101 – Can A Robot Write Better Than You?

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Maybe you need to create an appeal for an email campaign, a proposal, or a new set of thank you letters and you’re at your desk just wishing that coherent sentences would magically start appearing? She’s had time to work on the proposal she had been waiting to write for months.

10 Ways Nonprofit CEOs Get Creative


The next time you and your team sits down to brain storm ideas, let them know before you start that “nothing is out of line.” Propose an interesting caveat to your normal meeting routine by swapping roles, having people work in teams to accomplish a common goal. The act of pulling a thought out of your brain and making it physical and tactile could be just the beginning of something astounding. Image courtesy of What does the word innovation mean to you?

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Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Mastering Relevant Content Marketing


Finally, after hearing a lot of nuts and bolts from them about numerous programs and processes around which I couldn’t quite wrap my brain, I said “Tell me why I should give in one sentence.” This is part three in a six-part series. Read part one and part two. .

Building Blocks of Effective Creative: Need


Need can also be about preventing imminent or future harm, such as blocking a proposed oil pipeline before it can damage local ecosystems, harm indigenous communities, and exacerbate climate change. Our brain’s negativity bias makes us more likely to pay attention to threats.

Ratify Marrakesh!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Because the Marrakesh Treaty was modeled after the Chafee Amendment, as the Section 121 copyright exception is widely known in honor of the senator who proposed it in 1996, only minor changes have been recommended to align U.S. While we already serve many people with dyslexia, or returning veterans with traumatic brain injuries, these changes will be remove much of the confusion that exists in the field because of ambiguous, older language.

Hemingway: A Simple Online Tool for Better Short-Form Writing

Museum 2.0

Grant proposals. Then I started using it for chunks of grant proposals. In proposals, it can be easy to fall into jargon and long, convoluted sentences. Now I find Hemingway infiltrating my brain when writing almost anything--including this blog post. Exhibit labels. Promotional text. For many arts/museum professionals, writing text in 100-word chunks is a daily activity. And unfortunately, a lot of that writing is lousy.

How To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Nonprofit Training

Beth Kanter

I recently submitted a proposal for NTEN’s 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference with colleagues Cindy Leonard, John Kenyon and Jeanne Allen called “ Supercharge Your Technology Training ,” so please take a minute to vote for it. . Good instructional design and delivery engages people’s brains, eyes, ears, and bodies. People pay attention more, they learn something, they retain it better, and there is a better chance of them applying what they learned.

5 Tips And Tactics To Become A Master Nonprofit Wordsmith


They may have grown up in a grade school that didn’t emphasize writ­ing, or perhaps they were simply left-brained, science and math types. Your board members write thank you letters , and your chief exec­utive writes partnership proposals.

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How to Make People Believe in Your Cause

NonProfit Hub

Members of the panel can then choose to invest or not invest in the proposed business. After all, this is their idea, their brain-child, their life. I’ve been spending an embarrassing amount of time watching ABC’s “Shark Tank” recently. But maybe I shouldn’t be ashamed—it’s inherently entertaining television. If you’re unfamiliar, Shark Tank features hopeful entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of renowned business leaders.

4 Signs You Are A Burned Out Nonprofit Fundraiser

Beth Kanter

If you’re having trouble focusing, you may be suffering from “foggy brain” caused by too much sitting at work. Instead, incorporate a brain-replenishing walk into your lunch hour. What we eat and drink can impact how our bodies and brains work. There’s a reason why healthy food is called “brain food.” Working in talent acquisition means that you may find yourself working after hours and weekends to research donors, write proposals, or plan campaign strategies.

[VIDEO] How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money


I’ve seen organizations rather take two months to get a donor a proposal to make sure that every T is crossed that every I is dotted rather than turning something around a little more quickly, right? . Thanks, Mother Nature, and thanks, brains, right?

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Usability Testing Techniques: What works? What doesn’t?

Allegiance Group

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions and would like to hear opinions from a range of experts, check out the panel I’m proposing for SXSW 2012: UX Smackdown! I would love to have the opportunity to pick their brains and get some UX testing tips — if you would too, head on over to the Panel Picker to vote and comment before Friday’s deadline!

Join a Nonprofit Tech User Group This August

Tech Soup Blog

Social media surgeries are informal drop-in sessions where anyone from the voluntary and community sector can come and pick the brains of our ‘surgeons’ (helpful volunteers who understand the world of Twitter, Facebook, and the rest). Taipei, Taiwan: PC / Web site information security: proposal for non-profit organizations. Your NetSquared organizers are gearing up for Social Media September , a month of social media for social good -themed events.

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Content Curation for Nonprofits – Notes from #13ntccur8

Beth Kanter

Will is also does a lot of work with video – so when he proposed that we incorporate video interviews as part of the session, I was thrilled. I hope that participants took away from our session, if nothing else, that content curation requires the human brain, as Robin Good points out. Content curation takes focus and discipline — being “brains on.”

[VIDEO] How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money


I’ve seen organizations rather take two months to get a donor a proposal to make sure that every T is crossed that every I is dotted rather than turning something around a little more quickly, right? . Thanks, Mother Nature, and thanks, brains, right?

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Creating A Culture of Well-being in Your Nonprofit Workplace: The First Step

Beth Kanter

Opening Acts executive director also understood the importance of creating a workplace culture of wellbeing or what we call in the book, “We-Care.” Erika says it did not take much convincing when she proposed the idea of having staff create self-care plans at the staff retreat. Then we had the whole staff brain storm together.

[VIDEO] Building a Better Grants Strategy Post-COVID


And if you can develop those relationships with funders, if you can develop great core content, if you can leverage materials for different kinds of proposals, then that is really going to set you up for success. .

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Interruptions at Work: Which Are Good and Which Are Bad?

Tech Soup Blog

Your organization’s HR Director knocks on your door wanting to discuss the latest employee benefit offerings while you’re in the middle of working on a grant proposal. When you allow co-workers and technology to constantly interrupt you, your brain has to work much harder to get back on task and you lose a great deal of momentum. While some interruptions at work are necessary and sometimes desirable, most—in fact—are not. Why is this?

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Exhausted and Exhilarated: #16NTC Session Round-Up

Connection Cafe

As a conference both for and by the nonprofit technology community, community members submit session proposals and then vote on them to help shape the agenda. Reading through 400+ session proposals made my brain hurt, but at the same time pumped me up. I was born and raised in the Northeast, where the joke is there are four seasons—almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.

Vote and Comment for ALL these Awesome Nonprofit Panels at SXSW!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Illustration by Jonny Goldstein of my SXSW panel proposal. I hope you’ll also vote for my panel proposal, Nonprofits and Free Agents in A Networked World and while you’re there vote for the other awesome nonprofit panel proposals (I’ve shared a list below). We’ll pick the brains of people who live this challenge daily in the nonprofit sector. Jonny will provide live graphic facilitation of the highly interactive and fun panel.

The Value of Diverse Perspective: Reimagine Opportunity Challenge Wrap-Up

Tech Soup Blog

And then we stopped talking and our brains exploded with new information and connections. Before we wrote our proposal , we read, watched videos, and listened to podcasts. This post was written by Marnie Webb, who leads TechSoup’s newest division, Caravan Studios. There, she builds technology that connects local communities to resources that help them solve problems and impact issues.

[VIDEO] Creative Ways People Contribute to Community


So it’s asking them, you know, I recommend doing some kind of either a poll, a survey, or even one-on-one share where you say, you know, “How do you feel about the fact that we just lost this proposal or it didn’t hit this benchmark?”

Why should I learn about nonprofit accounting?

ASU Lodestar Center

My brain is not designed for numbers. Some accountants like to be the naysayer: “The answer to your proposal is 'no,' and I will find a reason later why.” posted by. Thomas K. Avery, CPA , ASU Lodestar Center. NMI Instructor /. Chief Financial Officer. Catholic Community Foundation -. Diocese of Phoenix. Good question. As a nonprofit accountant, I hear this question asked often.

3 Principles Fundraisers Should Adopt from Service Providers

Connection Cafe

That connection can in turn transform from a series of responsive transactions based immediate needs to more strategic planning, with the provider playing the role of trusted advisor/innovator/peripheral brain for the client. Knowing what donors have about themselves and their philanthropic passions increases their affinity with fundraisers and nonprofits, and helps the fundraiser craft proposals for the donor’s future giving.

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What I Learned From @nancylublin About #dataonpurpose

Beth Kanter

She shared that Bob likes to talk about nonprofit data scientists as being dot organisms. Just like your brain, you have nerves everywhere that tell you to take voluntary actions like “raise your arm.” Nancy said that funding closes their organization off from innovation because funders often held them to what they wrote in the grant proposal 2 years ago. “It

Mastering the Art of Work/Life Balance in a Digital World

Beth Kanter

I’m honored to be included on a panel proposed by him, along with Carrie Rice , called “ How to Conquer Technology Distraction and Burnout and Be More Present for Yourself, Team, and Organization for the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference. (If Science is showing us that the brain can really only do one thing at a time. I love connecting with nonprofit technology colleagues who are also promoting work/life balance and how to avoid digital distractions.

Nonprofit Technology News for March 2014

Tech Soup Blog

anniversary celebrates British physicist Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal for creating the World Wide Web in 1989. To go even further out on the technology frontier there is ‘brain computer interface’ or thought controlled computing. The nonprofit Wadsworth Center in New York is on the cutting edge of this technology and is developing an in-home brain computer interface system for use by severely paralyzed people.

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Designing for Good: Pratima Mani + Josh Tabb

Connection Cafe

So, I design all of our in-house print and web-content, including proposals, email templates, social media posts, logos, invites, everything. You need to be open to new ideas and willing to let go of what’s in your brain, so open mindedness is key. The world’s most talented designers are inspiring others, provoking change, and even saving lives for nonprofits.

Jocelyn Harmon on Nonprofits and Blogging

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Also (in the beginning) I enjoyed preparing proposals and grants for our foundation partners ??? Time to write AND the inconvenience of waking up in the middle of the night (almost EVERY night) with fully formed posts in my brain. Jocelyn Harmon started the Marketing for Nonprofits blog a year ago as a place to share her thoughts on nonprofits, social media, marketing, and training. Tell me about you. m a reader, writer, thinker and storyteller.

Guest Post: Rearranging the Fossils - Using Museum 2.0 to Get a Stuck Innovation Process Moving Again

Museum 2.0

The staff concentrated on museum operation and just did not have time, energy or brain space to seriously explore the challenges of a new permanent exhibition. After the reorganizations and budget cuts, no one had time to spare and any practical proposal was sure to get opposed by the one whose workload would be afflicted. The solution was to get impractical proposals on the table. It’s important that no one takes the scenarios as predictions or proposals.

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