Cause Awareness & Giving Day Campaigns for Nonprofits

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The rise of social media has also given rise to online giving on cause awareness and giving days. To help your nonprofit prepare and launch a successful cause awareness day and/or giving day online campaign, this webinar was presented on November 14 to more than one thousand nonprofit staff.

Giving Tuesday: Steps to Create a Stellar Campaign

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There is money to be raised and good to be done! Follow these steps to create your campaign: 1. Whether you’re large or small—whether this is your first Giving Tuesday campaign or 6 th —the point is that you must decide on your strategy. Raise $10K in one day?

Introducing: Cause Camp 2019 Speaker Lineup

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Cause Camp is just a couple of months away, and we want to introduce you to the unprecedented thought leaders who will be educating and inspiring you along the way. Without further ado, your Cause Camp 2019 speakers and the topics they’ll be presenting in March! Cause Camp Featured

Birthday Cause Wrapped Up

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THANK YOU to all of you who donated and supported my Birthday Cause ; it means SO much to me! I first talked about the Birthday Cause application on Facebook in December when I set it up for my birthday. Causes’ Birthday Cause application does just that when you set it up.

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6 Reasons Your Organization Should Implement Supporter-Led Campaigns in 2017

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As nonprofit leaders look ahead and think about how to significantly expand the impact of their advocacy campaigns, there is one key tactic that may be your secret to punching above your weight: Supporter-Led Campaigns. Distributed campaigning is not new.

How Nonprofits Can Raise Money Using YouTube

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Also, on February 19 in collaboration with Nonprofit Tech for Good, she’ll be presenting a free webinar about how nonprofits can use social media to raise money online. Campaign matching.

Grassroots Campaigning: How to Use Online Channels to Build Offline Support

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According to research by the Congressional Management Foundation, nearly half of congressional staff believe that “most advocacy campaigns of identical form messages are sent without the constituent’s knowledge or approval.”. Era of Increased Activism and Grassroots Campaigning.

[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Raise More Money Through Crowdfunding

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This webinar will walk through the basics of crowdfunding so that your nonprofit can utilize this growing fundraising method to bring in more money for your cause. The power of social media to increase crowdfunding for your cause. Date: April 16, 2019. Time: 1 pm EST/10 am PST.

An 11-Step Guide to Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns for Nonprofit Organizations

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By Paige Kutliek , SEO Manager at GoFundMe ––a free fundraising platform for charities, people, and the causes you care about. Crowdfunding helps you raise money for issues that are central to your organization and offset any costs not covered by your budget or other fundraising efforts.

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#thankful4home: Raising Awareness Around Homelessness

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This fall and winter I’m working with a group of organizations in Chicago to raise awareness around homelessness, alongside screenings of the @Home documentary that features portraits of this issue through the eyes of activist Mark Horvath.

What Email Spam Rates Mean for Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Here is how spam rates affected nonprofit fundraising last Giving Tuesday, and what you can do to ensure a successful 2018 campaign. research and benchmark figures , we found that a nonprofit with a list of 100,000 lost the potential to raise $3,116.41

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Join the Crowd(funding): Strategies for Successful Non-Profit Campaigns

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Crowdfunding—also known as crowdsourcing—has become a potent and viable means of raising money for thousands of non-profits around the globe. Indeed, if done correctly, such a campaign can see full funding for a particular effort or event.

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Passing the Word: Getting Supporters to Share your Cause

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The fundraiser—whether it’s an inspired event, online appeal or one-time contest—should of course be considered an important component of any non-profit’s campaigning effort. Build your campaign around the concept of letting the community create the content.

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How To Use Stories To Raise Money On Social Media


Are they just empty buzzwords, or actual tools that can help your nonprofit raise money online? Great storytelling and successful social media campaigns are completely interconnected. Here are 5 ways that you can use stories to raise money for your nonprofit on social media.

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Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 101

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After all, their time and finances are valuable; you need to show them how your organization values its supporters and uses donations to further your cause. Incentives are motivators that influence your donors to give and influence your fundraising teams to raise more.

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4 Ways to Use Facebook to Engage Millennials in Your Cause

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That’s millions of us becoming more established in our careers with greater means to give generously to causes. As the first generation to grow up with modern technology so easily at our fingertips, Millennials have reengineered the way information is delivered and consumed.

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The Three Major Components of a Successful Annual Giving Campaign

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Americans are generous and enjoy the sense of being a part of a worthy cause achieved by charitable giving. Obtaining and sustaining these individual donors is vital to your annual giving campaign. Planning a campaign takes preparation and detail.

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The other side of the figures: Causes reaches $20 Million in Donations

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Earlier this week, an announcement on the Causes Application blog broke the news that over $20 Million has been donated since May 2007 via donors using the social networking application. 35,000 causes have received at least one donation. million raised through the Birthday Wish feature.

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Breaking News: Twiddling Thumbs of Nonprofit Professionals Causing Sore Thumbs

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Wondering how donor support will fare in the face of federal and presidential political campaign competition? Returning participants continue to be better fundraisers than new participants; raising in many cases, more than double what new participants do. April Fools.

Facebook Live For Nonprofits: How Live Streaming Helped One Org Raise Almost $100K

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There’s a lot of talk about the ways nonprofits can use Facebook to raise money — live streaming fundraising events, breaking news, impact stories, and more, directly from their Facebook Page. How Facebook live helped keep their audience engaged (and raise $100K).

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Guest Post on Tactical Philanthropy: Causes, MySpace and ideablob

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“In recent days, Causes has left MySpace and IdeaBlob has shutdown. In reaction to the Causes announcement, Economist bureau chief Matthew Bishop tweeted “Who knew it was on MySpace?” First, let’s start at the beginning: Causes Leaves MySpace.

How to Influence the Conversation Around Your Next Campaign

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There’s a flurry of conversation happening about the issues your organization works on that can move the needle on your campaign. Impact conversations that are relevant to your campaign. You can literally see how people are talking about your campaigns and gauge when there’s excitement.

Cause Camp 2017 Speaker Lineup Announcement

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the official Cause Camp 2017 speaker lineup. Derrick Feldmann is the lead researcher and creator of The Millennial Impact Project, a multi-year study of how the next generation supports causes.

Your 2016 Cause Camp Speaker Lineup Announcement

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Without further adieu, we’re pleased to announce our Cause Camp speaker lineup for 2016. Cause Camp is an annual conference for nonprofit professionals held in Lincoln, Neb. 9 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign.

3 Ways to Engage Millennials in Your Cause

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He serves as president of Achieve , a research and design agency for causes. In addition, he leads The Millennial Impact Project , which is an ongoing study of millennials and how they engage with causes. are of equal importance when given to a cause.

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Can Nonprofits Raise Money on Social Media?


Does senior leadership at your organization ask “why can’t we raise money on social media? Look at the Obama campaign. They raised millions of dollars. Comparing your nonprofit to a Presidential campaign is ridiculous. And just 1% raised between $25K and $100K.

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EveryAction Acquires DonorTrends

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

The acquisition empowers EveryAction’s clients to raise more money and furthers EveryAction’s strategy of bringing innovation in revenue generation to its SaaS products. “We Fundraisers fuel our clients’ important causes.

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How to Get Your Employees Involved in Giving Tuesday Campaigns


Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday where nonprofits run fundraising campaigns to increase holiday donations. That makes Giving Tuesday an ideal time to engage your employees in CR campaigns, but it doesn’t mean your employees’ contributions are guaranteed.

New Speakers Announced for Cause Camp 2017

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If you haven’t yet seen, we recently announced the speaker lineup for Cause Camp 2017, and we have even more exciting news. Cause Camp is more than two days of lectures, it’s an experience dedicated to education, collaboration and inspiration to keep your (camp) fire alive.

HOW TO: Tap into the Power of Cause Awareness Days

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While embracing a comprehensive, long-term breaking news and crisis communications strategy is challenging for many nonprofits, all nonprofits, regardless of their size, can tap into the power of cause awareness days. Many nonprofits already participate in cause awareness day campaigns.

Slacktivism: Can Cartoons Raise Awareness or Just Make Us Feel Good?


In an effort to raise awareness for child abuse, thousands of Facebook users changed their profile photos to one of their favorite childhood cartoon characters (full disclosure: mine was Underdog.) This is for a campaign against violence on children.&#

Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 202 — The Advanced Course

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if Emily Employee gives $50 to a nonprofit, then her company will also give $50 to the same campaign). Language that centers around how the donor can punch up their gift for your cause. Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing. Incentive-based fundraising puts your donors first.

Inside Goodwill’s #LaborofLove Campaign

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What is the #LaborofLove Campaign? The #LaborOfLove Campaign urges people across the nation to pledge to spread awareness about Goodwill and the importance of job placement and training programs. What are your campaign goals? We’re approaching Labor Day Weekend.

How Sierra Club Used Text Messaging to Raise Smog Awareness

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They set up a two-pronged messaging system to reach this goal: The text message campaign geographically targets enrollees about unsafe smog levels in their area, encouraging them to avoid outdoor exercise and to avoid exposing children to the harmful conditions.

Capital Campaign Marketing Strategies for the Tech-Savvy


If you’re starting a capital campaign, then you know how much work and effort goes into planning a fundraiser of this magnitude. We’ve compiled a list of five tech-savvy marketing strategies to help you raise more. Here’s is what we’ll cover: Build a capital campaign website.

Book: Cause Marketing for Dummies

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Joe Waters, who writes the Selfish Giving Blog , has published a book, Cause Marketing for Dummies and was kind enough to send me a copy. Click to Purchase on Amazon.

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Community Is Better than Cute Cats: How to Raise Money for Your Unsexy, but Important, Cause


Susan Gordon, Director of Nonprofit Services, Causes. Even if the mission of your nonprofit doesn't have anything to do with adorable cats or precious babies, you can still raise money using social media. When the earthquake hit Japan in March, nonprofits of all sizes, budgets, and national reputations put up Fundraising Projects on Causes. Consider this simple comparison of potential reach for campaigns run by two very different nonprofits: Large Nonprofit Using Direct Mail.

Is Social Media Shifting Giving from the Cause to the Individual? - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

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Is Social Media Shifting Giving from the Cause to the Individual? - The HopeMob model is similar to crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, StartSomeGood, and Indiegogo; in fact, King actually raised the funds to launch HopeMob from a Kickstarter campaign

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How to Create a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

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Create a goal to meet for a specific project you want to raise money for. Some organizations make use of fundraising events as a means to raising year-end donations. Events are among the most effective ways to have a strong year-end giving campaign when your objective is on-mission.

Give Miami Day raises record $5.2 million for nonprofits

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Give Miami Day raises record $5.2 Thursday’s Give Miami Day raised $5.2 The Greater Miami Jewish Federation and The Children’s Movement of Florida reclaimed the top two spots this year for the most money raised for the day with $368,739 and $156,925, respectively.

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3 Unique Ways to get Friends Asking Friends so you can Raise More Money Online


Do you ever find your self thinking … “ How can I empower my nonprofit supporters to raise money for a cause they love ”? Annual campaign, Capital campaign and Special projects). Annual Campaign. Capital Campaign. So often a capital campaign is quite.

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The Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns of 2017

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Here are our picks for the best nonprofit social media campaigns of 2017 and a little bit about what made each one stand out. launched the #MeToo campaign. What can you learn from #MeToo’s hashtag campaign? What can you learn from Project Life Jacket’s campaign?

6 Ways To Make Your Nonprofit’s Holiday Campaign Successful


This is what many nonprofit fundraisers and donation campaigners are banking on. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your fundraising campaigns this holiday season, as according to Entrepreneur. Image courtesy of DoJiggy. The holiday season is meant for giving.