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8 Golf Fundraising Trends & Prediction for 2023

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5) Online Registration Will Be Expected for Golf Tournaments. We live in an online world, and event registration is no different. Folks have come to expect an online registration option for fundraising events from galas to walk-a-thons and, of course, golf tournaments. 7) Tech Will Work Together to Streamline & Simplify.

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5 Simple Steps to Take Right Now to Plan Your 2023 Golf Fundraiser

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Look for a provider with online registration that populates an intuitive backend to manage player and sponsor information in real-time and in one accessible place. Get your tech in place early so you can start promoting the tournament and collecting registrations as soon as possible. Launch an Event Website. The earlier the better!

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3 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Fundraising Strategy

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Technology simplifies event registration. Technology simplifies event registration Event management software comes with a crucial feature for fundraising: event registration management. Technology simplifies event registration by providing software features like these: Microsites. iPad check-in. iPad check-in.

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What Is Volunteerism? A Guide to the History & Benefits


In this guide, we’ll take a broad look at volunteerism to explore its history and benefits. Many schools have parent-teacher associations (PTAs), which are alliances between parents and school staff members to complete projects that benefit students. It also benefits volunteers themselves. Offer tangible benefits.

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Create a Winning New Member Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

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There may be groups including business partners, non-certified professionals and affiliates who could greatly benefit from being a member of your association but aren’t currently eligible. Registrations, subscriptions, downloads, clicks and page conversions are all reliable ways to determine what audiences are finding valuable.

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8 Best Practices for a Successful 2022 Golf Fundraiser

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4) Move Registration Online. Converting traditional paper registration forms, checks, and receipts to online registration with secure payment processing saves event organizers and committees untold amounts of time and effort. 5) Offer Attractive & Relevant Sponsorships. 7) Communicate With Participants.

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9 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Peer-to-Peer Participants


Peer-to-peer fundraising offers big benefits for your nonprofit. Make the registration process easy (and compelling). People can be put off by a long registration process. Here are some ideas to make your online registration page more streamlined and inspiring: Keep it as short as possible. Add celebratory language.

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