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Ten Things Nonprofits May Not Know About MySpace [But I Wish They Did]

Nonprofit Tech for Good

As I spent the Thanksgiving weekend pondering gratitude, MySpace made the top of my list of things to be grateful for. If it were not for MySpace, my professional life no doubt would be much less fulfilling. And for that, I will be eternally grateful to MySpace and the “Nonprofit Organizations&# MySpace community.

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HOW TO: Launch a Mobile Photo-Sharing Campaign for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Tech for Good

They were on Myspace and organizing via Facebook Groups years before corporate brands, higher education, and broadcast and print media. That said, the community on Daily Booth has a lot of active teens. If your nonprofit works with teens and young people, this is a mobile photo-sharing community that you should definitely explore.

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MySpace and Nonprofits: A couple of articles on how-to

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A couple of good articles about how nonprofits are using myspace and some dos and don'ts this week. I have a myspace site but I haven't done any deep experimination. I set it up so I could help some friends with teens who are it and hopefully by the time my kids are teens there will be a different technology use pattern to master.)

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New on SSIR: First and Foremost Know Your Community

Amy Sample Ward

As profiled in the New York Observer , Danah talked to the data uncovered in her four years of research on new media use in a presentation at the Personal Democracy Forum. MySpace has become the ghetto of the digital landscape,” Ms. Did you consider MySpace ? I believe we have, and so does Danah Boyd.

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10 Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Innovation in online fundraising was driven by the release of new technology, such as email marketing services like MailChimp in 2001, the launch of WordPress ( a content management system now used by 44% of nonprofits worldwide ) in 2003, and social networking websites beginning with Myspace in 2005.

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NetCentric Advocacy: Identity Production in a Networked Culture

Network-Centric Advocacy

Home Green Media Toolshed Profile Twitter Shared Links Subscribe Archives « Nice Clip: GettingTheMessageOut Developing Online Strategy Basics | Main | Listible! Second, this analysis of myspace is really interesting in that it jumps into the culture shifts. Link: Identity Production in a Networked Culture.

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The Coming Wave of Web 2.0 Consultants and Vendors - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


But then we were approached by a high profile Digg user and asked to work out a reward for future links (i.e. With the rise of MySpace and Facebook , it will only be a matter of time before there are Facebook consultants who can develop and implement a comprehensive Facebook strategy for organizations and campaigns.