How To Think Like An Instructional Designer for Your Nonprofit Trainings

Beth Kanter

I’ll be sharing my best tips and secrets for designing and delivering training for nonprofit professionals that get results. And, if you are attending NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology in March, join me, John Kenyon, Andrea Barry, and Cindy Leonard for a session on designing effective technology training. All of my work these days is focused on designing and delivering effective training for nonprofits -primarily on the topics of social media, strategy, networks, and measurement.

Flexible Space: The Secret To Designing Powerful Training

Beth Kanter

Graduate Students at MIIS Class Doing Group Exercise in Flexible Classroom Space. I’ll be sharing my best tips and secrets for designing and delivering training for nonprofit professionals that get results. And, if you are attending NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology in March, join me, John Kenyon, Andrea Barry, and Cindy Leonard for a session on designing effective technology training. The flexible classroom is a large open space.


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Trainer’s Notebook: The Importance of Hands-On Learning

Beth Kanter

As a long-time trainer, professor, and teacher, I feel strongly that interactive learning activities – going beyond the death by Powerpoint Lecture – is the key to retention and application for participants. Your room set up can support your instructional activities that engage participants or get in the way. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand how the feng shui of a classroom impacts learning. That’s why I always enjoy teaching in flexible classroom spaces.

Webinars: Designing Effective Learning Experiences

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The content is important, but it is only half of the instructional design task. It has been over six years since I designed and delivered my first webinar/conference call, “ Designing Effective Technology Training Workshops for Nonprofits &# with NTEN. Because webinars were a new medium to trainers, I used Richard Mayer’s research on multi-media learning based on understanding how the brain works and the ability to pay attention to guide the instructional design.

10 Types of eLearning Assessments for Your Courses

Web Courseworks Associations

Measuring this change has benefits for both your members and your learning business alike: For your learning business, understanding this change gives you insight into both the knowledge of your members and the efficacy of your courses to instruct them.

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Nonprofit Focused Workshops at SXSW Interactive Festival: Join Us!

Beth Kanter

I’m honored to be involved with the instructional design and delivery of two workshops specifically for nonprofits. These workshops will be held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in state-of-the-art classrooms. The annual SXSW Interactive Festival is a geek home coming for those who work on the web, social media, and gaming. For the last few years, there has been a good nonprofit presence and this year is no exception!

Successful E-Learning – A Roadmap


Elearnings as a whole are very attractive, as they offer an inexpensive alternative to classroom training. Understanding the foundation of what makes the instructional design so effective, can go a long way in transitioning some of your organizational learnings over to a digital medium. The benefit of starting from a long time instruction-led situation is that these same instructors know your target demographic, what works for them, and what seems to get swept under the rug.

How To Make A Back Channel Light Up Like Clark Griswald's House

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I've been experimenting with integrating social media into instruction for the past five years, so the webinar was a great opportunity to reflect on practice. I covered these three topics: Why: Social media integrated into instruction - Pass or Fail? What: The art of social instructional design. Here's some reflections on the Webinar: Overcoming the Strawberry Jam Problem With Social Design. I think you can design around it. Social Instructional Design.

3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofits That Can Boost Professional Success

Beth Kanter

Facilitator for Peer Learning Networks and Cohorts: Most of my work is designing and delivering capacity building projects for cohorts of nonprofits literally all over the world and here in the US. In 2016, I completed my work as facilitator for a learning network of community foundations who are hosting Giving Days, funded by the Knight Foundation. Instructional Design and Facilitation: I love teaching and exploring different ways help nonprofit professionals learn.

LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

WBT Systems

There are a multitude of different tools available to instructional designers and eLearning developers, and it is important to consider which tools will help you to achieve the desired learning objectives and outcomes for your courses. If you are using tools such as webinars or virtual classrooms, you will need to ensure that the LMS supports delivery of these.


9 Ways to Increase Online Student Engagement

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Students who are used to learning in a classroom or meeting room may have trouble adjusting to the online learning experience. Explain how online learning is different from the traditional classroom experience. A good introductory video could also serve as a promotional trailer, like this one from another Coursera MOOC, Modern & Contemporary American Poetry —a course we’ve discussed before on this blog because of its creative and effective instructional design. #2

Happy, Healthy 2016: What’s Your Theme for the Year?

Beth Kanter

I also designed and facilitated a six month peer learning cohort with colleague Stephanie Rudat. Innovation Lab Facilitation : For the past few years, I’ve trained in and designed and facilitated innovation labs using the Luma Institute Methods. I also facilitated several design labs with nonprofits as part of the research for the Happy Healthy Nonprofit at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the National Arts Marketing Project. Happy New Year !

Trainer’s Notebook: Reflections on Designing and Delivering Training To Get Results

Beth Kanter

Design for Participants To Apply. It’s been great to discuss instructional design with other trainers that Deborah has brought together. Recently, Jennifer Ahern Lammer who is the program director for the Alliance of Nonprofit Management , shared several good design points developed by Peter York from TCG and how she applies it. Design for Different Levels of Capacity and Skills: Adapt in Real Time. So, you have to design for that. Training Desig