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3 Principles Fundraisers Should Adopt from Service Providers

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I left private legal practice for nonprofit fundraising to get away from the less relational aspects of the service provider-client relationship. Steep billing rates, adversarial positions, and dense subject matter hindered my ability to be really great at my job, so I turned to more mission-driven work in the nonprofit sector. I thought nonprofit fundraising was the opposite of lawyering.

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7 Keys to an Effective Social Media Ambassador Program

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By Melissa Russom , a communications strategist who helps nonprofit organizations clarify their brand and message to engage more meaningfully with the people who matter most to them. We trust people more than we trust companies. It’s that simple. . In fact, according to Nielson , 92% of people claim they trust personal recommendations and other earned media, while just over half trust messages found on a company’s website or sent via email.


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How To Write An Amazing Nonprofit Newsletter + 5 Inspiring Examples

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Nonprofit newsletters are vital for engaging your members. Here are tips to help you write your very own nonprofit newsletter with examples

Unleashing Museum 2.0

Museum 2.0

I spent last week with the OF/BY/FOR ALL team at the Skid Row School for Large Scale Change. At the end of the training, we each wrote a statement in the form of “I used to believe / now I believe.” I wrote: “I used to believe that leading large-scale change was about cultivating and sharing my energy and passion. Now I believe it is about building platforms for partners to hone, grow, and share theirs.” In the spirit of this belief, I’ve decided to unleash the Museum 2.0

3 Reasons Learning Management Systems are Beneficial to Manufacturers


Technology will keep evolving with time, creating a gap between what you know today and what you must know tomorrow. It is inherent that technology advances will bring- skill gaps, which if not bridged within time, can be very perilous for any industry, especially the manufacturing industry

[Free Webinar] 10 Fundraising Tips for a Successful #GivingTuesday 2019

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Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. Presented by: Gary Wohlfeill. Fundraiser for: Wildlife SOS (Donation Optional). GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. And given the inherent social nature of #GivingTuesday, it’s the perfect opportunity for nonprofit’s to use online fundraising tools in order to leverage all of the social fundraising opportunities that come with them.

Over 50 Beekeepers Associations Use This #1 Beekeepers Association Management Software

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Beekeeping Association Management Software is an all-in-one management tool to help you eliminate and streamline administrative tasks from your workload to save you time and money

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How To Build A Great Business

Eric Jacobsen Blog

When you start reading Mark Thompson’s and Brian Tracy’s book, Now…Build a Great Business! , you may feel like you are reading 200 pages of Blog posts, but the bite-sized approach to providing tools, practical steps and ideas, rather than theory, is precisely the authors’ intended approach. The book thoroughly explains the seven keys for how to achieve business success : 1. Become a great leader 2. Develop a great business plan 3. Surround yourself with great people 4.

The 6 Modules Of Human Resource Software

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

For a company or a business in operation, one of the major areas of concern was human resource accounting but the advent of the hr software has made this rather easy and manageable. This software again comes with many different modules, each dealing with one specific aspect of a company’s human resource.

The Ultimate Guide to Wealth Data for Nonprofits

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As a nonprofit professional, the task of managing and expanding your donor network often surfaces, and it can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Your team devotes countless hours to stewarding donors, cultivating relationships, and developing solicitation strategies. But, without the proper data to guide you, these labors can be fruitless! Compiling, organizing, and understanding… Wealth Screening

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Top 6 Best SMS Backup Apps for Backing Up SMS on Android & iOS

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Have you ever wanted to refer to a text in your car only to discover that you had deleted it? Don’t worry. These SMS backup apps help you to backup your important messages. Millions of people across the globe use the text massaging feature to send and receive messages on their phones. While most of. The post Top 6 Best SMS Backup Apps for Backing Up SMS on Android & iOS appeared first on

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What Your Mission Statement Must Include

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A lot of companies struggle when creating their mission statement. Author Peter F. Drucker provides the following good advice in one of my favorite book's of his, The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization :" Every mission statement has to reflect three things : Opportunities Competence Commitment In other words, he explains: What is our purpose? Why do we do what we do? What, in the end, do we want to be remembered for?

Benefits of Cobots as a service

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

As has happened to software and some physical products, the popularity of collaborative robots is gradually leading to the development of another supply line for cobots. Cobots as a service. Technology and software providers have mastered this business. Rather than sell their product wholly to the consumer, they provide access to it for a recurring fee. . This is a model that cobot manufacturers are experimenting with and it could lead to numerous benefits for the manufacturers and users.

The Three P’s of Board Performance

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posted by Bo Buchanan Spring 2019 Alumnus, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. A 2015 Stanford study on boards of directors in nonprofit organizations found that “over two thirds (69 percent) of nonprofit directors say their organization has faced one or more serious governance related problems in the past 10 years.” In fact, according to management consultant Peter Drucker, “Boards of nonprofit organizations malfunction as often as they function effectively.”.

Install Pokemon Go Hack on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Devices Using TuTuApp

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Do you want to hack Pokemon Go without jailbreak? Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that is well known for everyone. Install Pokemon Go Hack on your iOS devices using TuTuApp, which is a Chinese app that gives to access to a wide variety of popular hacked, modified, and tweaked apps and games. Pokemon. The post Install Pokemon Go Hack on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Devices Using TuTuApp appeared first on

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How To Recruit Your Dream Team

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Hiring Greatness is the book by David E. Perry and Mark J. Haluska , who combined have closed more than 1,800 hiring search projects. In their book, the authors share their guide for how to attract, recruit and retain star executives. They advise that it is far more important that a leadership candidate possess specific intangible core attributes, than just decades of industry experience. And, these core attributes go far beyond mere technical skills.

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Enabling API in DevOps Discussion Using Microservices

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

In any DevOps discussion, API should be there as they allow the development team to separate the large applications into smaller and faster ones who build a specific functionality. API tests at the interface level to make sure that component behaves properly. API allows the channel to develop the occurrence of microservices and also allow the exposure of the functionality throughout the channels.

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A Guide To Effective Team Management For Nonprofits

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Team management for nonprofits is more complicated than people think. Here are some insider tips on the ins and outs of nonprofit team management

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10 Best Stephen King Film Adaptations – IT by stephen king is the Best?

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Stephen King is one of the best writers of all time. He is the king of horror in his prolific writing style and thinking up the most ingenious ideas mixed with twists even readers never see coming. King has written quite a pile of stories. Even I agree that it is tough to choose which. The post 10 Best Stephen King Film Adaptations – IT by stephen king is the Best? appeared first on Movie Top List

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How To Be A Level 5 Leader

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Author and leadership expert Jim Collins defines Level 5 leaders as those who: Pursue goals with the ferocity of lions while displaying the humility of lambs. According to Collins, who has studied leadership for more than 25 years, this level of leader is a rare breed. This is a leader who: Bestows credit generously Shoulders blame responsibility Puts organization before self. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Jim Collins Leadership Leadership Books Level 5 Leader

Passive Income Ideas


If you have ever read the book “Rich dad poor dad,” by, Robert Kiyosaki, then you must be familiar with the term ‘rat race. According to Wikipedia, rat race refers to a self-defeating, endless, and pointless pursuit of financial freedom. Humans in this analogy are equated to rats attempting to earn a reward e.g., a block of cheese, in vain.

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Over 50 Beekeepers Associations Use This #1 Beekeepers Association Management Software

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Beekeeping Association Management Software is an all-in-one management tool to help you eliminate and streamline administrative tasks from your workload to save you time and money

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Powerful Curriculum Vitae Tips Nobody Tells You Before

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Whether you are a fresher or an experienced, anytime you switch to a new job, a CV (Curriculum Vitae) is your magical spell. Serious applicants will invest time to write a perfect CV that shows, not all, but their flagships to prove that they qualify for the job. On the other hand, many people still. The post Powerful Curriculum Vitae Tips Nobody Tells You Before appeared first on Business

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How To Win More Business

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“Business development is the craft of finding the right prospect and then designing the perfect buying experience for that prospect,” explains Mo Bunnell , the author of, The Snowball System: How to Win More Business and Turn Clients into Raving Fans. Whether you are new to sales or a sales veteran, this book is a must-read. It’s practical, concise and clear. It teaches you how to influence others in an authentic, helpful way – using a program and process that you can begin using today.

Cinema APK – Download on Android & PC to Watch Latest Movies & TV Series

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After Shutting the popular Terrarium TV, all of a sudden people are searching for the best alternative app. If you are one of them, the Cinema APK (Cinema HD APK) can be a perfect movie organizer for you. Friday is probably the coolest day of the week as we plan for the entire weekend. Whether we are. The post Cinema APK – Download on Android & PC to Watch Latest Movies & TV Series appeared first on Apps Tutorials

BeeTV – Best ShowBox and Terrarium TV Alternative Movie App

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Are you searching for the best alternative apps to popular ShowBox and Terrarium TV? Two of the most popular and trusted movie and TV streaming app “ShowBox” and “Terrarium TV” has announced their shutting down. The worst news is: These two streaming apps won’t be available from now. If you are a movie or TV. The post BeeTV – Best ShowBox and Terrarium TV Alternative Movie App appeared first on Apps TV shows

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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iOS & Android [No Jailbreak]

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If you are searching for the solution to get unlimited music for free, all you need is Spotify Premium. Everyone loves listening to music. Now you can get unlimited music on all your iOS and Android devices. Spotify Premium can get you unlimited music collection for free. It is an advanced version of Spotify. Spotify. The post How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iOS & Android [No Jailbreak] appeared first on

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Open-Ended Getting-To-Know-You Questions

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To help you bring out the best in your team, you need to get close and understand their skills, abilities, and motivations. So, the authors of the book, Your First Leadership Job , recommend you hold getting-to-know-you conversations with each of your direct reports. Ask these open-ended questions. Let each team member know the purpose of the meeting in advance. And, don't cheat by adding in work-specific questions. What do you enjoy doing most as part of your work?

Wisdom And Integrity

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Integrity Wisdom

A Leader's Guide To Forging An Iron Clad Brand

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“Brand helps us engage customers and employees, unleash our competitive advantage, and fuel enduring growth,” explains Lindsay Pedersen, author of the new book, Forging An Iron Clad Brand: A Leader’s Guide.” “And And yet, despite this power of brand, it is grossly underused. Few leaders leverage brand fully, believing (wrongly) that brand is squishy and elusive,” adds Pedersen. In her book, Pedersen deconstructs what band is and why it is indispensable for leaders.