How Foundations Can Use Storytelling to Effect Change

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Learn more in the free Blackbaud Foundation Solutions webinar, “Tell Your Foundation’s Impact Story.” Here are five steps you can take to make that happen with your storytelling: 1. Then, rather than focusing your storytelling on your foundation, you can focus it on those potential partners. It’s the most basic rule of storytelling – and it’s something we cannot forget when we’re sharing stories about our work. When we think about storytelling, we think about talking.

Report: Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I don’t have to tell anyone who reads Beth’s blog about the value of storytelling. Few would deny that storytelling is a powerful tool for inspiring action and influencing thought leaders, donors, and decision makers. Storytelling

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4 Steps to Creating Your Nonprofit’s Storytelling Strategy

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Does your nonprofit have a plan for storytelling this year ? The truth is that nonprofits are still not using storytelling as strategically as they could be. In other words, storytelling is an ad-hoc activity that happens on the side. Storytelling can be used support your organization’s advocacy, communications, marketing, and fundraising efforts by helping you build stronger connections with your audience.

Engaging Millennials for Nonprofit Storytelling

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Stories naturally demonstrate impact in a tangible way and when they are told well, they make the reader feel like the hero. But your organization can go a step beyond by empowering Millennials to be the storytellers.

How Nonprofits Can Use Storytelling to Boost Donor Retention

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So much of fundraising and relationship building is about following up with donors—keeping in touch, reporting impact, keeping them apprised of new happenings and so on. When it comes to the content of donor communications that actually retain donors , we must focus on communicating impact.

Hatch: A Tool for Digital Storytelling for Social Impact Launches

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth : Over the past six months, I’ve been on an advisory group for project that my colleague Jay Geneske at the Rockefeller Foundation has spearheaded to help build the capacity of nonprofits in storytelling skills. Your CEO as Master Storyteller. Storytelling

Keeping Your Nonprofit Relevant with Engagement and Storytelling

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Storytelling: Don’t fall back on brand reliance. The cultural pulse changes over time and so too must your storytelling strategy. You can also learn more about storytelling strategy in the sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 116: Storytelling 101.

4 bbcon 2019 Takeaways to Help You Maximize Your Foundation’s Impact in 2020

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In this post, I’ll highlight four of the key takeaways identified by our attendees as being the most critical to positioning their foundations for greater impact in 2020. bbcon Takeaway #3: Impact measurement must be baked into the culture of your foundation .

Telling Your Impact Story with Donor Statements

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In the social good world, storytelling is vital for success, and arguably one of the most important stories to tell is the journey of your donor’s funds. Something to be included to help personalize the impact of your donors, but not the focus of the story itself.

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Cut Through the Clutter: Why Storytelling Matters for Nonprofits

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And this is where storytelling comes in. So, what makes an effective storytelling campaign? It is not enough for your storytelling campaign to evoke feelings of sympathy. Elements your nonprofit should include in your storytelling campaigns include: Show impact.

Designing for Good #3 – Best of 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling

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For this Designing for Good episode, we’re showcasing the best examples of nonprofit storytelling of 2016. Timely, but why is nonprofit storytelling such a hot topic these days ? Stories like: A candid testimony of an nonprofit’s impact on a real person’s life.

Your Brain On Good Stories: Why Storytelling Matters For Nonprofits


While the ROI of storytelling is a difficult one to measure , what’s important to understand is that it does work. Essentially, storytelling is something that not only helps nonprofits engage with their communities, but it also harbors the potential to help nonprofits fundraise, too.

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Storytelling Workouts for Year-End Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

With so many EOY campaigns , one of the most powerful ways for donors to connect with your cause is through the power of storytelling. Yes, it’s 2018 and we are still talking about the power and benefits of storytelling. 15 Minute Storytelling Workouts. nonprofit storytelling

4 Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Digital Storytelling with WhatsApp

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By Elizabeth Ngonzi , is an Adjunct Faculty at New York University Center for Global Affairs where she teaches Digital Storytelling, Innovation and Fundraising. Storytelling is core to how we as human beings communicate. Storytelling Framework. Digital Storytelling Framework.

Story-Led Change: A Photojournalist’s Thoughts on the Power of Storytelling

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I was lucky enough to sit down with Sean Sheridan , photojournalist, author and speaker who has spent nearly two decades elevating people and brands through storytelling, to learn more about his focus on storytelling through imagery and how his work amplifies the cause-minded organizations he partners with. I got my start in the corporate world doing communications and storytelling, but I began to grow antsy with that work. Incorporating Images for Impactful Storytelling.

11 Expert Tips for Nonprofits to Embrace Technology for Even Greater Impact

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This conference brings together some of the top minds in nptech and gives attendees a chance to discuss what’s happening across the industry and share best practices for how to work smarter and create bigger, lasting impact with technology.

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Sharing Your Story: How to Engage Donors with the Philanthropic Impact of Their Gift

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It’s simple—regularly communicate the impact that your donors have already created. It might seem too easy, but research shows that donors want to know 1) how their gift was used and 2) what impact it had. Stories perfectly illustrate impact in action.

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DIY Digital Storytelling Resources from TechSoup

John Haydon

To create and share inspiring stories online, nonprofits need both storytelling resources and inspiration. TechSoup ‘s annual nonprofit digital storytelling contest, Storymakers , provides both. Best New Storyteller Award, for an organization new to digital storytelling.

Building Impact Fundraising Capacity

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Jamie Forbes of Opus Advisers and Alexandra Urbanowski of New Hampshire Public Radio helped attendees understand the value of building a brand within the nonprofit space and how it can impact fundraising. Measurement is essential to understand your impact. Focus on storytelling.

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TechSoup Digital Storytelling Event

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TechSoup Digital Storytelling Event: "Every organization has a story to tell. Even with limited resources, time, or skills, your nonprofit can tell a compelling story that captures the importance and impact of your cause — and we've got an event that will show you how! But yours doesn't have to be a bland, corporate-sounding video or canned sound bite.

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Instagram For Brand Storytelling


With over 20 billion images shared to date, the Instagram community inspires innovative storytelling, from photo editing tips to composition to thematic content. The post 3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Instagram For Brand Storytelling appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Since its launch, Instagram has provided over 200 million users, businesses and non-profits with a fun, creative way to share and capture moments in photos.

Guest Lecture: NYU – Data and Storytelling

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I will join Laurel Hart’s class to discuss some of the key ways social media has impacted nonprofit organizations and the opportunities for the social impact sector to leverage the social technologies available today and in the future. presentation Presentations from 2011 community content data guest lecture planning storytelling strategyDate : April 28, 2011. Location : New York, NY. Topic : Nonprofits & Social Media.

Visual Storytelling for Nonprofits


In a time when photographs circulate around the globe at an unprecedented scale and speed, and revolutions are propelled by viral images, it has become more important than ever for mission-driven organizations to create impactful visual media that can drive action and fuel awareness.

Nonprofit Partners may be your Ticket to the Golden Age of Social Impact

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We are creating, thriving and demanding more from our favorite brands, our employers, and our government during what might just be the Golden Age of Social Impact. Golden Ticket to the Golden Age.

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New on SSIR: A New Tool for Digital Storytelling

Amy Sample Ward

—– I’m really excited by tools that enable digital or transmedia storytelling. Nonprofits: What if you created a digital annual report that walked viewers through your service area, giving them a tour of your work and impact?

#mygivingstory: Resources and Best Practices for @GivingTuesday Nonprofit Storytelling

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Storytelling is an essential fundraising skill for nonprofits. One of the most amazing nonprofit storytellers I ever heard in my life is Alberto Cairo (International Committee of the Red Cross) who delivered a truly inspirational speech during the International Fundraising Congress closing plenary. I would urge you to take a few minutes to view this video and see what you can learn nonprofit storytelling. Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

The Importance Of Including Storytelling In Fundraising Message


It can be easy to forget that the easiest way to have an impact on someone is to provide them with a narrative they can relate to. People don’t want to understand a social cause through numbers and statistics; they want to hear about the cause’s human impact.

The day I made an impact

ASU Lodestar Center

There is much talk within the nonprofit sector of how organizations should measure their impact, and there doesn’t really seem to be a right or wrong way to implement a measurement strategy. Just like every donated dime counts, so does every point of impact.

The Power of Storytelling in Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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He’s the writing whiz for WonderWe —a crowdfunding social network that provides free viral tools for non-profits to fundraise, recruit and measure impact like a pro. As a start, let’s chat about the power of storytelling to move people to action.

Q&A With Best Selling Author And Expert Storyteller, Paul Smith

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In his book, Paul demonstrates how storytelling is a powerful business tool that can mean the difference between mediocre results and phenomenal success. It seems that a lot more people nowadays are professing the power of storytelling.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 146: Strategies for Digital Communications That Engage and Inspire

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Listen to the interview to hear what she has to say about how to engage audiences through storytelling across multiple digital channels, what powerful and compelling stories look like, and how organizations should be thinking about using podcasting and other types of new media.

Drive Attention and Gain Donations on Facebook with Video Storytelling

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Storytelling in a sound-off world. The notion of storytelling might seem grandiose. Video on Facebook is your opportunity to showcase how your nonprofit makes an impact. Connect with us and drive attention and gain donations on Facebook with video storytelling.

Storymakers: Previous Digital Storytelling Winners

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup is committed to helping nonprofits build their storytelling capacity. For the past four years, we have been amazed and inspired by the storytelling created by our members. 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge Winners. 2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge Winners.

Using Cloud Technology in Storytelling


What do storytelling and cloud technology have in common? Storytelling is a cornerstone of nonprofit fundraising and public messaging. The ability to identify and tell a compelling story is such an important part of conveying our impact that it has almost reached the level of cliché. Cloud cloud technology storybanking storytelling Communications Elizabeth Prescott. Principal and CEO. Prescott Consulting.

Storymakers Digital Storytelling Resources - Go Explore

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TechSoup storytelling campaigns have been educating nonprofits and building storytelling capacity for four years. Creating a Culture of Storytelling. A Menu of Storytelling Options from Small to Large. Storytelling Blog Posts. Storytelling and Social Sharing.

How to Harness the Power of Data for Better Nonprofit Storytelling

John Haydon

Data can be a powerful storytelling tool to communicate impact to current and potential donors and funders. The post How to Harness the Power of Data for Better Nonprofit Storytelling appeared first on John Haydon.

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TSDigs: Creating Impact & Effective Storytelling Tweet Chat Recap

Tech Soup Blog

It’s the goal of every nonprofit that creates a video – creating a video that has impact. Examining what makes video have an impact was the topic of TechSoup’s recent Digital Storytelling Challenge tweet chat.

Free Digital Storytelling Online Event

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My friends at TechSoup asked me to pass along info about their upcoming digital storytelling event. From September 30 to October 21, TechSoup will host a free Digital Storytelling online event including expert roundtable discussions, nonprofit case studies, online discussions, live chat, and a community challenge with a final screening awards ceremony in the virtual world of Second Life. What do we mean by Digital Storytelling?

[PODCAST] Storytelling as Mission Moments | Ft. Lori Jacobwith

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Storytelling has been a pretty noteworthy buzzword in the nonprofit sector in the last few years. Blogs, conferences and thought leaders all over the sector stress the importance of storytelling. We all have stories that stem from our work and most of us already know the importance of storytelling. Lori Jacobwith explains a new way to view storytelling. Mission moments help others learn an organization’s why by showing (not telling) real examples of impact. .

Unleash your curation creativity: 4 cool storytelling tools


I’ve been playing with a slew of storytelling tools lately. maximizes the reach and impact of shared content for publishers by driving traffic back to the original site at more than 5x the industry average for traditional links.

TSDigs: The Collected Digital Storytelling Resources

Tech Soup Blog

The TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge , powered by Lights.Camera.Help. Febrauary 2012 was marked by weekly tweet chats and webinars, an episode of NPLive, blog posts, and articles on the topic of digital storytelling. Although the Digital Storytelling Challenge submissions period is over – the opportunity to hone your digital storytelling skills doesn’t need to end. The collected digital storytelling event recaps can all be found here.

The 12th Issue of NTEN: Change is Out - "Outcomes & Impact"


The true test of any nonprofit is to demonstrate impact. Every nonprofit aims to have impact, but few have the systems in place to calculate little more than outputs. For nonprofits, measuring their broader impact can be easier said than done.

Webinars to Sharpen Your Digital Storytelling Skills

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup's 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge kicks off this April combining a month of learning and friendly competition into a media-making challenge. More important, they hone their digital storytelling skills and come away with a reusable piece of marketing collateral.