Ask a Nonprofit Specialist - Arizona Gives Day

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Is the upcoming Arizona Gives Day a good opportunity to do this? I made my modest gifts, despite living in Arizona, and these, combined with over 88,000 other gifts raised over $20 million in one 24 hour period to support Colorado nonprofit organizations.

Ask a Nonprofit Specialist: What does the repeal of Arizona's solicitation law mean to my nonprofit?

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Question: How have the requirements for charitable solicitation registration in Arizona changed with new legislation? Is this good or bad for nonprofits in Arizona? Do you have questions about starting, governing, managing or operating a nonprofit organization? posted by.

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What are you doing for Arizona Gives Day?

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Arizona Gives Day Nonprofit. Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits. The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and The Arizona Grantmakers Forum have teamed up to do what has never been done before in our state. Not only does Arizona Gives. posted by.

Boosting Arizona's Philanthropic Resources

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Arizona Grantmakers Forum. In my last post , I highlighted the current status of Arizona's philanthropic sector, based on a research report released by Arizona Grantmakers Forum in January 2011. Looking for a different kind of nonprofit conference? posted by.

Research Friday: Current Status of Arizona's Philanthropic Resources

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Arizona Grantmakers Forum. As part of a continuing weekly series, each Friday we invite a nonprofit expert to highlight a research report or study and discuss how it can inform and improve day-to-day nonprofit practice. One never-ending concern for nonprofits is funding.

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Nonprofits Pitch for Big Awards

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posted by Sentari Minor Director of Engagement and Education, Social Venture Partners Arizona Nonprofit leaders know that storytelling is paramount to advancing their organization’s mission.

Research Friday: Arizona’s seniors: The latest profile of volunteering behavior

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continuing weekly series, each Friday we invite a nonprofit scholar, student, or professional to. inform and improve day-to-day nonprofit practice. What about volunteers in Arizona and particularly senior volunteers? posted by Carlton Yoshioka, Ph.D. Professor and Director.

Nonprofit Start-Up Fever Hits the Valley, Sweeps the Nation

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Associate Professor, ASU School of Community Resources & Development Early each semester I graph five years-worth of the number of Arizona nonprofits that gained status as income-tax-exempt under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Mark Hager start-ups starting a nonprofit

Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits

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NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings. This roundup of face-to-face nonprofit tech events includes meetups from NetSquared , NTEN's Tech Clubs , and other awesome organizations. Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum.

Helping Nonprofits Helps You

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A company that is involved with a nonprofit organization, or is active within a charity gains a huge advantage over a company that does not. One businessman that has utilized this strategy to his advantage is Dr. Darren Flowers located in Anthem, Arizona.

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The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

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The process of starting a nonprofit requires a fair amount of savvy and know-how. ” One of the biggest question marks comes up when it’s time to calculate the cost of your nonprofit. We’ve compiled an overview of each state’s associated costs from Harbor Compliance to serve as a helpful stepping stone on the path to starting your own nonprofit organization. Arizona. Arizona state taxes: $12 per license/location.

Research Friday: ASU is an Important Central Hub for Nonprofit Organizations

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Mary McGillicuddy , Nonprofit Leadership. & Management Student, Arizona State University. I've heard that the ASU Lodestar Center gets a ton of calls from nonprofit organizations looking to partner with other organizations. posted by.

Telling Your Story: NetSquared #Storymakers2017 Workshops for Nonprofits

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Effective storytelling means nonprofits can reach more people, touch more hearts, and create bigger impact. TechSoup's NetSquared meetups will bring local nonprofits free digital storytelling workshops in more than 40 cities between August and October.

Get Help in Telling the Story of Your Nonprofit's Impact

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The world is better when nonprofits can better tell their story. This roundup of face-to-face nonprofit tech events includes meetups from NetSquared , NTEN's Tech Clubs , and other awesome organizations. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Facebook Advertising for Nonprofits.

Show Me Your Nonprofit Dashboard!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Imagine that I’m dancing around singing that phrase. I’m looking for good examples (and stories) about nonprofit dashboards, especially ones that support social media decision-making. Nonprofit Dashboards, Guest Post by Jacob Smith. They are also useful for nonprofits.

Ask a Nonprofit Specialist: How do I fill out form 1023?

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Question: I am starting a nonprofit organization, and I need to secure our 501(c)3 status. Think of form 1023 as a report of efforts in forming a nonprofit organization instead of simply a form that needs to be filled out. Contact one of our nonprofit specialists today!

Research Friday: Branding in the nonprofit sector

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continuing series, we invite a nonprofit scholar, student, or professional to. inform and improve day-to-day nonprofit practice. 1 But brand value is just as important in the nonprofit sector as it is in the for-profit sector. posted by. Alex Flores , Teach For America.

Ask a Nonprofit Specialist: Legal protection of control within public charities

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Do you have questions about starting, governing, managing or operating a nonprofit organization? Contact one of our nonprofit specialists today! An example of this type of organization is a private health care provider with a nonprofit arm to serve indigent clients. posted by.

Ask a Nonprofit Specialist - Applying for 501c3 status with new 1023-EZ form

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posted by Anne Byrne , Professional-in-Residence, ASU Lodestar Center Question: I am starting a nonprofit organization and need to apply for 501c3 status. This form is significantly shorter and easier to complete than the regular application, which is a welcome change for aspiring small nonprofit organizations. Read Anne Byrne''s " Ask a Nonprofit Specialist - Arizona Gives Day ". 501c3 Anne Byrne Ask a Nonprofit Specialist IRS

Lights, Camera, Nonprofit Social Media Engagement!

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As a nonprofit, your message is most likely tailored toward a specific cause, whether it’s through news, links, or photos. If you have a news update or link, take or find a photo that fits with your nonprofit’s mission and enhances the update. Isaac Kiehl is the Communication Coordinator at ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth, a Chandler-based nonprofit youth program, manages and all social media channels.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance: AMI 2014 Reflections

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Student seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential from over 40 campuses across the country attend workshops, hear from national leaders and provide the host community with opportunities to learn from student case studies. posted by Lyn McDonough , Program Coordinator Sr.

Diversity recruitment key to nonprofit boards achieving mission

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Boards are the brain trusts of nonprofit organizations, responsible for providing leadership, oversight, expertise, guidance, accountability, vision, fundraising and an invaluable connection to community. But to truly achieve its nonprofit mission, board leadership must be as diverse as the organization’s ever-changing community and clientele – not only in relation to demographics of today but also of tomorrow. What are nonprofit boards doing wrong in recruitment efforts?

Charities are not the only nonprofits on the block

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Yes, 501(c)(3) organizations make up the majority of the nonprofit sector, but there are 29 types of 501(c) organizations. As the Executive Director of the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association, I seemed to be the only inhabitant on the 501(c)(6) island. posted by. Sonja Moseley.

An Alternative to Writing RFPs for Nonprofit Websites and Technology

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Communications Director and Content Strategist Highway Twenty A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a common way nonprofit organizations invite bids for products and services. Unfortunately, when it comes to technology-related RFPs, nonprofit organizations often write inadequate proposals that waste time and money for the nonprofit and the responding vendors. At Highway Twenty, we advise nonprofits to first find the right partner. in English from Arizona State University.

Get Creative! with Nonprofit Social Media

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When starting out with social media as a nonprofit, it can be a tricky and confusing process. Besides a website, the musts of nonprofit social media include a Facebook page and Twitter account. posted by Isaac Kiehl , Communications Coordinator, ICAN.

Wrap Up of Nonprofit Llama Drama


They were all the rage, and some nonprofits ran with it too. If you missed it, let''s quickly recap: Described as the "Bonnie and Clyde of llamas," two llamas broke out of an Arizona retirement home and instigated a high-speed llama chase across the state. The Twittersphere erupted, nonprofits spoke out, and the llamas were on everyone''s radar. The nonprofits who used the llamascade to their advantage tied the incident to their cause.

Sometimes nonprofit social media successes are solely in the execution

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Early on when I was initially involved with nonprofit social media, we planned what was to us a large social media campaign, revolving around the Pepsi Refresh Project. Do you want news, updates, and advice on everything nonprofit-related? medium nonprofits have barriers to overcome.

Effective inbound marketing for nonprofit organizations

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Such an economical move would benefit nonprofit organizations and help focus their budget on their causes instead of their marketing strategies. There's really no distinctive way that nonprofit organizations should use inbound marketing compared to for-profit businesses.

Evolution of Today’s Nonprofit Professional

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Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Whether you were born into it, fell into it or discovered it along your life’s journey, today’s nonprofit professionals follow an evolutionary path much like that of our species. posted by Lyn McDonough , Program Coordinator Sr.

One amazing strategy for marketing your nonprofit

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Well, if your group is full of animal lovers check out your nearby pound or at any of the Arizona Humane Society centers. Read Johann Beishline''s , " Four ways to improve your nonprofit marketing efforts ".

Reflections of a Nonprofit Heart

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At that moment, my nonprofit heart was born. Now, as a middle-aged woman working in the nonprofit sector, I clearly see millions of people working peacefully and tirelessly at local, national, and international levels to make the world a better place for everyone. posted by. Laura L.

Eight marketing tools to effectively communicate your nonprofit’s message

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What most people do not realize is that nonprofit organizations experience similar complications and obstacles that a businesses face. WordPress should definitely be at the top of every nonprofit toolbox. The Nonprofit Marketing Guide (n’est-ce pas). posted by.

How can nonprofit organizations improve accountability to the populations they serve?

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posted by Natalia Winberry Graduate Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. As organizations serving public interests, nonprofits answer to the voices of multiple stakeholders. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 42(6), 1224-1244.

How can nonprofit organizations measure community engagement?

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posted by Shayla Hubbard Project Coordinator, University of Arizona College of Medicine. Nonprofit organizations have the ability to connect and mobilize individuals. By creating opportunities for engagement, the nonprofit sector is responsible for building cohesion and social capital.

Why you want your nonprofit to fail

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posted by Chloe Silva , Program Coordinator ASU Lodestar Center In a society fundamentally rooted in capitalism, how can nonprofits argue their worth when their work cannot be translated into a monetary sum? Increasingly, nonprofit organizations are looking for new ways to measure (and thereby validate) the importance of their work. Despite this, some cutting edge organizations and nonprofit professionals are responding with creative ways to accept and even embrace failure.

Digital storytelling and video buying basics for nonprofits

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I constantly hear from nonprofit organizations struggling with how to effectively leverage the attention of this digitally-immersed audience. Below are some of the primary issues I see from nonprofits when trying to tell their stories through online videos: What? Your nonprofit sells bracelets made by youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods and 100% of the proceeds go to raise awareness about polluted water for endangered species in third-world countries with evil dictatorships.

How Can Nonprofits Make the Most of Overhead Funds?

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It is no secret that nonprofits struggle to make ends meet when it comes to costs that cannot be directly attributed to a specific program. As reported by Knowlton (2016), “…only 7 percent of nonprofits report that foundations always cover the full cost of projects they fund.”.

Four ways to improve your nonprofit marketing efforts

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Marketing doesn''t have to be painful for nonprofit organizations with limited resources. Here are four ways nonprofit organizations can improve their marketing efforts while also spending less money and less time on the issue: Do Your Research. posted by Johann Beishline.

It’s 2013: Where’s your nonprofit’s social media policy?

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Should you change your nonprofit’s Facebook profile image to show support of a hot political issue? Every nonprofit’s policy is going to be different, because every nonprofit has different needs, different audiences, different missions, and different campaign goals.

Nonprofit? Really, is that the best name we can come up with?

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Clearly, to me anyway, the frontrunner is "nonprofit organizations" operating in a "nonprofit sector." The word nonprofit is in the Lodestar Center's full name, it's in my job title, and it's in the name of my professional association. posted by. Mark Hager, Ph.D.

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