article thumbnail 101 – Can A Robot Write Better Than You?

The Fundraising Authority

Maybe you need to create an appeal for an email campaign, a proposal, or a new set of thank you letters and you’re at your desk just wishing that coherent sentences would magically start appearing? She’s had time to work on the proposal she had been waiting to write for months.

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10 Ways Nonprofit CEOs Get Creative


Does it mean driving sweeping changes in a completely new business model? The next time you and your team sits down to brain storm ideas, let them know before you start that “nothing is out of line.” Propose an interesting caveat to your normal meeting routine by swapping roles, having people work in teams to accomplish a common goal. The act of pulling a thought out of your brain and making it physical and tactile could be just the beginning of something astounding.

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Ratify Marrakesh!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Because the Marrakesh Treaty was modeled after the Chafee Amendment, as the Section 121 copyright exception is widely known in honor of the senator who proposed it in 1996, only minor changes have been recommended to align U.S. While we already serve many people with dyslexia, or returning veterans with traumatic brain injuries, these changes will be remove much of the confusion that exists in the field because of ambiguous, older language.

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Content Curation for Nonprofits – Notes from #13ntccur8

Beth Kanter

Will is also does a lot of work with video – so when he proposed that we incorporate video interviews as part of the session, I was thrilled. Today, one of the foremost content curators Robin Good highlighted an updated version of Harold Jarche’s “ Seek Sense Share ” model applied to content curation. I first came across Harold’s Seek Sense Share model back in 2011 and I actually made my New Year’s resolution for professional learning.

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[VIDEO] Building a Better Grants Strategy Post-COVID


And if you can develop those relationships with funders, if you can develop great core content, if you can leverage materials for different kinds of proposals, then that is really going to set you up for success. . So logic model, this is my tried and true. I love this logic model.

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[VIDEO] Creative Ways People Contribute to Community


Weave in stories that are connected to the podcast and I’m going to share some model language for you. . So here’s a model for how you can establish common ground. . But her business model is all about generosity, all about offering. It’s my modeling.

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3 Principles Fundraisers Should Adopt from Service Providers

Connection Cafe

But the provider-client model is potentially valuable to fundraisers, too. That connection can in turn transform from a series of responsive transactions based immediate needs to more strategic planning, with the provider playing the role of trusted advisor/innovator/peripheral brain for the client. I left private legal practice for nonprofit fundraising to get away from the less relational aspects of the service provider-client relationship.

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What I Learned From @nancylublin About #dataonpurpose

Beth Kanter

She shared that Bob likes to talk about nonprofit data scientists as being dot organisms. Just like your brain, you have nerves everywhere that tell you to take voluntary actions like “raise your arm.” Nancy used the analogy of operating like car company that puts out different vehicle models and each year will have a different version with different features.

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Nonprofit Technology News for March 2014

Tech Soup Blog

The plan is to build 11,000 “Solara 60″ model drones that are capable of providing satellite Internet to places on earth without Internet connectivity starting with Africa. anniversary celebrates British physicist Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal for creating the World Wide Web in 1989. To go even further out on the technology frontier there is ‘brain computer interface’ or thought controlled computing.

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