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4 Ways to Generate More Monthly Donors Via ACH Transfer

NonProfit PRO

Here are four ways to find ACH donors or convert recurring donors ACH transfers. This is truly the cat’s meow of recurring giving.

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2024 Guide to Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsorship: Models, Agreements & More!

Wild Apricot

Nonprofit fiscal sponsorship supports emerging projects and organizations. Explore three different models and learn how to become a fiscal sponsor!

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New Benevity Report Reveals a Surge in Corporate Volunteerism

NonProfit PRO

As companies look to boost employee connection in a hybrid work world, new research from Benevity reveals an uptick in corporate volunteerism.

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Safeguarding Good: Cybersecurity for Nonprofits 101


As technology advances, the fundraising landscape becomes more and more focused on digital solutions to reach wider audiences. However, these convenient fundraising options come with a risk many in the nonprofit world aren’t very familiar with—cybersecurity. The importance of cybersecurity for nonprofits can’t be overstated, and your organization is not immune to the constantly evolving cyber threats that come with sharing information through the internet.

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The Retention Ripple Effect: Nonprofit Staff and Donor Dynamics

Speaker: Andrew Olsen, CFRE - SVP, Fundraising Solutions at DickersonBakker | Kat Landa, CFRE, CSD - SVP, Talent Solutions at DickersonBakker

It's time that we unpack one of the nonprofit sector's most important yet perplexing issues: retention! While nonprofit donor retention is on a continued downward spiral year after year, experts argue that this is not the real problem. Instead, donor retention is a byproduct of the real problem facing the charitable sector: staff retention. Join us for this data-driven session with two thought leaders in the nonprofit sector, Andrew Olsen and Kat Landa, for the tools to tackle and reverse the cu

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Five Lessons for Creating an Effective (and Accountable) Nonprofit Board

Blue Avocado

In my four decades as a senior fundraising executive, part-time consultant, and nonprofit CEO, I have worked with (or served on) 20 nonprofit boards. Having been the only one in my business school class who chose a career in the nonprofit sector, I was able to use my MBA training to lead change and turnarounds. In the process, I was exposed to a number of organizations whose boards struggled with a variety of issues.

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Ep. 25 | How to start and fund a nonprofit, an interview with Tiffany Allen


Join Matt on Beyond the Donation as he discusses nonprofit best practices with Tiffany Allen. They talk about starting a nonprofit, marketing, and beginning fundraising.

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Elevating Nonprofit Events: A Strategic Guide To Guest Curation


In nonprofit fundraising, success often hinges on thoughtful development planning, effective resource development, and engaging your supporters—donors and volunteers. When you curate a guest list that not only gathers people but also garners support, it can significantly impact the outcome of your fundraising events by transforming attendees into active contributors to your mission.

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Do you want to keep last year’s donors this year?

Hands on Fundraising

How to keep those donors Oh, hello 2024. Yes, your year-end fundraising efforts are over. Take a deep breath. Relax. OK. Enough of that. Time for 2024 fundraising! And here’s what I want you to think most about: retention. I hope you welcomed new donors last year. And maybe even welcomed back some others. But […] The post Do you want to keep last year’s donors this year?

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Exploring the Different Types of Sponsorship in Motorsport 

The Sponsorship Collective

Before you dive in, if you are interested in motorsport sponsorship, check out these titles in our “sponsorship for motorsport” series: Resource Page for Motorsport Sponsorship Companies Who Sponsor Motorsport: From NASCAR to Motocross and Everything in Between How to Write a Motorsport Sponsorship Proposal Companies who Sponsor Motorsport With the worldwide motorsport market valued […]

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Data to support the relentless pursuit of racial equity 


Amid the racial reckoning of 2020 and the inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. philanthropic sector overall responded with a heightened commitment to racial equity. This shift was marked by commitments of increased funding, greater flexibility in grantmaking practices, and a focus on social and economic systems transformation. Based on Candid data processed as of October 2023, approximately 78,133 grants valued at $16.8 billion have been awarded to advance racial equity sinc

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How to Design a Seamless & Personalized Digital Donor Journey

Speaker: Tim Sarrantonio

The average nonprofit uses five or more different software platforms to create their donor’s journey, making the experience clunky and disjointed. If you want to design a magical online giving experience for donors, making their journey as seamless as possible is key. In this webinar with expert Tim Sarrantonio, you’ll learn the fundamental steps to create an immersive and personalized online giving experience for your donors.

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How to Turn Your Nonprofit’s Social Followers into Donors

NonProfit Hub

Sponsored by Give Lively Increasingly, donors are turning to social media to find causes to support. According to a recent survey , almost half of millennials say they’re inspired to give to charity by social media. A quarter of Gen-Xers and a fifth of Baby Boomers say the same. Whether your nonprofit already has a devoted following that likes and shares your posts, or you’re still building your presence on social media, here are some tips will help you expand your social audience and, ultimatel

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Integrating Your Nonprofit Email & Website Strategy: 5 Tips

DNL OmniMedia

Think about your nonprofit’s team. Each staff member has unique strengths. When you work together, everyone brings new ideas and perspectives that enhance your organization’s operations and allow you to uphold your mission in fresh and innovative ways. This concept also translates to marketing. As a nonprofit, you likely use a variety of methods to promote your services and gain more support—two of the most common being email and website marketing.

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What Is Payroll Giving? How to Make Donating More Efficient

Double the Donation

According to America’s Charities, nonprofits raise about $5 billion from workplace giving each year. These funds are crucial in enabling charitable organizations to pursue their missions. With so much donation revenue available through this channel, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to streamline these contributions?

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The Art of the Ask: Crafting a Winning Major Gifts Strategy

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes The Art of the Ask: Crafting a Winning Major Gifts Strategy In the world of nonprofit fundraising, major gifts stand as a cornerstone, providing substantial financial support that can significantly impact an organization’s ability to serve its mission. A major gift is typically defined as a large donation, the size of which varies depending on the organization’s size and context, but is always significant enough to warrant special attention.

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Nonprofits Are Leveraging the Cloud, but Does It Have to Be So Complex?

Effectively managing cloud technology is getting more complex. From cybersecurity concerns, vendor lock-in, cost increases, or lack of transparency on costs, it can quickly get out of control. Knowing what you can control and finding a platform that’s built with nonprofits in mind is key.

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Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility: Go Beyond Profit

Double the Donation

As a leader at your company, you’ve likely heard about the widespread movement toward more socially responsible business practices. With 65% of Fortune 500 companies offering matching gift programs, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly common. In fact, 93% of employees believe that companies should lead with purpose through these programs.

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Database management for nonprofits


As a nonprofit, keeping track of your supporters and donors and managing member relationships is an essential part of how you fulfill your mission. And whether you have a few people entering and maintaining data or a large team with their own areas of speciality, locking in the best practices for database management is key to making sure your database works for you, not against you.

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Nonprofit Capacity Building: How to Grow Your Organization

Double the Donation

When researching nonprofit capacity building, the definitions you find may seem a bit vague. You may hear the term at a board meeting, fundraising team gathering, or networking event and wonder “What exactly defines my nonprofit’s capacity, and why is it so important to build?

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Salesforce data cleansing: how to ensure data quality for your organization


Data quality is essential for organizations and membership associations. When you want to engage your members with personalized content and communications, or know who to target for renewals and offers, you need clean Salesforce data to make it happen. All too often, data quality standards and governance are an afterthought when implementing Salesforce.

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Nonprofit Technology Kick Start: Free World Class Board Meeting Software

Looking for cost reductions for your nonprofit? Why not consider modernizing with a digital board management system that's designed to work with remote meetings, with immediate cost reductions if you still distribute paper packets to members? Get going in less than an hour on a fully hosted cloud solution built on the latest technology that runs on any device - from desktops to tablets and smartphones - without any installation.