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Build a Digital Ecology–Promote IT Collaboration Across Your Organization


To become a digital business everyone in the organization must use their IT tools to collaborate. Executives who defer this responsibility convey the idea that digital thinking and collaboration are not a priority. I try to be very clear that no one is exempt from learning and mastering new skills.”

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A Blueprint to Building a New Model of Community Care

Saleforce Nonprofit

We made a “playbook” outlining our systems and platforms and shared it so that our program model could be duplicated in other areas. Each new program our team launches relies upon the collective impact and organizing power of a number of organizations and collaborators. We need your help and collaboration.


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Digital Analytics Basics: Free Online Academy from Google

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There is also an online community learners where you can connect with others to help with your learning. And, of course, it includes some learning analytics (A pre and post test and your progress is measured along the way). It sounds like they have adapted the Khan Academy model.

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How To Focus When You Work in An Open Office Space

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Gensler study suggests that employees need four different work areas to be productive: focus, collaborate, learn, and socialize. Such spaces offer great benefits for collaboration, transparency, knowledge sharing, learning, creativity, and team building. Based on what I observed and heard, yes!

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London Net Tuesday January - Resolutions for Learning

Amy Sample Ward

The first of the year is resolution time, so this will be a chance to make resolutions about your learning, and get quality feedback about how to make them happen! 6:15-7:00 - Learning discussion groups & idea sharing. 7:00-7:20 - Collaborative learning grid & wrap up. Agenda : 5:30-6:00 - Networking.

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Peeragogy: Self Organized Peer Learning in Networks

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

As a trainer, I’m intensely interested in creating learning experiences that integrate or about how to use the technology for nonprofits that engage and inspire people to put the ideas into practice. I’ve been obsessed with peer learning and self-directed learning models in my own learning and the trainings I design and facilitate.

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Harnessing Philanthropy to Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Nonprofit Sector

ASU Lodestar Center

The freedom of mission to make a discernable difference in the promotion of DEI and provide a model of success for nonprofits and the society at large will become increasingly relevant as the demographics of the country shift. OMG Center for Collaborative Learning. Figueredo, V. & Kioukis, G.