Good Meets Gadgets: Best Nonprofit Technology Conferences of 2015


It''s almost hard to imagine what life at a nonprofit was like before we could blast out fundraising emails, share stories over Facebook, or issue a call-to-action via Twitter. Technology trends evolve fast + nonprofit pros need to stay on the pulse.

5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Nonprofit Do More Good


software nonprofit technology CRMThe way people give is constantly changing. People may care about your cause, but it doesn’t mean they will donate. So what drives them?

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Designing Your Nonprofit Culture for Successful Technology Implementations

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bbcon 2016 , the conference where technology and social good meet, featured a session from Alan Levine, a senior consultant at Barker & Scott Consulting. During Alan’s session, he really focused on the importance of organization culture in technology projects.

Prescriptive Analytics for Nonprofits—How Data Technology Can Transform the Way We Work

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Digital technology is revolutionizing our lives. Prescriptive analytics can transform the way nonprofits work. Nonprofit Technology Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence for Nonprofits big data Data Science Data Technology predictive analytics Prescriptive Analytics

7 Habits of Highly Successful Technology Partnerships

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When you decide to integrate new technology in your organization, you may have a good idea about what you want that technology to do, you may even have leads about who makes it – but how can you be sure you’ve found the perfect partner to initiate and implement new solutions for your organization?

11 Expert Tips for Nonprofits to Embrace Technology for Even Greater Impact

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Last week I had the privilege of networking with over 2000 nonprofit experts and professionals at NTEN ‘s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). Here are the top 11 tips for nonprofits to embrace technology for even greater impact.

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What Is Nonprofit Technology? | NTEN

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What Is Nonprofit Technology? NTEN : "A refresher course on what nonprofit technology is and isn''t." ''via Blog this

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The Changing Landscape of Nonprofit Technology (and What It Means for Your Org)

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The emergence of cloud technology has changed the way people around the world work, communicate, share information, and support causes. More than 90% of nonprofit organizations are using some form of cloud computing today with half of them using multiple cloud services.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Nonprofit Technology


Choosing the right nonprofit software can seem like an overwhelming task, from getting each stakeholder on board, to researching all of your options and hoping to find one that fits both your needs and your budget, to actually transitioning to and implementing the new system.

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What Is Nonprofit Technology?


A refresher course on what nonprofit technology is and isn't. For the past 14 years, I''ve been working for nonprofits. I''ve also become active in what we call the "nptech" community—"nptech" being shorthand for "nonprofit technology.” Peter Campbell.

5 Low-Cost Technology Resources for Nonprofits


The average nonprofit budgets 1-2.2% of total annual spending for technology, according to the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report from NTEN. Quite often, the majority of that budget only covers IT staff salaries and infrastructure overhead, leaving nonprofits with very little remaining to invest in new, cutting-edge technology resources.

Technology Challenges Nonprofits Face


Nonprofits tend to invest more in their missions and programs, and not necessarily in technology resources,” Anthony Pisapia, Director of Development and Programs for Tech Impact, explained. Beyond the social sphere, nonprofits see less activity from mailing (i.e.,

4 Strategies To Help Assess Your Nonprofit’s Technology


With the amount of new and innovative technology that is surfacing every day, assessing your nonprofit’s technology should be a daily process. While every nonprofit wants to cause change in some way, every nonprofit is different.

4 Strategies To Help Assess Your Nonprofit’s Technology


With the amount of new and innovative technology that is surfacing every day, assessing your nonprofit’s technology should be a daily process. While every nonprofit wants to cause change in some way, every nonprofit is different. The post 4 Strategies To Help Assess Your Nonprofit’s Technology appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Industry News Leadership Tech cloud nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech

5 Ways Good Technology and Data Improve Our Community Foundation’s Morale

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We all live in a world filled with technology, which can prove to be a help and hinderance to our work and personal lives. We as a staff also take advantage of outside trainings or conferences related to our current software platforms as well as new technology.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Harness Mobile Technology In 2018


M+R Benchmarks Report , 40% of nonprofit website visitors in the year 2017 were using a mobile phone - a 9% increase from the year prior. Here are five things that all nonprofits should be doing in 2018 to keep up with mobile trends. nonprofit tools mobile

Technology And The Modern Fundraiser - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times

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Technology And The Modern Fundraiser - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times : "The new and growing challenges of today might be met with tomorrow’s advancements in technologies such as virtual reality, image reading and consolidated databases in the years to come." 'via

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Non-Technology Trends for the CIO

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Focus on how market drivers will impact stakeholders, and then to understand their impact on nonprofit strategy and subsequently technology. IT Infrastructure Procurement Technology Drivers Strategy technology

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5 Strategies To Help Implement Technology In Your Nonprofit


Technology is advancing at a seemingly unintelligible rate. Sometimes, however, taking the dive for the new piece of technology can be daunting. You may ask: Will this substantially benefit my nonprofit? Is this technology worth the time it will take to implement?

4 Emerging Technologies That Will Affect Nonprofits


Technology is evolving at the speed of light. Here are 4 up and coming technologies that have the potential to change your nonrpfit’s daily operations forever. Your nonprofit should be constantly on top of what is happening in not only your industry, but you competitor’s too.

10 Reasons to be at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (#14NTC)

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We’re one month out from NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Washington, DC. The official hashtag, #14NTC , is starting to buzz on Twitter, and I’m getting hyped about connecting with nonprofit leaders from around the globe!

5 Nonprofit Technology Trends To Prepare For In 2014


Technological advancement appears to be an unstoppable force. As a result of these inherent technological advancements, nonprofits are forced to continue to adapt to an ever changing landscape. What is your nonprofit expecting in 2014? Image courtesy of TechDay.

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Developing a Nonprofit Tech Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide

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As a nonprofit professional, you’re probably all too familiar with some of the many ways in which technology has completely changed how work gets done in our sector. Develop an overarching technology strategy. Why would a nonprofit create one?

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Google Analytics for Nonprofits: The 3 Analytics Goals Every Nonprofit Must Track

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Regardless, setting up the right goals in your Google Analytics account will give you insight into your audiences, and your nonprofit website performance. The best nonprofit websites show impact. For nonprofits, the most important and popular goals include: Donations.

Leveraging Crowdfunding Technology for Cause Marketing

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Crowdfunding technology offers a great option to increase impact from philanthropy dollars, and it helps brands create an authentic cause connection. Nonprofit Fundraising crowdfunding crowdfunding technology csr nonprofit marketing

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Integrating Development and Finance through Technology and Best Practices

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Technology can and should support your fundraising and financial relationship strategy. . Integrating Development and Finance Through Technology and Best Practices ” for a deeper dive into how to facilitate understanding and collaboration between dependent departments that have different priorities. Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Management aligning finance and development bbcon bbcon 2019 connected office

Unlocking Technology-for-Good Innovation

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

At Benetech, we advance technology applications that empower and protect underprivileged populations, and that also have the potential to become financially self-sustaining enterprises. So far, we’ve spun off one for-profit, one nonprofit, and sold one venture for $5 million.

Digital Transformation: A Tale of Two Resilient Nonprofits

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Digital transformation is, to put it simply, rethinking how our organizations operate through the use of digital technology. have never heard of it) vs. a real opportunity vs. already being engaged in plans to digitally transform their nonprofit.

Blockchain Technology: What Is It and How Is It Relevant for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Paul Lamb , Principal at Man On A Mission Consulting , has over 25 years of experience in business, nonprofit management, technology, and public policy. But what exactly is blockchain it and how is it relevant for nonprofits? At its core blockchain is a database technology.

20 Insightful Nonprofit Technology And Social Media Stats


Some of the most current and meaningful stats about nonprofits and the digital realm, from sources such as Nonprofit Tech For Good , Waggener Edstrom , TechSoup , and the Artez Interactive. 59% of people donate after becoming a follower of a nonprofit’s social network.

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4 Important Considerations Before Investing in Today’s Technology for Tomorrow

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What technology is best? As an account executive for foundation management technology solutions at MicroEdge + Blackbaud , I get asked these questions a lot. And because of this, customizable solutions are updated less frequently, making it difficult to keep up with the latest in technological advancements. This type of solution is much easier to use and support, implement, and requires little IT support, allowing for organization’s to keep technology cutting-edge.

Becoming a Resilient Nonprofit

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The term “resilient nonprofit” has been widely used to describe organizations capable of adapt ing to significant challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. S trong nonprofit s build strategies for sustainability. Yes, the nonprofit sector is a resilient one.

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3 Factors to Consider When Evaluating New Technology

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The impact of technology is huge—we can’t function without it. This is why it’s essential for non-profit organizations to embrace technology with caution. Employees are more likely to have some of the latest technology and upgrade sooner than the organization.

Wearable Technology for Your Nonprofit? | Community Techknowledge

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Wearable Technology for Your Nonprofit? Community Techknowledge : It’s 2014 and wearable technology now has the capacity to make smart phones seem “so yesterday”, but probably NOT for the typical nonprofit exec. Frankly, nonprofits are generally absent in most early-adopters of breakthrough technology groups, but once they feel comfortable enough, nonprofits do find highly effective ways to apply technology to th

How to Prepare Your Pitch for New Technology Investments

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How we get and share information, and our fundamental behaviors as human beings, are all being disrupted by the influence that technology and the internet are having on our lives and the world around us. And while the need to change is there, it can often be challenging to illustrate and justify the investment in technology that can make that change and growth possible. Below are the four key areas to focus on while preparing your pitch for technology investment: Know the trends.

5 Low-Cost Technology Resources for Nonprofits - Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology

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5 Low-Cost Technology Resources for Nonprofits - Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology : "The average nonprofit budgets 1-2.2% of total annual spending for technology, according to the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report from NTEN.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country! Nonprofit Management. Nonprofit Technology, and more!

2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : April 4, 2012. Location : San Francisco, CA. Topic : Designing Online Engagement to Collaborate with Your Community. Description : You can design online engagement to unleash your evangelists. In this workshop, we’ll focus on all aspects of designing high-value, engaging, and participatory content that creates a partnership with your fans. A true evangelist is moved to create, is a seamless co-creator with your organization, and motivated spreader of content.

Engaging in the Moment: Leveraging Technology for Good

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However, I am proposing that we find a better balance, and a way to use our technology to enhance our experiences rather than detract from the moment! So where do our myriad of devices and technologies come into play? Nonprofit Technology #GoodTakeOver #nptech Mobile Social Media

What to Do When Technology Isn’t Your Problem

Robert Weiner

Does it feel like you never find the right combination of technologies to just make things work? People and process problems frequently masquerade as technology problems. & technology for organizational problems. Copyright P. Mueller [link].

4 Sustainable Technology Tips For Nonprofit Start-Up


For nonprofit startups, technology may be one of the farthest concerns. How about an email service registered to your nonprofit’s domain. Bo Crader shares 4 tips to help nonprofit startups develop a technology strategy, in an article on npEngage : Long term planning.

Nonprofit Technology Rockstars: Jason Shim

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He publishes how-to articles on NTEN, TechSoup Canada , and the surprising Nonprofit MarCommunity site. Those kind of moments really make me feel good about the work that I do and being able to share the knowledge to make technology more accessible to everyone.

4 Steps to Ensure Your Nonprofit Technology Investment Pays Off in Months, Not Years.

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program, a group consulting service that helps nonprofit organizations deepen constituent engagement and accelerate online fundraising. In a recent paper, Making the Pitch to Nonprofit Leadership: How to Convey and Sell the Need to Invest in Fundraising Technology , my colleague Danielle Johnson-Vermenton and I explored how nonprofit fundraisers can advocate for investments in online fundraising technology. Andrew Shoaff manages Blackbaud’s Essentials with Go!