Wed.Sep 21, 2022

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Is Multichannel Marketing Right for Your Organization?

NonProfit PRO

A multichannel marketing strategy means consistently interacting with your target donors on a variety of channels. The more channels you can reach them on, the faster you can turn a prospective donor into a first-time donor. Here are five advantages of this strategy.

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Digging in: who donates to the nonprofits you care about? 


Ever wonder who donates to a specific organization? Lots of people do—some are curious how an organization funds its work and others are looking for prospects of their own. If you’ve ever tried to research this, you know it’s a challenge! But don’t get discouraged. With just a little digging—using the tools and resources I will share in this blog—you will be able to get a picture of who donates to a particular nonprofit.


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Go Beyond Board Recruitment With the Theory of Change

NonProfit PRO

Throughout the nonprofit sector, there is significant activity around building a board that is inclusive and reflects the constituency of each nonprofit. The end result: more effective services. But recruitment is just the first step in achieving these outcomes. One tool that can help: The Theory of Change. .

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How To Achieve Work-Life Balance, Prevent Burnout, Retain Nonprofit Employees, And Increase Productivity


This is part one in a two-part series from Madison Gonzalez on the importance of helping employees achieve work-life balance. . Helping Nonprofit Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance Isn’t Optional. Work-life balance. You’ve probably heard it mentioned many times before. Many of us may roll our eyes or chuckle at the thought that we could achieve it.

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How to Design a Seamless & Personalized Digital Donor Journey

Speaker: Tim Sarrantonio

The average nonprofit uses five or more different software platforms to create their donor’s journey, making the experience clunky and disjointed. If you want to design a magical online giving experience for donors, making their journey as seamless as possible is key. In this webinar with expert Tim Sarrantonio, you’ll learn the fundamental steps to create an immersive and personalized online giving experience for your donors.

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U.S. Attorney Announces Federal Charges Against 47 Defendants in $250 Million Nonprofit Scheme

NonProfit PRO

The Department of Justice announced federal criminal charges against 47 defendants for their alleged roles in a $250 million fraud scheme that exploited a federally-funded child nutrition program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Approaching GivingTuesday with a collective lens

Big Duck

The post Approaching GivingTuesday with a collective lens appeared first on Big Duck.


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KPIs Every Nonprofit's Website Reporting Should Include

Tech Soup

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics that provide insight into the performance of any given process or tool. When it comes to nonprofit websites, these metrics can help you determine how effective the site is at driving donations, volunteer sign-ups, awareness, or other organizational goals. With the proper tools, there is a wealth of data available regarding your website's performance.

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5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs an Operating Reserve


There has long been a popular misconception in the philanthropic sector—if a nonprofit has money, it must not need money. And yet, in the 2022 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey , the Nonprofit Finance Fund found that 71 percent of respondents said that the need for their services increased during the pandemic. Did any of those organizations begin fundraising in January 2020 because they knew more people would need their help in the next few months?

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10 Best Donation Form Examples to Improve Your Giving Experience


A confusing or shoddy donation form can discourage donations faster than anything else. Donation forms must provide a reason to give, make it easy and quick to donate, and collect enough information to reach donors again. Nonprofits must take the time to perfect their form’s branding, content, and technical details. In this article, we’ve curated […].

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How can nonprofits build public trust through accountability to beneficiaries?

ASU Lodestar Center

Illustration generated by DALL·E. posted by Daniel Tyrrell Fall 2021 Alumnus, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management. The Trust Barometer 2021 Global Report reports that businesses are now the only institution trusted by the public, not nonprofits. Reading Tory Martin’s ideas for rebuilding public trust through participation and transparency led me to explore how nonprofits can rebuild public trust through accountability to beneficiaries.

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Nonprofits Are Leveraging the Cloud, but Does It Have to Be So Complex?

Effectively managing cloud technology is getting more complex. From cybersecurity concerns, vendor lock-in, cost increases, or lack of transparency on costs, it can quickly get out of control. Knowing what you can control and finding a platform that’s built with nonprofits in mind is key.

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How Does LMS Improve The Learning Experience Of The Learners?


The LMS has become a vital part of the online employee training system in big corporations and with basic improvisations, the learning experiences can be scaled up significantly. Here are seven ways to do so!