MathAndCoding Turns the Library into a Coding Classroom (Part 2)

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The concept of] family literacy is also very important in our community. In part 1 of this series, we introduced MathAndCoding , a nonprofit that offers teen-led programming classes for children in public libraries in the Silicon Valley area.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Join us at ILA to learn how to break through the challenges of shifting practices, advocate for all students, and make a difference in and out of the classroom. The Reading, Literacy and Learning Conference. The Reading, Literacy and Learning Conference. It's finally here!

10X: CEO’s Update: Spring 2014

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Technology currently serves privileged groups through tools that provide access to education, literacy, health, and justice. Global Literacy Sixth Grader and Bookshare member Kevin Leong with Jim Fruchterman at Benetech''s offices. 10X: ten times the impact.

Association Social Media: International Reading Association


The past two years we’ve launched a campaign around International Literacy Day. This year, we worked with NASA on a “Lift Off to Literacy” campaign. Our bread-and-butter audience is comprised mostly of classroom teachers, who already have way too much on their plates.

One Organization’s Quest for Good

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Her purpose would be discovered while visiting classrooms. While there, McDonald noticed that many classrooms had only a stack of books to share between hundreds of children. “It By using ICT infrastructure that is already set up in these countries, Library For All partners to ensure that quality, locally relevant reading material is available to help improve literacy and promote education. How These Entrepreneurs Got Their Start.

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Great List of Links: Preschool Technology

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Early Connections - Preschool is a great set links from the Northwest Technology Consortium on integrating technology into the pre-school classroom. According to this site, In the preschool classroom, children and teachers are working on readiness skills and early literacy experiences. Technology can help to support these lessons when used in planned and guided manner.

Make Your Nonprofit Board Meetings Magical


Ideas include financial literacy training, fundraising discussions, or a presentation about a political or economic issue that affects your organization. No one likes a dull board meeting, or a long one, or one that doesn’t start on time.

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Seven Ways Your Organization can Put Privacy Into Practice – and Why

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This applies both in building friendships and in building business, and the learning starts right at home and in the classroom. We guide parents through raising kids in this digital age, and provide digital literacy curriculum to educators at no cost. Photo by Sean MacEntee.

Finding the Great Impact Story

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We had a similar experience recently here at Microsoft when we heard a story about a student who participates in our Technology Education And Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program.

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President's Update: Summer 2008

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Betsy, a former teacher with a Master's in Education and Learning Disabilities, has a keen understanding of what educators need to adopt and other technology in the classroom. Route 66 Literacy was put on the back burner last year because it ran out of funding.

9 Amazing Organizations Share Their Tech Success

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The Kosch-Westerman Foundation connects terminally ill children to their classrooms through technology. New Heights Educational Group is an educational support and literacy center for families with children who are struggling in school.

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Working Wikily: Establishing A Giving or Gifting Culture in Wiki Community

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" The course had no existing curriculum and it provided a real life laboratory for him to have the curriculum come out of the community interactions that were happening in the classroom. Another point about goals: Community Literacies esp.

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The Birth of a Field: Digital Media and Learning

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The environment for learning is no longer in the classroom and its online, and outside of school. He noted that media literacy has to be integrated as a skill set in all places. "We know very little about the learning that is happening outside of classrooms."

An Interview with Silvia Tolisano of Langwitches Blog

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I am fascinated by the possibilities of blogging in the foreign language classroom. tools and my outlook on literacy, available information, research, and cross-referencing opinions has changed completely. Culturally authentic material for the foreign language classroom used to be scarce are now readily available, only a click or an RSS feed away. Silvia Tolisano, Langwitches Blog Tell me about your background?

The Art of the Backchannel at Conferences: Tips, Reflections, and Resources

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While this advice is more appropriate for the classroom, Vicky Davis shares how she manages the back channel.

Solutionary Women: Viet-Ly Nguyen

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Here is a partial transcript from my interview with Viet-Ly: Viet-Ly: Streetside Stories is a nonprofit literacy arts program based in San Francisco and we work with the middle schools -- the public middle schools -- of the San Francisco Unified School District.

Building the Tech Capacity of Nonprofits Everywhere with TechSoup's NetSquared Events

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Nairobi, Kenya: NetSquared Kenya Women and Web Literacy Program 2016 – 17. Nairobi, Kenya: Mobile Solar Computer Classroom Project in Kenya.

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Writing to Change the World

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Finally, if you want to encourage young writers to write for change, the National Writing Project has published Writing for Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action in 2006.

Remix This Power Point!

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enhanced cultural and technical literacy, not just an ability to reuse materials, but a willingness to do so. I also recently discovered this post/podcast called " Remixing the Classroom." A student came up with an amazing metaphor for how intellectual property should work in the classroom and in greater society. I have been doing a seminar called "Ten Steps to Web2.0" " which is an introduction to social media concepts and tools for nonprofit use.

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Computer Refurbishment and Accessibility

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It supplies computers to disabled people of all ages through its technology lending library and it also supplies for special-needs classrooms.

Games for Change 2007: Funders Perspective Panel

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Mentioned recent studies about taking laptops out of the classroom and there is a problem with using old metrics and it is important to look for new metrics and rethink learning environments in general. Emphasis is on digital literacy. Photo by Rikomatic.

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MCON13: Working with Millennials


In addition, Fifth Third Foundation decided to focus on financial literacy teaching kids in classrooms about money management. Throughout the day, well be living blogging sessions from MCON13 , a conference to help leaders engage the Millennial generation. We''re attending virtually through the livestream. This session featured panelists Nicole Roy Tobin from Deloitte ; Heidi Jark , Fifth Third Foundation , and Nicole Robinson , Mondel?z

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Weaving the Web Into Teaching and Learning

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Starting way back in 1995-96 when the web was just starting to explode with content, I focused a lot on searching skills, information literacy skills, how to organize and retrieve your finds, etc. If the site is to be used by kids in the classroom, it has to have some interactive component to keep their interest and be engaged. Emily at Emily's World offers her thoughts about "Integrating Web Sites into Teaching."

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Abby Rosenheck, Urban Sprouts, Interview Transcript

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The kids were everywhere, they're running around, they're cursing, they're throwing things, they're angry, they're upset, just everything coming out, and we would go out into the garden, and you would just see them relax, like just being outdoors, instead of in the classroom.