[ASK AN EXPERT] Should I Publicize the Amount of a Major Gift?


Today’s question comes from a fundraiser who needs advice on best practices around acknowledging and recognizing major gifts. . We’ve received the largest ever single gift to our organization, over $800,000. Are they okay with you publicizing the gift?

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[ASK AN EXPERT] What is the Purpose of Publicizing Legacy Gifts?


So no one in the family will notice how, or if, we acknowledge the gift. My boss thinks talking about such gifts is a bit unseemly because they’re received due to a death. And it seems ghoulish, or a bit like bragging, to say we received money as a result.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 195: Fundraising vs. Raising Money


What’s the difference between fundraising and raising money? Some may not be able to give large gifts, but they can still become an important source of support for an organization. The focus on donating money and getting money donations.

3 Ways to Incorporate Matching Gifts Into Your Fundraising Strategy


A simple way to boost funds with minimal effort is to allow your donors to double eligible donations through employer matching gift programs. Maximize matching gift revenue with direct appeals. Market Your Matching Gift Program to Boost Awareness.

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3 Ways Prospect Research Can Help Your Nonprofit Attract More Major Gifts [Guest Post]


Major gift prospects are the heavy weights of the fundraising world. Just like lifting more weight, raising more money requires proper technique. fundraising guest post major gifts prospect research D o some jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Don’t arch your back. Inhale as you lift. Focus on the muscle group you’re working. You have to want more, strive for more, and do what it takes to attain more.

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6 Ideas for Using the Instagram Donation Sticker to Raise Money

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Also, on October 8 in partnership with Nonprofit Tech for Good, Julia will be presenting a free webinar about how nonprofits can use social media to raise money online. It allows eligible nonprofit and individual accounts to raise money without leaving Instagram! . So how can nonprofits use this unique and fun Instagram feature to raise money and attract new donors? Describe where the money raised is going to go.

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Last-Minute Gift Guide for Social Impact

Amy Sample Ward

When budgets are small or time is running out, many people turn to Do-It-Yourself options for holiday gifts. It makes me feel like I’m giving of myself and still giving “something” But, one thing I’ve learned through the process is that I actually end up spending at least as much money and certainly a ton of time putting those gifts together. so that we could meet in person to discuss the gift idea and ensure it is going to be perfect.

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[ASK AN EXPERT] How Should Donor-Advised Fund Gifts Be Recognized?


If you list donations by amount/level of gift, be sure to cumulate all the gifts received from the DAF administrator to assure they are listed in the correct level. This is essentially recognizing what wallet the money came from.

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11 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Launched to inspire charitable giving and conscious consumerism throughout the giving season, the 11 nonprofit gift programs listed below are ideal holiday gifts for family members, friends and work colleagues who are committed to social good and would rather you donate and invest in a nonprofit than spend money on another candle, sweater, or bath gift set. Wild animal adoptions are the perfect gift for holidays… for a friend or yourself. Mercy Corps Gifts.

GIft Economies at MPS09

Amy Sample Ward

Because it helps us deal with panic or impulses, it’s a gift. The amazing thing about the web is what we can do with those impulses, stories, and gifts. PatientOpinion was created as a gift economy. the gift always tarvels/what does around comes around. Are gift economies undermined by the thought that someone, somewhere is making money off it? Digital gift economies turn free loaders into “audience.&#.

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What Smaller Nonprofits Can Do With More Communication and Recurring Gifts

NonProfit PRO

Just think how much more exposure you’d get and how much more money you’d raise if you only broke it up in smaller chunks and spread it out over the month. . I see so many organizations with so much great content to share. It’s often all squished into one humongous monthly email update.

Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. If your organization’s average gift is around $200 and your major gifts team handles donors who give $5,000 and more, then your mid-level donors are those who make contributions between $350 and $4,999. Collaborate with your membership and major gifts teams to discern who these donors are. fundraising major gifts

5 Ways Matching Gifts Can Turn Donors into Major Gift Donors

Connection Cafe

As a nonprofit professional, you’re well aware of all the fundraising benefits of corporate matching gifts. But what you know may not know is that promoting matching gifts can also help cultivate donors into major donors. Reaching out to donors about matching gifts establishes trust. . Nonprofits can connect with donors without asking for another gift. Now, let’s jump into the ways matching gifts can cultivate major donors!

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Recurring Gifts: Are You Missing Out on Easy Money?


Also called “preauthorized” or “sustainable” gifts, online recurring gifts are pledges for which the donor has authorized your organization to automatically collect a specific amount each month (or other cycle When you get a second, take a look at your recurring online donations program and see how many donations are coming through that program. Oh wait…you don’t have an online recurring giving program? Then you are missing out on some easy income for your organization.

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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Raise More Money at Year-end

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Here are 5 ways that you can use social media to raise even more money at year-end. . It’s incredibly simple to give money to a Facebook Fundraiser – just donate in two taps without leaving the platform. Two-thirds of donors who make gifts do no research before giving. They have a Fundraiser set up under their video, on the right-hand side of the page, that shows progress towards the goal, the total dollar amount raised, and what the money goes towards.

How to Raise More Money: Fundraising Do’s & Don’t’s


If only fundraising was as easy as ‘just’ asking for money, right? Since it’s not, we chatted with Tiffany Allen , founder & creator of Boss on a Budget , to talk about the do’s and don’t’s when raising money.

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Raising Awareness of Matching Gifts

Connection Cafe

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive at HEPdata is, “How do I make my donors aware of the benefits of matching gifts?” Many donors don’t know about matching gifts, while others may think if they make a gift, the recipient institution is responsible for seeking the match amount from their employer. Nonprofits need to educate donors on the benefits of matching gifts. Approximately 1 in 10 gifts to nonprofits can be matched.

[VIDEO] How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money


Emma Lewzey will identify the specific shifts you must make to raise more 5- and 6-figure gifts–without letting fear, intimidation, or imposter syndrome get in your way. We are here to talk about “How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation, and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money.”

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[VIDEO] How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money


Emma Lewzey will identify the specific shifts you must make to raise more 5- and 6-figure gifts–without letting fear, intimidation, or imposter syndrome get in your way. We are here to talk about “How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation, and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money.”

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Nonprofit Fundraising Basics: Matching Gifts


New to matching gifts or interested in understanding the basics a bit more? Here's a handy breakdown from Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation, which outlines some of the easiest ways to incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising. Matching gifts are almost exactly like those chocolate chip cookies. What are matching gifts? Matching gifts are contributions that donors’ employers give to eligible nonprofits after an initial donation has been made.

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Major Gifts: Defining and Enhancing Your Strategy

Connection Cafe

Many organizations are embracing these coming-of-age fundraising strategies, but it may be to the detriment of what we’ve traditionally called “major gifts”. Benchmarking Major Gifts. According to a new benchmarking study sponsored by the Association of Philanthropic Counsel and funded by MarketSmart “ major gifts ” haven’t yet found their equitable place among donors or the non-profits that receive them. Asking questions like “How large is a major gift at your organization?”

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Ready for Year-End? Here Are 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Raise More Money


Below are some quick and easy things you can do to raise more money. You are likely to see a 10% to 20% bump in gifts. You can also ask sustainers to make a 13 th gift in 2017. Use create-a-list to segment on more than recency, frequency, and average gift. We won't waste your time with a lengthy intro. With #GivingTuesday and Year-End fundraising rapidly approaching, we'll get straight to the point. Go on, crush your fundraising goals! Say Thanks.

[Guest Post] The Shocking Truth about Major Gifts: It’s Not About the Money

Donor Search

Join me in welcoming Claire Axelrad of Clairification and please enjoy her post on major gifts. The Shocking Truth about Major Gifts:… Education Guest Post Major GivingThis blog focuses on the world of prospect research and various related fundraising topics. To diversify our subject matter, we like to feature the work of our friends and colleagues in the community.

How to Include Matching Gifts in Your Fundraising Plan

Connection Cafe

The solution to enhancing your fundraising plan and increasing your fundraising capacity is simple: matching gifts. However, if you are new to matching gifts, you may be unsure about where and how to begin. Incorporating matching gifts into your fundraising plan is simple, just follow these easy steps: Understand how matching gift programs work. Recognize the benefits of matching gifts. Provide donors with matching gift resources.

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5 Research-Backed Lessons on Major Gifts Fundraising

Connection Cafe

I’m sure you’ve heard some of these assumptions: “They have a really nice house in a tony neighborhood so they must have capacity,” to “she’s widowed and doesn’t have children so she’s perfect for Planned Giving,” to “oh, he’s too young to be philanthropic,” to “lawyers make a lot of money so we should try to meet with her.” Does that mean that you don’t have any major gift prospects ? 5 Research-Backed Lessons for Major Gifts.

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Kick-Start Your Major Gifts Program in 5 Easy Steps

Neon CRM

As the giving season approaches, you may be thinking of new ways to raise money for your organization. One-off fundraisers have their time and place, but if you want to truly make an impact, it’s time to start thinking about major gifts. What Are Major Gifts?

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Money Talks: The Latest and Greatest in Online Payment Services

Byte Technology

Wallet allows users to digitally store debit, credit and gift cards; transfer money via email; work from a single card; link the system to all your other Google accounts; and get comprehensive fraud protection. Skrill, a platform to send and receive money and shop online, utilizes an email identification system, and the recipient can then withdraw the money via a card or from their bank account.

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The Major Gifts Advice You Majorly Need

NonProfit Hub

As nonprofiteers, we often focus on the seemingly “attainable” gifts that are less scary than the elephant…major gifts. With the proper expectations, cultivation and approach to making the ask, major gifts are also entirely attainable. Plus, the time and effort you put into making that major gift a success is definitely worth the dollars you can put toward achieving your mission. Asking for major gifts can be, well… majorly scary. One gift.

Turning Low-dollar Fundraisers Into Money Raising Superstars


Have you ever thought to yourself, “ hummm, I wish I could turn my non-fundraising participants or low-dollar fundraisers into money raising superstars! ”? Get their first gift. Received at least one gift, but not reached their goal. Not yet received a gift. I haven’t received any gifts and frankly don’t have the time. Include a sample email and talk about the impact of gifts ( Did you know just raising $25 can provide sick kids with a toy this holiday?).

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4 Keys for Attracting, Hiring and Retaining a Successful Major Gift Team

Connection Cafe

One of the most important hires are those tasked to keep money flowing: the development team. Gift officer departure or dissatisfaction is often tied to the persistence required to secure appointments with not only one donor but often 10 new ones per month.

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Matching Gift Basics—How Does Your Nonprofit Benefit?

NonProfit Hub

Adam Weinger is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub and the President of Double the Donation, a company which provides tools to nonprofits to help them raise more money from corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. _. Matching gift programs. Here is some in-depth, practical information about the benefits of taking advantage of corporate giving programs like matching gifts. Matching Gift Basics. What is a matching gift?

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Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 101

NonProfit Hub

Leaderboards show your top fundraising teams or individual fundraisers based on how much money they’ve raised. On your crowdfunding website, you should specify that: A $100 gift will receive a profile and picture of one of the women in the program. A $500 gift will receive a handmade craft and a personal thank-you letter from one of the women in the program. The post Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 101 appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

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How Do You Hone Your Nonprofit’s Major Donor Portfolio?


If you have a major gift officer, this will be their job. If you do not have the luxury to have one full time person dedicated to major gift fundraising, figure out how much time you do have. That’s because these will be passionate gifts. Donor Cultivation Major Gifts

Donor 95

7 Must-Haves for Major Gift Success

NonProfit Hub

As a fundraising Coach and Consultant, Kathie helps development professionals like you to have your best year yet raising money for your nonprofit’s mission. There is huge potential for impact when you connect your nonprofit organization to individuals with the capacity to make a significant gift. But what does it take to be successful with major gift fundraising? As a start, here are seven must-have tools and tactics for launching a major gifts program at your nonprofit.

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The 10 Biggest In-Person Ask Blunders


For the last three years, I’ve devoted virtually every day to the challenge of training professionals and especially volunteer fundraisers to overcome the fear of asking for gifts for their favorite nonprofits. Donors deserve and actually appreciate being given a gift amount to consider.

How to Send a Nonprofit Appeal and Get Results

Get Fully Funded

Your organization needs money, as all nonprofits do. But what will you spend the money on? What is your pitch for convincing supporters to send you money right now? Or should they be treated differently because of the nature of their gifts?

Raising Money for Universities during COVID-19

Connection Cafe

Changing Higher Ed Episode 43: Raising Money for Universities during COVID with Scott Roberts and Tim Hill . How are they able to raise money? Restricted vs. Unrestricted Gifts. Roberts said 90-95 percent of UConn Foundation’s donor gifts are restricted.

Accounting for Development Gifts

Tech Soup Blog

gifts in the future. Too often, however, nonprofits focus only on getting gifts "in the door," and don’t pay enough attention to how those gifts are actually put to use in the community. Tag every gift with the donor’s designation: When we get a gift that is designated for a specific purpose, we are required to spend the gift for the stated purpose.

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Online Fundraising and 3 Reasons to Start a Recurring Gift Program


Make sure to check out his upcoming webinar where Bill will talk about Making the Most of Recurring Gifts with The Raisers Edge — 2/22/12 @ 2pm ET — Register Now ! The concept of recurring gifts is simple. The average monthly gift ranges from $5 to $50 per month and with low dropout rates, no end date for each recurring gift, and regular appeals to upgrade monthly contributions, the lifetime value of each donor can reach into the thousands.

Gift 159

Are Employee Matching Gift Programs Really Engaging Your Staff?

Givinga Blog

It’s common for companies with corporate philanthropy initiatives to have employee matching gifts programs. Some matching gift programs succeed in increasing employee engagement and making employees feel more connected and proud of their company. These matching gift programs often have a high level of employee participation, personalization, and an emphasis on supporting causes that are important to staff members. They never “see” the money and therefore they don’t miss it.

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Steward those gifts!

Get Fully Funded

Too often, nonprofits get the gift and then move on, forgetting the most important parts of fundraising. A person morally responsible for the careful use of money, time, talents or other resources of a community or group. When your donors know that you are using their gift wisely, they’ll be more likely to want to give again. The first piece is simple – make sure that the donor’s money is spent appropriately and wisely.

Gift 59

Research Friday: The gift

ASU Lodestar Center

It wasn’t simply about throwing money at an international issue - it was about listening to local problems, local solutions, and local thought. I stood in front of this classroom, thinking that I had paid $3,290 of my own money to share what I had (my education and passion) with a society that didn’t seem to care enough to repair a bench, despite having the materials to do so very, very close at hand. posted by. Dianna Schwartz , Public Allies Arizona Alumna. Executive Director.

Give the Gift of TechSoup to Your Favorite Organization

Tech Soup Blog

I'm sure most of us would love to make this kind of generous gift. But, if you’re not in a position to whip out your checkbook and make that size donation, here's the next best thing: Give the gift of TechSoup membership! When we provide donated technology to organizations, nonprofits and libraries benefit in two ways: Money that would have been spent on operating costs is available to support the organization’s mission.

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