Why Vulnerable Kids Depend on Government & Big Tech Getting Data Privacy Laws Right

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Offenders benefit from impunity when their crimes cannot be detected, and vulnerable children are victimized again when adults in authority turn a blind eye to their exploitation. . law enforcement to help launch IJM’s project against online sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines.

How to Make Tax Law Work for Your Nonprofit

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In fact, because you are a nonprofit you have to adhere to a separate set of rules and laws governing fundraising, operations and finances. Recently, I attended a seminar put on by students involved with the Entrepreneurship Clinic from the local law college. They explained some of the tax laws and methods to help keep more of the fundraising dollars in your pocket and tax-free. Note that many of these laws are specific to our local jurisdiction.

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The Importance of Case Management Software for Law Firms

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Today the importance of case management software has increased due to the growing number of law firms. We have seen that most law suits are taken care either by a single lawyer or a big law firm. It has been seen that most law firms need some way to keep a full proof record of all those cases that have been solved and those which are still running. This software helps individual lawyers and law firms. Introduction.

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The Ten Laws Of Trust

Eric Jacobson

The new book, The 10 Laws of Trust , is a timely and critical guide to investing in high-trust relationships and reaping remarkable gains in reputation and the bottom-line. Trust works to everyone's benefit," explains book co-author Peterson. "It It benefits individual contributors, work groups, customers, suppliers, vendors -- and the betterment of the whole organization." 10 Laws Of Trust Building Trust David A.

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Two Tax Policies Affecting Foundations and Nonprofits in 2020

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Harking back to December 2017, the House and Senate passed, and the President signed into law, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, also known as TCJA or Tax Reform 2017. Nonprofits were required to pay taxes on these employee benefits beginning on January 1, 2018.

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New York Nonprofit Employees Get Additional Paid Sick and Safe Leave Rights, Part 1

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New York State’s Paid Sick/Safe Leave Law (“NYSPSSL”) took effect on September 30, 2020. HR and Employment Issues Benefits

New Tax Law: Understanding the Impacts on Charities and Giving

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The tax law and jobs act (TCJA) presents many changes for nonprofits to consider in 2018. The following changes to the law are some of the most critical when considering the effect they may have on charitable giving to nonprofits. With change in tax laws that can influence philanthropy comes an impact to individuals, charities and communities. Far fewer will be subject to the federal estate tax with the law expanding exemption to many more.

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48 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits and the Greater Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Proceeds benefit the American Civil Liberties Union, a nonprofit that works to defend the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Proceeds benefit Amnesty International, a nonprofit that works for the human rights of all people – no matter who they are or where they are. Proceeds benefit Animals Asia work to end bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam.

What Nonprofits Need to Know About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

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tax law, and should not be viewed as legal advice or replace any guidance from your organization’s accountants or attorneys. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act imposes an excise tax of 21% on the amount an organization pays to provide benefits such as on-site gym membership, comminuting, and parking expenses. Transportation benefits can qualify for pre-tax reduction of compensation. How do I learn more about the potential impacts of the tax law?

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Can Nonprofits Benefit from Snapchat?

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The example Snapchat gives is if the company receive a search warrant from law enforcement, they are obliged to produce Snaps under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Ansa states in its terms of service that the company will dig up "deleted" messages in response to a search warrant requests from law enforcement. Snapchat has undoubtedly been one of this year's most intriguing apps.

Blogging and the Law

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

The difference between you and the reporter at your local newspaper is that in many cases, you may not have the benefit of training or resources to help you determine whether what you're doing is legal. And on top of that, sometimes knowing the law doesn't help - in many cases it was written for traditional journalists, and the courts haven't yet decided how it applies to bloggers.

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48 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits and the Greater Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Proceeds benefit the American Civil Liberties Union, a nonprofit that works to defend the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Proceeds benefit Amnesty International, a nonprofit that works for the human rights of all people – no matter who they are or where they are. Proceeds benefit Animals Asia work to end bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam.

3 Ways to Support the Asian American Community

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Advancing Justice — Asian Law Caucus is the nation’s first legal and civil rights organization serving low-income Asian Pacific American communities with a focus on housing rights, immigration rights, labor, and employment issues.

Benefit Corporations: Back to Purpose

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A structure has emerged to serve this purpose, called the Benefit Corporation. A Benefit Corporation, or B Corp, is a business entity that creates a public benefit and meets tests of transparency and accountability. Currently, there are more than 450 certified Benefit Corporations in 60 different industries nationwide, with a quarter of those residing in the San Francisco Bay area. Both bills have now been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

From Gartner: Five Laws for Exploring Virtual Worlds

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Gartner's five laws for exploring virtual worlds at the enterprise level. First Law: Virtual worlds are not games, but neither are they a parallel universe (yet). Second Law: Behind every avatar is a real person Third Law: Be relevant and add value. Fourth Law: Understand and contain the downside. Fifth Law: This is a long haul. Hat tip to Jay Moonah for the pointer to this Gartner article about virtual worlds.

How Drones Are Being Used to Benefit Humankind

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Here is what we've found out about how drone technology is being used to benefit humanity. law enforcement agencies have been expanding their use of surveillance drones. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are one of the most surprising technologies for good. These devices got their start in the military and continue to be on the cutting edge of weaponry and surveillance.

Why Your Country Should Ratify the Marrakesh Treaty

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Here’s why the Marrakesh Treaty is so important and why your country can help ensure it benefits the millions who need it. It supports domestic human and civil rights laws around access to information and education. · Most people know someone who might benefit from books that talk. · book famine Bookshare copyright law Marrakesh Treaty UN World Intellectual Property World Blind Union

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How to license mixed media, without a law degree

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What's even better, you don't need a law degree to understand it! And how do you protect your own digital creations when you put them out there for the benefit of millions of screaming fans? Beth's Flickr Stream. From Icommons comes an incredibly useful legal brief to remixing media in the age of participatory media and campaigns by Steve Vosloo, Digital Hero Book Project.

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Socially enabling your mission – how nonprofits can benefit from online communities

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Jeff Patrick shared some really interesting statistics about online community participation to help provide a high level view of what nonprofits can expect from user participation (note Holly Ross’ conclusion that everything seems to relate back to the Power Law !).

What is in the Treaty of Marrakesh?

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This is satisfied by having a law like the Chafee Amendment in the U.S., or similar laws in other countries like India and the EU. This survived in the Treaty in a much weaker form, which allows countries to choose to have a commerciality requirement in their copyright law, which some countries like Singapore and Australia already do have. law, plus it has import and export provisions between countries.

Youth Programs Benefit from Microsoft Donations

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Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (Children without Borders) in Japan is a humanitarian educational association NGO that supports disadvantaged children and youth in Asia who are on the street, are victims of trafficking, forced labor, and natural disasters, or in conflict with the law. I did a post a few weeks ago on youth programs in TechSoup Global's new Local Impact Map and decided I hadn’t covered this resource nearly enough. Our Local Impact Map.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The 36th Annual Nonprofit Organizations Institute will feature nationally recognized experts from private foundations, public charities, law, finance, and government discussing the latest tax, legislative and governance issues affecting nonprofit organizations. Whether you have a staff of one or 100, you will find benefit in taking time away to attend. It's finally here!

We’re Shocked: IRS Announces 2021 Key Filing Dates, Tax Season Starts February 12th

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The February 12 start date for individual tax return filers allows the IRS time to do additional programming and testing of IRS systems following the December 27 tax law changes that provided a second round of Economic Impact Payments and other benefits.”

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The Wealth of Networks, Part II

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

He further says: "If information producers do not need to capture the economic benefits of their particular information outputs, or if some businesses can capture the economic value of their information production by means other than exclusive control … the justification for regulating access by granting copyrights is weakened." Because of this, there in fact might well be negative benefit to copyright, not positive benefit.

American Rescue Plan Act: Impact on Nonprofits and Other Social Good Organizations

Connection Cafe

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law to provide an additional $1.9 Unemployment Benefits Reimbursement. Extends the 15% increase in SNAP benefits through September 30, 2021 to assist families and individuals coping with food insecurity.

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Effective Tips to Help Make Your Payroll Processing Easier

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

In Germany, the relations between employees and their German employers are stringently regulated under the employment and labor laws of the country. Employers tend to use limited-term employment contracts even though they are subject to restrictions according to employment and labor laws.

3 Common Nonprofit Board Myths

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Myth #2 Roberts Rules is the Law. Unless prohibited by an organization’s bylaws (and in few cases, state law) a board member can enter into contracts or provide paid services or goods to organizations where they serve. Your board is one of your most important assets.

NetCentric Advocacy: Peer to Patent: Distributed Research on Patents

Network-Centric Advocacy

In a bid to shake up the beleaguered American patent system, a law professor has crafted a proposal that would shift the patent-application process away from individual examiners to an internet-based, peer-review method. Called Peer to Patent, the proposal by Beth Noveck, director of New York Law Schools Institute for Information Law and Policy, aims to relieve the current system, in which the U.S. NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

Breaking down the CARES Act:  How the New Stimulus Bill Could Provide Relief for Social Good Organizations

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On Friday, March 27, the House of Representatives and the President signed into law H.R. 748, the third relief package Congress has passed, and the President has signed into law to address the US response to COVID-19.

Non-Profit Marketing: How to Win Supporters and Donors Online

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

It’s sad to say that the nonprofit industry hasn’t benefited so much from the adoption of the web. For example, Elville and Associates , a special planning and elder law firm in Maryland raise money for charities through their business.

Looking to Increase Giving This Year?

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Under previous law, such contribution deductions were limited to 60% of AGI. How much do individuals need to give in order to benefit if they want to itemize?

Fair Use Victory Advances a Future of Accessibility for All

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

HathiTrust, a unanimous three-judge panel concluded that digitizing books in order to enhance research and provide access to individuals with print disabilities is lawful on the grounds of fair use —that is, a limitation and exception to the exclusive rights granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work ( Section 107 of the U.S. copyright law). copyright law, also known as the Chafee Amendment.

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Is Going into Full Effect – Are You Ready?

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or any other country outside of Canada, this law applies to you. Canadian registered charities do have additional exemptions under the law. CASL laws allowed for a 3-year provisional period that began July 1, 2014 to allow businesses and nonprofits to prepare for the legislation. When this law first came into effect in Canada, it caused widespread panic.

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Essential Advice for Non-Profits Hiring Overseas Workers

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Working with a PEO can benefit your nonprofit in a variety of different ways as not only will they have extensive knowledge of the local area, but they may also be more knowledgeable when it comes to where and how to find the best potential employees. Consider Offering Other Benefits.

Tribute to My Mentor

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I have had the benefit of numerous mentors over my long career, but Gerry Davis was The Mentor. Gerry quickly did the legal research and came back to explain that my idea, which seemed like it should be illegal, was 100% permitted under an obscure provision of the copyright law! He had graduated from Georgetown Law School just a couple of years after my dad. In honor of Gerry Davis, April 2018 My mentor passed away earlier this month.

What are the personal benefits of tagging?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo Source: Power Law of Participation from Ross Mayfield's Photostream His article is here. The visual was mentioned from article " What are the personal benefits of tagging ?" " Talks about the benefits to consumers (people who tag for themselves) and publishers (people who tag to get noticed by others). Summarzing from the article: Benefits to Consumers Reason 1: Can categorize and organize collections of bookmarks.

Congressional Testimony Statement before the House Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

In my prepared statement, I explained why well-balanced intellectual property laws inspire technology innovation and social good, and described how our Bookshare initiative models the good that copyright exceptions can create. Practical and creative innovators, like Benetech, need space to operate to ensure those benefits reach those people who are often most in need of new solutions, but are often least able to afford them.

The Case for Copyright Exceptions and Fair Use

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Such action, the Court decided, didn’t constitute copyright infringement because it was fair use , that is, a limitation and exception to the exclusive rights granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. It also underscores just how critical a balanced copyright law is for technology innovation. copyright law. Imagine the benefit to society when we go from solving less than five percent of a social problem to most of it, while using less money!

[New Report] Giving in an Election Year

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The new Giving in an Election Year Report , along with the benefit of hindsight, shows me why I was wrong. The bill was only passed and signed into law on the back of bipartisan support. An election year always focuses the mind—on many different things. As fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, we’re taught to be careful at these times—that donors who give to political candidates and causes will naturally turn away from charitable causes to focus on the issue in hand.

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A Jargon-Free Guide to Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3C)

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So you want to start an organization that benefits a specific cause. Or is something that benefits both the owners and the cause more up your alley? An L3C, though, is a hybrid of an LLC and nonprofit business model, which is where an organization operates to benefit the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive. Other examples have included farmers’ markets, newspapers, law groups and art centers.

Is Clubhouse the Right Application for Your Social Media Plan?

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Key benefits. Data security & privacy law. Three things happen every spring: March Madness, spring cleaning, and social media plans need a refresh.

5 Nonprofit Resolutions for 2018

Connection Cafe

While it’s too early to say for certain how much the new tax laws will affect charitable giving, it is possible that fewer people will be seeking to donate for tax benefits. It’s no secret that 2017 was a tempestuous year. In just a year, we went from celebrating the charitable tax deductions’ 100th anniversary to a tax plan that would lessen its value and send aftershocks threatening much-needed programs.

Two Leaders Join Benetech’s Senior Team!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

We have had the benefit of incredibly generous pro bono legal assistance over our history, including our board members Gerry Davis and Rob Wexler. Elaine is a seasoned attorney with extensive experience advising clients on intellectual property, internet law, privacy, licensing, litigation and informal dispute resolution. She spent more than 15 years at major international law firms, including Jones Day and Dechert LLP.

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