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Online communities 101: The benefits of leveraging an online community platform

Nimble AMS

According to the latest Community Brands research, 52% of association professionals use an online member community but only 14% rate their use of the platform as excellent. Associations can utilize online community platforms to create a virtual environment for members to connect.

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Gravyty Launches Engagement and Giving Platform for Nonprofit Organizations

NonProfit PRO

Gravyty announced a new software platform that changes how nonprofit teams engage, solicit, and steward community members, volunteers, and donors. Through the integrated platform, organizations will benefit from sustainable long-term growth, reportable ROI, and a simplified user experience.

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Why An All-in-One Giving Platform Is Key To Your Success


In the digital era, adopting an all-in-one giving platform that integrates CRM, volunteer management, and fundraising tools isn’t just a tech upgrade; it’s a strategic necessity for nonprofits that want to thrive. This transformation exemplifies the Lexington Pride Center’s switch from fragmented systems to a unified platform.

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The new ideal workplace: How flexibility benefits caregivers – and everyone else

Charity Village

The fastest-growing workplace identity group is “caregiver,” according to a recent survey by workplace equity platform Syndio, with 73% of the U.S. workforce having some type of current caregiving responsibility. Canada is no exception.

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Top 5 Ways the Salesforce Platform Benefits Associations

Nimble AMS

The Salesforce platform is widely regarded as the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. At first glance, an AMS solution built on the Salesforce platform might just seem like a database stored in a multi-tenant cloud – the model many legacy AMS vendors have begun to follow. 2 – World-class CRM.

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Three benefits of developing thought leadership content at your association

Nimble AMS

As an association leader, you already have a platform for industry transformation. The benefits of developing thought leadership content ?. The benefits of developing thought leadership content ?. When you take steps to position yourself as an industry thought leader, you benefit your association in the following ways: .

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Bloomerang Acquires Qgiv to Create a Giving Platform that Puts Relationships at the Heart of Fundraising


This acquisition will provide incredible opportunities for Qgiv to further invest in its fundraising technology and provide an even greater giving platform. The nonprofits we serve can rely on the same powerful integrations they use today and can look forward to several new benefits, including: Time-saving tools. Deeper donor insights.