July Is Web Conferencing Month

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That's why BetterWorld Telecom, a TechSoup donation partner, is offering nonprofits a special rate on one of our favorite tools – Adobe Connect. cents/minute for Adobe Connect and audio conferencing services combined, just for nonprofits. Read on to learn what web conferencing is, why you should also use audio conferencing, how Adobe Connect stacks up, and tips and tricks for wildly successful web conferences. Adobe Connect.

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Virtual Meetings - Win Another Prize

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Second Life, Adobe Connect , LiveMeeting ? Tags: Info Tech Adobe Virtual Meetings Second Life Organizational Change So I just finished up a great meeting about Distance Learning and Virtual Meetings here at the American Cancer Society. Lots of options and feedback but I want to hear from you. How is your non-profit using Virtual Meetings? The first five commenters will win a prize from the FIspace prize closet.


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How To Accelerate Innovation In Your Organization

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In my division, we’ve also taken a look at ways we can use virtual meetings and other online tools (Adobe Connect to Google Docs to Zoomerang survey tools) to lower travel costs yet still be able to conduct team meetings. Do you want to accelerate the speed of innovation in your nonprofit? You might first want to read, Optimizing Innovation by Braden Kelly. It summarizes a presentation by Steve Faktor of American Express.

Online Seminars - Graphics for the Web, and Online Conferencing


Or on Thursday, also 1:00 - 2:30 Eastern, we have the always popular Getting Started with Online Conferencing and Seminar Tools - we walk through the useful features for conducting online conferences and seminars, and then some of the free and affordable software options, such as Glance, DimDim, Yugma, GoToMeeting, ReadyTalk, and Adobe Connect.

What I like about you. Is you really know how to dance. Webinars shouldn't suck.

Network-Centric Advocacy

I use dim-dim, webex and Adobe connect). Ok, I am not sure why that song is in my head but i just finished a survey set up by Andy Goodman. . I realized as I wrote my responses how few of the webinars I attend suck because of technology. (I I also use skype for small groups and have been turning video on more often. . The good webinars are driven by the same "good things" as meetings. Just because the travel is cheaper DOES NOT mean the meetings will be better or worse.

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Also check out the special rates on Adobe Connect web conferencing from TechSoup donation partner, BetterWorld Telecom. Connecting Up Australia. Hone your digital storytelling skills with Connecting Up’s free webinar, Digital Storytelling with SlideRocket , on Thursday, July 26 at 6 p.m. TechSoup is keeping busy this July. Here's a roundup of what we've been doing. From the TechSoup Community. TechSoup Blog.

What are Learning Platforms? | Idealware


My read is that the API available with some of the proprietary webinar products (such as Adobe Connect) would allow integration with sign-in systems offered by the LMS products covered in this post. Im wondering, though - how does a LMS interact with a online conferencing platform (like ReadyTalk or Adobe Connect)?

Software as a Service vs Infrastructure as a Service


You may use webex, adobe connect, or logmein to provide hosted screen sharing or web conferencing services. You start up your machine and then connect via Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix into central server which then gives you a new, fresh, controlled desktop. In an earlier post, I talked about two challenges which fuel cloud computing: the capital and support costs of network infrastructures and desktop anarchy.

The search for good web conferencing

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

The others I assessed include DimDim , Yugma, and Adobe Connect. They are all cross-platform for participants, but none of these can show Linux desktops, and some (like Adobe in particular) can’t even run the presenter software on Linux.

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Social Video Questions, Answered: Join TechSoup July 20

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Adobe Connect - integrates many types of media into a shared workspace with robust tools. What Is the Difference Between Connecting and Collaborating Through Social Video? Connection points like Google Hangouts allow your circle to share what they are. This post was written by Evonne Heyning , part of TechSoup's community team. Ahead of our July 20 episode of Nonprofits Live. we are looking at the current field of social video - what is working.