Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Resources

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Relief organizations and first-responders are working tirelessly to provide aid to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The staff at TechSoup Global is keeping all those affected by the devastating hurricane in our thoughts as we work to support recovery efforts.

Hurricane Sandy: How to Help


We hope all of our readers on the East Coast are safe and sound after Hurricane Sandy. I also wanted to share Cynthia Samuels, (who runs the Care2 Cause Channel) terrific compilation of resources on how folks can help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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The power of social media for Hurricane Sandy

ASU Lodestar Center

The two companies we worked with were A Family Storage, which is a self-storage company, and Cool Box Portable Storage, which is a mobile storage company similar to PODS. posted by. Trevor Mc Cann. Ch i ef Executive Officer. Rainbow SEO.

Text IRENE to 877877 to report hurricane damages

Mobile Commons

While preparing our own homes for hurricane Irene, Mobile Commons is also working to keep other New Yorkers safe. Yesterday, we developed a mobile database to help residents find out if they were in a flood zone or not.

Mobile Commons Provides Polling Place Locator in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy – A Press Roundup

Mobile Commons

Over the past week, Mobile Commons has worked with New York and New Jersey officials to be sure that all their citizens know where to vote. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many polling places throughout both states had to be moved. and Mobile Commons.”. - DNA Info.

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Measuring Social Media Outcomes Is Easier than Measuring Hurricane Strength

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

While my family and their home dodged a bullet, like millions in NYC, other locations had catastrophic flooding and there was a loss of lives. We learned that it predicting the path of hurricanes is a more precise science than the measuring their destructive force. Source: Nasa.

Hurricane Irene and the Nonprofit Social Media Storm


We know our friends over at the Red Cross have been expertly using social media for disaster response for years now, but this weekend, with Hurricane Irene set to touch down all along the east coast, we saw many other organizations and government entities reaching out via social media, as well. For Hurricane Irene, the Red Cross used volunteers to listen as well as respond in the social media space, to ensure 24 hour coverage during the storm.

2012 In Review: 3 Key CRM Trends

Connection Cafe

Mars rovers, Olympics, Hurricanes and Elections—oh my! As 2012 comes … CRM Emerging Trends Analytics big data Mobile socialWhat a year!

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Make Your Fundraising Mobile with Connect2Give

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We're all familiar with it, a message saying "Help the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Mobile giving is a low-cost way to raise funds on an ongoing- or campaign-based basis. Benefits of a Mobile Site. Other benefits of a mobile site include: A better experience!

Crain’s Features Mobile Commons on The Election and Sandy

Mobile Commons

Crain’s New York has a great feature on how Hurricane Sandy and the election gave Mobile Commons our biggest week ever. And as if that weren’t enough, Mobile Commons—which was the lead mobile strategist for the Obama campaign—recruited 1,500 volunteers in Virginia in 10 minutes, via text, to help keep people on voting lines after polls closed. Past Articles from Crains About Mobile Commons.

MSNBC Reports: Mobile technology used as a safety tool

Mobile Commons

Earlier today, Mobile Commons CEO Jed Alpert gave an interview on MSNBC to talk about what we’ve done to both help New Yorkers prepare for and recover from Irene. Click here for more on how we are using technology to keep our communities safer during the hurricane. Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy. Company News Press

Lessons from RootsCamp: How Long-Term Mobile Engagement Can Set You Up for “Big-Bang” Wins

Mobile Commons

Sam McKelvie is the head of Mobile Strategy, dedicated to helping customers use text messaging to accomplish their goals. More than a few Mobile Commons clients achieved incredible success on November 6 th. We shared some the main takeaways we observed this fall with our friends at RootsCamp in a panel called “Using Mobile to Build Long-Term Engagement for Big-Bang Wins!”. The election is in 1 week and many of your state’s polling places were destroyed in a hurricane!

WBUR Makes a Mobile Map of Coyote Sightings in Boston

Mobile Commons

They then plotted the information on a mobile map. Other News Organizations Creating Mobile Maps. Text Irene to 877877 to Report Hurricane Damages. After a winter filled with coyote sightings throughout the Boston metropolitan area, citizens were concerned about what all the wildlife meant for them. While animal experts assured the populace that coyotes aren’t dangerous for people, Bostonians still worried about their children and their pets.

Alexandra Rampy, Guest Post: The Cool Factor About Mobile

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Courtesy of Alexandra Rampy, publisher of SocialButterfly Mobile. Rather than go on, instead, I want to give some examples and highlight the cool factor of how mobile can add some out-of-the-box type thinking to an overall health and/or social marketing-related initiative. Personal PSAs are those shared via mobile and social networks, in addition to being user-generated.). *. Objective : Using Mobile SMS Technology to increase individual smoking cessation success.

O’Reilly Radar features Mobile Commons’ Partnership with WNYC

Mobile Commons

Sterne goes on to explain how the city’s disaster preparedness around Hurricane Irene created a test case for opening up city data to outside developers. As New Yorkers prepared for an unexpected class two hurricane, people weren’t sure if they were part of the evacuation zone, and didn’t know what measures they should take to stay safe. Parties developing tools built on city platforms included WNYC, NYTimes, Google, Mobile Commons and Crisis Commons.

New York Daily News Features Our “Mobile Might” Working on Obama Campaign and Sandy Response

Mobile Commons

The New York Daily News today features how Mobile Commons helped the Obama campaign win the election, and assisted New York and New Jersey in keeping citizens informed about where they could vote in the aftermath of Sandy. In an article entitled “Mobile might: Sandy’s wrath no match for B’klyn tech firm on election day,” the Daily News writes. That was especially vital as polling places throughout New York and New Jersey had to be relocated due to the hurricane’s devastation.

Technology's Impact on Disaster Relief

Tech Soup Blog

Relief organizations and first-responders are working tirelessly to provide aid to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The staff at TechSoup Global is keeping all those affected by the devastating hurricane in our thoughts as we work to support recovery efforts.

New Yorkers Find Out Where to Vote over Text Message

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons is launching a new polling place locator to ensure that New Yorkers can find their way to the polls on Tuesday’s election. In 2012, Mobile Commons helped 250,000 people find their polling place, even after Hurricane Sandy disrupted the election in New York and New Jersey.

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Social Media Gets Word Out, Rumors Still Fly | The NonProfit Times

AFP Blog

Social Media Gets Word Out, Rumors Still Fly | The NonProfit Times : When Hurricane Katrina hot New Orleans and ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, Twitter was still a few months from being born and Facebook was still a crawling infant. There were smartphones but they too were not yet real mobile devices.

Video Marketing on Social Media: Best Practices & Inspiration for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Videos with Mobile In Mind. Since the vast majority of social media consumption is done on mobile devices, mobile-friendly video formats like square and vertical are a must. When Hurricane Harvey hit last year, ShelterBox USA wanted to act fast.

Apps for Disaster Planning

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One of the big additions to the guide is a section on backing up a mobile phone or tablet. Android, iOS, Windows Phone) connects you with friends and family during a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake or a hurricane. Back up your tablet or smartphone with Norton Mobile Security.

Using Mobile Phones for Fundraisingin the United States: Texting for A Cause

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you follow the mobile active blog , you'll know that in other areas of the world, using text messages to make a donation is commonplace. Last Friday, Mobile Active reported on the Sunday???s s Super Bowl launch of a United Way fund-raising campaign using mobile phone text messaging.

Disaster Can Strike Anywhere. Is Your Organization Prepared?

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Hurricane season kicked off on June 1 and we’ve already got our first tropical depression in the Atlantic. When you think of disaster relief, you probably think about the Red Cross setting up shelters or Doctors Without Borders operating mobile care units.

Obama Campaign, Governor Christie and Mayor Bloomberg Get Their Message to the Right People, when it Matters Most

Mobile Commons

When it’s vitally important that their message gets heard, major national institutions turn to Mobile Commons. Both groups turned to Mobile Commons when their message mattered most. The Obama campaign used Mobile Commons to raise donations and to keep their base informed and engaged.

Our EveryAction Hero: World Central Kitchen


We had all these amazing volunteers and food trucks and chefs who had managed their own businesses but lost so much after the hurricane and decided that they wanted to offer their time and resources to WCK. We had over 20,000 volunteers in Puerto Rico alone, most of whom were Puerto Ricans who had been impacted by the hurricane themselves. We actually had a Puerto Rican chef impacted by the hurricane who came with us to Guatemala to cook with us.

Reminders to Help Your Subscribers Keep Safe & Dry

Mobile Commons

Despite the impending storm, Mobile Commons is hard at work to make sure all our clients have the proper tools to reach their mobile subscribers on the East Coast. Enable Text-to-Call: Enable Mobile Commons’ text-to-call feature and make it easy for subscribers to connect with someone if they need assistance. Remind Subscribers to Text, Don’t Call: Once the storm hits, wireless carriers remind mobile users to text, don’t call.

Super Bowl, Saints and Text Donations!

Mobile Commons

Wow… For the people of New Orleans, the Saints march to the Super Bowl has helped soothe some of the pain that persists from Hurricane Katrina. Mobile Commons is proud to support Make It Right’s mobile fundraising program. Make It Right NOLA.

Five Government Agencies Improving the Lives of New Yorkers with Text Messaging

Mobile Commons

In the days following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, many residents wanted to help out fellow New Yorkers in need. Because text messages reach people with information faster than email or snail mail, it has helped thousands of New Yorkers apply for secure jobs, and has steadily grown its mobile list to over 32,000 subscribers. New York City blazes the trail in many arenas, and its work with text messaging is a standout example of how mobile technology can improve lives.

WNYC’s New Tech City Features Bus Time

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons and the New York MTA Launch Bus Time. Text IRENE to 877877 to Report Hurricane Damages. All Posts Blog Company News government media Press Use Cases Why Mobile CommonsLast week, WNYC’s radio show New Tech City focused on how New York is integrating new technologies into our city’s transit systems. We were delighted that they featured the MTA’s Bus Time.

Key Steps to Set Yourself Up For “Big Bang” Wins – Sign Up Now for our Webinar!

Mobile Commons

A mobile campaign is the most effective way to deliver massive results when everything’s on the line. Let’s say the election’s in one week, and a hurricane destroys your state’s polling places. Your mobile list needs to know that you’re a trusted source of good content. Text is a great way to share videos, pics, and mobile apps. All Posts Blog Mobile Resources and Research Newsletter

Cool App Roundup: Fundraising Edition

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Mobile has put a whole new spin on fundraising, connecting with donors, and kick-off campaigns. As part of the App It Up 2: Transforming Communities project, we had the opportunity to explore some of the latest mobile fundraising apps. Mobile Fundraising Tools. Uses Text and Picture Messaging to Connect Teens in the Wake of Sandy

Mobile Commons

During the peak of Hurricane Sandy, created a mobile campaign to keep their constituents connected.

Brooklyn Recovery Fund Turns a Nets Game into a Chance to Support Sandy Victims

Mobile Commons

The Brooklyn Recovery Fund is using a new text campaign to turn mobile donations into a mobilized community in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The call to action at the sports arena was the perfect way to tap into the immediacy of mobile.

Saving the World One Tech Innovation at a Time

Tech Soup Blog

Imagine a hurricane bearing down on an isolated village. The report also includes examples of using tried and true technologies such as mobile technology, radio, and television with an interesting twist. Mobile technology solutions.

My Organization is in “the cloud”! – What does that mean?

3rd Sector Labs

Do you need mobility, or does your organization run from one or two central locations? #2 It doesn’t matter if “disaster” means a hurricane that wipes out a data center, or an idiot technician that erases the memory on the servers on which your software resides.

Governor Christie Asks New Jerseyites to Text WHERE To 877877 to Find Their Polling Place

Mobile Commons

As New Jersey works to rebuild and assess the billions of dollars of damages from Hurricane Sandy, citizens are faced with another problem: where should they vote in Tuesday’s election? To get the most reliable information, New jersey Governor Chris Christie has asked New Jerseyites to text WHERE to 877877 to access Mobile Commons’ polling place locator.

NY and NJ Can Now Text WHERE or NYCVOTES to 877877 to Get Updated Polling Locations

Mobile Commons

As numerous regions in New York and New Jersey begin to clean up after Hurricane Sandy, citizens of these two states face another problem: Where will they vote in Tuesday’s election? to provide pro bono our Polling Place Locator mobile tool.

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How SMS Alerts Are Helping Curb Africa’s Ebola Outbreak

Mobile Commons

The messages are even personalized with regional advice depending upon the area of the country that the mobile user lives in. During New York City’s Hurricane Irene, NYC residents could text in to report flood damage or find out if they were in a flood zone.

Guest Post: Facebook Video Tips from Non-Profit Marketers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Videos have to be formatted to stand out on mobile. Over 80% of Facebook’s users are checking out the app on mobile. They put around $200 to advertise their video to maximize its reach, given Hurricane Harvey’s prevalence on social media.

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Why Celebrity iCloud Hacking Should Matter to Your Nonprofit

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Their iCloud online storage was targeted, and hackers stole personal data and photos from their mobile phones and iPads. Many mobile devices automatically sync with cloud storage so you can access your photos, contacts, and calendars from anywhere.

Use Text Messaging to Keep your Subscribers Informed in the Blizzard

Mobile Commons

Go to the Crowd-sourcing section of the Mobile Commons Non-profit site, which includes historical crowd-sourcing campaigns for organizations like WNYC and the Human Rights Campaign. If you have any further questions or suggestions, contact your mobile strategist.

The NPTech Response to Japan


In 2005, that changed: when Hurricane Katrina hit, technology for disaster response made the leap from field workers to those affected. Just last year, the Red Cross hosted a summit on emergency social data to explore how aid agencies might use social and mobile tools to better share data.

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How Text Messaging Has Revolutionized Giving


As mobile phone use continues to surge, texting is becoming an increasingly relevant tool for nonprofits. Mobile phone subscriptions worldwide were at 4.01 A recent study shows that, for every 1000 email subscribers, nonprofit organizations have 13 mobile subscribers.

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