Mon.Mar 20, 2023

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Should Your Nonprofit Blog in 2023?

NonProfit PRO

There is a lot of data that supports both sides of the blogging discussion and whether or not your nonprofit should take up this practice. When debating a topic like this, it's best to weigh the pros and cons.

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Are You Done With Digital Transformation?


Your CMS, LMS, and AMS are chatting happily together. The team is using the new analytics software to plan more effective outreach initiatives. And, members are enjoying your responsive and customized approach. Is it time to put a wrap on digital transformation? After all, you’ve been working to improve your tech game for the last two years. Is there more to accomplish?

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The Influencer Effect: An Immune Booster to Help Grow Your Nonprofit

NonProfit PRO

The Influencer Effect is an economical and simple way to imbue all facets of your organization with the supplements needed to fulfill your mission. Here are some ways it can have a profound effect on donors, especially Gen Z and millennials.

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Instagram For Nonprofits: The Ultimate Guide

Wild Apricot

The post Instagram For Nonprofits: The Ultimate Guide appeared first on WildApricot.

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The Retention Ripple Effect: Nonprofit Staff and Donor Dynamics

Speaker: Andrew Olsen, CFRE - EVP, Fundraising Solutions at DickersonBakker | Kat Landa, CFRE, CSD - SVP, Talent Solutions at DickersonBakker

Across the nonprofit sector, organizations invest heavily in donor retention efforts, yet the struggle of cultivating lasting relationships remains. While attracting new donors is crucial, the lack of repeat donors poses significant financial risks. Through a comprehensive analysis of industry data, experts argue that there is a direct correlation between donor burnout, donor retention, and the talent retention crisis.

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Givinga Partners with Double the Donation to Expand Philanthropic Network

NonProfit PRO

Givinga has announced a partnership with Double the Donation, a provider of matching gift and volunteer grant solutions for nonprofits. The partnership is designed to drive corporate accessibility and connectivity by providing matching capabilities to all partners.

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How to create your new nonprofit’s first budget

Get Fully Funded

When you’re just getting started, it’s critical that one of your first steps is to create your nonprofit’s first budget to help you manage both your organization and your finances as it grows. A budget combined with a fundraising plan can help you make sure there’s always money to pay for the things you need to operate your programs.

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The Data is in. Nonprofits are getting more operational support.

Blue Avocado

A compelling case for how nonprofits can build organizational capacity and infrastructure to ensure longevity by getting funding for those investments for their nonprofit. The post The Data is in. Nonprofits are getting more operational support. appeared first on Blue Avocado.

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The Ethics and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit AF

Hi everyone, and happy Spring if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. Last week, I moderated a conversation on Artificial.

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The State of Women’s Housing Need & Homelessness in Canada

Charity Village

The Women’s National Housing and Homelessness Network in partnership with the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH), the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH), and Keepers of the Circle (KoC) released the State of Women’s Housing Need & Homelessness in Canada Review. Across Canada, women, girls, and gender-diverse peoples experience some of the most severe forms […] The post The State of Women’s Housing Need & Homelessness in Canada appeared first on CharityVillage.

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See You at #23NTC in Denver!

Forum One

We are counting down the days until April 12-14 when we can connect with you in Denver at #23NTC! The Forum One team is excited to be back in person at the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) , which is taking place this year at the Denver Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. We’d love to connect with you while we’re there. Here’s where you can find us throughout the three-day conference: [Exhibition Hall] Booth 319 – 321 Forum One will have a booth in the main Exhibition Hall.

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How to Design a Seamless & Personalized Digital Donor Journey

Speaker: Tim Sarrantonio

The average nonprofit uses five or more different software platforms to create their donor’s journey, making the experience clunky and disjointed. If you want to design a magical online giving experience for donors, making their journey as seamless as possible is key. In this webinar with expert Tim Sarrantonio, you’ll learn the fundamental steps to create an immersive and personalized online giving experience for your donors.

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Apply for the Indigenous Hockey Coaching Grant

Charity Village

Hydro One in partnership with the Coaches Association of Ontario launched the Indigenous Hockey Coaching Grant. The grant program provides 35 outstanding Little NHL coaches up to $1,500 to cover eligible expenses for their teams, including equipment, training and transportation. Application Deadline: March 27, 2023 For application details and to apply, click here.

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The Top 25 Live Auction Package Ideas (Updated)


The post The Top 25 Live Auction Package Ideas (Updated) appeared first on OneCause.

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Nominations Open: Invisible Champion Awards

Charity Village

The United Way Halifax and the Bhayana Family Foundation announced applications are now open for the Invisible Champion Awards. The awards celebrate the unsung heroes of social change across Nova Scotia. The Invisible Champion Awards are designed to recognize creativity, diversity, inclusivity, dedication, team building, leadership, community partnership, innovation, and sector sustainability.

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How Video Can Elevate a Nonprofit Digital Marketing Strategy

Nonprofits Source

It can be difficult for nonprofits to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, where countless messages demand the attention of current and potential supporters. However, one effective way to break through the noise is to incorporate nonprofit video content into your digital marketing strategy. Video is a powerful medium that can maximize engagement across your marketing channels and inspire meaningful support on behalf of your cause.

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Nonprofits Are Leveraging the Cloud, but Does It Have to Be So Complex?

Effectively managing cloud technology is getting more complex. From cybersecurity concerns, vendor lock-in, cost increases, or lack of transparency on costs, it can quickly get out of control. Knowing what you can control and finding a platform that’s built with nonprofits in mind is key.

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Participate now in survey exploring legal needs of nonprofits in Ontario

Charity Village

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) is conducting a survey to learn how nonprofits leverage common legal documents and tools to support their mission. The results will help identify needs and gaps – to identify where there are opportunities for nonprofits to use “the law” to support a mission. The results from the survey will be […] The post Participate now in survey exploring legal needs of nonprofits in Ontario appeared first on CharityVillage.

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Apply now for new community-based grants in the GTA

Charity Village

The Peter Gilgan Foundation launched a new community-based grant program, this funding opportunity is open to community-based organizations in the Greater Toronto Area that work to enable economically vulnerable young people and families to overcome barriers to academic success, economic prosperity, and health and wellbeing. Eligibility Based in the Greater Toronto Area Based within the […] The post Apply now for new community-based grants in the GTA appeared first on CharityVillage.

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Nominations open for the 2023 Eastern Ontario Employer Excellence Awards

Charity Village

Hire Immigrants Ottawa is accepting nominations for the 2023 Eastern Ontario Employer Excellence Awards. The awards recognize local employers for their innovative workplace policies and practices around the recruitment and integration of skilled immigrant employees into their organization. Nomination Deadline: April 17, 2023. For nomination details, click here.

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New report: The state of workplace health and wellness in Canada

Charity Village

Dialogue and Environics Research released The State of Workplace Health and Wellness in Canada Report which revealed that Canadian HR leaders lack the resources to address mental health and well-being challenges. The inability to address these challenges leads to critical HR challenges affecting talent retention, workplace engagement, and productivity.

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Nonprofit Technology Kick Start: Free World Class Board Meeting Software

Looking for cost reductions for your nonprofit? Why not consider modernizing with a digital board management system that's designed to work with remote meetings, with immediate cost reductions if you still distribute paper packets to members? Get going in less than an hour on a fully hosted cloud solution built on the latest technology that runs on any device - from desktops to tablets and smartphones - without any installation.