SXSW Reflection: Using Social Media to Facilitate A Global Back Channel at a Panel Session

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Over the past month, I have been thinking about a couple of different ideas and how to incorporate them into training design to facilitate learning. My questions are: 1. How can we use graphic facilitation or graphic note taking in real time to deepen understanding of the topic being discussed? I don’t like to facilitate a panel from the stage because I think it puts a wall up between the audience and the presenters.

SXSW Panel: Join A Global Discussion About Free Agents and Nonprofits in a Networked World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Illustration by Jonny Goldstein who will provide live graphic facilitation of this highly interactive and fun panel. We will have a simultaneous tweet-up taking place in Beirut, Lebanon and connect with them on Twitter using the hashtag #netnon. Jonny Goldstein will be our graphic facilitator and capture the conversation – these images will be shared on Twitter with NGOs around the world.

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E-Mediat Networking Conference at the Dead Sea, Jordan

Beth Kanter

” The conference marked the end of an 18-month capacity building program that trained more than 220 NGOs in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia on how to use social media effectively to advance civil society. The official ceremony includes opening remarks, a discussion panel from participants sharing their stories, and two brief presentations by the social media advisers from Lebanon and Jordan.

E-Mediat: Day 2 – The Networked NGO in the Arab World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Shabakat Al Ordon trains young people in technical, professional and facilitation skills who then go out and create programs to train people in their communities. The Team from Tunisia identified Sawty as an example of a networked nonprofit in Tunisia, while the Lebanon Team pointed to Nasawiya. The participants were intrigued by the concept of Free Agents and the teams from Jordan and Lebanon discussed Free Agents in their countries.

NGO 91

E-Mediat: Social Media Capacity Building for NGOs in the Arab World

Beth Kanter

The project is training 300 NGOs in Jordan , Lebanon , Tunisia , Morocco , and other Arab countries to become networked ngos and use social media for civil society goals. A true public/private partnership, the funding partners include Microsoft and craiglist Charitable Fund. The final phase is to design and facilitate in-country bootcamps with participants. (I’ll Flickr Photo by SMEX Beirut.

The Power of Our Collective Professional Networks and Transdisciplinarity Learning

Beth Kanter

Earlier this month, I had an opportunity to facilitate a full-day innovation lab for an amazing group of network thinkers using human design methods to inform the design of a leadership network. It has been exactly a year since I have committed to practicing the methods from Luma Institute as part of improving my facilitation practice.

E-Mediat: Reflections from the Conference in Fez, Morocco

Beth Kanter

After facilitating the two-day E-mediat Networking Conference, “New Media for the Networked NGO” in Jordan at the Dead Sea last week, I flew 2,000 miles west to Fez, Morocco to facilitate and keynote a second two-day conference for NGOs from Tunisia and Morocco that had successfully completed the e-mediat program in their countries, Morocco and Tunsia. 1. Facilitating Tri-Lingual Events: Not Lost in Translation. Group Photo with Certificates.

E-Mediat Day 3: Digital Activism

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Day 3 of the Train the Trainers session was devoted to Digital Activism and facilitated by Mary Joyce. The learning objectives: To provide participants with a formula for training digital campaign strategy. Nada, In-Country Team Leader for Lebanon. Mary Joyce leads a session on digital activism using the Story of Electronics. Beirut Diary: I’m in Beirut for the week as part of The E-Mediat project , a capacity building project that leverages a networked approach.

5 Ways to Use Data Storytelling for Advocacy

Tech Soup Blog

SMEX, also known as Social Media Exchange, is a nonprofit based in Lebanon that compiles an Arab digital rights dataset. Those can spark your audience's imagination to encourage examining relationships among and facilitate interacting with the data. Nonprofits are often wary of creating their own data visualizations, and for valid reasons. Setting up such a project can require a team of designers, developers, and coders to bring it to life.

Meeting the Geeks of Arabia at N2Vlabs Talks in Amman, Jordan

Beth Kanter

E-Mediat is working with more than 220 NGOs in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen. During the next two days, I will be facilitating a two-day social media bootcamp for NGOs from Jordan and Lebanon that have been through the program in their respective countries. Rami Al-Karmi, N2V Lab.

Women Who Tech Around the World

Beth Kanter

Unfortunately, our presenter from Lebanon had connectivity issues and was unable to present. This is a common experience when you attempt to facilitate global presentations, discussions or peer groups. Women Who Tech Around the World. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

Mom in the Movement: Lisa Russ of the Movement Strategy Center

Have Fun - Do Good

And of course this year, after Katrina there also has been the bird flu scare, it has also been the 100th anniversary of the earthquake, the war in Iraq and then this war between Israel and Lebanon, and Israel's own war on Gaza, on Palestine -- so there has just been a lot of like Armageddon in the air and I definitely, for maybe six months of Zach's life, got preoccupied by this fear. It's about Israel and Lebanon and I was like, "I'll definitely do that, I'll definitely do that."