Amazing Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Harvey


Using Visionlink's proprietary API Builder, National VOAD and the American Red Cross built a truly innovative solution to connect two systems to coordinate financial assistance. Visionlink is proud to support the work of National VOAD's Project Comeback in Texas with our multi-agency Disaster Case Management solution, helping more than 700 case managers from 14 nonprofit partners assist more than 12,000 households.

Visionlink’s Volunteer Registry Deployed for Hurricanes Harvey & Irma


Thousands of volunteers have offered to assist in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We are honored that Visionlink, as a corporate partner, has been able to open access to the unaffiliated volunteer system to National VOAD and Volunteer Florida member organizations. Due to the ongoing uncertainty of Hurricane Irma, other states will be added as necessary. This system provides several powerful functions: 1.


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Geo-Tagged Map Shows Impact of Hurricane Joaquin in Real Time


Map illustrates damage reports as hurricane hits North Carolina. 5, 2015— VisionLink , a community inspired software and consulting company, has developed a free, shareable, real-time, geo-tagged map depicting actual damage reports produced by Hurricane Joaquin. The goal is to provide the public, media outlets and participating organizations with locally vetted information about the hurricane’s impact from those living in the storm's path.

NYC leverages social media to map evacuation info for Hurricane Sandy | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs

AFP Blog

NYC leverages social media to map evacuation info for Hurricane Sandy | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs : The City of New York utilized its Open Data platform to help residents deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The effort, which is part of the Digital Road Map the City launched last year, integrates geographic information systems (GIS), social media and other private and public assets to inform New Yorkers about the dangers posed by the storm.

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AFP: MySpace links users to US hurricane emergency alerts

AFP Blog

AFP: MySpace links users to US hurricane emergency alerts: "NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AFP) — In what is heralded as the seeds of an Internet-age emergency broadcast system, MySpace has teamed with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to spread news on hurricanes through users of the online social network.As Hurricane Gustav blasted the US Gulf Coast early this week, DHS officials telephoned.

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » Jewish Response to New Orleans


Home • About Us Mission Team News Partners Careers • Services Overview Interactive Marketing Video Web Design and Development • Clients Clients List Client Login • Resources Overview Events YouTube for Nonprofits Guide to Online Video Video FAQs Our Blog • Contact POSTED BY Michael Hoffman OCT 29, 2007 Jewish Response to New Orleans American Jews, like Americans generally, opened their hearts and wallets to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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Lessons from 2019 to maximize future disaster giving decisions


Putting this best practice into action, in 2019—two years after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico—the Amgen Foundation awarded $257,500 to the University of Puerto Rico for rebuilding efforts. . Funding community organizing efforts can activate and engage residents to change those systems.

Earth Day 2021: Climate Impacts Everything

Media Cause

Although COVID halted travel and slowed down our manufacturing, climate change continued to fuel raging wildfires and an endless hurricane season. It is part of the design of systems that were built on racism.

Free South Carolina Disaster Home Cleanup Hotline Available Now


During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, VisionLink became the nation's system of record for millions of people and thousands of shelters. Call 1-800-451-1954 for free help from local relief agencies BOULDER, Colo. –

Nonprofit Technology Planning for Disasters (and Turnover)

John Kenyon

Every year we face natural disasters from fires to hurricanes to earthquakes to tornadoes and flooding. Have documentation of all major systems (includes physical networks, computer networks, servers, workstations peripherals, routers including firewalls, all online systems).

How Technology Helped Zero to Three + Harold Grinspoon Foundation Through A Crisis

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We’re located in the northeast, so we have blizzards, hurricanes…our office was actually taken out by a tornado at one point.”

Reinventing Our Battered World through Kindness and Curiosity

Social Velocity

In his career journey but also in his personal life, what James is truly about is shifting our Western, capitalist financial system from an extractive and dehumanizing one to one that invests in a more equitable world. Let’s draw a new system….You

To pay by phone, push “G” | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

That is, a system that’s good for consumers, small businesses and non-profits, rather than a cash cow for telecommunications companies (which I suppose answers my question). Google’s GPay patent application reveals possible plans for a system that would allow people to buy things or pay each other by SMS. The GPay patent filing describes a system where a user sends a text message to Google that gives details of a payment to a specified payee.

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Philanthropy Cloud Adds New Volunteer Management Capabilities for National Volunteer Week

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The effort would not have been possible without the scale and robust capabilities of a volunteering system that could handle the demand. . By: Melissa Hill-Dees, Founding Partner of HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions.

2-1-1 Disaster Shelter Resources


Then consider connecting to the National Shelter System to have information about disaster shelters at your finger tips, and for those you serve. You can have an account on the National Shelter System, or have access to the XML open shelters data feed. You can use this data feed to drive information in your resource system, to display on maps and more. Here''s to only moderate damage from Hurricane Irene. Operating a 2-1-1 call center? Information and Referral?

My Organization is in “the cloud”! – What does that mean?

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Because moving data and software systems into the cloud changes an organization’s technology risk profile, but it doesn’t eliminate risk. So recognize this: any software system that you access over the Internet is exposed to security risk from hackers. Any system sitting on a server – or data sitting on a laptop – in your office is exposed to the risk of physical theft.

Beyond Survival: Post-Disruption Nonprofit Digital Strategy


Did your external messaging shift to embrace issues of diversity, inclusion, and systemic equality ? This is the first post in a 3-part series. Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3. .

Radical Collaboration is Our Best Chance to Fight Climate Change

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And we’ve watched helplessly as hurricanes and tropical storms have intensified in frequency and strength. Patagonia Provisions had to be built on rethinking our food supply chain, rethinking our food system, and understanding the impact of this system on people and the planet.

Preparing For Irene - Shelter View App


Preparing for Hurricane Irene? b) Take your web browser to [link] and you can see most of the same information about shelters, capacity, driving directions and more from the National Shelter System, also deployed on VisionLink''s CommunityOS platform. Be sure to keep up to date with Disaster Shelter information from the American Red Cross. Two options: a) If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, go to the App Store and search for "Shelter View."

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Tech Policies for Virtual Teams: A Leader’s Responsibility

Non Profit Quarterly

If you don’t have a true collaboration system in place already, it just it begs for people to go out and get and look and evaluate other tools. And before you know it, there are so many different file-sharing systems, and so many different…for example, marketing solutions and things like that.

5 Ways Libraries Support Disaster Relief and Recovery

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A "disaster" doesn't necessarily have to mean a fire, earthquake, hurricane, or other natural occurrence. The Rockaways, in the borough of Queens, was one of the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Sandy. When Laurence Copel moved to New Orleans in 2010, the city was still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. The school system had one of the worst high school dropout rates in the nation and a high level of crime per capita.

VisionLink iPhone App Makes Top Ten List


The impacted area from Hurricane Irene was larger than the European continent. The Shelter View App receives it''s information directly from the National Shelter System, deployed by VisionLink on its CommunityOS platform. The Shelter View iPhone App, contributed by VisionLink to the American Red Cross, ranked in the top ten free utilities this weekend on the iTunes Store. The Red Cross opened more than 500 shelters, providing local assistance across the entire eastern seaboard.

The Single Most Important Thing to Prepare for Disasters

Tech Soup Blog

On this 10th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, we polled a variety of smart NPtech cognoscenti on the single most important thing charities need to do to prepare for a disaster. The Red Cross has excellent free mobile apps that are specific to first aid, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other disaster cases. Then the key disaster preparedness concern becomes communication, not system and data preservation.

Introducing the 2021 Classy Awards Leadership Council


Brings a strategic focus on addressing the policies and systems that perpetuate global poverty .

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COVID-related National Service cannot just be gap year for privileged youth

ASU Lodestar Center

America has a long and rich history of national service, often turning to it as a powerful lever in times of crisis, as it did after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the Great Recession of 2008. posted by Jaime Ernesto Uzeta, CEO, Public Allies. First published on

10 Things to Know When Moving To A More ?Capable Software Platform


Most importantly, you are looking for a system architecture that allows some partners to work completely privately, some collaboratively, and some fully integrated--and these options need to be concurrently deployable. In other words, what percentage of the time will the system be online and ready for use? At 99%, the system can be down 7 hours a month! Note that moving from one system to another forces a key decision about your data.

Mapping for Impact: This Week's Free TechSoup Webinar

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Pacific time , Mapping Your Impact: A Case from Humanitarian Assistance , Andrew Schroeder of Direct Relief International will show just how far geographic information systems (more commonly referred to as GIS) have come in helping nonprofit organizations like his deploy aid to those in need. They're also currently involved in a very recent disaster relief effort from Hurricane Isaac. This blog post was authored by Dawn Krause, who will be facilitating this week's webinar.

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Philgorithms: Two Examples of Data Mapping to Guide Donor Decisions

Beth Kanter

The technology helps donors make investments that yield the highest impact or strategic system change. Davies predicts that once these systems are fully enabled, they will change the way people invest in social change. . Pre-pandemic, philanthropic advising was squarely in the embryonic stage, but the pandemic has accelerated the development of these systems.

Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

Amy Sample Ward

Another direct content example is that of the number of websites that emerged post-Hurricane Katrina. The system had three components: The Image Tagger — Volunteers sort through news photos coming out of Haiti and categorize (tag) them with keywords like “adult, child, alive, deceased.” The Matcher — They’ve engineered a system that matches faces of missing people to faces in news photos that we’ve sorted with the image tagger above.

Chuck Patch is not dead!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Chuck Patch , Director of Systems at Historic New Orleans Collection, and has been the leader of the Museums Computer Network group. With the recent devastation from Hurricane Katrina, we send out our well wishes to all of the staff at the Collection to pray that they are okay and that New Orleans will return to normality soon. He recent post to the list was: "Chuck Patch is not dead!" " He is in Philadelphia!

The NPTech Response to Japan


In 2005, that changed: when Hurricane Katrina hit, technology for disaster response made the leap from field workers to those affected. If a group of volunteers could organize an ad-hoc database of survivors in under a week, then surely the disaster response community could set up systems to share data about their work to make collaboration more prolific and decrease duplication of efforts.

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How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact

Twenti - Digital Marketing For Nonprofits

If we go higher than this, we are looking at huge rises in sea levels, complete collapse of ocean ecosystems and more and more unpredictable extreme weather events like hurricanes and tsunamis. How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact. by Zoe Allen.

Leaders in Nonprofit Technology: David Geilhufe

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David got really involved in nonprofit database work just after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. After the hurricane displaced hundreds of thousands of people, online survivor registries began appearing on multiple websites. NetSuite TribeHR , a cloud-based Human Resources Information System, is also available through the TechSoup donation program. Given David's expertise in nonprofit CRM systems, I asked him what he thought made CRM implementations successful.

7 Tips for Quick Response During a Time of Need

Tech Soup Blog

Remember, though, that your systems must be set up to clearly designate where the money is going, or your organization will not be able to fulfill the donor intent, which can also lead to problems. Visit other TechSoup resources about responding to disasters , like this week's Hurricane Sandy, and share your tips in the comments below. Nicole McGougan is a public relations associate at Blackbaud.

[VIDEO] Best Practices for Recurring Donor Acquisition


I mean, we’re used to hurricanes, tornadoes, you know, fires, wildfires. Your systems can handle recurring gifts, whatever system you have. again, you can use your chat and see what systems are you using. There’s so many, many systems out there.

Alexandra Rampy, Guest Post: The Cool Factor About Mobile

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Objective : Implement an emergency notification system for all the University campus community. Cool Factor : Campus Alert System. Across the country, universities and colleges are implementing emergency alert systems through mobile and email technology to prevent another Virginia Tech tragedy. It’ll be interesting to see how other systems and institutions implement a similar strategy. *. Courtesy of Alexandra Rampy, publisher of SocialButterfly Mobile.

Nonprofit Software Development Summit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here's a description that Teresa sent me: It has been over two years since the Indian Ocean tsunami, and 16 months since Hurricane Katrina. Are mapping and geographic information systems possible and affordable? * Teresa Crawford (a Dirk Award Winner in 2002) is working with Humaninet to develop the vertical track on Disaster Management/Humanitarian Assistance at the Nonprofit Software Development Summit. You can find out more about Humaninet here.

Free Webinar: Introduction to GIS Software and ESRI ArcView

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are tools that specialize in helping you understand and visualize large amounts of data. For example, the image here is a map showing hurricane impact on the Gulf Coast from 1850 - 2005. If you're anything like me, you can spend hours staring at a beautiful, well-designed map. An old acquaintance of mine decorated his house with framed maps of the various states he'd lived in.

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See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » Katrina – Two Years Later


For everything that this administration will be remembered for, and we don’t have to go down the list, the response to Hurricane Katrina will surely be near the top of the list. Can you imagine that debris hasn’t even been cleared, two years after the hurricane? Blogroll (C)Systems AVC Beth’s Blog Christine Herron Deborah Elizabeth Finn Donordigital Emily’s World Getting Attention Gift Hub Philanthromedia Social Edge TechSoup © Copyright 2010 See3.

Budgeting for Your Company’s Matching Gifts Program

Connection Cafe

Once you have a few months’ worth of data, you can use a reporting system to support the growth of your program. I often use monthly and year-over-year comparisons, which helps me identify more active times of the year (like hurricane season, #GivingTuesday, or the holidays). At Blackbaud, we take a unique approach to our employee matching gift program, one that is popular amongst other corporate giving programs.

General IT Safety Tips for Disaster Recovery

Tech Soup Blog

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Computers you don’t want to lose should have a short-term power backup system or uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which also provide isolation. The following is an excerpt on recovering hardware and IT equipment after a disaster from TechSoup's Disaster Planning and Recovery Guide , currently being updated with additional content and formats.

Why Building Resilient Networks Matter

Beth Kanter

As Hurricane Sandy was barreling up the Atlantic coast of the United States, a husband and wife in their early 90s, frail of body and mind though resolute (some would say stubborn) of spirit, finally gave in to the pleadings of their family. But when that system failed too, I realized I had not bothered to get the street address of where they would be. Hurricane Sandy caused over 100 deaths in 10 states and left more people in the dark than any other storm in United States history.

Preparing for the Next Disaster: The Future of #crisisdata


" Macon Phillips, special assistant to the President and director of new media for the White House, was a volunteer during Hurricane Katrina. Multiple organizations and systems were having trouble coordinating and sharing information. In the five years since Hurricane Katrina, social media has exploded, and its potential for use in crises was clear after the Haiti earthquake. By Wendy Harman, Social Media Director, American Red Cross.