Life after Common Ground: Part 2 – Click & Pledge

Judi Sohn

I started this series by talking about the Nonprofit Starter Pack , now I’m going to focus on Click & Pledge. Click & Pledge isn’t just a Salesforce application, it’s a platform. Click & Pledge lets an organization do semi-automatic matching.

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Taking Major Gifts Online: Tactics for Going Digital

Connection Cafe

Like many organizations, we worked in silos and the Director of Major Gifts wanted nothing to do with online strategy because it wouldn’t count towards her goal. Depending on your technology, you can set up a donation form to enable donors to make pledges.

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Introducing Apsona batch gift entry for the Nonprofit Starter Pack

Judi Sohn

At KELL Partners , we couldn’t migrate them to a NPSP-based solution without a decent batch gift entry solution. You have to match those gifts to existing donors or create new ones if they don’t exist.

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7 Must-Haves for Major Gift Success

NonProfit Hub

There is huge potential for impact when you connect your nonprofit organization to individuals with the capacity to make a significant gift. But what does it take to be successful with major gift fundraising? Gift Acceptance Policy. Major Gifts Committee.

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Identify, Track, and Analyze Gifts with New Grants Management on EveryAction


Organizations need a structured and effective way of following their grants throughout the grant's lifecycle so they can easily manage this very important revenue stream and track these funds in the same place as major gifts and other sources of revenue. Many nonprofits receive anywhere from 10-90% of their revenue from foundation grants. These contributions are typically high dollar grant awards that come from foundations, corporations, or the government.

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A View From the Other Side of the Table

Connection Cafe

Readers of this blog may recall that I recently mused about needing to get an Annual Fund pledge in before Creighton’s June 30 fiscal year-end. The gift officer noted its longevity, while I mildly joked about its somewhat paltry level. I would love to hear your gift upgrade stories.

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$100,000 in Three Days: An Interview about #TeamAutism

Amy Sample Ward

Samsung pledged to contribute up to $100,000 through this social action challenge, providing a donation of $5 to the Dan Marino Foundation each time someone pledged their support of autism awareness by sharing an infographic with their Facebook friends or sending a tweet with the hashtag, #teamautism. It’s like the idea of second gifts. Someone makes a gift, they get a thank you and then they make a second gift because they were impressed with the thank you.

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more. Donors can send eCards and make tribute gifts.

NOZA Announced Gift Alerts

Tech Soup Blog

Our donor partner NOZA is now offering Announced Gift Alerts , a weekly email digest of new and newsworthy major gifts and pledges to nonprofit organizations. Check out a preview at the Nozasearch Blog , and sign up here if you'd like to begin receiving updates!

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Are you getting the most out of your matching gifts? Guest post by Stephen Hafner

Connection Cafe

Stephen shares some insight and ideas - and an offer - around matching gifts. While they give billions of dollars during the season, they often forget or neglect to take advantage of matching gift programs. According to the Council for Aid to Education's 2008 Voluntary Support of Education Survey , matching gifts as a percentage of corporate giving totaled $175 million in 2008, up $6 million from the previous year. It’s not hard to see why matching gifts are so popular.

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Making Giving Fun: Case Study from Oxfam

Amy Sample Ward

It’s the time of year again when organizations, large and small, try to break out the holiday wishes, stories, and campaigns to get one last donation, one last gift and one last pledge in before the new year.

In this post we’ll look at renewing major donors, and how to follow up on pledges that have been made by donors, but for which payment has not yet been received. If a new or recurring donor commits to give, we record the pledge as one of the last steps in the ask process.

Life after Common Ground: Part 1 – Nonprofit Starter Pack

Judi Sohn

I’ll highlight what should make you smile in Nonprofit Starter Pack , Causeview , Click & Pledge , Soapbox Engage , Conga Composer , Apsona , Volunteers , and more if I can. One of my favorite features of the Nonprofit Starter Pack is how it handles gift payments. True confessions: I never liked the way Common Ground handled Pledges and Recurring Gifts. Common Ground defined a pledge as a repeating gift with a fixed number of payments and end date.

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Maximizing Lifetime Value Part 1

Connection Cafe

You probably already know, but it bears some discussion of terminology since there are many gifts that fall under the broad designation of "recurring giving.". Their gift has no end date, and it could be monthly, quarterly, or annual. are asking for a pledge vs. an open-ended gift.

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Starting a Recurring Giving Program: Tips from the Major Hospital Foundation

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Simply put, recurring giving is making smaller gifts on a regular basis, maybe monthly or quarterly, that add up to a larger gift than a person could usually make all at once. The Major Women’s Alliance, or MWA, has about 115 members who make annual gifts in various amounts.

Twitter As Gift Community: Cambodia Bloggers Summit Campaign - $552 to go.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I felt like an NPR station during a pledge drive, and except that I asking people to donate the mugs too. Heading down the home stretch. but wanted to share a few learnings re: personal fundraising. For this campaign, I haven't sent out any "email blasts" - except for one to the video blogging community list. This campaign is mostly being run off of my blog, personal emails, a little Facebook and mostly Twitter. Twitter as a fundraising tool?!? So far, twitter has been great.

When it comes to prospecting for new donors and gifts, they work out of their email and an excel spreadsheet or two. Part of my work with customers has been educating them the process for dealing with potential gifts. The potential gift becomes a hook to hang relevant information.

How to Reconcile GAAP and Non-GAAP Results

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Do your development partners count conditional pledges? How do you explain the discount rate on multi-year pledges? The top of the schedule listed all GAAP revenue – pledges, cash gifts, non-cash gifts and irrevocable trusts.

P2P: It’s All About That Bass…Or Base?

Connection Cafe

Having people make a pledge or a commitment in advance increases the likelihood that they’ll return. Be sure to remind them of their pledge when you’re asking them to come back!

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5 Strategies to Implementing a Successful Employee Giving Campaign

Connection Cafe

Gone are the days of just sending out pledge forms in interoffice mail and expecting people to respond. The main responsibility of the Champions is to track the pledge forms to employees and make sure they receive a form back from every staff member on their teams.

This time it was his comments about prospecting gifts and how he models pledges. After a day of thinking about it, here’s how I understand the process: A pledge is really just a stage in the receipt of a gift. When a gift gets to the pledge stage it can turn into money in the bank in two ways: the donor could write a single check for the whole amount, or the donor could agree to make installment payments that add up to the full amount of the pledge.

Life after Common Ground: Part 3 – Causeview

Judi Sohn

Previously, I highlighted favorite features in Nonprofit Starter Pack and Click & Pledge , now I’m going to talk about my favorite feature in Causeview. Then the organization attaches their gifts to either Appeals, or maybe Events.

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3 Annual Giving Strategies for 2019 

Connection Cafe

donor renews her gift for $500 more than last?year, pledge?than on the anniversary of their last gift. . of all repeat donors in 2017 made gifts within one month?on of their gift anniversary.?? . from this “anniversary gift” rule.

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Your 4-Step Recipe for Donor Prospecting Success

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Here are the four most effective ways prospect researchers can contribute more donors and dollars: 1. Make more accurate gift capacity estimates. Gift capacity is a sensitive subject—you can’t work with major donors without having a few missed estimates.

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Giving Tuesday: Steps to Create a Stellar Campaign

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Is your campaign simply about raising money, or are there actions you want your supporters to take like donate clothing, sign a petition, or make a pledge? Will there be matching gifts? Matching Gifts. Your Gift Today Gives More. We have a gift for you.

It’s Time to Go Beyond the Usual Suspects in Planned Giving

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Once the older, high-net-worth individuals with a history of donating to an organization have been identified, focus and build relationships with them before making an ask for a bequest or a blended gift.

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Did Facebook Just Change the Game for P2P Fundraising (Again)?

Connection Cafe

Paper pledge forms were compelling enough to drive donations back in the P2P olden days. Instead of directing donors to paper pledge forms, fundraisers were now able to direct them to a website.

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10 Ways Hospital Foundations Can Use Giving Tuesday to Enhance End-of-Year Giving

Connection Cafe

Have them sign a pledge : This is a GREAT time of year to ask your community to pledge to eat healthy this holiday season or to start out healthy in January. . Email match campaign : Run a 24-hour match campaign with either one or multiple matching gifts per individual donation. .

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Quieting a Ticking Clock

Connection Cafe

A gift received on July 1 won’t help you make this year’s Annual Fund goal. Many a prospect has gone unsolicited when “pulled” from Annual Giving mailings because a gift officer planned to personally solicit him or her. Finally, make calls to individuals with unpaid pledges.

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Life after Common Ground: Part 5 – Conga Composer

Judi Sohn

Previously, I highlighted favorite features in Nonprofit Starter Pack , Click & Pledge , Causeview and Soapbox Engage now I’m going to talk about my favorite parts of Appextremes Conga Composer.

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Kick-Start Fundraising in 2012

Connection Cafe

Promote a sustainer or pledge giving program If they made a gift to you toward the end of the year when donors are typically very selective about the charities they support, then it’s likely that your recent holiday supporters are inclined to be loyal to you this year. Sustaining and pledge donors are important because they typically renew at rates 10-12% higher than single-gift donors. Author: Jennifer Atkins. Are you still reeling from the holidays?

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Making the Most Difficult Ask—Legacy Giving

NonProfit Hub

However, if you don’t have conversations with your donors about leaving legacy gifts, your nonprofit could miss out on an extra avenue to support your mission. Thanks for the $20 gift. Be open about the financial model and what a legacy gift will mean to you.

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How to Use CRM + Donor Management Software to Talk to Anyone


Oscar One-Off Donor Susan Sustainer Marta Major Gifts Vince Volunteer Malik Millennial + Nellie Newbie Eddie Engager + Emma Event Attendee Luna Lapsed Donor. With that information, you can then make a tailored ask to turn that occasional gift into a monthly or weekly one.

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Mobile Fundraising: A Complete Overview — Pt. 2 of 3

NonProfit Hub

Make pledges more simple. Once upon a time, pledges had to be made through the mail, in person, or over the phone. Now pledges can be made anywhere at any time with mobile devices. Your donors can pledge in an instant! #4.

Let’s Get Personal: How to Ask P2P Participants to Make a Donation

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Stop calling participant donations “self donations” Outside of the world of professional fundraising, people have no idea what “self donation”, “self gift”, or “self pledge” means.

Accidental Giver or Loyal Supporter

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Only the first $10 donation was processed and then the next month my additional gifts immediately started failing. So, rather than donating the intended $120 a year to this organization (until I told them I was no longer interested), my gift that year totaled $10.

Write Better Fundraising Appeals by Implementing One of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principals of Persuasion

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Fundraising tip : Find a way to include a gift or token of appreciation prior to (best case) or in (second best) your next fundraising letter. After they do that, be sure to cultivate them further and ask them to pledge support to your organization in some other small way.

9 Social Media for Social Good Sites You Should know About


Essentially you can set up a page that allows you to fundraise by asking people to donate money in support of the cause you care about instead of buying you a gift. This takes the concept of pledging your financial support to a whole new “social&# level.

Nothing for Nothing: Kickstarter vs. IndieGoGo


You post your project, along with your goal, and a timeframe, and the community pledges money. Typically the projects will offer little rewards or thank-you gifts to donors, depending on how much is pledged ($1, $10, $50, and so on). While being generally annoying, this policy does light a fire under your supporters to actually pledge, spread it to their friends, and maybe be a little more generous than they would otherwise be.

No More Excuses—You Need to Call Every New Donor

NonProfit Hub

It’s true that different gift levels should trigger different types of responses. According to Tom Ahern , first-time donors who get a personal thank you within 48 hours are 4x more likely to give a second gift. A $5 gift is an ideal monthly pledge.

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7 Rules for Successfully Soliciting Board Members


Try these tips: report on the status of board gifts at each board meeting. Put pledge cards and return envelopes in every board member’s packet. Set a deadline for all board gifts to be completed. For example – say, “we need all board gifts to be in by March 30.”.

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3 Nonprofit Success Metrics That Your Organization Needs to Be Tracking

NonProfit Hub

You might even judge your pledge fulfillment track record. You could implement a monthly giving program to encourage repeat gifts and donor loyalty. 3) Average Gift Size. Do you know your average gift size? What about your average gift size compared to last year?

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Leave it for tomorrow

Connection Cafe

It has me thinking what I can do today that will impact tomorrow – help create a legacy with my gifts. 2) Start locally : Find out if your agency has received bequests or been notified of bequest intentions (a gift included in a living person’s will). Author: Tad Druart.

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