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How to Communicate Meaningfully with Nonprofit Supporters in an Election Year

Media Cause

One way to be prepared for these spotlight moments, or even the unforeseen, is to identify your spokespeople, develop thought leadership profiles in advance, and have some rapid response frameworks developed and disseminated across teams. It’s going to be a year—but we’re in it together.

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Social Media for Social Good :: Your Nonprofit Tech Checklist

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Web 1.0 :: The Broadcast Web. Find your Facebook voice. Create a Twitter Profile. Find your Twitter voice. Set up Flickr Profile. Create and complete your personal profile. Reserve your LinkedIn Public Profile URL. Create a Foursquare personal profile and check in. Purchase a digital camera.


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If Google+ was a comfy couch at a conference…

Judi Sohn

For it to work for me, Google+ has to be less about broadcasting updates than it is about sharing with personal connections. I hid off my profile the count of how many people have me in circles. I visit profiles of my friends just to find friends we have in common who are already in. I hope it stays that way. More intimate.

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33 Fun, Useful, and Totally Random Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

A handy little tool when designing a YouTube channel, Twitter profile, MySpace page, blog, etc. You can either broadcast live (think of it as your own radio station) or host the messages on the Cinchcast server for later listening. Based in the U.K., 2d Code is a must read for the early adopters. Addictomatic ::

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What Will Be The New Normal For The Event Industry?


The numbers will need to be adjusted to match what is allowed in each jurisdiction but it is possible to host an event with a small number of physical attendees/participants and broadcast the happenings online to a much wider audience. What Does This Mean for Event Professionals?

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New on SSIR: Give Permission to Peer Influence

Amy Sample Ward

It comes at the same time that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the importance of community builders/managers/leaders or organizational voices to give permission back to the community members. . —– A new report from the team at Forrester came out last week: Tapping The Entire Online Peer Influence Pyramid.

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Your Ultimate Guide to 2024 Year-End Fundraising Campaign: 5 Principles for Success

Allegiance Group

We recommend analyzing the profile of people who gave to the previous year-end campaign to see if it’s somewhat or even dramatically different from an overall donor profile. Tips for Success Give voice to your brand story in order to create connections.