Using Geospatial Maps in Time of Disaster


Geospatial mapping is an increasingly hot topic in large-scale natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma Tornadoes. As technology continues to advance, data mapping is moving from being a powerful tool for specific cases to being a new norm in all disaster relief. Read the full Mapping Disasters to learn more!

Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

Amy Sample Ward

My contribution to the panel is to provide context about the use of social media in emergency and disaster response as well as an overview of some of the tools we saw deployed last year and we may see in the future. The first example is Ushahidi – originally designed as a tool for mapping reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election unrest in 2008. Whether it’s direct or indirect content, why do citizens turn to social media in moments of need or disaster?


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New data for strategic disaster philanthropy 


For the next 700 words, I invite you to remember the disaster events that occurred in 2019, just months before the pandemic outbreak. . In 2019, millions of people around the world were affected by disasters and humanitarian crises. disasters; the U.S.

Apps for Disaster Planning

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup recently updated its disaster planning and recovery guide, The Resilient Organization , to include the new ways nonprofits, charities, and public libraries are using technology. To supplement this section, we compiled the best disaster preparedness apps from TechSoup donation partners, government agencies, other nonprofits, and more. Android, iOS, Windows Phone) connects you with friends and family during a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake or a hurricane.

Lessons from 2019 to maximize future disaster giving decisions


Earlier this month, Candid and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) released the eighth edition of our annual Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy report. global disaster-related?philanthropy,?analyzing?funding Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy ?

Technology's Impact on Disaster Relief

Tech Soup Blog

Mobile technology, web apps, and mapping software have become enormously helpful in sharing news and spreading information about relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy. has an interactive map that shows the flooding and weather information post-Sandy. project has a slew of resources for both responders and those affected by disasters. Google's Hurricane Sandy map currently shows areas with power outages. social media disaster recovery mapping mobile phone apps

Hurricane Sandy Situational Map


Because of the severity of Super Storm Sandy, the VisionLink team has launched a real-time situational map at [link] : Open Red Cross Shelters NOAA projection of the storm path Geo-located Twitter data about the storm Power Outage KML East Coast Traffic Routes As the hurricane continues to move along the East coast and as conditions improve or worsen depending on your location, please be sure to stay safe until the storm has passed.

How Emerging Tech Is Changing Disaster Relief

Tech Soup Blog

I thought it would be interesting to look at some recent examples of emerging technology for disaster relief in action. Earlier this year, I attended an event organized by the Red Cross to brainstorm and develop ideas surrounding emerging technology and disaster relief. The Red Cross identified seven technologies that could be used in disaster relief: Drones. Of all of these technologies, 3D printing has had the longest history of being used for disaster relief.

Digital Volunteerism – Effective Disaster Relief the GreenTech Way

Tech Soup Blog

The January 12, 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti showed some of the astonishing potential for volunteer-based digital disaster relief. and Sahana Foundation (which hosts a free open source disaster management system), have changed the way disaster relief is being done all over the world. This is a group of largely self-organizing digital volunteers who use Twitter to respond to all of the major disasters around the world.

Sharing the Experience of Disaster: Colorado Floods


Our hearts and minds go out to all those now beginning the difficult work of recovery--in this flood--and in the other disasters that occur in this nation and around the world every day. Douglas Zimmerman VisionLink (Note, you can learn more from our disaster maps at , register or search for friends and relatives on Safe and Well , or download the Shelter View App , to get up to date information about currently open shelters

The Power of the Crowd: A New Frontier in Disaster Response

Tech Soup Blog

In times of disaster, social media can provide an on-the-ground view of what's happening, who needs help, and where they're located. More on Technology and Disaster Relief. For more resources and products around disaster planning, check out TechSoup's Disaster Planning and Recovery page. Additionally, make sure to get a copy of The Resilient Organization , TechSoup's disaster planning guide for nonprofits and public libraries.

2-1-1 Disaster Shelter Resources


Then consider connecting to the National Shelter System to have information about disaster shelters at your finger tips, and for those you serve. You can use this data feed to drive information in your resource system, to display on maps and more. Operating a 2-1-1 call center? Information and Referral? Elder care hotline or other similar solution?

Microsoft's Windows Azure and Disaster Response

Tech Soup Blog

What few are aware of, however, is that the Windows Azure platform also has the capability of serving communities that have been affected by disasters. Recently, the folks at Microsoft ,with help from public sector and nonprofit partners including TechSoup, have been examining and refining the use of an Azure-based disaster and emergency response portal. cloud Microsoft disaster response disaster recovery disaster cloud computing Windows Azure

Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition

Tech Soup Blog

This edition of the App It Up project "Cool App Roundup" highlights different ways apps can be used in disaster, crisis, and emergency situations. Preparing for Disaster. The FEMA app includes preparation guidelines for a variety of disasters, including checklists, safety tips, and local shelter maps. Learn more about how Windows Azure has been used for disaster and emergency response here.

Social Media Data Mapping


Assisting the American Red Cross, VisionLink''s Community Operating System is being used to deploy a real-time national map for this Winter Storm. The view includes FEMA boundaries, open disaster shelters, social media hash tags specific to the Winter Storm, and other relevant information. In the disaster realm, this solution is the same platform supporting the National Shelter System, Safe & Well, and the Coordinated Assistance Network.

Map 100

How 'Crisis Mapping' Is Shaping Disaster Relief in Nepal

AFP Blog

How 'Crisis Mapping' Is Shaping Disaster Relief in Nepal : "Answering those questions is the goal of crisis mapping, which has become an important assist to first responders in Nepal as they try to untangle logistics and respond to needs for medical care, shelter, and food and water since calamity struck last Saturday." 'via

Nepal 21

Webinar Recap: The Future of the Map


Mapping data can help nonprofits monitor protests and election violence, decide where to buy repossessed homes to convert into affordable housing, determine how and where to deliver supplies and aid in disaster-stricken areas – and document zombie invasions. Beyond just mapping existing data, some GIS systems are working to incorporate ways for mobile smart phone and cell phone users to collect data and update maps. data mapping GIS nptech nten IT Staff

Map 49

Mapping for Impact: This Week's Free TechSoup Webinar

Tech Soup Blog

Disasters strike and organizations provide humanitarian aid - it's that simple. Perhaps some organizations make it look simple, but behind the scenes there may be some sophisticated Esri tools that map disease outbreaks and aid distribution. They're also currently involved in a very recent disaster relief effort from Hurricane Isaac. Take a look at one of their interactive aid distribution maps to find out what they do with this kind of web mapping technology.

Map 49

Philgorithms: Two Examples of Data Mapping to Guide Donor Decisions

Beth Kanter

As COVID accelerates innovative uses of AI in many areas, we are also seeing more development of AI-powered data mapping tools for philanthropic advising and to support donor investment decisions. We are seeing it to help donors make decision about COVID funding and other disaster related donation decisions. The future plan is to use this tool with other aid organizations and types of natural disasters such as wildfires.

How the Cloud Can Make a Difference for Disaster Relief

Tech Soup Blog

And there are all sorts of things you can do with those services, including helping out in disaster recovery. One of the scenarios where it's especially important to be able to handle unusually high amounts of traffic is after a disaster, which is why Second Harvest Japan decided to host its Emergency Response Portal in the cloud. Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition. TechSoup Japan Disaster Relief Program Launches to Assist Local NGOs.

Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional

AFP Blog

Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional : Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response During a crisis the large amounts of data produced can be overwhelming to analyse.

The Future of the Map – With Live Demos of GIS Platforms


Flickr: °Florian From mapping election violence in Kenya to coordinating disaster response efforts to helping people decide where to live , nonprofits have increasingly used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support their work. We'll discuss ways your organization can use GIS, from local fundraising research to disaster relief, at our upcoming webinar, " The Future of the Map " – with live demonstrations of ArcView, Crowdmap, GeoCommons, and Google Fusion Tables. >

Map 41

Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response?( - Internet-based applications and services )

AFP Blog

Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response( - Internet-based applications and services ) : Innhold a- Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response o Michael Malakata 19.01.2012 kl 18:33 | Computerworld Zambia By providing access to a Web-based community mapping tool and data, World Bank and Google are aiming to improve the ability of African and other developing countries to monitor public services and respond to disasters

Typhoon Haiyan: How to Help with Recovery Efforts

Tech Soup Blog

We've compiled a list of organizations to which you can donate to support these efforts as well as some disaster recovery resources. Oxfam International's disaster relief teams are assessing the extent of the damage in the Philippines and deploying water and sanitation materials. There's also a Google Crisis Map. One of the quickest ways to seek relief or find more information in times of disaster is by way of a mobile app.

Preparing for the Next Disaster: The Future of #crisisdata


Unfortunately, this isn't Domino's Pizza and disaster response can't work as if it is. The American Red Cross is now looking into how best to give the public an increased role in disaster response. Patrick Meier is a director of crisis mapping at Ushahidi, which is a platform that unifies data gathered from multiple sources (SMS, e-mail, web) and distributes it onto a visual map or timeline. By Wendy Harman, Social Media Director, American Red Cross.

11NTC Preview: Technology in Times of Disaster: The Important Role of Social media in Disaster Response and Awareness


Mapping tools were able to highlight immediate needs and additional context around Port-au-Prince’s intricate web of streets, alleys, and back-ways. At the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference this Spring in Washington, DC, we’ll be leading a panel discussion to further explore ways in which social media and technology tools can be used effectively in responding to natural disasters.

The Social Media Response to Disaster in Haiti


When disaster strikes, we want information as soon as possible and we want to help just as quickly. Whether we look at mapping tools, fundraising, or missing person systems, the social media response to the January earthquakes in Haiti all leverage the powerful technology we can hold in our hands: our mobile phones. But the way we think about and turn to social media in a time of disaster is changing. Mapping. 100% of donations went directly to disaster relief.

Haiti 67

Live Blogging: 09NTC Mapping Your Social Media Strategy

Amy Sample Ward

I’m here at NTEN’s 09NTC and am going to live blog Beth Kanter’s session on mapping your social media strategy to metrics. Below is the live blog or the archive of the live blog. Can’t wait! The internet connection here is such that I don’t think a live blog portal will sustain itself. So, I’m going to trouble shoot and just take some live notes here and post them as soon as possible. Here goes… Take aways: How to use listening. The right metrics.

Map 101

Poor suffer digital deficit in disasters - Red Cross

AFP Blog

Poor suffer digital deficit in disasters - Red Cross : In its annual World Disasters Report, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) charts the revolutionary impact of technology on humanitarian aid, but also explores the barriers to its adoption.

Chart 23

Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL -

AFP Blog

Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL - : "In response, disaster relief organizations are creating mobile apps and better leveraging technologies like geographic information systems (GIS) and social media to improve their reach and services. In September, for instance, the Red Cross launched an interactive "Map Journal" designed as a one-stop resource to assist with the wildfires that hit the Western states.

Map 24

Nonprofit Mapping 101: Use Maps to Tell Your Org's Stories


If only I'd had this map , I could have laid the scale questions to rest. Maps present a different way for your organization to tell its stories. The Africa map I referenced is just a simple -- but powerful -- infographic. One of the hardest things to describe about Africa is the sheer size of the place. "How could it take 32 hours to get from one city to another?"

Map 55

NetCentric Advocacy: Celebrities have favorite issues. (Govcom issue map crawling

Network-Centric Advocacy

Govcom issue map crawling I love to see these information maps presenting unique windows on large sets of data. In order of importance, celebrities endorse issues focusing on children, health, AIDS, family/parent support, poverty, disaster relief and human rights, according to There is also an issue-celebrity distribution according to celebrity type, e.g., models prefer animals and fur, and rock stars, poverty and disaster relief.

Big Data: A Natural Solution for Disaster Relief | SmartData Collective

AFP Blog

Big Data: A Natural Solution for Disaster Relief | SmartData Collective : Terrestrial challenges, on the other hand, are currently more amenable to big data. One of big data’s true strengths lies in crisis mapping, the process of using visualizations, footage, analysis and apps to get an overview of a disaster as it evolves. Google’s Superstorm Sandy Crisis Map tracked the course of last winter’s storm, with video footage, evacuation routes and emergency aid centers.

Lessons From Haiti: Uses of New Media in Disaster Recovery Efforts

Tech Soup Blog

Even if you pay only glancing attention to news about technology and social media, you've probably heard something about their uses during disaster response and relief efforts. Ushahidi , winner of the 2008 NetSquared Challenge first attracted widespread attention for their work aggregating and mapping real-time reports from victims and relief workers in the violent aftermath of the 2007 Presidential election (see Ushahidi's legacy page for an archived version of this amazing tool).

How Effective was Crisis Mapping During the 2011 Japan Earthquake? | TechPresident

AFP Blog

How Effective was Crisis Mapping During the 2011 Japan Earthquake? The volunteers behind 4636 – the Ushahidi crisis map that enabled Haitian earthquake victims to broadcast disaster conditions via text – formed a significant portion of the humanitarian response to the quake. Yet crisis mapping in the immediate aftermath of the Japan earthquake, including an Ushahidi map of Twitter reports,, was not as critical to response

Haiti 24

Iowan helps provide high-tech eyes of disaster relief in Philippines | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs

AFP Blog

Iowan helps provide high-tech eyes of disaster relief in Philippines | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs : Harwath is one of four Global DIRT members currently on the ground in the Philippines. Harwath’s specialty with his background in video is to help serve as the eyes of disaster response advance planning for any nonprofit, non-governmental agency or nation that wants to lend help.

NNTSP Applies Relief Work for Hurricane Sandy

Tech Soup Blog

provides the software to run the National Donations Management Network along with programmatic support for disaster relief domain expertise. Microsoft has lent their Local Impact Map to the Aidmatrix disaster relief efforts, and in turn, the Aidmatrix NeedsFeed and Local Impact Map are featured on Microsoft’s ReadyReach Hurricane Sandy Response site as well as in communications from leaders such as Microsoft Corporate Citizenship’s Akhtar Badshah.

Saving the World One Tech Innovation at a Time

Tech Soup Blog

As disaster relief organizations scramble to understand the situation on the ground, desperate needs for emergency food, shelter, and medical care go unmet. Instead, what if technology could prevent some of the destruction and improve aid delivery after a disaster? The projects in Technology for Good aren't just limited to disaster and crisis response. After the immediate crisis, GPS and mapping technology could provide actionable data, laying the foundation to rebuild.

Great reads from around the web on January 15th

Amy Sample Ward

" » Your Mobile Giving by State – Wendy Harman at the American Red Cross has posted a map and data about the funds donated via texting "Haiti" to 90999 to support the victims in the Haiti earthquake crisis. " Tags: roundup behavior bethkanter bookmarks campaigns challenges climatechange competitions disaster facebook fundraising innovation list mob mobile nature nptech postalicious resources strategy

Sample 121

Visionlink Supports Dorian Response


If you would like to check on currently open shelters you can visit the public view of the Shelter System at the Red Cross: Map of Open Shelters. Visionlink offers advanced, expertly-designed solutions including volunteer, gifts-in-kind, situational awareness, client intake, case management, and other modules for disaster response. As we know, the most effective disaster relief solutions are those that are used every day

What Does Big Data Have to Do With Me and My Organization?

Tech Soup Blog

Data Mapping and Visualization. Probably the clearest examples of the usefulness of data for charities is the explosion of infographics and maps that graphically illustrate the issues that nonprofits are working on. Microsoft enables charities to use Bing Maps free of charge. Big Data in Disaster Relief. Our Ariel Gilbert-Knight also recently published a piece in the Guardian called “ Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response.”

Map 56

Colorado Flooding - How to Help


Today the status of "disaster area" came home. Boulder and surrounding counties are federally declared disaster areas, impacted by days of heavy rain turned into flood waters. Here are some great links: American Red Cross - Colorado [link] United Way - Colorado Foothills Humane Society - Boulder Chapter [link] For helpful information, you can also go to a situational map the VisionLink staff launched this morning.

Our EveryAction Hero: World Central Kitchen


Using the expertise of its Chef Network, WCK works to empower people to be a part of the solution with a focus on health, education, jobs, and disaster relief. Last year disaster relief once again became the main focus of our organization as we activated and served over 4 million meals in Peru, Houston, Puerto Rico, and California. We stepped back in to the disaster relief space with the launch of our #ChefsforPuertoRico campaign.