Wells Fargo Student Loans


The beauty of private student loans is the ability to have options. This may not be a cup of tea for one student, but to another, it could be just what they need. Therefore, let me take you on a journey of Wells Fargo student loans and what they have to offer you as a student.

PNC Student Loan Review


Now, what you may not know about PNC is that they also offer student loans to graduates and undergraduates across the country, plus they have a refinancing option, for those who want to consolidate their loans. PNC offers up to $44,000 to undergraduates and $65,000 to graduate students.

Discover Student Loans


Discover student loans provide a great back up in case the federal loan you received is unable to cover all of your college fees. For these reasons, they have become a market leader when it comes to private student loans. Features of Discover Student Loans. Private student loan.

College Ave Student Loans


Finding a student loan that is a right fit for you can be quite daunting, especially because there are very many private lending companies today. They offer both refinancing, and private student loans. College Ave student loans are a good fit if. Student loan refinancing.

Online Jobs for College Students


With the recent generation relying entirely on technology, online jobs are some of the best options for a college student. Jobs that will be able to cater for your college expenses and even help you out with your student loans. Oh, College! Who doesn’t love it?

13 Students Graduate ITWorks Fall 2013 Program


ITWorks students graduate December 2013. It’s the December 19 graduation of the Fall 2013 cohort of the Information Technology Workforce Program (“ITWorks”) program. Even on graduation, students had lessons to learn.

VisionLink Helps NAF Students “Be Future Ready”


NAF unveiled their MyNAFTrack program to great applaud in front of 1,500 people during their annual #NAFNext 2015 conference in Anaheim, California yesterday.

UC Santa Cruz Students Volunteering for Impact with Bookshare

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I’m delighted to share with you today a wonderful success story from our Volunteer Program. This means more than 2,300 pages of text and an amazing gift for the 250,000+ Bookshare student members we serve. We’re grateful to Roberto and his students for their wonderful work.

Take the Break: Recruiting College Students for Spring Recess Volunteering

Byte Technology

There was a time when that annual rite of passage known as spring break meant one thing for nearly every college student: the chance to let loose—usually in a warm climate—and party down. Build a Structure Program.

How to Painlessly Pay off your Student Loans


If you are trying to pay off your student loans, you are not alone. trillion student loan debts. According to statistics the amount of student loans grows at the rate of. Now, if you have taken out a student loan, don’t worry, there are ways of paying it back painlessly, and efficiently. In this article, we shall show you simple ways of paying off your student loans while still in college or immediately after graduating. Prolonging your student life for a while.

School Tech: 6 Important Lessons From Maine's Student Laptop Program - Yahoo! News

AFP Blog

School Tech: 6 Important Lessons From Maine's Student Laptop Program - Yahoo! News: "When students at Skowhegan Area Middle School decided to undertake a study of the town's history, they departed from traditional readings and paper writing. They instead made podcasts about historical landmarks that cumulatively produced a walking tour, recorded interviews with town elders and created websites

Yahoo 109

5 Colleges Using Social Media to Boost Student-Alumni Relations


————— Many college students are willingly without a landline, but few are without their social media in the palm of their hand. Because its programs are all online, getting a Penn Foster education involves using social media.

How SMS Helps Keep College Students Healthy

Mobile Commons

One of the big firsts that college students face is learning how to be responsible for their personal wellness. These two factors make text messaging the perfect choice for helping college students take charge of their own well being.

Making the Book Truly Accessible for All Students

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) selected our successful Bookshare library as the provider of accessible materials to every student in the U.S. with a collection of over 126,000 books (and counting) that currently serves more than 148,000 members, including over 143,000 students. Qualifying students, however, represent but a small fraction of those who can benefit from accessible books. million students (15% of the U.S.

Symantec Donation Safeguards Computer Labs for Students

Tech Soup Blog

It later expanded its program to include all at-risk populations, including displaced adults, as a means to better help the community. The nonprofit provides flexible and relevant programs that are accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Why Journalism Students Need a Baseline Understanding of Coding | Mediashift | PBS

AFP Blog

Why Journalism Students Need a Baseline Understanding of Coding | Mediashift | PBS : ". If we don’t expose our students to this — students we want to lead the next generation of journalism and communication — we are doing them a disservice. In fact, it would be smart for universities to add a general coding class to the core curriculum required of students in all fields. For journalism and mass communication programs, it’s essential." ''via Blog this

Lawsuit over denying access to a student with learning disabilities

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

That's why it's painful to hear about disputes over denying students with very real print disabilities access to these resources. We’ve already made a huge difference in the area of software for students with disabilities and for human rights and environmental organizations. Our largest single funder is the Office of Special Education Programs of the U.S. million per year to provide accessible book services to students with qualifying print disabilities nationwide.

5 Steps to Running a Campus Voter Registration Program


For universities searching for ways to both grow students' engagement on campus and develop their education and participation as active citizens, voter registration programs have become an increasingly popular activity. Use voter data to target students and track your impact.

ASU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Students Took AMI By Storm

ASU Lodestar Center

by Anne Kotleba, Program Coordinator, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Twenty-two students from the ASU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association joined hundreds of the brightest future nonprofit professionals from 33 campuses across the country.

3 Ways to Recruit College Students for Spring Break Volunteering

NonProfit Hub

Despite their blossoming independence, college students like to travel in packs. You could even get specific into their majors—for example, if you have some graphic designers or architecture students, you could have them work on an infographic for the week.

Utilizing Analytics to Upgrade Your Annual Program

Connection Cafe

Whether or not you did an internal or externally-procured predictive analytics endeavor, the same issue comes up time and again: How can I utilize this to upgrade donors and increase my annual giving program? Let’s say you just starting looking at the results of an analytics project.

Using Data to Develop Your Alumni Engagement Program: Lessons from UCLA

Connection Cafe

How do you engage with former students beyond asking them for money? Alumni engagement is particularly important right now as advancement offices accommodate the effects student debt has on alumni philanthropic capacity. We were lacking programming for older alumni.

Lesson 130

Betsy Beaumon on Benetech's Literacy Program

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The Year That Was and the New Year Ahead Guest Beneblog by Betsy Beaumon, Benetech's VP and General Manager of the Literacy Program 2012 was a year of titanic shifts in the fields of consumer technology, education, and publishing, along with the requisite challenges brought about by such rapid change. One of the biggest changes to Bookshare in the last ten years has been in the area of education, through funding from the Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

Benetech’s New Image Description Tool Improves Accessibility of Graphical Content for Students with Print Disabilities

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This week, Benetech’s DIAGRAM Center has announced the release of an open source web application for creating and editing crowdsourced image descriptions in books used by students with print disabilities. The Poet application developed by DIAGRAM helps level the playing field by making otherwise inaccessible graphic content available for students and other readers who cannot read traditional books.

Fostering User Adoption in your Learning Program


Fostering User Adoption in your Learning Program. Successful implementations hinge on how well the user base accepts the new program and what is has to offer. Inform Users of the Changes they will experience in the new program.

Adopt 75

Coaching in your Learning and Development Program


The Role of Coaching in your Learning and Development Program. Your great learning program could be even greater with just a little coaching. Let the students interact with each other on what they have learned.

Ally Shares Her Experience in Program

ASU Lodestar Center

As the Program Coordinator, I created the curriculum for four of the seven programs: Swift After School, Club Swift, Swift Saturday and Club Swift Jr. Club Swift is an after-school program for teens in North Phoenix. posted by Niamey Thomas Class 12 Public Ally.

Niger 52

BiGTech India Connects Nonprofits with IT Students

Tech Soup Blog

To celebrate, TechSoup's partner in India, BiGTech , held the Find an IT Partner event in Mumbai to connect local nonprofits with IT students. The event was hosted by the Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT), giving the IT students at the school a chance to hone their professional skills in a real work environment. The students then divided into teams based on their interest in the projects.

India 42

Why Your Membership Program Isn’t Resonating with Millennials (And What You Can Do About It)

Connection Cafe

Donor recognition (such as name listed in your program or on a donor recognition wall). Did your donation dollars allow schools to bring students to your educational programming for free last year?

Anonymous SMS Program Allows Teens to Report Bullying at Schools

Mobile Commons

That’s why a Baltimore-based program called Text 2 Stop It allows students to anonymously report bullying through a simple text message. Text 2 Stop It is a program that allows students to anonymously report bullying at their school.

Teen 77

Facebook, Nonprofits, and Youth Programs: Safety and Privacy Issues

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Earlier this week, I met Beatric Ramos who does social media for Alum Rock Counseling, an organization that works with youth on a range of counseling and mentoring programs.

Issue 132

Graduating Ally Finds New Direction Through Program

ASU Lodestar Center

Many people I met through my undergraduate program were competitive and seemed obsessed with putting their personal success above everything else. Starting the program, like most beginnings, was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. posted by Cierra Hughes Class 12 Public Ally.

Graduating Ally Shares Experience in Program

ASU Lodestar Center

Many people I met through my undergraduate program were competitive and seemed obsessed with putting their personal success above everything else. Starting the program, like most beginnings, was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. posted by Cierra Hughes Class 12 Public Ally.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) is a capstone experience for students seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. The program also features sessions on enhancing management and leadership skills for advancement professionals of diverse backgrounds.

Why Your Membership Program Isn’t Resonating with Millennials (And What You Can Do About It)

Connection Cafe

Donor recognition (such as name listed in your program or on a donor recognition wall). Did your donation dollars allow schools to bring students to your educational programming for free last year? Stick to telling that story in your campaign mailings, and stay away from the pictures of galas and promises of program recognition.

Text STUDENT to 22555 For Reminders About Education Deadlines

Mobile Commons

A new mobile reminder program from Union Plus is opening up educational opportunities to union families by helping them meet education deadlines. Now union families can text “STUDENT” to 22555 to get convenient reminders of all these due dates – a week before they occur, so there’s plenty of time to meet them. These days, getting in to school and getting financial aid means jumping through many hoops – FAFSA applications, SAT sign-up, GRE registration, and more.

Come Work With Us at MAH as School Programs Coordinator

Museum 2.0

We are hiring for a School Programs Coordinator to wrangle the 3,500+ students and their teachers who come to the museum every year for a tour and hands-on experience in our art and history exhibitions. What kinds of programs should we consider providing for these groups?

Free Student Activism Training

Have Fun - Do Good

Got an email today advertising a free one-week training for student activists put on by Greenpeace and Seventh Generation called Change It 2006. If you know any young people who might benefit from this program, tell them to get on it, the deadline is April 30th. Oh to be 18-24 again!

Guest Post: Community and Civic Engagement in Museum Programs

Museum 2.0

Since then, Stacey has become an indispensable member of our staff, leading our community programs and inspiring us to think in new ways about how we can build social capital in our community. I chose to focus my thesis on Community and Civic Engagement in Museum Programs.

Higher Education and the Mobile Revolution: How Texts Make Better Schools and Students

Mobile Commons

College campuses nationwide are joining the mobile revolution as they realize that it is the best way to reach their students. Make a phone call and a student is unlikely to answer. But send a text, and there’s a 99% chance a student will read it. Many college students don’t even know where to pick up their mail! But send a text, and a student will be 40 times more likely to respond to you than if they received an email. Texting Makes Better Students.

Help High School Graduates Attend College with Summer Text Message Programs

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In recent years, educators have witnessed a growing phenomenon called “summer melt,” where high school students who have been accepted to college fail to matriculate in a school in the fall semester following graduation.

11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Through HHF’s award-winning LOFT leadership and workforce development program, tens of thousands of students and young professionals are connected to each other and to mentors and resources.

SMS Thought Leadership Series: How to Structure Tone and Content for Text Message Intervention Programs

Mobile Commons

Several studies are now focusing on pinpointing the best way to design text messaging programs to achieve better outcomes. The messages were sent to two groups of community college students aged 18 to 22. Dr. Brock’s study found that before the study began, students experienced 9.45