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[Breaking News] An Extraordinary Funding Opportunity For Nonprofits To Preserve Local Journalism


Nonprofits focused on the preservation of local journalism are being called to step up, and many of the country’s largest private foundations have announced $500 million in funding over five years to support them, an extraordinary initiative called Press Forward. What’s the problem? Press Forward seeks to stop and reverse that trend.

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Foundations step up funding to bolster trust in local news 


news organizations, specifically local news outlets, have been rapidly dwindling. The COVID-19 pandemic brought more challenges for the industry, as demand for local news grew but revenue and outlets shrank. MacArthur, and William and Flora Hewlett Foundations have recognized the importance of a vibrant local news ecosystem.

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An Open (Online) Book: What SB 272 Means for California Public Records

Byte Technology

Today, the effects from FOIA continue as state and local entities strive to maintain an openness that would have been unheard of before Johnson’s act. As the bill reads, it would require local government agencies to publish a list of all “information systems” they maintain and catalog the information contained therein.

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How Nonprofits Can Effectively Promote their Online Shop on Instagram and Facebook

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Talia Walsh , Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Heal the Bay – an environmental nonprofit that protects the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles, California. This holiday season, o ne-quarter of consumers plan to shop specifically at a local or small business. .

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8 Nonprofits Championing Environmental Sustainability on Earth Day


Each year, individuals worldwide take the opportunity to do better for our planet with actions such as planting trees, cleaning local communities, and raising awareness for environmental causes through peer-to-peer fundraising pages. The UK will ban new gasoline or diesel car sales by 2030, and California plans to follow .

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VisionLink - Untitled Article


Reconnecting Friends and Family During the chaos and dislocation of the California fires, we are honored to deploy Safe and Well for the American Red Cross. Read here for a local story, and local authorities' request to use Safe and Well, as we all work together to reconnect friends and family.

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Your Local Tech4Good Club Is Ready to Help

Tech Soup

San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night. Los Angeles, California: Digital Inclusion. Covina, California: Monetization of Content. San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night. San Francisco, California: Evening Sustainability Unconference. Las Vegas, Nevada: More Site Visits!

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