Grant Seeking 101: Finding the Right Fit

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In my last post on getting started with grants , we covered the basics of grants and how to determine if your organization was ready to apply for grants. Today, we’ll talk about how to find grants, and how to determine whether the grants you do find are a good fit for your organization. The good news is that, no matter where you are, there are a lot of potential grants. billion in grants annually. Remember, grant applications are a two-way street.

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Grant Seeking 101: Getting Started

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In graduate school, they called me the queen of grants due to my ability to track down grants and help other people with their applications. In six years, I received over $160,000 in federal, state, and university grants to support my research, present and network at conferences, and conduct field work—all on a relatively niche topic (contemporary French literature, film, and graphic novels). Are you ready to be the king or queen of grants at your organization?

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6 Tips for Better Grant Management

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When it comes to getting—and managing—grants, common pitfalls can be avoided with the proper tools and policies in place. With all the budgeting, tracking, and reporting that can go into the process, managing grants can seem like a full-time job. Most grant proposals require a budget.

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Donor Spotlight: Lavelle Fund for the Blind

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One foundation that has been a committed supporter of our work is the Lavelle Fund for the Blind. The Lavelle Fund exemplifies the tremendous social return that bold philanthropy can create. government and states like Texas.

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9 Things to Look for When Evaluating a Grant Proposal

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Ensuring that your foundation makes impactful grants to the right nonprofit partners starts with a thorough proposal evaluation. This timeline should serve to help you, as the grantmaker, to monitor the progress of the grant and ensure it’s on track with hitting various milestones.

The Pros and Cons of Nonprofit Grants

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And, almost always, grants are the driving force of that frustration and tedium. Folks new to the industry seem to have an overblown notion of what grants can and should do for their organizations. They’re great tools—don’t get me wrong—but a grant can’t be your silver bullet.

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Establishing a Grant Office at a Healthcare Organization

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The decision to establish (or restructure) a grant office is one that requires human and capital resources as well as diligence in execution. So, it’s crucial to the ongoing success of your grant office that there’s clarity within the organization around: . Why you need a grant office.

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5 Best Practices for Negotiating Funding for a Thriving Nonprofit

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In the nonprofit world, the beneficiaries of nonprofit services usually provide little, if any, of the revenue to fund the services they receive. With recent budget and economic pressures on government funders and private donors, honest conversations are more critical than ever before.

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Unlock the Door to the Right Funders with a Powerful Grant Strategy| Part 1

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This blog is the first in a three part series that will focus on the tools you need in order to build a comprehensive grants seeking program. Today’s post will focus on how to create a Grant Decision Matrix. Do you begin planning before the need for funding arises?

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Unlock the Door to the Right Funders with a Powerful Grant Strategy| Part 2

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This blog is the second in a three part series that will focus on the tools you need in order to build a comprehensive grants seeking program. Today’s topic will outline a 6 step process to grants research. You need to fund a project. Look for Government and Private Sources.

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Overcoming the Government-Nonprofit Dependency

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Federal, state and local governments increasingly depend on Social Service nonprofit organizations and, because of that dependency, have been willing to help fund them. government funding accounts for approximately one-third of the annual revenue received by nonprofit organizations, primarily through grants and contracts. The largest portion of these grants and contracts, according to an Urban Institute 2013 study , is received by Social Service organizations.

How Startup Nonprofits Can Get the Grant of Their Dreams

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Getting that perfect grant can be a make or break situation for a startup nonprofit. When Nonprofit Hub was at its beginning, we were lucky enough to receive a grant that helped us get our feet on solid ground. Apply for the right grants.

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Where to Find Grants for your Nonprofit Organization

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Finding grants for your nonprofit organization is a lot like shopping for a pair of jeans. Plenty of resources exist to find that perfect grant for your organization that has the style, flexibility and price tag you need – or maybe that’s the jeans. Featured Grant Writing

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The One Secret to Winning Foundation Grants

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Government and The Foundation Center, there are over $544 billion up for grabs each and every year from thousands of sources. (To Government spends on Social Security in a year — and about $40 billion more than what’s spent on Medicare and Medicaid!). Featured Fundraising Grant Writin

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Government contracts and nonprofit organizations: Problems and solutions

ASU Lodestar Center

There is a long history of nonprofit organizations partnering with the government, usually at the state level, through contracts to help provide for and respond to community needs. Often, the agency has little choice in the matter due to budget or funding cuts.

3 Key Changes in Single Audit for Grant Managers

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The bar has been raised for grant recipients receiving federal awards. With the advent of the new Uniform Guidance, non-federal entities are expected to meet performance measurements, assess risk, and effectively manage their grants to a whole new set of regulations.

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Identify, Track, and Analyze Gifts with New Grants Management on EveryAction


Many nonprofits receive anywhere from 10-90% of their revenue from foundation grants. These contributions are typically high dollar grant awards that come from foundations, corporations, or the government. Organizations need a structured and effective way of following their grants throughout the grant's lifecycle so they can easily manage this very important revenue stream and track these funds in the same place as major gifts and other sources of revenue.

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Is There Any Grant Money?

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Talk to anyone associated with a nonprofit organization, and they will tell you that there isn't enough grant money. And this increase is of vital importance given the uncertain future of government funding levels. Be aware that grant funding is available.

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Kessler Foundation Signature Employment Grant | The SocialPath

Vertex Systems

Projects must be collaborative, serve a large geographic area and include multiple funding partners and stakeholders. Applicants may seek funding for $100,000 – $250,000 per year, for maximum project funding of $500,000 over two years.

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Grantseeking Basics: Researching Funders Part One – Government

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Find the first installment of this series, Developing a Grant Project here. As Stephanie Gerding mentions in her piece, “there is not one directory, website or database that will neatly list all the grants that match your specific project.” Federal Government Grants.

Change Climate Change: A New Approach to Grant Applications?

Amy Sample Ward

It’s an interesting combination of social media-based contest, submissions of ideas comments and voted on by readers, and traditional grantmaking, requiring all submission to also fill out a grant proposal for their requested funding. Change Climage Change: Grant Proposals Open. Green Mountain Coffee will provide four grants for $200,000 each (payable over 5 years) to support the work of reducing climate change.

Funding Rural America: Bridging the Resource Gap

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Cynthia Adams, CEO of TechSoup donor partner GrantStation , recently did an important online training webinar on how rural charities and libraries can get grants. The Resource Gap in Rural Funding. Also, federal grants are allocated nearly evenly for urban and rural areas.

Money for your nonprofit: Writing a grant proposal

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Even in times of economic prosperity, many nonprofit organizations have to fight in order to maintain a steady flow of funding. While most nonprofits find funding from a variety of sources, one of the staples of charitable support comes in the form of grants.

Grantseeking Basics: Developing a Grant Project

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Like it or not, grants are a necessity for nearly all nonprofits to stay alive and do good work. One tip I could have used early on was to plan and design the grant project before writing up a query letter or proposal. based on the types of projects they fund.

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Attract Funding in 2014 with ClickTime's Web Timesheet Solution

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With that growth comes competition for funds and projects: as a public benefit corporation in the current economy, proving your impact is crucial for survival. ClickTime’s timesheet software allows employees to track the amount of time they spend on projects, grants, or tasks.

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Federal Funding for Non-profit Jobs


As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Emergency Contingency Fund (ECF), states can provide millions in additional support for jobs. These funds can be used for private, public, and non-profit organizations. This program varies state by state, as states have some control on the use of these funds. The state can provide up to $200 million in additional one-time, non- recurring federal funds for jobs for Florida''s neediest citizens.

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How to Generate Association Revenue Through Grants – It’s Easier Than You Think


A commonly overlooked solution to the challenge is to seek funds for specific programs and projects by applying for grants. Applying for grants can certainly sound like an overwhelming task, but it really doesn’t have to be. Can we approach any of them to fund a project?

So Now What? Finding Funding for Your Nonprofit

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The charts in these reports show the frequency of funding by source, such as private foundations, corporate giving programs, and local governments. Some Examples of Who Gets What Grants. You've found the time to download the latest State of Grantseeking reports.

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Government, Community, and Corporate Partnerships to Expand Broadband Access

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Elliot spoke with Alice Loy at the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship , one of a group of recipients of grant funding from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Project (BTOP).

Grantseeking Basics: Researching Suitable Funders Part Three – Corporate Funding

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Find the first installment of this series, Developing a Grant Project here , the second installment, Researching government funders here , and the third installment on researching foundations here. Finding corporate funding may be the trickiest of all funders to engage.

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Making Grants Data Work: Nonprofit Data Jam, May 10

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No, "Nonprofit Data Jam" is not the label on the mix CD you listen to while deduping your donor data file. :) It's an upcoming event in DC, hosted by the New America Foundation, on the topic of how funding and grants data could be shared and used in other ways. Imagine if communities, donors, journalists, and funders had easy access to grants information from foundations. Author: Seth Merritt.

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How Does a Nonprofit Find Funding to Keep the Lights On?

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And it is important to clarify your thinking as you consider establishing a solid grants program for 2017 and into 2018, especially in this time of uncertainty around government funding. Capacity-building grants are limited and very difficult to get.

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How To Develop Your Nonprofit Operating Reserves

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The real takeaway here is to be able to articulate why the particular reserve funds exist for your organization and what their purposes are, rather than getting hung up on the aggregate number. Reliability of grants and contracts for services.

Using Data Effectively in Your Grants Strategy Development

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utilize data to build cutting-edge grant requests. If you aren't using real-world benchmarks in your grant applications, your organization will have a more difficult time positioning itself among other similar organizations. You can use the information in our State of Grantseeking™ Reports to quantify the status of your grants management program, and more.

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Find More Grants! GrantStation Discount Happening Now

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If you'd like to more easily identify government and foundation grantmakers to help support your organization and mission, you may be interested in taking advantage of a special discount subscription of GrantStation , available to eligible nonprofits only today and tomorrow. For $99 , you can access a one-year subscription of a web-based grant-finding tool to help you seek out and secure greater funding support for your work.

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The DATA Act in the Age of Transparency

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federal government spending data. trillion spent by the federal government in 2016 for contracts, grants and other forms of financial assistance. The summary reports make it simple to see who has received funding and where it was spent.

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Nonprofits, Libraries, and the California Teleconnect Fund

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California are not aware of the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) and. When combined with the California Teleconnect Fund discount, this offering. CTF provides funding for basic access services. Attention: California Teleconnect Fund.

Are Social Enterprises Viable Models for Funding Nonprofits?

ASU Lodestar Center

In order to make change that is sustainable and scalable, additional funding sources need to be considered to help nonprofits achieve their core missions. Charity and government support remain crucial but are insufficient to address the magnitude of the task at hand. Solving basic social problems requires a level of sustainable investment that donors and government cannot provide alone. It may be time to rethink how these important social organizations are funded.

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Why the California Teleconnect Fund Is Great for Nonprofits

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If your nonprofit organization or library is in or has offices in California, you may be eligible for up to 50% off your advanced communications expenses through the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF). Additionally, all government-owned and operated. Please share this information with other California nonprofits, libraries, and government-owned hospitals and health clinics!

Building Windows in Philanthropy: 4 Benefits of a Culture of Transparency

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Recognizing that taxpayers had a right to know how their dollars were being spent, the federal government took its first steps toward greater transparency in 1966 with the Freedom of Information Act.

Increasing Organizational Buy-in When Building a Culture of Strong Internal Controls

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When the federal government changed the rules for grant management at the end of 2013, there was a little noticed change that occurred. Nonprofit Management finance financial management grant management internal controls internal controls structure nonprofit culture transparency

6 Key Changes for Nonprofits in the FASB’s ASU 2016-14

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One of the worst things that could happen as a result of noncompliance is a loss in contributions and grant funding. Year-end balances and purposes of board designated funds must also be disclosed along with policies for managing those funds.

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DIY Nonprofit Technology: Getting Funding for Tech at Your Org


In doing so, one statement that resonates with everyone is “No one funds technology.” I’d like to share what I’ve learned so that you might glean something from my experience to help you get the technology funds needed to achieve your mission.

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