Tue.Feb 07, 2023

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Keeling Curve Prize Application Deadline Is Fast Approaching

NonProfit PRO

The deadline is fast approaching to apply for the 2023 Keeling Curve Prize. Ten climate projects and programs will be awarded $50,000 each to reduce greenhouse gases.

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Paid Media ROI for Nonprofits

Media Cause

At Media Cause, we’re truly passionate about our clients and the causes they represent. We want our campaigns to succeed so that the organizations we work with can continue the impactful work that they do. Therefore, when we create a media campaign , we always have a plan in place to measure paid media ROI (return on investment) and the success of every dollar invested.

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3 Steps for Leaders to Hit Fundraising Goals

NonProfit PRO

One of the biggest challenges as a nonprofit leader is that fundraising goals are easy to set but challenging to meet. Here are three steps to ensure you’re setting realistic quarterly fundraising goals for the rest of 2023.

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Multiply the Impact of Your Nonprofit Through Storytelling


We all know a good story when we hear one. Many of us even have that one that transports us. Maybe a certain series takes you back to your childhood bedroom reading with a flashlight. Or a novel takes you to a friend’s cozy living room for a book club discussion. So that begs the Read More » The post Multiply the Impact of Your Nonprofit Through Storytelling appeared first on Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blogs.

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Become the Association Your Members Want

As the pandemic advanced, we were keenly aware of the apprehension and pain throughout our community. Clients and colleagues contacted us with questions about managing revenue shortfall, introducing new technology, and preparing for changing membership patterns. When we seek input on critical issues, members of.orgCommunity, our networking and education organization, are an invaluable resource.

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Demystifying the Overreliance on Tax Filings as Predictive of Future Results

NonProfit PRO

Many nonprofits make a serious error in thinking that the annual reporting of how the sector’s doing is predictive of the future. In reality, external factors such as changes in the economy, donor expectations, and leadership, have a much more significant impact on a nonprofit's future performance.

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Why the AI robots are not going to take your job

Hands on Fundraising

I don’t think the AI robots are taking over yet. You’ve probably heard all the buzz lately about the magic of AI. And perhaps it’s because I’m a writer, but I don’t think these are the answer to your fundraising copywriting needs… or not THE answer. AI: Garbage in… garbage out First, while it all […] The post Why the AI robots are not going to take your job appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising.

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7 Effective Tips to Increase Fundraising Event Attendance


Fundraising events can be a stressful challenge for some organizations. Throughout all the planning for the event, there’s one important question that can cause a lot of worry: will there be enough people attending the event? Increasing event attendance is all about promoting your event with the right tools, in the right way, to the right people. Before you get overwhelmed, read these 7 effective tips to increase fundraising event attendance.

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How to write a winning grant proposal


Writing a proposal for a project grant can feel like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it doesn’t need to be a bewildering endeavor. Like climbing a mountain, it helps to have a path to follow to reach its summit, or in this case, a map of sorts to guide you to your desired destination—a compelling proposal that unlocks funding to advance your mission-driven work.

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GA4 FAQs: What Mission-Driven Organizations Need to Know

Forum One

If you haven’t already started using Google Analytics 4 (GA4), there’s no time like the present. We’ve said it before and said it again —there’s no reason to delay the switch from Universal Analytics (UA), the tool 99% of our partners use as default. In a recent webinar, we gave answers to some of the GA4 FAQs we’ve been asked and showed partners a step-by-step process to getting started.

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Nonprofit Technology Adoption: Why It Matters and How to Be Successful

Organizations like yours are increasingly realizing that technology adoption is only as good as the technology you choose. Statistics from a 2014 NTEN study show that seriously investing resources in training for your staff corresponds to higher adoption and ultimately technology effectiveness. In this report, we’ll give you a high-level overview of how to get your organization in shape for technology adoption and best practices for facilitating this critical process.

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Step Up Your Advertising in 2023

Tech Soup Blog

There are a wealth of ways to promote your nonprofit, and paid advertising is one of the most effective. By putting some money behind a campaign, you can get more eyes on it, encouraging more people to interact with your organization. It's a fantastic way of attracting potential donors, volunteers, and supporters who may not have discovered you otherwise.

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Learning Management Systems Complete Buyer's Guide


LMS buyer guide: Use this comprehensive LMS buying guide to evaluate, select, and deploy the right enterprise learning management system (LMS) for you and your business. Click to learn more!