latest tech info from the sessions.