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It’s OK If Monthly Donors Start With Low Gift Amounts

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Some donors may only be able to give a nickel per day. If you are patient — and thank them, steward them and engage them — you’ll be able to ask them for extra gifts, special projects and upgrade them to higher levels. Then goes to a dime, to a quarter, to a dollar.

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Ask Donors To Consider a Recurring Donor Advised Fund Gift

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Donor advised funds are all the craze lately. Now is the time to motivate those donors who want to optimize their tax deductions this year to consider a gift from their donor advised fund. But did you know that you can ask donors to consider recurring gifts from their donor advised fund?

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New in EveryAction: expand your fundraising through matching gift integrations with Double the Donation and CyberGrants!


EveryAction, which is becoming Bonterra, is excited to announce two new ways our platform enables nonprofit organizations to maximize fundraising through matching gift programs. We’re announcing a new partnership with Double the Donation , including an integration with 360MatchPro’s automated gift matching platform. The result?

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How to Get Your Ask for a Second Gift Right

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The value of your donors goes up when they donate a second time. Here is some insight on when and how to make your ask for a second gift.

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How to Ask for an Extra Gift From Your Monthly Donors

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Recent donorCentrics Sustainer Benchmarking studies show that some 6% of monthly donors will make at least one extra gift a year when asked, so not asking is definitely leaving money on the table. Here's how to go about it.

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Deck The Halls With Donor Appreciation: Holiday Gifts To Donors


A nonprofit CEO, Dorethea, asks, “ Should I send holidays gifts to donors ?” Well, Dorethea, it depends on what type of gift and which donor segment (small, mid-size, or major givers) you have in mind. It also depends on your previous conversations or donor surveys. What defines a major donor varies.

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How to Show Donors the Impact of Their Donations to Your Nonprofit

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According to the Fidelity Charitable Overcoming Barriers to Giving Report, 65% of donors would give more if they knew the impact of their donations. That’s why supplementing online fundraisers with follow-ups that show the impact of donations is so powerful. Whether with an email or a text message (or even a phone call!),

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