Tech Across Your Org: Technology Leadership at a Small Organization


[Editor's note: The following first appeared in the September 2011 issue of NTEN:Change. By Judi Sohn, Outgoing VP of Operations, Fight Colorectal Cancer Fight Colorectal Cancer: > 6 year-old Org > 6 Full-time Staff > $1.1 Focus first on process, not technology.

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Tech Across Your Org: Shared Technology Vision


[Editor's note: The following first appeared in the June 2011 issue of NTEN:Change. Technology is hugely important, but like investing in a vehicle for transportation, what’s most important is to first ask “where do we want to go?”

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Tech Across Your Org: Social Media Collaboration Across the NYC Elder Abuse Center


[Editor's note: The following is from the December 2012 issue of NTEN:Change , NTEN's quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders. The Center staff includes just five staff members (four full-time) plus one very part-time social media manager at five hours a week. The social media team includes the Deputy Director, the Special Projects Director, the Social Media Manager, the social media consultant, summer interns, and an outside content development consultant.

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Tech Across Your Org: Program and Fundraising Innovation Sprung from an Internal Technology Project


[Editor's note: The following is an article from the March 2012 issue of NTEN:Change. When we started, we were creating an internal tool for project management and quality assurance. Has your organization had an "a ha" moment about a technology project that changed the way you work?

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2011 NTC Preview: 6 Steps to Refocus Your Small Org Tech Strategy


Steve Heye, Web Project Manager, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago Smaller nonprofits may feel like sophisticated technology is out of reach; it requires more budget, more staff, and more expertise than they think they have. Small orgs work quickly, but often times that acceleration lacks direction. Here are six steps that will help give your technology direction. The hardware and software that are top of mind, that you use everyday, are your core technologies.

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7th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Report: A Closer Look (Staffing Levels)


Last month we released our seventh annual report on nonprofit investment and practices regarding technology. I''d like to take a closer look at one aspect of our research and organizational practice: technology staffing levels.

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A Closer Look at Nonprofit Technology Benchmarks: Tech Adoption Levels


[This is part three of a series taking a closer look at the key benchmarks from our 6th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Survey Report , conducted with The NonProfit Times. We have HIGHLY innovative staff who push our available technology structures to capacity.

The Future of Nonprofit Technology: Some Predictions


More orgs will hire CTOs. Technology will finally enter the c-suite of not-for-profit orgs. But as open source code bases like Drupal become more popular, not-for-profits will realize that we no longer need to outsource to technology firms because building a platform is cheap and easy and keeping up with upgrades is important. The hottest org in 2020? Lawyers have managed to provide pro bono services without sacrificing quality or conflict.

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The September Issue of NTEN:Change is Now Available


Nonprofit Leaders discuss the obstacles to putting technology towards their mission. As well as articles from NTEN experts in our "Tech Across Your Org" and "DIY Nonprofit Technology" sections.

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Confessions of a Former Nonprofit IT Director: Dos and Don'ts


[Editor's note: The following is from the June 2012 issue of NTEN:Change. This month we have a few Nonprofit Technology DOs and DON’Ts for you to consider: DO hand off technology to “the youngest person in the org” because they know how to use Facebook.

The Content Curation Issue: NTEN:Change Six is Live


I'm pleased to announce Issue Six of NTEN:Change, A Quarterly Journal for Nonprofit Leaders ! Nonprofit Leaders talk about their balance (or unbalance) of IT for mission versus keeping the org's lights on.

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New Issue of NTEN:Change: From Outcomes to Impact


Nonprofit Leaders discuss managing their organizations through change. As well as articles from NTEN experts in our "Tech Across Your Org" and "DIY Nonprofit Technology" sections.

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Latest Issue of NTEN:Change is Live: Myth-Busting, Everyday Innovation, Case-Studies, Confessions, and More


I'm pleased to announce Issue Five of NTEN:Change, A Quarterly Journal for Nonprofit Leaders ! Nonprofit Leaders sharing how they determine whether a technology project has been successful.

What lies beneath social media stress, fear, and barriers to adoption in nonprofits?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When nonprofits started using the web, it was largely disconnected from what the rest of the org was doing. was going mainstream in nonprofit workplaces, along with the need to develop technology plans. Similar adoption issues and themes surfaced as I identified in my recent post on social media policy. TechnoStress is the stress we feel both personally and organizationally when a new technology is introduced into our work lives.

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The Future of Nonprofits: Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age


We've certainly encouraged you to adopt new technologies. But it's not about any particular technology. We've engaged Randal Moss and David Neff, authors of The Future of Nonprofits: Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age , to lead a course on creating a culture of innovation that will help your org become a technology leader. Technology leaders don't need to be at the director level. Change Management

Who Sits at Your Leadership Table? A Case for Senior Technologists


The same holds true for lawyers, investment bankers, firemen, and doctors; their skills are not needed in day-to-day operations at the management level of a nonprofit. In today's environment, it's impossible to deny the importance of technology. A technology officer should be brought in at the senior leadership level. 5 Reasons to have a technology officer at the management table : Priority Management.

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Hot Off the Press: Issue Two of NTEN:Change is Live


What do Guerrilla Video, Facebook for Volunteer Management, and #GettingSlizzard have in common? They're all featured in the latest issue of NTEN:Change, A Quarterly Journal for Nonprofit Leaders ! There are also articles from NTEN experts in our "Tech Across Your Org" and "DIY Nonprofit Technology" sections. Advocacy Change Management Community CRM Leadership Planning Social Media

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Forget the Tech, Let’s Talk Mission


Perhaps one of the most challenging questions a nonprofit can ask is, "What should our org's commitment to the use and leverage of technology actually be?" There's no question that information technology and the instantaneous access to data, when properly used, can become a significant tool in meeting your organization's mission -- but acceptance and alignment still seem to be incongruent. How do you do all of this and never put technology in front of the mission?

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Leading Tech Change When You're Not the Boss


If the words "executive" or "chief" do not appear in your job title, you may think you're not in the right position to lead a successful technology change. Here are a few things you can do to challenge that assumption and become a technology change leader. Formal authority is granted through position on an org chart, or through mandate (or sometimes fiat) from the senior management of an organization. Leading a Technology Change.

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Notes from 10NTC Community Call - Agenda!


As part of our agenda planning process for the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference , we hosted a community planning call this past Friday. Back office technologies and management. Change Management. Communications Makeoever: Take an organization, review their communications strategy and make it over in light of new technologies. Love to see @cariegrls present about the way she's using tools to do reputation management for Humane Society.

Openness Transforms the Nonprofit CRM Business | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

In other words, legalistic and technological strategies have been designed to keep us paying our vendors. However, it’s clear that the changing marketplace and concerted action by nonprofits have engendered a new environment where there is now more choice than ever before. 48) { this.width = 48; this.height = 48; } ; if (this.width On 06.18.08 » Blog Archive » Cascade of Open Technology said: [.]

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