Key Findings From the Fundraising Effectiveness Survey: Where Do We Go From Here?

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Last week, our friends at AFP released the 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report. Here are some even more humbling numbers for the smaller non-profits: Organizations raising $500,000 or more had an average 10.4 Organizations raising $100,000 to $500,000 had an average 3.1

6 Reasons Your Organization Should Implement Supporter-Led Campaigns in 2017

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Having an empowered and effective base of grassroots supporters can be the holy grail when it comes to building large social-change campaigns. This model of organization-led campaigning limits what can be accomplished and restricts decisions and activity to campaign staff. .

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4 Ways Religious Organizations Can Talk About Fundraising with Supporters

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As a religious organization , your donors are at the heart of your mission. Yet, far too many religious organizations shy away from talking about fundraising with donors, members and other friends of the organization because they worry that doing so will turn off supporters or otherwise compromise their spiritual mission. Show your donors how giving to your organization is part of being a good and faithful steward.

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use VoIP Effectively


Voice over Internet Protocol is a hot-topic amongst small businesses and nonprofit organizations, because it provides greater utility compared to traditional phones at almost half the cost. However, not all organizations take advantage of the feature-rich phones of the future. The post 8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use VoIP Effectively appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

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2 Proven Ways to Maximize Fundraising Effectiveness


Every nonprofit who relies on fundraising to accomplish their mission looks for more effective ways to raise money and improve donor retention. Fundraising effectiveness is an ongoing, evolving, and challenging reality. Get the full Fundraising Effectiveness Report here.

How to Build Great Organizations for Greater Societal Impact

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The Leap Ambassadors Community is a group of nonprofit leaders who are passionate about “inspiring, motivating and supporting nonprofit and public sector leaders (and their stakeholders) to build great organizations for great societal impact.”.

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10 Simple Fundraising Tips Guaranteed to Improve Effectiveness


Looking to be a more effective fundraiser? If you’re an individual raising money for a cause you care deeply about or a nonprofit organization looking for ways to equip and motivate your supporters to raise money for your fundraising event these tips will give you just what you need.

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5 Features of Effective Email Newsletters

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Imagine a world where every email newsletter you sent out directly impacted the results of your organization. The post 5 Features of Effective Email Newsletters appeared first on John Haydon.

The Top 10 Most Effective Donation Form Optimizations You Can Make

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And depending on your average gift amount, this could equate to a significant increase for your organization. If a supporter has to be taken to a 3rd party website to make a donation to your organization, you stand a higher chance of donation form drop-off. Online giving was up 13.5%

Infographic: 8 Effective Social Media Strategies


Even though social media has been around for several years, many organizations have not adapted a formal social media strategy. Having a social media strategy is important to measuring its impact on your organization and the community you serve.

Predictive Modeling vs. Wealth Screening: Effective Segmentation Programs Require a Healthy Mix

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Or, the incredibly wealthy neighbor who has no interest in supporting the local organization down the street. By marrying both techniques, predictive analytics and the concrete wealth data that many fundraisers crave, you will be positioning your organization well!

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Does Rigorous Data Analysis Thwart Effective Storytelling by Non-Profits?

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Her most controversial point was: “Rigorous data gathering and analysis can get in the way of effective storytelling by non-profits.”. If the latter, they would have enough understanding of the methods that they could find the right data scientist/geek and able to work effectively with them.

Marketing Tools for Your Nonprofit and When They’re Effective

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These could be especially useful if you are a small organization that relies on local support. If you’re a bigger organization with a more sizable budget, don’t be afraid to go beyond the borders of your local community.

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5 Tips for Nonprofits To Host Effective Walking Meetings

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Has your organization hosted a walking meeting? @kanter A walking meeting in progress. Gotta take advantage of these #nyc streets + great weather! cc @ynpnnyc Christopher Chavez (@mr_tumnus) May 2, 2014.

3 Unforgettable Reasons Arts and Cultural Organizations Need Pinterest


Pinterest for Arts and Cultural Organizations, really? So what does all this mean for Arts and Cultural Organizations ? As Arts and Cultural Organizations (museums, zoos, galleries, festivals and foundations), you have so many powerful images to choose from.

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Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out: Using LinkedIn Effectively


You hear a lot of hype about the benefits that Facebook and Twitter can bring to your business, but these social networking sites can often overshadow the even greater potential LinkedIn has for virtually every department within the organization.

Running Effective Virtual #Nonprofit Meetings: 9 Best Practices for Facilitating Engagement

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That’s why I’ve added a new workshop on running and facilitating effective virtual meetings. However, as this word cloud from a recent workshop I did on virtual meetings illustrates, there are many challenges to running effective virtual or hybrid meetings.

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Is Going into Full Effect – Are You Ready?

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The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect July 1, 2014 and is applicable to anyone who sends commercial electronic messages. When this law first came into effect in Canada, it caused widespread panic. This means that if you have an email address in your email house file belonging to a Canadian, even if your nonprofit is based in the U. or any other country outside of Canada, this law applies to you.

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Why Advocacy Organizations Must Keep Sustainers Top of Mind During EOY Fundraising

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Whether your organization feels like your mission will advance or be under attack in 2017, one important area of focus will be revenue. Our whitepaper Sustaining Your Mission can give you tips on how to make sure your sustainer program is effective.

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10 Ways To Segment Donors To Improve Nonprofit Fundraising Effectiveness


Perhaps you organize a youth group, and coordinate quarterly roadside clean-ups as well. Segment your donor list by how they are affiliated with your organization. They could be an individual, a family, corporation, organization, foundation, or government.

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How to Effectively Use an Email Welcome Series to Boost New Donor Acquisition

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We all want to inspire new people to talk to about our organization, and we know that the internet is a great place to start those conversations, but all too often I see organizations having that exact “conversation” with people online. Guest post by Ryan King , Blackbaud’s Sr.

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Create a More Effective Nonprofit Website Using These 2 Simple Suggestions


Effective nonprofit websites don’t exist as boutiques to show off information. From our extensive research and work with nonprofits in creating strategic, impactful websites, we’ve uncovered and organized a list of the top 10 elements of an effective nonprofit website.

How To Train Your Attention and Be Effective When Working Online

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In short, you don’t spend enough time in either mode for your brain to be effective. According to Levitin’s book,” The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload “, brain science dictates that you should chunk your day into project periods.

7 Tips for Running Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings

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If fundraising is the lifeblood of your nonprofit then your board of directors is the heart that keeps the organization moving forward. But for now, they are people and they should be recognized for their contributions both to your organization and in their everyday life.

Using Social Media Effectively and Powerful Tactics Workshop

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Program outcomes: Guidance on developing an effective integrated social media strategy to support your mission. Practical frameworks and guidelines for effectively developing an integrated content strategy and measurement practice. Social Media Master Class.

The Ecosystem of Good: How We’ll Revolutionize Philanthropy

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That would be more than just a ripple effect. What I’m talking about is what we’ve come to call an ecosystem of good – people, organizations and communities coming together in a collaborative system to achieve social impact. It all comes down to the network effect.

The Effectiveness of Celebrity Spokespeople in Social Fundraisers


These social networking platforms coupled with the ability to leverage them for fundraising creates incredible possibilities for both nonprofit organizations and people who want to change the world.

What Does Resiliency Really Mean for Nonprofit Leaders and Their Organizations?

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These three characteristics hold true for resilient organizations as well.…Resilient The World Health Organization identifies workplace stress as the “ global health epidemic of the 21st century.” Reputation and Effective Communications. Flickr Photo by J Ronald Lee.

The Aunt Mabel Effect (a lesson from Digital Leap)


So what is the The Aunt Mable Effect? You, as a nonprofit organization, have Aunt Mabels that support your organization today. Give her the tools to easily and effectively become an ambassador for your organization.

Does Your Organization Have Social Media Guidelines for All Staff?

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One of the basic tenets of my first book with Alison Fine, “ The Networked Nonprofit ,” was that everyone in the organization participates in social media from the executive director on down – not just the “social media person.”

How Do We Measure Nonprofit Effectiveness?


If each nonprofit organization is now creating their own theory of change, and their own outcome and impact measurements, how do we compare those to another nonprofit’s outcome and impact measures? Nell Edgington. President. Social Velocity.

Internal and External Tools that Can Help Your Organization Be More Effective


Internal management systems and tracking tools are integral to keeping an organization well-oiled and effective at what they do. Equally as important are the external systems organizations use to communicate their work to the public. Terri Harel. Cofounder. ImpactFlo. The utilization of technology in the nonprofit world, like in the business world, comes in two pieces: internal and external.

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Reflections from the World Economic Forum: Four Big Trends for Social Good Organizations to Watch

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Social good organizations are embracing the paradigm shift – or risk getting left behind. Social good organizations (nonprofits, foundations, education institutions, etc.) Social good organizations will embrace the new tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The tools powering these revolutionary changes in the corporate space can also be leveraged by social good organizations to drive dramatic shifts in effectiveness, scale and outcomes.

3 Ways You Can Say “My CRM Is Effective”


While a CRM can help organizations accomplish micro-goals, it should ultimately be thought of as a tool that helps nonprofits accomplish goals at the organizational level. How do you tell someone exactly what your CRM is going to accomplish at your organization?

The Moneyball Effect: Using Your Data


Maddie and I were lucky enough to attend a cool event put on by Avectra a few weeks ago, that they called The Moneyball Effect. Experimentation was one of our 12 principles that make up a human organization , as it is undervalued in traditional management.

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Grantmakers for Effective Organizations Conference: What have you learned, Dorothy?

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Because the truth is, it’s a lot easier to declare that one wants to have a “learning organization” than to actually do it. And the development of systems is a challenge, since learning, even when objectives are well-defined, is an organic process.

Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes

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Note From Beth: Many of us don’t value taking the time for intentional learning within our organizations. Being intentional about learning can also help an organization scale effectively. Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes – Guest Post by Kelcie Tacchi.

Time to Redesign: Effective Website Planning


Let’s start with a simple question: Does your organization’s website advance your business goals and make you proud? David Onate. Senior Online Communications and Marketing Manager. African Wildlife Foundation. A website redesign is full of challenges and opportunities. Here's how one nonprofit turned a humble redesign idea into a brand-changing project. If the answer is “yes,” congratulations— you’ve probably worked very hard to get to this point.

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The Five Traits Of An Effective Leader

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I was recently asked, " What five most important traits must a leader have to be effective ?" That means effectively communicating timely and consistent messages during good and bad times. And, hearing from their leaders in person versus e-mail and written memos is even more effective.

Are Nonprofits Using Social Media Effectively?


Organizations like the American Red Cross and the Wilderness Society sure are, but many nonprofits need to do a better job. The most followers that an organization has on Twitter is 840,653 (PBS).but Are nonprofits utilizing social media to engage folks?