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How to Stretch Impact Measurement Dollars

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Impact measurement is mission-critical. Thankfully, regardless of how small the budget, there is a lot that organizations can do to maximize their impact measurement dollars. After all, it is essentially an assessment of whether or how well an organization is living up to its mission.

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Impact Management: Measuring, Evaluating, and Maximizing Impact at Your Nonprofit

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Demonstrating impact, an essential part of any impact management strategy for nonprofit, and making change for good is the raison d’etre of every organization. With an increasing level of pressure to report on impact, taking a single step to meet this requirement is a great start. How does impact relate to both of these trends?


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The NonProfit Voice Ep 83: Harnessing and Measuring the Power of Influencers

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join The NonProfit Voice to discuss the benefits of measuring influencers’ impact on virtual events. Maxine Tatlonghari of the American Lung Association and Nick Lynch of

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Measuring Your Impact With Salesforce Tableau

Cloud 4 Good

You know you are making a difference in your communities, but do you know how to showcase that impact to your grantmakers, board members, donors, and volunteers without spending countless hours building endless spreadsheets and reports? What’s changed in the last year that has made an important impact on nonprofits?

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Fluxx and UpMetrics Partner to Bring Grantmaking, Impact Management, and Analytics Solution

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Fluxx and UpMetrics have partnered to provide foundations and grantees with an end-to-end solution that combines grantmaking data with impact data, measurement, and analytics. The partnership will empower foundations to make more informed grantmaking decisions.

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The Power of Learning Analytics: Maximizing the Impact of Your Education Programs

Association Analytics

In the fast-paced world of online education, understanding the effectiveness and impact of learning programs is crucial for associations. Assessing Learner Sentiment Another important part of measuring the effectiveness of education programs is assessing learning sentiment.

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Measuring Impact: 5 KPIs Your Nonprofit Needs To Be Tracking

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While KPIs represent a valuable opportunity, it’s important that you select the right ones to track for your unique organization, especially since there are so many possibilities.

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