[ASK AN EXPERT] Should I Publicize the Amount of a Major Gift?


Today’s question comes from a fundraiser who needs advice on best practices around acknowledging and recognizing major gifts. . We’ve received the largest ever single gift to our organization, over $800,000. Are they okay with you publicizing the gift?

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[ASK AN EXPERT] Who are the Best Prospects for Legacy Gifts?


Today’s question comes from a nonprofit leader who needs advice on who the best prospects are to ask for legacy gifts. Dear No Rockefellers, It’s a myth that legacy gifts must come from rich people. 30% make a commitment = 45 planned gifts .

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Matching Gifts Program Management for Medical Nonprofits


Luckily, there’s a great way to make your donors’ gifts double (and sometimes triple) in value. By instituting a matching gifts program at your medical nonprofit, your donors can provide additional funds so you can continue to do your crucial work. What is a matching gift program?

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3 Ways to Incorporate Matching Gifts Into Your Fundraising Strategy


A simple way to boost funds with minimal effort is to allow your donors to double eligible donations through employer matching gift programs. Maximize matching gift revenue with direct appeals. Market Your Matching Gift Program to Boost Awareness.

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The Gift of Reading, a Circle of Life

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

That’s why a group of Benetech supporters recently came together to give the gift of reading in honor of our long-time board member Jim Kleckner. With a gift of just $50, we can add a new ebook to the Bookshare collection, making that book available to hundreds of thousands of Bookshare members with disabilities. With the Skoll Foundation’s support, your gift will have far more impact on our users around the world.

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5 Ways Matching Gifts Can Turn Donors into Major Gift Donors

Connection Cafe

As a nonprofit professional, you’re well aware of all the fundraising benefits of corporate matching gifts. But what you know may not know is that promoting matching gifts can also help cultivate donors into major donors. Reaching out to donors about matching gifts establishes trust. . Nonprofits can connect with donors without asking for another gift. Now, let’s jump into the ways matching gifts can cultivate major donors!

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Trends in Healthcare Philanthropy Reveal the Need to Focus on Donor Retention


2020 brought an inflection point in history that is providing an exponential opportunity for healthcare philanthropy. Trend: Fewer Donors, Larger Gifts. Many “COVID donors” were new donors to healthcare or made in-kind gifts.

ClickBid Gains Matching Gifts Functionality with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

Double the Donation

Double the Donation is proud to announce its new partnership with ClickBid , a simple and affordable mobile bidding platform, with an integration between ClickBid bidding donation forms and text-to-give forms with 360MatchPro, Double the Donation’s strongest gift matching tool.

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5 Corporate Philanthropy Benefits (and How You Can Achieve Them)

Givinga Blog

Corporate philanthropy benefits not only the community but your company and its employees as well. As society shifts toward more prominent social, environmental, and economic responsibility, the importance of corporate philanthropy has increased as well. This article will explore five business benefits of corporate philanthropy and provide practical recommendations for what your company can do to achieve them. 5 Business Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy.

5 Corporate Philanthropy Examples to Inspire Your CSR Strategy

Givinga Blog

To help you build your CSR strategy, we’ve gathered five corporate philanthropy examples that you can use for inspiration. The campaign donated a meal’s worth of money to food banks every time someone liked their Facebook page, combining philanthropy with social media marketing and brand awareness. First, it encourages employees to actively engage in corporate philanthropy by rewarding them for their volunteer times. ExxonMobil’s Employee Matching Gift Program.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 149: Raising Major and Planned Gifts in the Current Environment

Connection Cafe

They discuss the challenges of raising major and planned gifts in the current environment, give advice on how to talk to donors and consider how they are feeling and faring during this time, and highlight different giving strategies that can benefit organizations and donors.

Are Employee Matching Gift Programs Really Engaging Your Staff?

Givinga Blog

It’s common for companies with corporate philanthropy initiatives to have employee matching gifts programs. Some matching gift programs succeed in increasing employee engagement and making employees feel more connected and proud of their company. These matching gift programs often have a high level of employee participation, personalization, and an emphasis on supporting causes that are important to staff members. Matching Gift Processes are Long and Complicated.

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How to Include Matching Gifts in Your Fundraising Plan

Connection Cafe

The solution to enhancing your fundraising plan and increasing your fundraising capacity is simple: matching gifts. When your organization incorporates this form of corporate philanthropy into its fundraising strategies, you will find it much easier to reach your fundraising goals. However, if you are new to matching gifts, you may be unsure about where and how to begin. Recognize the benefits of matching gifts. Provide donors with matching gift resources.

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Elevating Community Impact Through Healthcare Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

The 2019 Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Report on Giving identifies the top three healthcare areas supported by philanthropy were construction and renovation (20.5%); patient care program support (19.6%) and capital equipment (14.6%). Community Collaborative Philanthropy.

Trends in Philanthropy: 4 Ways Nonprofits are Changing

NonProfit Hub

For example, if you put together a wish list and accept in-kind donations through this method rather than expecting monetary gifts, donors know exactly what good their gift is doing for the organization. . Expanded matching gift programs from top companies.

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5 Research-Backed Lessons on Major Gifts Fundraising

Connection Cafe

Last month, the Blackbaud Institute released a report entitled “ Share of the American Wallet ,” which uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey data to explore how demographic attributes and discretionary spending patterns relate to philanthropy. Does that mean that you don’t have any major gift prospects ? Let’s dig into a couple of key elements of the CES data and how they relate to major gifts, rather than philanthropy as a whole.

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10 Breakthrough Planned Giving Insights from Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Latest Report


In the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s recent report, 9 Trillion And Counting: How Charities Can Tap Into the Transfer of Wealth , researchers undertake a qualitative and quantitative study of the state of nonprofit planned giving programs. Chronicle of Philanthropy has termed the “windfall years.” It is important to thank them, and continue a relationship with them afterward to express your gratitude for their legacy gift.

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4 Keys for Attracting, Hiring and Retaining a Successful Major Gift Team

Connection Cafe

Most chief development officers work for the foundation and have little control over the system’s philosophy of philanthropy. So, before either recruiting or joining a development team, assess if there exists a palpable culture of philanthropy at the health system level.

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Gratitude + Philanthropy = A Truly Inspired Grateful Patient Experience

Connection Cafe

We’ve been talking about having a “culture of philanthropy” in the not-for-profit world for a very long time. Download this worksheet to determine the culture of philanthropy at your organization. . It’s tough to come back from that with a major gift proposal. . .

Ellucian and Double the Donation Enhance Matching Gifts Integration with 2-Way Sync

Double the Donation

Double the Donation and Ellucian are proud to debut expanded matching gifts functionality with 2-way data sync between 360MatchPro and Ellucian’s CRM Advance, allowing university clients to access valuable matching gift and employer information directly from their CRM Advance account. .

The 10 Biggest In-Person Ask Blunders


For the last three years, I’ve devoted virtually every day to the challenge of training professionals and especially volunteer fundraisers to overcome the fear of asking for gifts for their favorite nonprofits. Philanthropy is no different. Fundraising Major Gifts

Does Your Business Need a Custom Corporate Philanthropy Platform?

Givinga Blog

Corporate Philanthropy Drives Business Results. Other companies are using more diverse types of corporate giving – such as employee matching gift programs, volunteer opportunities, and non-cash donation drives – to increase philanthropy and improve their ROI. Employee matching gift programs are a good example. 4 Signs a Custom Philanthropy Platform Could Improve Your Business Results. Corporate Giving Corporate Philanthropy Technology Platform

Corporate Philanthropy as a Business Driver: 2019 Trends and Tactics

Givinga Blog

Both the three Cs and the three Ps are influenced by corporate philanthropy, a trend that will escalate in 2019 as workplace giving becomes an even more important business driver. The most successful companies in the marketplace have already recognized the importance of corporate philanthropy. 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Themes and Competitive Arenas. This is where corporate philanthropy enters the mix. Track How Corporate Philanthropy is Affecting Your Business.

Matching Gift Basics—How Does Your Nonprofit Benefit?

NonProfit Hub

Adam Weinger is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub and the President of Double the Donation, a company which provides tools to nonprofits to help them raise more money from corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. _. Matching gift programs. Here is some in-depth, practical information about the benefits of taking advantage of corporate giving programs like matching gifts. Matching Gift Basics. What is a matching gift?

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Community Funded Offers Matching Gifts Automation to Educational Institutions and Nonprofits with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

Double the Donation

All-in-one fundraising solution Community Funded has teamed up with Double the Donation to offer a new integration to their clients: matching gifts automation. Activate in Seconds and Start Raising More from Matching Gifts! Drive More Matching Gifts to Completion with 360MatchPro!

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Courting Corporate: Utilizing the Opportunities of Company Philanthropy

Byte Technology

So how should a non-profit, no matter its size, leverage corporate philanthropy? Consider these important fundraising opportunities, compliments of Adam Weinger, president of Double the Donation, a company that provides tools to nonprofits to help them raise more money from corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. And as Weinger says, “these corporate philanthropy programs let companies donate to organizations where employees [already] volunteer time.”

“Getting Real” with Donors: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy for Securing Unrestricted Gifts

Connection Cafe

In fact, I would argue they are the ideal opportunity for a donor to prove his or her commitment to your organization’s mission and these sort of gifts should be celebrated and recognized to the utmost extent. But what if there was a way to inspire donors to make unrestricted gifts? And by unrestricted I mean that the donor has not designated the gift to be used in any specific way and that leadership can use the gift as needed.

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5 Healthcare Philanthropy Tips for CEOs

Connection Cafe

As proven through the many years of partnership we have had with healthcare philanthropies, it is no surprise that we have seen many foundations faced with very similar challenges. In this post, we will dive deeper into these 5 tips for CEOs to enhance philanthropy campaign success: Include the physicians in your philanthropy process. Include the physicians in your philanthropy process. Your joyful, significant gift will set the pace for others.

How I Closed $250k From a 25-Year-Old Who Drove a Prius


Interested in philanthropy. . Important side note : He mentioned that we was interested in philanthropy and so I took his word for it. Don’t you have donors who you judge as not being able to give a major gift? When I say major gift, I mean $10,000+ annually.

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Budgeting for Your Company’s Matching Gifts Program

Connection Cafe

At Blackbaud, we take a unique approach to our employee matching gift program, one that is popular amongst other corporate giving programs. With our matching program, Blackbaud empowers employee philanthropy through individual choice. For example, I highlight our matching gift program when disasters, both natural and man-made, strike. This gentle nudge reminds that we want to amplify their giving through our matching gift program.

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Research Friday: The gift

ASU Lodestar Center

I needed to know more about aid, about philanthropy, about the history of Western involvement in international development. posted by. Dianna Schwartz , Public Allies Arizona Alumna. Executive Director. Military Assistance Project. Welcome to Research Friday ! As part of a. continuing weekly series, each Friday we invite a nonprofit scholar, student, or professional to. highlight current research reports or studies and discuss how they can. inform and improve day-to-day nonprofit practice.

Another Big Gift for Big?Data - Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence - Inside Philanthropy

AFP Blog

Another Big Gift for BigData - Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence - Inside Philanthropy : A New York State university’s $100 million commitment to expand its work in data science—the emerging field that studies how we use the vast amounts of information currently being collected—just got a boost from a local grocery store chain’s family foundation.

Book: Just Giving: Why Philanthropy Is Failing Democracy and How It Can Do Better

Beth Kanter

Rob Reich, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University Center for Ethics in Society, Center on Philanthropy & Civil Society, has just released a new book called “ Just Giving: Why Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and How It Can Do Better.” ” The book is a big milestone, a delivery of almost twenty years of research, teaching, and inquiry into the ethical, political, and economic dimensions of philanthropy. Big Philanthropy is about power.

Corporate Philanthropy Trends Affecting Nonprofits in 2016

NonProfit Hub

After speaking with nonprofits about the need to access matching gift funds in a cost-effective way, Double the Donation was born. _. 2016 is also looking to be a great year for corporate philanthropy and nonprofits. From matching gifts and payroll giving to fundraising events and mobile giving, corporate philanthropy is going to be all the rage in 2016. Check out the following five corporate philanthropy trends that will affect nonprofits in 2016.

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Generous Donors Continue to Grow Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

How was philanthropy affected by the tumult surrounding us? Since 2016, online giving has grown 17% and average online gift amounts have continued to increase. Even amid changing times, people prioritize giving and philanthropy continues to grow. In our last Charitable Giving Report, we entered 2018 with a first look at answers to heady questions swirling around the sector.

Four Tips to Help Nonprofit Marketing Departments Create a Culture of Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

Today’s nonprofit marketers must be experts in learning how to shift their organizational culture towards a culture of philanthropy. This gets to the heart of the best practices that are needed to create a culture of philanthropy within anonprofit organization. But the reality is that in many nonprofit organizations, different teams and departments do not have a shared mental model for a culture of philanthropy. Get Everyone Aligned Around the Culture of Philanthropy.

2018’s Top Trends in Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

From another record-breaking #GivingTuesday to the power of women’s philanthropy, 2018 has been a year replete with new movements and all-time highs. Our Vital Signs research series found that fewer households are donating to charities, but the average gift amounts of those who gave We might suspect that this parallels a rise in income inequality throughout the U.S.

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The Overwhelm We Share

Social Velocity

America—the country I was born and raised to believe was a force for healing, democracy, philanthropy, and general goodness in the world—had suddenly elected a president who had built a campaign around xenophobia, fear, and hatred.

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8 Tried-and-True (Secret) Individual Donor Fundraising Action Tips


After all, your thank you establishes trust and kick starts your ‘next gift strategy.’ Either ask the gift processor to do this or have someone else, preferably on the development team, take on this assignment. If you feel you get too many gifts a day to do this, reconsider.

Thank You Wednesday: The Gift of Giving Tuesday

Beth Kanter

Later this month, the Case Foundation will give the gift of data , a comprehensive report on GivingTuesday by the numbers. 4) Making Personal Philanthropy Visible: I loved seeing individuals in my friends circles post the list of nonprofits they were donating too and why. It is early here in Sao Paulo, Brasil, but I wanted to capture some quick reflections about the experience of GivingTuesday.

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Analyzing MacKenzie Scott's Giving: Observations and Hopes

Charity Navigator

In and out of philanthropic circles, MacKenzie Scott’s $6 billion gift in 2020 has caused quite a stir — and that’s putting it mildly. We will also be using 460 as the total number of beneficiaries of Scott’s gift. Six billion dollars.

Three Reasons Why It’s Necessary for Philanthropy to Engage Black Americans

Connection Cafe

of Americans are non-Hispanic whites , Americans of color still struggle for their voice in many areas of society, namely philanthropy. The underrepresentation of African-Americans and Hispanics suggests that organized philanthropy is not doing an adequate job of engaging non-white communities — Diversity in Giving. 2: Black Millennials Will Be Your Ticket to the Next Generation of Black Philanthropy. Philanthropy has a problem and it is long overdue to address it.

Order Your Copy of Reinventing Social Change

Social Velocity

You can find links for claiming your gifts on my Book page. . Abundance abundance Fundraising networks nonprofit Philanthropy social change